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    Lucedentro is a company founded in 2006, based in Sassuolo, Italy. We deal with photo-luminescent applications and we have made of versatility one of our strengths. The peculiarity of photoluminescence is its capacity of automatically recharge itself with solar or artificial light, giving it back in the dark and glowing up to 9 hours. Photoluminescent pigments can be applied on many different materials such as glass, wood, paper, plastic or metals. The pigments used by Lucedentro are not perishable, are not toxic or radioactive. The presence of heavy metals is well below the limits prescribed by European and American standards for categories of products such as cosmetics and toys. We work with both european and global partners: one of our favorite project was for garden landscaping in Ryoan-ji Park in Kyoto, Japan We are a research and development company, always up to innovation and for latest solutions in our field. We particularly care about energy saving and respect for the environment. Lucedentro crosses over many fields: design, security, building materials and energy savings. Lucedentro offers solutions of technical and aesthetic quality, made in collaboration with designers, architects, artists who are able to express the full potential of the luminescence.



    The Agostinelli Group is a certified and qualified specialist in all aspects of painting, from industrial applications to the most special processes*, from surface preparation to the application of powder or liquid paints. The complementary expertise of its two subsidiaries, AGOSTINELLI, special processes, and SEPEM, liquid and powder paints, offers a wide range of skills and technical resources that can meet the requirements and specificities of advanced sectors such as aeronautics, defense, automotive, railways or robotics.



    Vegacolor is a small firm that specializes in industrial varnishing for third parties. On the strength of the experience and know-how amassed over the years, its flexible structure and a young team, the firm can handle all aspects of surface finishing. It has two dual workstation varnishing plants and a three-stage phosphating tunnel: washing, rinsing and drying, as well as two static dessicators.



    The company SARL AUPOIL ET COMPAGNIE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Mechanical engineering - custom work industry. It also operates in the contract manufacturing, welded and mounted assemblies, liquid painting, and powder painting systems and machinery industries. It is based in Marcigny, France.



    The company ALTRUY DECORATION, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Furnishings - accessories and decorative objects industry. It also operates in the Articles for painting, Articles for painting, Floor covering, lining paper, and liquid paints industries. It is based in Thumaide, Belgium.

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    The company SURFI-METAL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating industry. It also operates in the industrial system design, liquid paints, and sandblasting industries. It is based in Gien, France.



    The company MINIOX, is a Retailer, which operates in the Articles for painting industry. It also operates in the Furnishings - accessories and decorative objects, Furnishings - accessories and decorative objects, roller shutters, liquid paints, and traditional parquet industries. It is based in Bruxelles, Belgium.



    The company AXALTA COATING SYSTEMS PORTUGAL, S.A., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Chemicals - import-export industry. It also operates in the liquid paints industries. It is based in Mem Martins, Portugal.

  4. NEOKEM S.A.


    The company NEOKEM S.A., which operates in the Coatings, putties and sealing products industry. It also operates in the Glues, adhesives and applicators, special paints, sealants, Glues, adhesives and applicators, and liquid paints industries. It is based in Koropi, Greece.



    The company COLORSOLUTION S.R.L., is a Service Provider, which operates in the Varnishing - steels and metals industry. It also operates in the industrial painting, powder painting, and liquid painting industries. It is based in Lenna, Italy.



    The company BESA FRANCE, is a Distributor, which operates in the Paints and varnishes industry. It also operates in the Industrial paintings, liquid paints, Wet painting, Industrial paintings, and Paint consumables industries. It is based in Orchies, France.



    The company VERNICIATURA ZANINI S.N.C., is a Subcontractor, which operates in the Varnishing - steels and metals industry. It also operates in the powder painting, and liquid painting industries. It is based in Camposampiero, Italy.



    The company BETTOR SAS DI BETTI ANDREA & C., is a Service Provider, which operates in the Varnishing - steels and metals industry. It also operates in the liquid painting, consultants on surface treatment of metals, metal spray paints, and varnishing cabins industries. It is based in Lugo, Italy.



    The company V.I.N. DI NICOLOSI ANGELO SRL, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Varnishing - steels and metals industry. It also operates in the liquid painting, and budget preparation industries. It is based in Orvieto, Italy.



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    Technicis is a French manufacturer of filters, specializing in air filtration and overspray filtration in paint spraying booths as well as industrial filtration. Our role is to help you cut your operating costs while improving protection of the environment to comply with the ISO 14000 standard. We have been manufacturing paperboard accordion filters for paint booths since 1992, and can also provide you with a full range of filters suitable for all brands of booths and installations/extraction regimes: - pleated paperboard accordion filters for paint booths - fibreglass filters (paintstop), floor filters for paint booths - multilayer paper honeycomb filters for paint booths - ceiling filters (plenum) for paint booths - G3, G4 roll, frame or bag filters - cylindrical filter dust extraction cartridges - polyester felt dust collector socks - active charcoal filters for VOC (volatile organic component) and odour filtration - Paint Module: compact and economical paint booth delivered in kit form - kits and installation frames for your filters - extraction fans and motors - adhesive or antistatic plastic protective film for paint booth walls - clogging detectors (pressure switch) - peelable varnish. Contact our technical teams for more details!



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    INOTECH MACHINING is a Romanian company founded in 2003 specializing in the manufacturing of CNC machined parts and welded components. We’ve been supplying Europe's top industries for over two decades with CNC machined and welded parts. We started out working for the SIEMENS company, then we expanded our network of customers to France, Switzerland, and Germany. The industries we cover today are the heavy industry, the automotive and aeronautics industries, the medical and research fields, and the agriculture & food sector. We specialize in: 3D/2D design, CNC milling (10x10x10mm-2000x10000x1500mm), CNC turning (Dia. 20-5000mm, L=100-10000mm), Welding (max. weight 50 t), Sheet metalwork, Oxygen cutting, Laser and Plasma cutting (max100x3000x10000mm), surface treatments (3500 x 3500 x 13000 mm): anodizing, zinc plating, blackening, phosphating, electrostatic powder coating, and liquid paint, assembly of subassemblies, 3D control, laser tracking. Fast shipping and delivery. The materials we use are carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, special steel, and plastic. Quantity: single pieces, small quantities. Our modern park of advanced CNC machinery allows us to deliver state-of-the-art workpieces that meet even the highest standards. We offer European quality and unmatched prices in the region. We've optimized delivery by making the most of the weekend time. We dispatch the products by truck on Fridays to be delivered on Mondays anywhere.



    VOGAMAKINA Industrial Plants Co. Ltd was founded in 2017 after a long experience in the sector. Our company founders have over 20 years of experience in the sales, manufacturing, and commissioning of electrostatic powder coating systems and turn-key projects of liquid painting. We are an engineering-based, teamwork-oriented company with the goal of providing our customers with highly efficient and low end-user cost solutions. We provide product-driven technical projects to customers in accordance with European standards. We have already implemented our powder coating and liquid painting systems in 35 countries around the world. Today, VOGAMAKINA is working continuously in a more than 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America and in the Turkish market, producing solutions for powder coating and liquid painting systems. Our export rate is 95% of our production. Our company manufactures powder coating & liquid painting systems and components with its own VOGAMAKINA brand as well as with brands labels belonging to our business partners in the domestic market and abroad. All of VOGAMAKINA products are CE certificated. We provide a wide range of low-cost, high-quality replacement parts for the well-known brands powder coating equipments. Customer satisfaction, high-quality production, warranty, and product efficiency are all goals we strive for.


    Czech Rep.

    HESTEGO a.s. is a modern Czech engineering company specialising in sheet metal processing. It is divided into three manufacturing divisions. All divisions are characterised by state-of-the-art structural designs that meet all the technical and technological parameters of the most demanding customers. Our divisions: 1) Telescopic covers division develops and produces: telescopic covers; cable carriers; guide surface wipers; 2) The machine covers division: engaged in the development and production of external machine covers. 3) The Bellow covers division develops and produces: elastic folded bellows; bellows with plates, Laminated and folded bellows, special bellows 4) The custom manufacturing division: the electrotechnical industry; the power engineering industry; the entertainment industry - Betting / Gaming kiosks machines; the waste management industry - Smart Bins.; Healthcare: Contactless Dispenser for liquid disinfection. 5) Powder painting line: For a larger volume of painted materials, we are able to modify the powder application technology by means of a fully automatic painting line. We can offer fully automatic coating by 12 guns or by application of the latest rotary bell technology. The maximum paintable dimensions of a part are 3, 000 x 700 x 1, 700 mm (length x width x height) Certifications: EN ISO 3834-2 : 2006; EN ISO 14001 : 2015; EN ISO 9001 : 2015; CSN EN 15085-2 CL2 - WELDING OF RAILWAY VEHICLES AND COMPONENTS;

  7. CMI


    Located in Vire and since in Castres, CMI creates all types of parts from output to painting and machining. CMI manufactures mechanical parts for different fields of activity: machine tools, special machines, nuclear, maintenance parts, aeronautics, medical, handling, lifting. Our businesses: Output (laser cutting, oxycutting, sawing), mechanical welding (MIG, TIG, rod), heat treatment (by vibration), machining (milling, turning, resurfacing), surface treatment (shot blasting, liquid paint). Our specialities: Medium and large sized parts (up to 9 metres in single milling operation) full internal control of the part production chain.



    Dejoie, one of the French leaders in the manufacture and distribution of safety seals. A range of informative seals, safety seals and high security seals. Customisable safety seals in lead, plastic and metal. Dejoie meets your safety and traceability needs for your supply chain. The seals can be customised with a logo, barcode, tamper-evident indicators. Our products are compliant with standard ISO PAS 17712: 2010 CTPAT. Dejoie, aluminium fondry with shell gravity moulding technology. Moulding of aluminium parts and tools. From design to mass production, including prototypes. Aluminium alloys are AlSi12 and AlSi7Mg0.6. Proficiiency in modelling, prototyping and digital simulation processes. Manufacture and assemby of aluminium subsets, surface treatments and electrostatic liquid paint finishing.



    Dejoie, aluminium foundry in Nantes. Specialist in aluminium gravity die casting services.We can work with you on your project for a plain cast part or finished and assembled sub-assembly. We use a number of forming technologies including gravity die casting and sand gravity die-prototyping. Moulding of cast aluminium parts and tools in small and medium production runs. Aluminium alloys are AlSi12 and AlSi7Mg0.6. From design of single aluminium parts to mass production, including prototypes.Manufacture to order of parts weighing anything from 50 grams to 20 kilos. Dejoie, the aluminium foundry that's the perfect partner for your growth. Specialists in project design and design proposals. Experts in modelling, prototyping and digital simulation processes. Manufacture and assembly of aluminium subsets, ROHS-compliant chrome-free surface treatments and electrostatic liquid paint finishing.

  2. TK BATO SP. Z O. O.


    TK BATO is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality anti-corrosion liquid paints, thinners and wood products manufactured in accordance with Polish and European standards (PN-EN ISO 12944). For almost 30 years, we produce corrosion protection paint systems for steel and non-ferrous metals have been an ideal solution for professionals, special applications and general-purpose sites. Our paints are widely used in steel structures, machines, pipes, metal roofs, high operating temperature equipment, etc. They form a durable coating that provides the highest corrosion protection in the corrosion categories C-1 to C-5.As a manufacturer, we are able to modify our products to meet customer needs and also offer new solutions for corrosion protection and other special applications of paints and varnishes.Our offer includes: one-component paints: alkyd, polyvinyl, chlorine rubber, acrylic, phthalate, hammer, water-base two-component paints: polyurethane, epoxy, heat-resistant, fireproof, chemical-resistant, which are available in different packages from 0.8 l can to IBC 1000 l.


    United Kingdom

    Air & Liquid Filtration Ltd (ALF) manufacture bespoke filters and strainers for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our aim is to provide the best possible service in bespoke filter manufacture and filter design. Our filter manufacturing flexibility enables us to produce filtration requirements in any size, shape or design including cylinder filters, cone filters, basket filters, sieves, strainers, screen filters, ‘Y’ strainer filter elements, inline filters or any other type of industrial filters. We can also repair or refurbish your existing filters and strainers, replacing worn out or damaged materials which can often be more cost effective on larger filters. ALF supply filters and strainers to a multitude of different industries and sectors including Motorsport, Petrochemical, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Medical, Defence, Agriculture, Aerospace, Transport and Chemical. Traditional filter applications include fuels, oils, hydraulic, pneumatic, air and gasses, liquids, dust, lubricants, paint, ink, chemicals, food stuffs, beverages, flow control, valves etc.  For further information please visit our website 



    Eurogalvano operates in the GALVANIC TREATMENT, MODULAR JOINTS and 3D PRINTING macro-areas. We provide quality surface treatments. Foundry, cleaning, chroming and high quality painting. Liquid painting as well as powder coating. Manufacturing of MADE IN ITALY modular joints. Eurogalvano designs and produces modular joints and accessories. It's a matter of over 200 kinds of components that are needed for assembling modular systems that are used both for home as well as for company and industrial furnishing. Our production is entirely Italian and can supply round or square joints, tubes and accessories with various diameters and lengths. 3D Printing: As of today we can develop and design prototype or functional parts in NYLON, LOADED WITH CARBON FIBRE, GLASS FIBRE, KEVLAR FIBRE. Furthermore, thanks to the new Metal X printer these can also be STEEL, TITANIUM, ALUMINIUM parts starting from scratch from design software of from scans provided entirely by state-of-the-art 3D scanners.



    Mitev EOOD is Bulgarian company established in 1998 and specialized in the production of all kinds of finished metal products and welded metal structures with varying sizes and complex CNC machined parts on customer requirements. The company has two modern production facilities located in Botevgrad and Vraca, both near the capital – Sofia. Our factories are equipped with wide range of new generation CNC machines. We have an extensive experience in both powder coating and liquid painting. The business philosophy of Mitev EOOD is based on timely and quality execution of contracts with our customers, with the help of a highly skilled team of production staff and engineers including International Welding Engineer. Our protected certificates guarantee the quality of our products: ISO 3834-2 , ISO 9001: 2008 ; OHSAS 18001: 2007 , ISO 14001: 2004. Our machine park includes new CNC machines for laser cutting, bending, 3 to 5-axis milling, multi-turret horizontal turning and new generation welding machines for both MIG/MAG and TIG welding. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!


    United Kingdom

    Remmers UK is a leading manufacturer of synthetic products for the construction and wood finishing industrial sectors. With over 400 products and more than 1, 000 employees Remmers sets the standards with one of the most comprehensive ranges of protection products for wood and buildings. As part of the 300 million turnover Remmers Group , the highly experienced team at Remmers UK will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the best systems possible to meet your exact requirements. Our products can be found in use around the UK for applications and areas including waterproof and damp proofing, flooring systems, wood protection, historical structures and many more. • Cleaning • Concrete Protection & Repairs • Stone & Masonry Restoration • Specialist Renders • Heritage • Waterproofing & Damp Proofing • Flooring • Liquid Roofing • Joints Sealants • Stains, Paints and Wood Treatment • Industrial Wood Coatings (Induline Exterior Premium Coatings) • Additional, available on request



    Superlux has been active since 1975 in the production of building paints and industrial coatings, with the main characteristics of a wide range of products and flexibility in providing customized solutions, according to the needs of each partner. Our product range includes high quality epoxy coatings for several cases (flooring, pool epoxy etc.), decorative paints and special products like road marking paint, liquid glass, whiteboard paint etc. Our goal is to create products of excellent quality and safety. We are certified with ISO 9001: 2015 and produce following strict international quality and safety standards. Since 1991 we have been active in foreign markets, especially in the Balkans, exporting our products with a significant share of export sales. Continuous upgrading and renewal of infrastructure, production equipment and corporate fleet helped us strengthening the distribution network throughout Greece and abroad with parallel constant communication with our customers. Our vision is the constant growth and optimization of our services with main asset the development of strong partnerships with notable distributors worldwide.



    PIGMENT is a producer of water-born goods to a little extent aggravating the condition of the natural environment. The Company’s assortment includes: dispersion (emulsion) paints, indoor and facade, latex, acrylic, silicone, silicate, epoxy, photocatalytic and dry glue (starch) and cement paints acrylic rendering plasters, indoor and facade • mineral cement and anhydrite plasters elastic water insulating mass acrylic and epoxy fillers priming preparations and paints liquid universal pigments water dispersion adhesives preparations for removing mould and algae impregnants and varnishes for concrete and natural stone

  9. BAST S.R.O.

    Czech Rep.

    BAST means complex CNC sheet metal working and production based on sheet metal, tubes and profiles. BAST (since 1991) employs 200 skilled staff members. We offer our capacities to our customers. We don't develop any own product. Our staffs mean 33 certified welders among the total 60 welders. Sectors of activity: rail vehicles, wood boilers, stoves and fireplaces, switchboxes, zero pressure vessels, street furniture, machine covers. We process steel, stainless steel as well as aluminium. Very important technology is LASER BEAM WELDING with digital camera positioning. Our products can be powder coated in our own line. We offer also liquid painting in our 3 boxes. Final assembly - mechanical, wiring, pneumatic - on about 1500m2.BAST uses the total manufacturing area of 24.000 m2 and possessed certification acc. to ISO 9001; EN 15085-CL1. BAST continually invests and is proud to propose 3D Laser welding with digital camera positioning and 3D laser cutting of tubes and profiles.


    United Kingdom

    Intechem is a global supplier and manufactrer of speciality thermoplastic polymer powders based in London. We specialise in fine thermoplastic polymer powders engineered and formulated specifically for end user market eg. anti-corrosion coating of metal parts in powder and granule form, 3D SLS powder, as additive in liquid paint and floropolymer systems and much more. We formulate and supply nylon, polyester and thermoplastic polymer Alloy powders offering high abrasion resistance, flexibility, high impact resistance, temperature resistance from boiling water to minus 50c . Our powders are supplied within the average particle size range 30 microns to 300 microns depending on the polymer, application process and end user market.

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