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    United Kingdom

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    Precision Ceramics Ltd is dedicated to the engineering and supply of technical ceramics and advanced ceramic components, offering a complete service from procurement and supply through to technical design and specialist pressing, sintering, machining, and grinding. Formed in 1992, Precision Ceramics, has gained an international reputation for quality and service, with facilities in Europe, the UK and the USA. Specialising in ceramic components in an ever-widening array of worldwide applications, and in industries as diverse as aerospace, space, scientific research, electronics, opto-electronics, power generation and offshore oil and gas production. In both new and existing applications, Precision Ceramics has the necessary expertise and in-depth knowledge to quickly find the best way forward for any potential application, supplying prototypes, through to full-scale production of components. The company operates to the very highest quality standards and holds ISO 9001: 2015 approval.



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    Xiamen Innovacera Advanced Materials Co., Ltd is engaged in the research, development, design, sale and service of ceramic heaters, metalized ceramic, boron nitride, aluminum nitride and alumina ceramic components. Through different forming processes, we also supply zirconia ceramic, silicon nitride, ceramic reflectors, porous ceramic, beryllia ceramic components ceramic machining service and technical ceramic solutions. These products are mainly used in Aerospace, Research, Medical, Optics, semiconductors, Communication Equipment, Electronic and Electrical, Automotive, Defense, Food Processing, Fluid Handing, Scientific, Thermal Processing, Textile, and Mineral Processing. Innovacera has rich experience in the industrial ceramic industry, and strictly controls product quality and inspection by excellent teams. We have a reliable reputation among our customers because of our professional services, quality product, a safe package for transport and reasonable prices. In addition, our factory has passed ISO9001: 2015, most of our products have got ROHS certificates. One of Innovacera’s advantages is ceramic rapid prototyping technology which has no minimum order quantities limit and can deliver goods in a short time thanks to our ceramic blank product being on stock and ready to machine. Our engineers offer custom solutions beyond our existing products for all your applications. We warmly welcome customers to establish cooperation and create a bright future with us together.

  3. AREA52 GMBH


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    Liquid Elements is a German manufacturer of high-quality automotive care products. The product range includes car shampoos, and wheel rim and glass cleaners to polishing machines and high-quality ceramic coatings. Of course, we also offer the related equipment and much more besides. A brief overview of our product ranges: Microfibre cloth (Europe's largest selection from in-house production). Car shampoos. Wheel rim cleaners. Drying cloths. Gloves/sponges and brushes. Wash buckets. Interior cleaners. Dry laundry. Pre-cleaners. Glass cleaners. Leather cleaners. Foil cleaners. Polishing machines. Polishing sponges/pads. Glass sealants. Ceramic coatings. Spray sealants and much more.



    Oemeta is an owner-managed family business that is now in its fourth generation. We have been developing and supplying industrial lubricants for machining metal, glass and ceramic for 100 years. Our products are distinguished by quality and reliability. We have become the technology leader in this specialist area by focusing on water-miscible coolants and thanks to our application expertise.



    VITRON Spezialwerkstoffe GmbH was founded in Jena in eastern Germany in 1991. Our flexible company is a specialised manufacturer and supplier of materials and components for infrared optics, machinable glass ceramics for technology and medicine, as well as glass melting according to customer specifications. Collaborating with universities and research institutes, our well-trained experts carry out development work on our own materials, techniques and technologies, as well as research work on behalf of our customers. The commitment and creativity of our employees is focused on the high quality of our products and excellent service for you, our customers.

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    Wintrustek is a high-tech manufactuer specialized in powder metallurgy and over the years it has been committed to the research, design, production and marketing of advanced ceramic materials and advanced magnet materials by providing a full range of technical solutions according to customers’ requests.WintrustekCERATM-Advanced Ceramic ExpertsOur ceramic materials include: -Alumina-Zirconia-Aluminum Nitride-Silicon Nitride-Boron Nitride-Boron Carbide-Machinable Glass Ceramic-Mullite-CordieriteWintrustekMAGTM-Endless AttractionOur magnet materials include: -Sintered NdFeB&Bonded NdFeB-Ferrite-Sintered AlNiCo&Cast AlNiCo-Sintered SmCo-Flexible magnetWith strong backing of R&D and technical team, Wintrustek’s long-term mission is to improve the performance of the advanced materials while maintaining our focus on client satisfaction by providing the highest quality products and first-class service.



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    NINESUN is a company based in Xiamen, China. Since 1992, we are specialized in the manufacturing and processing of non-ferrous metal materials. Besides China, we export our countries all over the world including in the United States, in Germany, in Great Britain or in Japan. We mostly manufacture copper and aluminium products as well as tungsten alloys. These products can be used for various applications, and therefore in several sectors such as electronic information, power facilities, automobiles, ships, aerospace or national defense industry. Our advanced equipment allows us to operate on more than 200 kinds of products. Over the years we have formed trusting and solid partnerships with metal material manufacturers internationally. Our customers trust our experience to provide them with precise production and processing, fast logistics and a quality after-sales service. We can also offer suggestions for the material suggestions beforehand. We deliver high quality products at the best price in the shortest deadlines possible. Thanks to the quality of our management system, we are proud to be certified according to the ISO 9001 standards. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    IMS - Integrated Mechanization Solutions is a Dutch company with over 20 years of experience. IMS develops and builds automated production solutions for highly precise products. We automate your production processes on micron scale. Our primary focus is on developing and building the best automated production solutions. Specifically tailored for the most complex and precise products. Whether you require a laboratory setup or a complete turn-key production line, we excel in delivering the finest automation solutions for industries with exacting standards. Our expertise extends to high-demand sectors, including life sciences, automotive, consumer electronics, and semiconductors. We are dedicated in our commitment to provide our clients with nothing less than quality and excellence. We have a loyal customer base as a testament to prove this. And with a team of over 130 skilled engineers, we enjoy taking the challenges you have for us. Our specialization extends to product line development and precision processes, including handling, processing, connecting, testing, and micro assembly. We exist to deliver our customers the most outstanding automation solutions, today and well into the future. This commitment is not just our promise, but our passion. We are taking you steps ahead.



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    BALLERSTAEDT & CO. OHG – one of the leading providers of sealing technology – offers an unbeatable product range, produced according to ISO and HACCP standards: aluminum seals, induction liners and sealing foil on reels guarantee absolute tightness and reliable protection of your product’s quality and originality as well as protection against external influences. Due to an own digital printing machine, the provided seals can be designed individually and cost-effectively - even for smallest quantities. The possibilities are limitless! The product portfolio contains also aluminum-free sealing foils and self-adhesive pressure-sensitive liners that safely seal dry products such as spices. And that's not all: from manual and semi-automatic sealing devices to fully automatic filling and sealing systems - BALLERSTAEDT offers customized sealing systems from one single provider including detailed consulting, development of customer-specific solutions and fast delivery. Long-time experience has already resulted in many innovations focussing on the requirements and needs of our customers, e.g. reliable sealing of glass and metal containers.



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    Established in 1998, Mebel Logistics is a Polish company located in Obra. We are a valued partner of the renowned European furniture companies with which it has worked continuously for over 20 years. Our Manufacturing Department has the highest quality, which we achieve through experience and machinery. Our offer : •Metalworking •Water jet cutting of metals, plastics, wood, plywood, glass, ceramics •Cutting: Cutting with tape and disc cutting machines, cutting angle range up to 50° Turning of materials to a length of 1500mm Milling on CNC machining centres with machining ranges of 600x400x400mm and vertical and horizontal milling machines •Radio erosion processing: Cutting by electrodes in the range 320x270x350mm, angle +/-5°, workpiece weight up to 180kg •Grinding: Surface treatment by grinding pipes in the diameter range ø10 to ø100mm Surface treatment by grinding surfaces up to 1000mm widths Surface polishing for galvanic coatings chrome, nickel, copper Cutting by electrodes in the range 320x270x350mm, angle +/-5°, weight up to 180kg •Plastic processing: Metal processing on 160T, 40T, 10T eccentric presses, 40T hydraulic presses Bending on the press brake with a pressure of 100T materials with lengths up to 2500mm Bending on three-roll bending machine •Heat Treatment: Hardening and tempering to the size of products 350x140x100mm •Powder coating: Application of thermosetting coatings in the form of powder paints, loading the oven 3900x1180x180 Contact us !



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    SCHOTT Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH produces high-quality drilling, grinding and milling tools, mainly according to customer requirements for glass, ceramics, stone, metal and plastics processing as well as for the optical industry. The tools manufactured for our customers are adapted to: •The materials to be machined •The machines used •The required production targets. History: The company was founded in 1975 by Mr Klaus Schott in Stadtoldendorf. Since then, permanent expansion of production. TÜV achieve ISO 9001 in 2004 – certification from 2010–present: Various research projects are underway in close cooperation with technical colleges and universities. Our objective is: To continuously improve machining processes. New development of tools for machining new materials, especially for ultrasonic applications. Installation of the first tool shop systems from 2012–2017. Expansion of sales activities and development of application technology from 2018–present



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    AGK® manufactures individual components for thermal and electrical insulation. Based on drawings, we manufacture one-off parts and small lots using CNC; insulation parts are manufactured up to a size of 1300 x 3400 mm. We offer a selection of more than 100 multi-functional insulating materials. DuroBest® materials are suitable for high-strength, electrically insulating machine parts. Thermosetting materials are used as pressure-resistant insulation up to a temperature of 280 °C. K-Therm® can resist temperatures of up to 1500 °C. Our material range for up to 800 °C is suitable for pressure-resistant electrical insulation. The semi-finished ceramic parts are suitable for mechanically robust components up to 1200 °C. GleitTherm® was developed for special sliding applications, for example slide rails. Special graphites up to 600 °C or composite materials up to 350 °C; additionally, oil-free high-temperature slide bearings up to 800 °C. ThermTextil® offers flexible thermal protection, even when ready-made, from fabrics to hoses. Aramids up to 300 °C, glass fibre textiles up to 800 °C, silicium fibres up to 1200 °C; oxide fibres up to 1400 °C.



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    LIMA is a company that produces and trades industrial gaskets and technical items made of thermoplastic and elastomeric materials as well as high performance TECHNOPOLYMERS, whatever type they may be. The company doesn't only manufacture standard products but also uses high precision CNC machines to produce plastic parts made to design (including PTFE, POM, PA, PE, PVC, PEEK, PP, PCTFE and Rubber). LIMA uses special thermoplastic materials - required above all for critical applications and in certain sectors - such as ABS, FEP, PFA, PPS, PBT, PSU, PAI and PEI. LIMA handles both virgin and processed materials: some of the most highly requested and used compounds are bronze, glass, ceramic, carbon graphite, carbon, talc, stainless steel, molybdenum sulfide, graphite, calcium fluoride, mineral salts, mica, glass fibre, carbon fibre and polyester resin.



    Sky Technology (Skytech) develops and produces wide format UV LED Flatbed Printers, stained glass CNC machines, machines for cutting glass, fabrics, plastic and PVC films, varnishes, paints and UV polymers for painting on glass. The company has been manufacturing machinery and equipment for glass and ceramics manufacturing since 2005, and machines for decorating sheet materials since 2010. Skytech has developed its own printing technologies: •Luminar is a process for manufacturing decorative glassware with photo-quality, full-colour images. The use of water-based glass paints produces saturated images while retaining subtle colour shades and halftones. •Vizart is a technology for low cost, full-colour photo printing on flat glass and mirrors. It is suitable for printing on furniture façades, wardrobe doors and interiors. •Voline is a full imitation of stained glass on almost any surface: furniture façades, wardrobes, ceramic tiles, door panels, mirrors, laminated coverings and other materials using a flexible and cost-effective technology. Over 700 machines for printing on glass and glass cutting by Skytech are operating successfully in major cities of Russia, Europe, America and Asia. All equipment has a 2-year warranty. Skytech offers development and production of CNC machines for decorating materials and their cutting, 24/7 support, warranty and post-warranty service, installation supervision, online support, training, worldwide delivery, leasing and trade-in.





    ADALICAM is a family company which was established in 1995 by three brothers who had worked in leading companies of glass sector. It has been successful with the combination of details reflecting on experience from glass processing atelier, aesthetic and artistic perspective from stained glass atelier, solution-based experience from metal sector, commercial manners and principles and it has become well known in a very short time with its consistent progress. It has established stainless and aluminum ateliers in 2006 and started producing special accessories that may be combined with glass.At the begining of 2015, it has opened one of Turkey’s most comprehensive glass processing plant and increased servise quality to the highest level in Istanbul. It gives service in a total 10.500 m² manufacturing area with 157 people including management, manufacture and installation teams.GLASS PROCESSING : We manufacture at shaped and sensitive measures with grinding, angle grinding, bevel, channel machines and CNC stalls and meet all kind of customer need. GLASS DECORATION : Adali Cam successfully finish all kinds of project with its expert teams and equipment in special projects which are prepared by architecture offices. We produce tempered glass, laminated glass, eva laminated glass, non ceramic painted glass, digital printed glass, mirrors, museum glass.



    FELEMAMG is specialist in industrial magnetism. Having more than four decades of practical experience in the manufacture of magnetic equipments and providing solutions in almost all the production sectors. Steel plants, foundry, shredders, scrap yards, clinkers, iron stores, shipyards, mechanical workshops, oxycutting, port facilities, railways, cars, cement manufactures, plaster, sugar, ceramics, feldspar, incinerators, RSU, CDR, glasses, electronic waste, recyclers. We have a wide range of products: Lifting electromagnets, Lifting electropermanents, Magnetic separation including permanent magnet separators and electromagnetic separators as well as high intensity separators. Our experience on the industrial magnetism supports us for repairing, rebuilding, rewinding and updating every brand, model or size of magnetic machines.


    Czech Rep.

    With more than 30 years of history, the company OPTIMA Precise co.ltd. became a ISO certified, leading manufacturer and supplier of grinding and cutting tools in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Moreover, we deliver in the D-A-CH regions and other countries of Europe also. We cooperate together with world-leading manufacturers of basic materials for grinding products and tool manufacturers from the whole world. With our partners, we also produce production machines specifically for your working process. The priorities in the daily business work are, to reliably meet customer requirements expectation. We offer more than 17 thousand standard and customer-specific products which are 2/3 ready in stock, available for delivery within 24 hours. Speed in the delivery of high-quality products, reaction to market requirements concerning the expansion of our range, constant innovation of our products and the ability to advise in usage of material correctly, are the self-sufficient elements of our daily work. Cutting disc, grinding disc, lamellar grinding discs, sheet metal discs with shafts, grinding disc on paper and carrier, grinding rollers and grinding tapes, technical brushes, ceramic grinding disc and materials, cutting tools, metal- wood- glass- drill, diamond discs, protective equipment and electrical tools - With our product spectrum and tools, will be found the best possible solution for precise result and final product. We are here for you.



    Wholesale and retail trade for industry, metal and steel construction, architecture and design. Balls made from all materials: PRECISION BALLS made from steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminium, glass and plastic CARBIDE, aluminium oxide, ceramic, lead, wood and rubber balls POLISHED BALLS, pins and bodies made from steel, stainless steel, glass, ceramic and wood IRON BALLS: Solid and hollow, grinding balls and abrasives BRASS BALLS: Solid and hollow, with thread, half shells, bronze balls PLASTIC BALLS: Polyamide, Hostaform, Teflon, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyurethane, etc. ELECTROPLATED FLOAT BALLS POLYSTYRENE BALLS COLOURED DECORATIVE BALLS ACRYLIC LUMINAIRE COVER BALLS CYLINDER ROLLERS NEEDLE ROLLERS made of steel and stainless steel according to DIN 5 402 MACHINE HANDLES made of plastic and aluminium.



    Saccardo Elettromeccanica is a world rank Italian manufacturer of electro-spindles specifically designed for applications in CNC machinery and robotic arms. We supply the major international manufacturers of machines for processing natural stone (marble, granite, agglomerate), glass, plastics, metals, ceramic, quartzite and porcelain stoneware.. Saccardo is highly reputed for co-designing and co-developping tailored solutions. Our products are fully Made in Italy. Please browse our websites: www.saccardo.it. Corporatevideo https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCyzA-m4LrEANfeoq-D2-p0A ------- -------- Saccardo Elettromeccanica ist ein weltweit führender italienischer Hersteller von Elektrospindeln, die speziell für Anwendungen in CNC-Maschinen und Roboterarmen entwickelt wurden. Wir beliefern die großen internationalen Hersteller von Maschinen zur Bearbeitung von Naturstein (Marmor, Granit, Agglomerat), Glas, Keramik, Quarzit und Feinsteinzeug, Holz, Leichtmetall. Saccardo genießt einen hervorragenden Ruf für das Co-Design und die Co-Entwicklung maßgeschneiderter Lösungen. Unsere Produkte sind vollständig Made in Italy. Hier unseren Webseite: www.saccardo.it Unternehmensvideo https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCyzA-m4LrEANfeoq-D2-p0A Elettromandrini non solo per la lavorazione della pietra, dove la Saccardo può pregiarsi di essere leader, ma anche di altri materiali quali ceramica, legno, vetro, polimeri e metalli leggeri. https: //saccardo.it/



    Glass Expert is a company focused in processing and finishing of flat glass. Our production capacity allow us to execute any kind of flat glass processing inside a 6000 sqm production plant at a high level of quality in products and services, like: -tempered glass-thickness from 4-19 mm, with maximum dimensions of 4440 x 2400 mm; -rolling glass-maximum dimensions: 5000 x 2400 mm and a capacity of 350 sqm / day; -Enameling and screen printing glass-with ceramic enamel in an extremely wide variety of RAL colors; -CERAMIC PRINT-glass surfaces can print any image and because has the ability to resist UV, chemical and physical agents is the most requested; -our Intermac CNC allows us to execute interior finishing of cut edges and gave us access to complicated projects, with engraving, cutting and finish to windows. -processed glass edges plan between 3 and 30 mm with possibility of finishing the edge at an angle between 0 and 45; -drilling glass with a machine controlled by a microprocessor that control all functions of drilling operations that gives precision and accuracy of the holes in the bottle being able to make holes with diameters between 3 and 65 mm; -Glass bending furnace with a capacity of 2MP, fully automated glass processing in various hot technologies: fusing, slumping, bending, sagging; - We have also a blasting machine with the ability to make gradient bend with pressure variable and controllable. Any drawing / picture in vector format, can be blasted.



    Annavi Is the first Croatian brand of washing and cleaning equipment operating within NK & M d.o.o ..What Annavi offers are high-grade high pressure cleaners, floor timers, floor cleaners, vacuum cleaners, professional vacuum cleaners, steam generators, cleaning appliances, washing machines, professional cleaning appliances, professional washing machines HIGH GLASSES WITH RADIUM PUMPS, TOP OF MEASUREMENTS I CERAMIC CLIPSThe yearly high pressure washers feature radial pumps, brass head, slow-motion motors and ceramic pulleys, resulting in a long-term operation of the unit.PERSONS WITH SLS TECHNOLOGY (self-healing brush system)Yearly floor washers are top floor washing machines with various innovations such as SLS technology that includes a self-healing brush system, where the brush adjusts to wrinkles on the surfaces it purifies. Also, it is possible to choose from a choice of container sizes from 15 up to 230 liters.SURFACE OPERATION PUMPS (maximum filtration)The year-round floorboards on the battery or petrol drive have their own suction option, resulting in top-of-the-line filtration, eliminating the maximum particle return in the air.POWER SUPPLY WITH HIGH-QUALITY ENGINE AND HORIZONTAL POSITIONAnnular vacuum cleaners use the best engines on the market with exceptionally solid plastic or metal pots. Quality and price guarantee the best ratio invested and earned.With the purchase of each device from our range, we provide two years warranty, service of washing and cleaning

  3. MUCON

    United Kingdom

    Process Components Ltd is the only manufacturer and supplier of the Mucon product range of powder and bulk solids handling equipment. Mucon equipment has been used extensively in the bulk materials handling industries for over 60 years and in this time the company has built up an excellent reputation for product reliability, application knowledge and service. Mucon products are used world-wide due to their superb flow control of bulk solids in a wide variety of product applications. Mucon valves, discharge aids and level indicators are used in conjunction with a wide variety of machinery such as Hoppers, Silos, Sifters, Mixers, IBCs, Big Bag stations, Tablet Machines, and Blenders within the food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, glass & ceramics, sand and cement. Mucon products offer the end user manual, electric or pneumatic actuation.Mucon products can also be produced to ATEX Cat. 1D / 2DFor further information contact us by telephone of via Mucon.com



    The factory is specialized on power semiconductor converters, frequency electric drives, objects and low voltage apparatus electronic control systems manufacturing which nomenclature is covering: AC variable frequency drives, static and autonomous power suppliers; soft starters for AC motors and other switching in AC power circuits; reversible and irreversible DC electric drives, reactive power adjustment anchor converters and thyristor exciters for DC large electric machines; diode rectifiers for DC power and operative circuits supplying, for underground electric transport contact network supplying also; AC single-phase regulators; rectifiers and cathode protection complete systems against the underground constructions and pipelines corrosion; low-voltage complete devices; electric stoves with and without oven, including stoves with (glass-ceramic) table and electric cast surface units; other electronic and electrical apparatuses that can be manufactured by special order.



    Our company was established in 1992, in 1995, REF-SAN Insulation sec. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. was the name.Esk. Path 10 Km. Our company operates 6, 000 m2 factory at Kütahya field.20-1300 C runs between the production sector of the highlights of our company is also Ceramic Kilns, Glass Fusing the production sector has on other equipment.Laser cutting technology in our production and Paint Electrostatic powder coating technology is used in manufacturing are made.In 2006, our company has set up the first and only market of Ceramic Machinery and still continues to progress work on this issue.Cyprus in 2008, and in 2011 Besiktas / Istanbul branches have been opened.8 countries are given fair representation in Germany in 2010.Every year on this issue continue the development of our company is involved in the sector ettirmekdir fairs.EBK (Eskişehir - Bilecik - Kütahya) Cluster Ceramic Tile Machine Producers Group Founder Member of the Board Chairman of the company continued its machines from abroad



    Zhecheng Hongxiang Superhard Material Co., Ltd was founded in 1990 which is affiliated with Wanke Group. The company is a high-tech enterprise with modern management experience and strong research and development ability. Besides, it has won many national and local awards and obtained several invention patents.Mainly product: 1. synthetic diamond and diamond powder.2. In 2000, creative product: diamond drill bit, diamond wheel, diamond finger bit etc glass tools. The product is fit for kinds of glass machine, including hand machine, bench drill machine, straight edge machine, beveling machine, bilateral machine and numerical control machine etc.3. In 2008, research and development product. Mainly include diamond saw blade, diamond core bit, diamond abrasive fickert etc stone and ceramic tools.4. In 2011, self-develop PCD, PDC etc oil and cutting too products, which mainly used for oil drilling, coal mining and geological exploration etc.



    Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications Co., Ltd is established in 2000. Many years of constantly dedicated research and development of super-hard material applications, now we are one of the leading ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified companies in the industry of Chinese super-hard material applications, and our market share of the ceramic processing tools is listed as the first place on the global market. We mainly produce diamond tools with metal bond, resin bond & ceramic bond and CBN fine grinding tools, which are not only used traditionally for cutting , drilling, grinding and polishing in the industries of ceramics, natural stone, refractory material, glass and building project etc., but also extended into the use for precise machining industries such as machine spare parts, automobile fittings, electronic ceramics and optical glass etc. Up till now our brand MONTE-BIANCO has been approved and trusted by customers from more than 50 countries and regions.



    Shenghua-Sub passed the CE and SGS certificate, and strict with our quality control. There are strict testing after production and carefully packing, as we treat every customer for long-term partner.We have full items of heat press machines as following: 1. Big format automatic pneumatic/hydraulic sublimation heat transfer machines2.Automatic roller heat transfer machines3.Automatic four stations & double stations heat press machines4.Pneumatic double stations heat press machines5.Manual shaking head heat press machines6.Manual high pressure t-shirt heat press machines7.Manual semi-automatic open t-shirt heat press machines8.Multi-function combo 4in1, 5in1, 6in1, 7in1, 8in1 heat press machines9.Mug/cap/plate/crystal heat press machines 10.iPhone case transfer machines and so on....OEM and ODM are welcome! Special size can do upon order.Our machines are widely used for fabric, textile, conton material products , ceramic article products, glass products etc.



    Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 in Guangdong, China. As a modern enterprise, we specialize in architecture glass and deep-processing glass with the integration of producing, selling and service providing. We mainly manufacture tempered glass, curved tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, low-E glass, coated glass, glazed glass, fire-proof glass, artic glass and others. Our company has more than 60 sets of processing equipment, including production lines for tempered glass, curved glass, insulating glass and laminated glass, various straight-line polishing and beveled-edge polishing machines, shaped polishing machines and other deep-processing machines in relation with glass cutting, polishing and drilling. Our company also has processing technology of ceramic fritting, sand-blasting, acid-etching and hot melting for producing decorative glass. We carry out strict management according to ISO9001 quality management system and have attained the authorizations



    HC Printing Machinery Factory Limited is a hot stamping machine, heat press, pad printing machine and screen printing machine manufacture in China.We make printing machine, printing accessories and consumable, tampo printing machine, screen printing machine, screen printer, pad printer, pad printing machine, heat press machine, hot stamping machine, screen printing equipment, gilding machine, hot foil stamping machine, spider machine, heat transfer machine, flame treatment, UV curing machine, UV dryer, UV Exposure unit, flash dryer, inks, mesh, spray gun, hat press, cap press, badge press, plate press, tension meter, pen printer, t shirt printer, sublimation machine, electric dryer, IR dryer, flash drier, flasher, screen stretcher printing ink, plate making machine, inks and consumables material. Our printing machine is widely print on electronic, toy, plastic, paper, clothing, T shirt, cap, CD, PCB, LCD, LED, mug, plate, glass, ceramic, cosmetic, pen, bottle, packing, gift article.

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