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    The year was 1953 and the young Manuel Jorge Gomes was finishing elementary school when he inherited the first lands that are today part of the several properties of Hortícolas Casal D'Avó. In the beginning he produced wheat, barley and corn, later moving on to turnips, which had great demand in the Ribeira market in Lisbon. Nowadays Hortícolas Casal D'Avó produces 10 varieties of high quality fruits and vegetables to satisfy the needs of its various clients. Located in Ribatejo, more precisely in the municipality of Torres Novas, Hortícolas Casal D'Avó is today being managed by Mr. Manuel Jorge Gomes and his 5 children who accompanied their parents in the production and marketing of fruits and vegetables. In 2010 the sales volume exceeded 1 million Euros, which in turn has been increasing until today, approaching the 3 million in 2021. All thanks to the commitment and dedication of the Gomes family and its employees, who already cultivate more than 450 Hectares and continue to expand with future acquisitions. To ensure that the products reach the final customer with the highest level of quality and freshness, Hortícolas Casal D'Avó also has a range of agricultural equipment ranging from tractors to machines for washing and grading the products. It has a cold storage capacity of 250 m2 and a new warehouse of 1800 m2 located in Golegã, which is close to its production area.



    TEVITTA L.L.C. is new direction of LNZ Group for freezing fruits, berries and vegetables. All products at the Tevitta plant are frozen by Individual Quick Frozen (IQF). The plant was constructed to the state-of-the-art technology in 2021, and has possibility to process about 10 000 t of raw materials annually. Plant has advanced processing equipment manufactured by industry-leading European companies, such as: Inshida, FAM, Pollak, GEA, PIGO, MEGA, Unidex. It also has an optical sorter Sortex from Buhler. The company's warehouses have a capacity of more than 10, 000 pallet spaces. The factory also provides services for produces of Private Label. BRC and Global Gap certified. The plant is able to freeze more than 20 types of products, including: BERRIES: strawberries, raspberries, currants, elderberries, blueberries, cranberries FRUIT: apricots, plums VEGETABLES: corns, peppers, onions, pumpkins, carrots, tomates, broccolies, peas, eggplants, zucchinies



    We produce and sell fruits and vegetables.We have a long experience producing, with more than 40 years.The articles we work with are: -potato-onion and green onion-butternut squash-artichoke-tiger nut from Valencia (with Denomination of Origin)-lettuce-watermelon-melon-lemon-cauliflower... Our products have a very good quality and we sell them already packaged and palletized. CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ANY OF THE ARTICLES I HAVE NAMED OR ANY OTHER SIMILAR ONE.Because there are no intermediaries we can get the best price because we grow those articles in our own fields and sell them by ourselves.Thank you. JoseTraverSales ManagerDelhuerto Seleccion, S.L.http: //delhuerto.es



    Amarillo Corn S.L. was founded in 1993 and grows sweet corn, beetroots and carrots in the South of Spain for the fresh market. Year per year the company has increased, improving its production and processing systems. Today Amarillo is one of the most important sweet corn growers in Europe and produces high quality sweetcorn on more than 700 has, 30 has of beetroots and 250 has of carrots per year. Moreover Amarillo Corn produces for the organic market; sweet corn, beetroot, potato and broccoli according to the EU-regulation.The products are processed and stored in own warehouse with modern machinery facilities. AmarilloCorn guarantees its clients annually fresh high quality products. We produce our products according to the best quality standards such as Nature´s Choice, Globalgap, F2F, LEAF. With the intention of continue growing, for the upcoming season, AmarilloCorn bet on the product´s diversification, introducing new products as sweetpotato butternut squash, parsleyroot or onion.



    The agricultural producer Zlatko Vinković have production of potatoes, onions and squash (butternut and hokkaido). Our products are of high quality and we sell them to retail chains. In addition to our own production, we also have cooperation, and we also deal with import and export.