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  1. KNITTEX SP. Z O.O. SP. K.


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    Knittex, a thriving family-owned company based in Poland, has been a leading force in the textile industry since its establishment in 1982. Founded by Krzysztof Szarski, the company began as a small venture focused on crafting knitwear. Driven by a desire for innovation and a commitment to quality, Knittex transitioned its production focus and acquired state-of-the-art hosiery machines, becoming a prominent player in the production of high-quality hosiery for women, children, and men. We take pride in its diversified product range, which is showcased in monobrand points across Poland. Additionally, our products grace the shelves of numerous multibrand stores and warehouses throughout Poland and are distributed to enthusiasts worldwide. In the realm of women's hosiery, Knittex stands out with its captivating array of patterned tights, crafted using cutting-edge 3D technology. This advanced technique ensures unparalleled flexibility, a perfect fit to the body, and a remarkably smooth texture. For children, Knittex specializes in viscose tights, with the beloved flagship product, Agatka. Renowned for their softness, ease of wear, and a wide spectrum of colors, these tights have become a favorite among the younger audience. Beyond quality, Knittex distinguishes itself by embracing the extraordinary, occasionally venturing into the realm of handicrafts to create products that transcend mere functionality, adding a touch of artistry to everyday wear.



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    EB Fashion was founded at an important moment in time and in a key region, the home of tights manufacture. The company has always made stockings and fashion tights for women, girls and infants. The businesslike approach, determination and skills acquired over the years enables the company to provide its clients with a vast choice of work and finishings that are sure to meet the requirements of fashion trends thanks to the originality and style of its products. EB Fashion's production is synonymous with quality and tradition.