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    Cristais do Mar — Born in Figueira da Foz - Portugal, as a result of a true passion for the sea & saliculture in a family environment. Recognized as a 100% natural cosmetics brand, produced in Portugal, that doesn’t test on animals and always opts for an eco-sustainable approach, thus respecting Nature and the raw material it offers. Cristais do Mar sets itself apart in the world of natural cosmetics for its simplicity and success. Nowadays the company acquired the trust and respect of both end customers and professionals in various sectors, such as beauty clinics, aesthetic centers, and spas.
 None of this would have been possible without our customers’ values because our products are still crafted with utmost respect: Respect for our 100% natural raw materials. Respect for our customers, delivering effective products at a fair price. Respect for our suppliers, employees, and ourselves. Respect for the environment. Our secret lies in efficiency, simplicity, and harnessing the power of nature. Choose us. Choose Natural & Unique.



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    The company LIFTOCELL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Skin-care products industry. It also operates in the anti-cellulitis massage, anti-cellulitis treatment, cellulite treatment equipment, and anti-stretch cream industries. It is based in Rabat, Morocco.



    FITOcosmetic - beauty by nature! For over 15 years FITOcosmetic has been manufacturing cosmetic products based on carefully selected natural components from all over the world. The uniqueness of FITOcosmetic's products lies in the special inimatable recipes that combine natural ingredients and latest technological innovations in cosmetology. FITOcosmetics are effective cosmetic products that help transform your natural beauty and extend youthfulness. Our product range includes more than 800 cosmetic products comprising hair care, skin care, nail and body treatments, as well as a wide range of professional hair colorants. FITOcosmetic takes into consideration the needs of a modern woman. This is why we manufacture products that are convenient to use and deliver visible results right after the 1st application. FITOcosmetic's mission is to turn your daily routine into pleasant and healthy SPA sessions. With our products each woman can afford a salon-worthy beauty care at minimum cost. Millions of women in Russia and abroad choose FITOcosmetic's beauty care. Such popularity is due to the superior product quality and affordable prices. Today FITOcosmetic holds leading positions in the Russian beauty market. Treat yourself and your loved ones to all benefits of nature!



    The company HIGH-MED. PRZYCHODNIA SPECJALISTYCZNA, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Advisory services - medical industry. It also operates in the Beauty creams, beauty medicine, Beauty creams, anti-cellulitis massage, and dermatological pharmaceutical products industries. It is based in Warszawa-Bielany, Poland.