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    The history of our group began in the 1970s with the production of artificial leather by founded a family business under the name of Jawo. Production has been developed over the years, offering new applications, patterns and colours, until over 10 years ago we founded a sister company (Jawotex), which became a main factory in a short time. Both companies expanded our offer of leatherette for many different applications. The third company belonging to our group, namely Malko, has been operating and developing its capabilities for over 2 years, producing automotive PES fabrics and knitted fabrics for headliners and lamination service in the same place. Because we are a family company we are quite flexible and we are able to adjust our products acc. to our customers needs. All our prodcts achieve all EU & REACH regulations. Activity summing up by companies: JAWOTEX – PVC & PU/PVC leatherette production, JAWO – PVC leatherette production, PU foam lamination service, thread & ultrasound quilting service, perforation (as an option), MALKO – PES automobile textile & headliner fabrics production and PU foam lamination service.



    RHINO INTERNATIONAL wurde 2010 gegründet und ist ein etablierter Anbieter von maßgeschneiderter Sportbekleidung, der auf mehrere Jahre Erfahrung und Fachwissen im Bereich technischer Bekleidung zurückgreifen kann. Unsere Philosophie ist es, maßgeschneiderte Bekleidung herzustellen, die sowohl professionell aussieht als auch den Komfort, die Bewegung und die Leistung der Sportler maximiert. Wir stellen alle Arten von Sportbekleidung her, von Fußball über Hockey bis hin zu Wassersportarten. Wir fertigen maßgeschneiderte Designs für unsere Kunden an. Unsere Fabrik befindet sich in Pakistan, wo die gesamte Produktion stattfindet. Kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen. Wir können Ihnen vollständig maßgeschneiderte Sportbekleidung herstellen. infor@rhino-international.com whatsapp: +491632151647 RHINO INTERNATIONAL Founded in 2010, we are an established supplier of custom sportswear backed by couple of years of technical apparel expertise and experience. Our philosophy is to create custom apparel that both looks professional and maximizes athletes’ comfort, movement and performance. We manufacture all kinds of sportswear ranging from soccer to hockey and water sports. We make custom designs for our clients. Our Factory is located in Pakistan where all the manufacturing takes place. Contact us for more information. We can make you fully customized Sportswear. infor@rhino-international.com whatsapp: +491632151647


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Manufacturer Producer - Hockey apparel

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