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    NOOR IMPORT APS exports to an average of 80 countries, spreading to all continents. We started this work around 20 to 25 years ago, since then we Complying with global food requirements and standards, in addition to being reference of quality food. As a result, consolidates as an internationally respected and recognised brand. We stands apart by the phenomenal quality norm of its items, this quality, that start in the open country, is given through cutting edge specialized help to the rustic makers, direction about arranging, association and development, other than the projects that look for creature taking care of, sustenance and hereditary qualities improvement. In the enterprises, there is a severe quality control in all cycle, notwithstanding a constant improvement in the creation lines, expecting to go to the most thorough global guidelines. Grab Your Chance to Connect with the Best Online Frozen Pork Store Today, contact us !



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    Kurt Nisgaard imports and exports livestock from Denmark: they propose Piebald cattle, Pig farming, Breeding livestock, Pig breeding, Danish Dairy Cattle, Heifers and heifer calves, Jersey calves, Red Danish Dairy Cattle, Meat cattle, Danish meat cattle, Cattle import export, pig and livestock trading, Danish pigs, Yorkshire pigs, Hampshire pigs, Duroc pigs, crossbreed pigs, cross breed of pigs, Danish Dairy cattle farming, Heifers calves farming, calf breeding, calf farming, jersey calves farming, red Danish dairy cattle farming, meat cattle farming, Danish meat farming, pig farming, Danish pig farming, Danish pigs farming, Yorkshire pig farming, Yorkshire pigs farming, Hampshire pig farming, Hampshire pigs farming, Duroc pigs farming, Duroc pig farming, crossbreed pig farming, crossbreed pigs farming, breeding livestock from Denmark, Pig farming from Denmark, Breeding livestock from Denmark, Danish livestock, Danish calves, Danish cattle, trading pig, trading dairy cattle.



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    we can meet all your needs for mussels and molluscs, and can have them delivered anywhere in Europe. Our products are packed daily and dispatched the same day to ensure their freshness. Mussels are packed in bags of 5, 10 and 15 kg. Ready-to-cook (PAC). Also available in trays of 1.4 and 2.8 kg. Molluscs are harvested in the traditional manner and are sold cleaned or uncleaned: packed in bags of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 kg, or trays of 1.4 or 2.8 kg.



    Coccidia, oocysts, or clostridia are not organisms from distant galaxies, they are under the hooves, paws, and claws of your livestock. In stables, we find viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, all the different pathogens that are the perfect foundation for reproduction. Soon, unbeknownst to you, there may be a swarm of problems. However, as much as this means potential infections and diseases, this also means the best solution. Solutions from Lysoform Vetfarm. These solutions are state of the art disinfectants and cleaning products. Our products for hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection are based on over 100 years of Lysoform‘s experience. The only swarm in your stables should be swarms of healthy animals and good ideas!


    Ivory Coast

    SNAIL IVOIRE is a company that specializes in rearing and selling fresh and dried snails, and that can also deliver litres of snail slime in great quantities. SNAIL IVOIRE is an expert in converting and conserving the chain; harvesting and conserving the slime; making soaps; converting the shell; setting up and managing micro-industries. The SNAIL IVOIRE SARL group is a mixed agropastoral enterprise that organizes training seminars on snail rearing. Our mission is to train and support snail breeders in their facilities. We have developed a snail farming training manual to support and guide you in this kind of activity. Snail rearing or snail farming offers real opportunities!

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    EURASIA Ltd. is highly respected and one of the largest beef livestock exporter and wholesaler company in Latvia and Baltic States, giving service for the biggest fattening farms and food companies - retailers, producers and manufacturers in Europe, Turkey, Kazakhstan and the Middle East.EURASIA Ltd. procures supplies of beef slaughter and fattening bulls, beef carcass meat, pregnant heifers as well as customers special orders based on the current market demand in each country. Founded only in 2008 the company EURASIA Ltd has shown rapid growth and gained a stable place in the beef export market in Baltics. In 2012 has been launched EURASIA Ltd. sister`s company in Estonia – EURASIA IMPEX Ltd. with the aim to enlarge beef livestock export from the Baltic States.



    8K international Trading Co ltd. Is a full-service international import/export company serving wholesalers, buyers, entrepreneurs, and privately held companies. Our foremost expertise is sourcing products and services in China, we can supply OEM or stocklots, for exportation to the USA, Europe, Canada, Africa and other countries. Our range of capabilities is broad. Our main objective always is to be the FIRST CHOICE link between our suppliers and customers, maximizing your profit potential, and providing superior customer service. We could supply you socks , shoes , consumer Electronics , toys , DIY items ...with all reports and certifications you will need , with any packaging you will request , all in the best price/quality , ready stocklots or fresh orders .



    The Kossen Livestock GmbH is an German Cattle/Livestock exporter located in Germany. We can supply you: -Breeding Cattle -Pregnant heifers -Non Pregnant heifers -fattening bulls -Slaughter cattle We can supply you the cattle in several races like: -Holstein black -Holstein red -Simenthal/fleckvieh -Charolais -Limousin -BBW -Jersey -Brown Swiss -etc. We can offer you a full service with selection, Quarantine if needed, transport, Insurance for 14 days or 30 days. When you are interested to start the business: Contact us on email or call us.



    Xcell Breeding & Livestock Services Private Limited is to market top quality genetics to the Indian dairy farmers directly offering 'best bulls at best prices'.Xcell Breeding has been supplying the India and International genetics market with world class bull semen. We are one of the leading bull semen wholesalers in the India, providing high quality semen for many of the better known direct semen selling companies.With such a large expanse of top quality bulls, whilst continuing to wholesale around the world, in the India. Xcell Breeding.com was createdWorking in partnership with Indian Dairy Farmers we endeavour to ensure your peace of mind with regards to pricing - any orders placed will benefit from our price promise to you. The price per straw is secured on the day of order and delivery may be reserved up to six months in advance. Should the market price increase before delivery, you still pay the price when ordered. Should the price decrease by the delivery date you only pay the



    Breeders of Denmark A/S is a Danish-owned export company offering DanBred Breeding Pigs and professional consultancy to modern and efficient pig producers. We collaborate with the best in the industry and employs experienced and professionals with a vast knowledge of pig production. Breeders of Denmark was established in 2001. A man with an idea and a car - it was all that was needed to start, which today has evolved from a small one-man business to the company Breeders of Denmark A / S. After years with own breeding herd and sales of breeding pigs in Denmark chose Jan Lembke Jensen in 2001 to establish Breeders of Denmark. DanBred has in recent years develloped into one of Europe's leading breeding programs. DanBred formidable characteristics to ensure good production results and high returns for our clients.If you are looking for a professional and competent partner to the circulation of your DanBred breeding pigs, please contact us to inquire about your specific options.

  1. LUCASK9


    A warm welcome to everyone interested in police working dogs! We are Lucas K-9 - a company founded on a passion for performance dogs. We strive to truly fulfill our mission, by choosing the best dogs that fully meet the expectations and come up to the highest standards of the trainers. Every day we look for and carefully select dogs from the best breeders in Europe, to make sure that only the top specimens are offered to our vendors. We also X-ray each dog personally, because our warranty covers more than just a year. For those who want to find out more about how we handle and train our dogs, please be sure to check out the pictures and videos included on this website. We also welcome all people involved in dog training business. If you are looking for police dogs searching for drugs or explosives, as well as sniffer (detecting) dogs or dual purpose patrol dogs, it is definitely the right place. For several years we have been providing pre-trained dogs to both police departments and the armed forces around the world. Our German Shepherds, Malinois, and Labradors come from countries of Eastern Europe (Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Russia). We strongly believe in the quality of our dogs as well as in long-term cooperation with K9 trainers.



    Danish Livestock Export A/S is placed in Denmark and works wih export of danish breeding cattle. We are mostly known for selling black and white Holstein Friesian heifers. But futhermore our expertise covers meat cattle, red danish dairy and jersey heifers. Our team has made business in this trade for more than 40 years, so the company covers a great knowledge. One of our primary goals is seeing that our customers are well satisfied and feel that their cattle received good care and reached thier destination on time and in good health. We have a lifetime of experience in working and hauling livestock, therefore, we understand some of your concerns with shipping them and providing good care for them at the same time. We know how environmental conditions affect the shrinkage and health of your cattle.



    «Agrovita» wholesale exporter of agricultural products in Ukraine. Since establishment in 1998, the Company has been pTrading House «Agrovita» wholesale exporter of agricultural products in Ukraine. Since establishment in 1998, the Company has been proving itself as a reliable, competent and responsible partner at the international market. Main lines of activity are purchasing, cleaning, packaging, storage and export of grains, pulses and oil seeds. Main exporting products are: wheat, barley, oats, millet, yellow corn, sunflower seeds, soybeans, peas, chickpeas, coriander, sorghum, flax (lin) seeds, rye, mustard, rapeseed.roving itself as a reliable, competent and responsible partner at the international market. Main lines of activity are purchasing, cleaning, packaging, storage and export of grains, pulses and oil seeds.


    United Kingdom

    Grasstec offer dairy livestock services to farmers in Ireland, UK and in mainland Europe. Grasstec source dairy cows for farmers who are replacing their dairy stock. Our sourcing agents will guide you through the process, help you with the paperwork and organise the transport of cattle between countries. Visit our website to read our guide on importing and exporting cattle. We also have a downloadable guide for you to better understand the processes involved in exporting and importing milking cows.



    FOCUSED ON IMPORT-EXPORT ACTIVITIES & LIVESTOCK COMMERCE Euro Livestock & Meat Group as a member of the company group is specially focused on import-export activities, providing fresh and frozen carcasses and a wide range of cuts. The group has recently entered in the field of livestock commerce and is already perceived as an active presence. With 2 decades of experience, the company group has made a reliable partnership with farms and slaughterhouses in different parts of EU, where pure and crossed breeds of cattle, sheep and goats are raised by professional farmers. The group of companies engages in: Cutting plant Semi-processing meat Collecting, fattening and keeping the livestock in quarantine in our farms Foreign and domestic commerce of meat and livestock: Cattle, Sheep, Goat Logistic systems, distribution and storage at controlled temperature: -25°C to +25 °C Euro Livestock & Meat Group is oriented on satisfying clients’ needs, by providing all market sectors with meat according to the specific requirements of each market sector, including tailor cuts, or special requests, non typical orders, or big volumes, on regular basis. Euro Livestock & Meat Group shows a special attention lately on Halal and Kosher meat, that he can provide with the Muslim’s communities from EU and the Middle East countries.


    United States

    Brush Meat Processors, LLC exports to an average of 80 countries, spreading to all continents. It is the result of a work started in 1993 when it exported for the very first time. Complying with global food requirements and standards, in addition to being reference of quality food in Brazil, it increasingly consolidates as an internationally respected and recognized brand. We stands out by the excellent quality standard of its products, this quality, that begin in the countryside, is provided through advanced technical assistance to the rural producers, orientation about planning, organisation and growth, besides the programs that seek for animal handling, nutrition and genetics improvement. In the industries, there is a strict quality control in all process, in addition to a continuous improvement in the production lines, aiming to attend the most rigorous international regulations. AII of that allows Aurora to promote customer satisfaction our growth, producing and exporting quality, safe and authentic food through continuous process improvement, compliance with legislation and employee training.



    We are a Greek co located in Thessaloniki City in the north of Greece having our own whole sale shop of Pet animals, birds and related accessories which we buy from other importers and sell in whole as well as in retail . We are now interested to import those pet ourselves to sell them to our already available customers in our City and others in north Greece, through our local there partners. Should you produce, manufacture or export said products and are interested to sell them in our Country through our experienced Co and stuff, , kindly send us a list of products you may supply together with your export prices and we shall revert back with those interesting us. Meanwhile, we remain truly yours. Animal-Foods Co Kalohori / Thessaloniki Greece



    Alpen livestock Export-Import is an expert in the sale and delivery of cattle, including breeding heifers and bulls from European countries - Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and France for more than ten years. We specialise in the export of Holstein, Fleckvieh-Simmental, Limousinen, Jercy, Hereford, Braunvieh and Montbéliarde cattle. We sell and deliver livestock to the countries of North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya) as well as to the CIS countries: Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova. The supplied livestock meets the standards of Europe and the CIS. Orders are accepted from 30 heads. Our company is based in Ottobrunn / München, Germany. More information on our website: www.alpenvieh.com.



    Live sheep, goats and cattle from Moldova.We are specialized in collecting (with pre-selection and quality control, according to requirements of the purchaser), maintenance of the animals up to delivery, ensuring all veterinary procedures, quarantine (30 days required) etc., as well as customs procedures, performing of all certificates and documents required for export and facilitating transport operations of live animals.We would like to confirm that we are able to satisfy the demand for the mentioned product and we are willing for a mutually advantageous partnership.To present you a specific offer, please specify your request: what kind of animals you need, quantity and delivery time, other parameters (age, average weight, sex etc.), transport way and delivery place.



    Hello Sir, MadamWe are pleased to introduce ourselves as a venerable manufacturers of veterinary instruments for National and International Customers.We hope you are one of the most reputed importers of such a products and We are interested to do business with you, for making your imports more economical & reliable with guaranteed and quality. we assure you that we can provide you, your selected quality. Plz don't leave us out and visit www.lhsinstruments.com........ And confirm us your Nice Business Willings for Samples InspectionI would appreciate your early reply in advance.Rgds, Waqas jamilMA EconomicsCell: +923065455075



    Rimex was founded 15 years ago by the Chrysafoudis brothers. The company has since enjoyed great success, providing its services to livestock farmers, cattle farmer cooperatives and livestock traders in Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, Turkey and Russia. Today Rimex is a leader in the import and transport of cattle from Europe, and it transports thousands of selected animals every year to any place in the world. After sales service Knowing just how important its clients' investment is, Rimex places great emphasis on providing after sales advice. This service is personally handled by the owners of Rimex, and is supported by the specialised know-how of the company's staff. Facilities With offices in Greece and Germany, Rimex manages to provide comprehensive services to its local and international clientele. In 2017 the company made a significant investment in Germany: the construction of a modern facility for the housing and quarantine of animals with a capacity of 400 places, which meets all specifications required by European legislation.



    Snail Place is a Greek company specializing in breeding and supplying Greek and International Markets with Fresh Snails (Cretan Kochlios/ Helix Aspersa Muller/ Escargot Petit Cris). We also can provide Snails in Greek Virgin Olive Oil in several different Herb flavours (deli in glass jar). Our products recommend an exceptional and representative sample of the Mediterranean diet. Snails have enormous alimentary and nutritional value. They are full of proteins and rich in nutritious ingredients, containing only a small percentage in grease and calories.We can supply 90 Tons (or more) of snail per year from our farm and our colleague's team farms.The delicacy that we produce and sell is of excelent quality, low prices and fills all the essential conditions of safety and hygene.We can supply Shops, Hotels, Restaurants as well as provide large amounts of product to companies interested for raw material. We seek solid parterships with our clients based on consistency and mutual trust.



    A name of your confidence and satisfaction. We Strengthens our position as leading supplier of Veterinary InstrumentsWe understand that precision Instruments are of crucial importance for outstanding Treatments results, so when your choose MIAN VETERINARY TOOLS, you will discover a Dynamically balanced, energy efficient Instruments designs with you hand in mind.Established in Pakistan in 1991 as a continuation of a similar company originally Founded. MIAN VETERINARY TOOLS is proud of it’s record of service and the quality of the Tools and Equipment it supplies.Today many business and organizations around Pakistan and overseas benefit from MIAN VETERINARY TOOLS fast and smooth supply of orders is a priority. Mian Tools is one of the leading manufacturers & Exporters of Veterinary Instruments of all kinds from Pakistan including Castrating Equipment and Nipple Drinkers in stainless steel/brass material.



    We are a Turkish company having as our prior sector the livestock import-export. We are one of the strongest companies in Turkey and region in this sector. We have shown our dedication and seriousity by working for the Turkish government and by bringing animals to .Turkey for them. We are the company who imported livestock animals from Europe to Turkey in the name of the Turkish government. We have our partners in Austria and our offices in Hungary and USA But, we are not operating only in this sector. Recently we have started a project again with the government and in February we will import agricultural machines to Turkey. So, we are growing even more by raising our scope with the agricultural machines. Soon we will bring and sell to the government some other machines.



    Our group companies TRAKIA Lıve Stock( located in Turkey) and TRAKIA Live Stock Ltd(EU)(located in Bulgaria) established as a importer company in order to respond to the needs of the agricultural and livestock sector inTurkey. For this purpose we are importing high quality and high yield live stock from abroad in accordance with the needs of all formers, special farmers, cooperatives and related associations in Turkey. Our aim; to increase our service quality and to ensure that process are carried out smoothly from order selection to the shipment and to delivery related selection of orders is carried out v-by our overseas co8 Trakıa Live Stock Ltd) as a result of rigorous and strict controls by expert veterinariaus and our company regarding the shipment of orders to Turkey after final control are made and the approval of the customers obtained. , We are interesting especially fattening cattle( simental, charolais, limousin) and pregnant heifer( simental) from your country. Please contact with me for the further details using Best Regards Cumhur HÜNER import Manager



    Sentinela Lda - headquartered in Portugal. We have a mission to offer more and best solutions for the market. We are a company dedicated to export and import of goods and services. Food Products: - Animal protein, such as Beef, Angus, Chicken, Pork, ..... - Cereal proteins, such as Sugar, Soy, Corn, Rice, Coffee, ..... Non-Food Products: Cement, Manganese, Iron and Precious Metals We have high knowledge in our area and we have a portfolio of customers, with our Products and Services. Our market is very broad. We have partners across Europe, Brazil and Asia. We start in a new stage, expanding our range of exports, through our business partners with our brand. We always look for commodity suppliers that are serious and transparent with quality certifications and other necessary certifications. If you have animal and plant protein products to offer, please contact us. At the moment, we need to increase the number of suppliers, because our customers are demanding more and more products.


    United States

    Saurl Trading Company is an International Company. The company, since inception, is engaged in Manufacturing, Trading, Exporting, Importing and Supplying a wide assortment of Dry Seafoods, Sugar, Beans, Nuts, Corn, Seeds, Milk Powders, Scrap Material, Edible Oil, Fruits, Rice, Flour/Starch, Dry Vegetable, Animal Feed, and many others. Quality material is used in the development of entire product range, which is sourced from the industry’s renowned as well as trustworthy vendors. Each and every one of our employees represents the spirit of our company; driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless Hanover’s potential is to grow. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.



    We are Finnish company and our main business is supply pedigree cattle from Finland. We are proud to be cooperating with the best farms in Finland, which always offer strong and healthy animals.We could arrange export of live dairy and beef-breed heifers (might be pregnant too) of different age. We could supply bulls with a weight range from 50 up to 700 kg. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We would gladly answer all your questions and send our price. We speak in English, Russian and Finnish. For contacts please visit our website (www.finnbreeds.fi).



    Adtradersltd is a well established company that deals with different parts of animal hides. We sale cow beef, wet and dry salted cowhide, beef tallow and cow horn. donkey hides, goat hide. We supply our product all round the world at the most adfordable market rates. We are situated in the Far North Region of Cameroon which is one the highest animal rearling region in Cameroon. We are approval by both the EU and USDA are testament to the value of our products, acknowledged by our diverse customers across Europe, the Americas, the Middle-East and Russia. We believe that hard work, sincerity, responsibility and conscientiousness form the cornerstone of customer satisfaction.



    Located on the outskirts of the historic town of Nafplio in southern Greece, our farm produces the finest quality of escargots . (Helix Aspersa Muller). We Supply: - Alive Snails - Cooked escargots in glass jars. (with our various delicious sauces).

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