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    Ezer Automatic Door Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-speed industrial doors based in Turkey. We take pride in providing exceptional after-sales services to ensure that all our products are manufactured and supplied safely and efficiently throughout their physical lifespan. In addition, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing repair services and responding to all spare parts needs for our products. Since our inception, our registered trademark PAW high-speed door products have garnered significant customer interest due to their exceptional performance in the interior and exterior spaces of factories and facilities both locally in Turkey and worldwide. As a result, we have a vast portfolio of products such as high-speed industrial doors for interior and exterior use, industrial door systems, silo doors, loading systems, aluminum and PVC turbo spiral doors, fire-resistant doors, automated doors, zipper doors, slipper doors, and many more, all of which can be explored on our website. At Ezer Automatic Door Systems, we pride ourselves on our high production quality, the cost-effectiveness of the latest technology, fast production time, timely delivery, economic spare parts guarantee, and excellent customer service. These core principles have been the driving force behind our continued success in serving both domestic and foreign markets through our partnerships. Contact us for more information and experience the excellence of Ezer Doors.



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    Ünalpen Glass Aluminum Construction Food Textile Tourism Industry Trade Limited Company, established in 2002, is a well-established and prominent player in the PVC industry. Throughout the years, our unwavering commitment to delivering quality and reliable solutions has solidified our leading position in the sector. Conveniently located in the Yenikent Industrial Zone, Ankara - Sincan, our headquarters and main factory are complemented by a second production facility in the Ostim Industrial Zone, Ankara. Our success is attributed to our dedication to high-quality products, staying up-to-date with technological innovations, and maintaining a customer-oriented service approach. Our comprehensive product range includes PVC window and door systems, PVC profiles, and accessories. At Ünalpen, we take great pride in our diverse product portfolio, encompassing PVC Window and Door Solutions, PVC Sliding Systems, Glass Balcony Systems, Aluminum Systems, and Shutter Systems. With two advanced factories, we boast an impressive production capacity of 4, 000 metric tons per day, providing premium Deceuninck products. As a leading brand in the PVC industry, Ünalpen has earned the preference of customers due to our exceptional standards of quality, reliability, and customer-oriented approach. We welcome you to join our valued family and experience our top-notch products and services. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



    With 17 years of experince in this industry, Fettahoglu Pvc has been serving the best pvc windows and doors for our national and international customers. With Cnc machine and expert workers , We are ready to serve you and your client. Fettahoglu Pvc is one of the leading manufacturer in the PVC Windows and Doors’ industry in Turkey. Fettahoglu Pvc work with Deceuninck that based in Belgium.We have been serving to its national and international customers with its high quality service, reliable trade and 17 years’ experience. Fettahoglu pvc is located Europe side of İstanbul and equipped with the latest technology CNC machines and its qualified teams with the mission to offer high quality products at World standards for all of its customers. We have been serving our national and international costumers with high quality products, fast delivery and reliable trade for years. Fettahoglu Pvc provides comfort and confidence for our live with its concept that is based on innovation, reliable trade and customer satisfaction. We shall always continue improving the sector its providing service to as well as improvement, creating employment and contributing to our national economy. Fenêtres | remplacement fenêtres paris et région parisienne | fabrication de fenêtres sur mesure | installation fenêtres blindées paris | dépannage vitrier paris Châssis de fenêtres | Fenêtres | Fenêtres et hublots pour avions et navires | fenêtre



    Dear Sirs, As a Burak Aluminium A.S, we are one of the leading Aluminium Extrusion company in Turkey since 1984. Our productions being made with state of the art extrusion production lines (8 lines) in our 65000 sqm indoor area. We also offer surface treatment on demand such as anodization, all sort of powder coating applications to profiles. With well equipped CNC machining center we do provide all kind of aluminium profile finished and semi-finished parts for various industries. Over 35 years of sector experience, with service quality and competitive prices, we offer to be your alternative supplier. We work on your designs, can produce new molds by your different demands in our facility. Burak Aluminium always makes its best endeavor to provide its customers with the best products powered by R&D operations setting standards in the aluminium extrusion industry, together with its technological equipment and experienced workforce. Burak supplies products to major brands in the machinery manufacturing and automotive industry within the EU. Also, provides aluminium architectural systems for building sectors as well. Best Regards



    Ino Machinery was established in 2010, to realize user experiences and requests to offer new solutions to manufacturers.Since 2015, With the brands who has represented, it has proven itself with the product and performance quality of domestic manufacturing machines and still continues its manufacturing activities in its factory in Kestel - Bursa.Ino is manufacturing ALU&PVC Profile and Panel Processing Machinery for machining of architectural profiles used in windows doors and curtain walls, industrial profiles which are used in automotive, bus, aviation, furniture, home applience and similar sectors, and machining of ALU Composite Panels, HPL and Aluminium Panels.İno aims to save time and labor together with the production of quality materials with machines produced with advanced technology and helps industrialists to establish a competitive advantage. Our Mission To serve in the building and industrial manufacturing sector in a way that enables its stakeholders to be quality and fast, saves labor and time and increase their competitiveness. Motivation: By seeing the big picture and keeping customer satisfaction as the main goal, we work as a highly motivated, responsible, dynamic and innovative team. Support: Our service structure, which was created to meet customer service and support requests in a qualified and competent manner, is based on the logic of taking quick action. Ino Machinery is a innovative company about aluminum processing machines around all the world!

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    YILMAZ Machinery is a turkish company specialized in the development and manufacturing of PVC and Aluminum processing machines. We also produce wood cutting machines. Our products are mainly destined to door and window manufacturers as well as furtinure manufacturers. They are sold not only in Turkey but all around the world, and throughout 40 years of experience, we formed solid partnerships with a wide network of distributors. We sell machines and spare parts but we also provide technical support and quality service to help our customers and meet all their needs. Using research and development technologies of suppliers in various sectors such as mechatronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, hydro-pneumatics, we seek to expand our activies and improve our production processes, thus improving the quality of our products. To reach this goal, we are informed about the current developements and use the latest technologies. Our customer-oriented quality management system is ISO 9001 certified and our products meet all international standards regarding safety and quality. You can count on our responsiveness and reliability. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, we look forward to working with you!



    We, the group of companies "Bolena" and "ComfortVam" (https: //komfortvam.if.ua/) - a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer of metal-plastic structures (windows and doors), aluminum facade and window systems. Thanks to the Austrian and German equipment and the extensive experience of our employees, we create high-quality windows and provide a unique guarantee, confirmed by a window passport, which defines the features of the product and warranty conditions. For 20 years we have been inspired to install new windows every day. For the production of metal-plastic structures we use only PVC profile of the German concern REHAU, whose products have been a well-deserved recognition on the European market for over 50 years. Rehau windows are reliable, resistant to sunlight, environmentally friendly and, most importantly, energy efficient. We create plastic windows that retain heat in the room and prevent its loss. The success of the company is also facilitated by cooperation with the best Western European partners: G-U, Saint-Gobain, Glas Troesch, which have been producing components for our products for many years. We are constantly innovating in our products, as well as diversifying our design solutions, solving the creative problems of our customers. Our mobile number: (Viber, WhatsApp) +38095803 8027 Our mail: bolena0004@gmail.com We are very interested in cooperating with you!





    LBB Team support customers at all steps before & after purchasing, strictly follow all technological processes and carry out orders at high professional level, efficiently and at shortest time. We are providing goods that ensure the success and prosperity to the customers. LBB TRADE quickly and securely connect customers around the world with Turkish manufacturers. Press parts: Containers, Container Holders, Liners, Stems, Dummy Blocks, Die Shuffle Sets, Die Holders, Bolsters, But Shears, Blades, etc… Press Line: Hydraulic Press, Handling Table, Foundry, Rotary Furnace, Homogeneous Furnace, Cooling Furnace Aging Furnace, Double Puller with Fly Saw, Powder Coating Line, Cooling and Quench Systems Chemical & Expandable: Powder Coating, Anodizing Line, Chemicals for Anodizing, Wax, Sand, Cutters, Glove, Kevlar Belts, PBO, Nomex, Ceramic Foam Filters,

  5. ALURO


    Aluro has all the know-how to offer you the solutions that best meet your needs. In our plant, we assemble the Thermal Break in customers’ profiles every day, for many international businesses. So we 'know how' all about Thermal Break Assembly! CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our customers receive professional answers to their questions and our high qualified service-team assists by phone, email or other media with qualitative answers about thermal break, in the language of the client, with respect for the culture and values of the customer. SEMI-AUTOMATIC to most AUTOMATED and INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS: Aluro offers a wide range of solutions and technologies, from semi-automatic machines to the automated and integrated Aluroller EVO: our solutions are designed to grow with the customer. EQUIPMENT THAT LASTS: Our equipment is designed to last with a minimum of maintenance. Every part of our equipment is made in our own premises with high qualified technicians and materials meeting the highest standards.



    Tüm dünyada alüminyum profil işlemeleri için standart ve özel makineler üreten tek makine üreticisi firmalardan biriyiz. Makine ve ekipmanlarımız aşağıdaki gibi çeşitli endüstrilere adanmıştır; • Otomotiv (Alüminyum Profil Kesim Hatları, CNC Çalışma Merkezleri, Tampon profil bükme-işaretleme ve ölçüm istasyonları vb.) • Güneş Enerjisi (Otomatik, Güneş Paneli profil Kesme, Delme Hatları ve Robot kol beslememizle veya konveyörler) • Aydınlatma (Alüminyum Led Profil Üretim Hatları) • Farklı sektörler için özel makine tasarımı ve üretimi (Buzdolabı, fırın, çamaşır makinesi Kulp üretim hatları, Elektrikli araçlar elektrik santrali işleme Makineleri vb.) • Robotik otomasyon • Kapı & Pencereler ve cephe üretimi (Alüminyum profil işlemeleri için çeşitli makineler CNC Makine Merkezleri, Kesme, Freze, Çentikleme, Köşe Presleme, Paketleme, Profil Yükleme ve boşaltma konveyörleri, komple kapı-pencere ve cephe üretimi için gerekli tüm ekipmanlar gibi) makine videolarımızdan bazılarının altına buraya eklemek istiyorum. Bilgi için Mecanica 550E Çift Kafa



    Welcome to Arvida, we export to more than 21 countries around the World along with offering superior quality Aluminium and Steel - based solutions in the construction, building, shutter systems and door-window sectors. 20-years of history full of innovations and advances towards continuous improvement: Besides our success story; Creativity in pioneering ideas and problem solving are the lifeblood of the path forward we are looking to forge with sustainability and the needs of future generations in mind. ARVIDA is preferred with passion for being a perfectionist in every field from product development to service design, by dedicating itself to honesty in business relations and sustainability. Mission To anricipate customer needs, focus on continuous innovation and always look to the future. Raising customer awareness about their needs in terms of high quality, degree of innovation and efficienct of the products. Vision To become the solution partner of today’s and tomorrow’s customers with a functional and innovative perspective.



    Aluno is a company who focus on building material. We have the experience in Glass Louver Shutter Frame since 2006. Aluno can not only supply the Quality Workmanship Products, but also make the New Design according client’s need. We have full sets of Machines and Technician who can guarantee the Quality and the Design. We are so proud that. Aluno supply Quality Workmanship and Professional Technician , all our products are guaranteed. Our professional tradesmen always ensure that our clients’ needs are metOur business prides itself on providing comfortable service and sales. Aluno offer our customers impressive and highly competitive prices.


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    Professional Pressure Gauge Production & Design. The early years of SKON were focused on general pressure gauges and vacuum pressure gauges. SKON gradually improved its technology for production and decided to set a new objective for the company to move into the new generation models of SKON pressure gauges with high precisions & calibration. In year 2000, SKON was the first company to have successfully launched the 6" Precision Standard Pressure Gauge in Taiwan. It was widely used as the industrial benchmark standard for precision pressure measurement in Taiwan. In 2003, we took a step further to develop our own unique high technology electrical measuring equipment - All PP/PTFE one piece ejection mold for Diaphragm Pressure Gauges with bottom flanges, again it was successfully launched as a new innovative breakthrough in the industrial market.



    Look blinds and aluminum systems were established in 2019 by people experienced in the industry and started their activities. With its modern and innovative thinking structure both at home and abroad, its structure that provides added value in the areas it operates brings the Look Shutter and Aluminum systems one step further. As Look Shutter and Aluminum Systems, the sector, which is growing rapidly and always adhering to its customer satisfaction with its innovations, has taken the first place in our targets to raise awareness in all product groups in its structure. Although the systems, which are included in Look Shutter and Aluminum systems, progress in a standard order, we follow the standard policy of differentiation as a company vision. Aluminium Rolling Shutter Aluminium Garage Shutter Aluminium Rolling Roof Aluminium Pergola Aluminum Window and Door System Pvc Window and Door System



    منذ عام ١٩٩٤ تخصصنا نحن شركة بنماك التركية في صناعة ماكينات البي في سي و الألمونيوم للأبواب و الشبابيك، ''أعلى جودة و خدمات غير محدودة'' هو شعارنا، و لأن إرضاء العميل هو غايتنا وصلت صادراتنا إلى ٤٩ دولة في العالم، مع خبرة فريقنا الفنى لأكثر من ١٨ عام نسعى دائما للأفضل. We are proud of our service sharing with our PVC machines to our valued customers.The principles of our company are an understanding of service for people, quality, and to be reliable; Our company, in this difficult industry conditions, which have been in the works carried out by a company that deserves to be. No doubt the success of our company, together with professional and experienced teams work with our understanding of the fundamental principles and service, have taken part.Our basic principle is to satisfy the customer before making a direct production and direct sales and then Penmak MAKINA principle of "superior quality, unlimited service is to stay true to our slogan.



    Jinan Amachine Machinery Co., LTD is a new and high-tech enterprise which is engaged in research, development and distribution of "thermal break aluminum machine", “electrostatic spraying equipment for aluminum profile” and "aluminum profile with PA66 polyamide insulation".Since established, AMACHINE keeps pace with the times and develops in common with aluminum industry. In line with “quality first, prestige first” objective, it has Introduced advanced technology from overseas. The product complies with development of aluminum industry and requirement of newest period.We have exported several sets of machines to Vietnam, Russia, Canada, India and other countries. Hope we can develop the market in your country with your help.



    HelloFor those who build their lives with their hands, small and large manufacturers we offer accessories for windows and doors.The OZGAN PVC Plastic And Metal Company is based in Istanbul, Turkey for the production of furniture and accessories for PVC windows and doors. The company offers reasonable prices, good discounts and delivery in a short time. We are also ready to send all the information you as e-mail or fax.Our company export accessories to countires like Iraq, Iran, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Ukrainian, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan .The company's range includes the following products: HINGES FOR DOORS AND WINDOWS, ALUMINUM HANDLES FOR WINDOW AND DOOR, PLASTIC HANDLES FOR WINDOW AND DOORS, DOORS & WINDOWS ESPAGNOLETTES, DOOR ESPAGNOLETTES, MILLION TIES (ZINC), ESPAGNOLETTE STRIKERS ( ZINC ), DOOR LOCK STRIKERS, TRANSOM ACCESSORIES, OTHER ACCESSORIES , LOCKS FOR DOOR SYSTEMS, CYLINDERS FOR LOCKS, FLYSCREEN ACCESSORIES and more .There are some cataloges



    Haffner Machine Industry and Trade Inc. Company sells PVC and Aluminium profiles processing machines productions with MURAT AND HAFFNER brands to Turkey and to the World. Since 1926, Haffner produces machines for manufacturing PVC, aluminum and wood windows by combining tradition and innovation. All Haffner products are designed for handicraft and industrial use which means reliability, time saving technique and high precision. The customer oriented approach of the company makes Haffner more than a product and service supplier; a very experienced partner which provides solutions to problems and projects you to develop your business further, no matter you are a starting out or a super fabricator.



    Hua fu (HongKong) industry company is a manufacture in foshan city guangdong province china, Our company have several years trading experiences, we produce aluminum door, aluminium windows and aluminium profile. we use advanced technology and facilatly to produce and test the products, we promise each products are being tested before shipment.our product are very popular alll over the world because of the good quality and fashionable design. then we have enough ability to take good care of your orders.



    Inpa Ltd Sti - Sistem Makina, located in the HI-TECH industry development zone of the Bursa city, is specialized in the research and development, production, sales and providing technical service for the high quality plastic and PVC processing machinery. All of our work is guided by one and only principle that’s two words long; QUALITY AND RELIABILITY. Sistem Makina has been working with a number of senior craftsmen, may satisfy the domestic and overseas customers' individual requirements from all levels and positions about plastic windows and doors processing machinery and also provide all kinds of available technical services. As Sistem Makina, we are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers.



    Hongkong Eastcity International Industry Limited located in Ningbo, China. We’re a leading import & export company, which have been kept in Construction and Furniture line. Nowadays, Our doors have been widely used in villas, grand hotels, office buildings and high-end public places. Our products can be divided into 2 categories: security doors and copper doors.Security doors include stainless steel door, steel door, aluminum alloy door, etc.Copper doors, such as red copper door, brass door and so on.All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.Honesty is always our core belief. We will insist on quality products and excellent services. We welcome new and old customers to build business relations with us in the near future.Let us join hands in creating a better tomorrow!



    Today, Hegsan products at reasonable prices are sought due to their mechanic performance and ease of use, high quality, smooth long life and aesthetic designs thereof. Hegsan Machine which has been continuing its production on area of 2000 m2 from its foundation to the present days at the same address and which has a common service network in Turkey and abroad adopted the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction. Hegsan Machine which has major market share within the changing market conditions and able to adapt thanks to its technology has aimed at furnishing better services through its R and D studies. Reflecting the importance it attached to quality and confidence to its products, Hegsan Machine is produced according to safety and quality standards. Hegsan Machine proposes the products consistent with the needs of the consumer before the sale and meets the needs fully and timely...



    With more than 25 years experiences building quality machines, for making Windows and Doors, we have expanded our business internationally, from Europe to Latin America, we strive to be the best in the market. With know-how and expertise, our machines are designed and produced to match the industry standard which keeps evolving. Either it is PVC or Aluminium profiles you use, our machines can handle it with ease. We choose our components with care to ensure the highest quality, e.a. saw blade, electric motor, the hydraulic cooling system, all parts are made by reputable companies. If you are Windows and/or Doors manufacturer, our brand is what you are looking. Check our website or, c Contact us for more information, product catalog and pricing. Our staff speaks English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Turkish and more. Our slogan - To satisfy customers.


    United Kingdom

    We are a fully accredited company that you can trust. Parkside Windows & Conservatories pride ourselves on only offering the very best quality products and services available so you know you’re in safe hands when choosing double glazing for your home in Manchester and the surrounding areas.Partnered and supported by large brand names such as Stroma and Yale we have built up a highly respected reputation over the many years we have been in the UPVC window industry. A superb range of UPVC windows are available for homes in Manchester.



    Arian Glass is an aluminium/pvc windows and doors manufacturing company looking for long term partnerships with mutually beneficial advantages. We are continously trying to offer our customers the best possible value and exceptional customer service. Products - Windows; - Doors; - Sliding Windows and Doors; - Bi-fold Doors; - Glass Systems (i.e. Glass balcony, Shower glass) - Shading Systems - insects nets - Garage Doors Partners: PVC - Rehau Aluminium - Alumil - Cortizo - Reynaers Glass - Saint Gobain Production Line - Elumatec - Lisec



    Since 2003 PLASTMAK PVC (Plastic Processing) machines and spare parts manufacturing sector, with service quality - trust - companies working within the framework of respect and love continues to grow. Production in 2007 under the umbrella brand and `PLASTMAK MACHINE weighs up overseas by exporting, pvc and aluminum processing machines Can Give through the efforts of our valued customers the most affordable price serving QUALITY. PLASTMAK MACHINE, 3000 m2 closed area, two mechanical engineers, an electrical engineer and an experienced staff of 40 people, has become a shining star in the industry. Our company is the most significant investment in research and development sector, the service area of ​​the highest quality service to our esteemed customers by providing the fastest and is worthy of your trust. “The most important resource is human” sheds light on the importance of understanding and information sharing and training company, with employees within the boundaries of respect and affection by offering a peaceful and comfortable work environment, product and service quality has a maximum. Seamlessly work with high-quality product, right price, friendly, fast service you are looking for the right criteria address the PLASTMAK PVC MACHINERY.



    Our company represent in Romania the brand name of an hi-quality manufacturer for PVC and alluminium machinery, OZGENC. We ensure technical assistance for choosing the right configuration of equipments, projecting technological process, installation and personnel teaching, maintenance and service. We also ensure the warranty of machines sold by our company.


    Saudi Arabia

    We are a company from Dammam engaged in the manufacture doors and windows, aluminum, wood, iron, and are looking forward to partnership of European work, where we have a land area of 5000 square meters in Saudi Arabia - Dammam, and that we have a great reputation and good business, we hope to get a partnership agreement with a company that has a good reputation and at the global level for the implementation of large business, as we will extract all the papers and licenses necessary for the partnership, and to provide employment.



    * Strong technical support, Powerful technical team The company's technology center has 5 technicians in the field of aluminium window & door hardware. * Advanced T3 Production Management system Our company attaches great importance to the development and construction of management system. We have developed the first T3 production management system for aluminium window, door hardware company. It highly promotes the management level for the enterprise so that we can keep pace with the world. * Large production capacity Our company covers a total area of 10, 000 square kilometers, including several large workshops, with the width of 50 meters and length of 120 meters. It can fully meet production needs of the door window and curtain wall hardware industry. * Advanced product facilities We own advanced non-dust powder coating equipment whi

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