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    GMR Gesellschaft für Metallrecycling mbH was founded in 1991. Today, the company employs a team of 12 and operates around the world. By 2001, we were already recording an annual turnover of 1.5 million EUR. The company specialises in the environmentally friendly recycling of used mercury and every type of waste containing mercury, with the aim of recovering the precious raw material, cleaning it and returning it to the economic cycle as mercury of the highest purity grade. The company has recently seen success in the vacuum treatment and immobilisation of naturally radioactive slurries and residues that contain mercury and in the production of precious metal concentrates out of waste products and residues containing precious metals. From its base in Leipzig, the company operates four vacuum recycling plants of varying capacities, each of them compliant with the German Emissions Protection Act (BImSchG).



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    International company in the field of purchasing cables, lines, metals, scrap and used machine tools. Right from the start, our company has done everything in its power to foster relationships with our customers and business contacts. Over the years, this has resulted in a wide network of international business relationships which enable us to market this wide range of products in the best possible way. Purchase of scrap metal, precious metal, cable scrap, metal purchasing, cable purchasing, copper purchasing, aluminium recycling, cable recycling, cable reuse, cable trade, precious metal scrap, metal trade, cable retailers, recycling of carbide, cable recycling operations, cable scrap purchasing, cable retailers, copper disposal, grinding sludge recycling, high voltage power cable recycling. Purchase and sale of used machines for metalworking as well as used CNC machine tools, drilling machines, milling machines, tool grinding machines, lathes, milling machines, circular sawing machines, sawing machines, tool milling machines



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    AG Metals Recycling is a Belgian company that has specialised in the recovery and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for 3 generations. Our goal is to help you recover your metal waste correctly, collecting it at our operational facility located in Lot. For demolitions or the disposal of larger quantities of metal waste, please contact us to arrange the free delivery of waste containers, depending on a minimum quantity and your exact location. Our goal is to help protect the environment. We carefully sort all metals collected to ensure they are transferred to specialist foundries to help replenish natural resources. The recovered raw materials are then returned to production circuits, helping to limit environmental impacts, save energy and protect natural resources. We recover both ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as iron, copper, brass, stainless steel, zinc, lead, aluminium and other alloys. Products we recycle also include lead-acid batteries, alloy wheels, cables and electric motors. AG Metals Recycling is the ideal partner for disposing of your metal waste in a way that is easy, cost-effective and that respects the environment.



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    Myscrapmachine.com is an online marketplace founded by a group of industrial entrepreneurs and based in Luxembourg. We specialise in the sale of new and second-hand equipment for the recycling, construction and demolition industries. We put you in contact with buyers and sellers of a wide range of new and used machines, equipment, parts and accessories from around the world. Offering free registration and unlimited publication at a fixed price, our platform provides you with a space focussing entirely on the user in order to showcase your machines and equipment to thousands of potential buyers. Visit myscrapmachine.com or contact us to find out more!


    United Kingdom

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    Smartlouvre Technology: Pioneering Sustainable Solar Shading At Smartlouvre, we've revolutionized the way buildings interact with the sun. Our cutting-edge solution is a unique & sustainable method of blocking the sun's heat before it reaches the inside of your building. With a 100% heat-block capability, our technology reduces the need for air conditioning by a remarkable 68%, making it a game-changer for both comfort & sustainability. Our innovation doesn't stop there; it also eliminates glare while preserving natural light, ventilation, & ensuring views remain uninterrupted. Our technology has graced some of Europe's most sustainable structures, earning it a reputation for excellence in passive solar shading. What sets us apart? Our commitment to removing excessive building heat without impacting the environment. Manufactured from recycled metal, our product is not only eco-friendly but also fully recyclable. It's built to last for decades, ensuring durability and sustainability in one product. And the best part? Our passive solar shading system achieves an unprecedented 100% efficiency, all without the need for electricity or other power sources. The extensive list of iconic installations speaks for itself: from the Eiffel Tower to Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament to London's renowned Science and Natural History Museums, & even the Louvre in Paris. Our technology has graced the Hoover Building FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C., Dallas Fort Worth Air & more.

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    We are a Worldwide Metal Traders, trading with Cu, Ni, Ag, Au, Pt, Pd, Rh, Bi, Co, Sb, Mo, In, Se, Te, Ge, Ga, V, Ta, Nb, Re, As, Hg, Ti, FeTi, FeW, Vn, Cr, Sb, Mo, Ho, Gd, Fe skulls, Pig Iron and others. Physical forms we are looking for are metals, sludges, flue dust, powders, dross, slags, mattes, spent catalysts, concentrates, skimming, filter cakes, anodic slimes, fines, residues, ore, turnings, powder, granules, ingots. If you think you have something to offer, but previously had challenges to sell - perhaps you had trouble with locations of the goods, unexpected elements, too much humidity, lack of paper, tiny quantity or just couldn’t find a buyer - don’t hesitate to contact us! Through 5-15 minute telephone conversation, we will get to know each other better, check all our possibilities and know whether we are a match made in trading heaven or not. We will go through product type, origin and technical details, supply ability, unit price, shipping details, logistics, payment terms and answer all your questions and concerns - if any. At our costs - we could sample/weigh/seal/assay/photo report with Neutral surveyor in your place. We value our clients and are looking forward to fruitful cooperation!



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    Huan-Tai is rooted in China since 1996, as one of early runners, we bring value to the table through our capability in engineering, quality control and schedule management to meet the high expectations of customers in stability, consistency and predictability. As an industry leader of Custom Castings, we are ISO9001 certified with a complete inspection like spectrometer, CMM, NDT (UT, RT, MPT, LPT), tensile test, impact test etc. Our most experienced fields are in castings for application in agricultural mining, coal mining, construction, aluminum smelting, vehicle, railway and automotive industry. Huan-Tai specialize in investment castings, sand castings, die castings, gravity castings in material of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, ductile iron, aluminum, bronze and custom material. Typical products include custom casting parts, trailer parts, agricultural gearbox, gear, gear shaft, CNC machining parts, train parts, wear resistant parts, crusher parts like liner plates, bowl liner, jaw plate, mantle, heavy castings, coal mining machinery parts and aluminum castings & bronze castings etc. Especially Huan-Tai has been providing high performance casting like ingot mold, dross pan, skim pots, sow mold, cooling head, skim pan, crucible and entire Aluminum Recycling Unit for secondary aluminum smelting to almost every major aluminum producer in the world. Value and exceptional customer satisfaction make us different.



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    At Quivir Recycling, we understand that every action counts in the fight against waste. Our selective collection not only simplifies your daily life, but also plays a fundamental role in reducing waste. We offer selective collection services designed to suit your needs. With each collection, we achieve a direct reduction in the amount of waste generated.



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    The company TRIBEL METALS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Metals - recovery and recycling industry. It also operates in the Import-export - steels and metals, Scrap iron - salvaging and recycling, Import-export - steels and metals, Scrap iron - salvaging and recycling, purchase of iron scrap, and Purchase and sale of metals industries. It is based in Bruxelles, Belgium.



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    The company METALFILI DI PLATANO LUIGI E C.S.N.C., is a Service Provider, which operates in the Metal structural work industry. It also operates in the Metals - recovery and recycling, salvaging of ferrous metals, metal scrap recovery, Metals - recovery and recycling, and ferrous metals and alloys industries. It is based in Fumane, Italy.



    Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Machineries and Equipment for Recycling Industries. Supply of a vast variety of Magnets and magnetic Equipment for commercial purpose. We supply a full post sale assistance and support to Engineering and procurement teams for any project involving magnetic applications. In the highly technical world of magnets the quality of the advice is essential. We will study your needs and offer you a tailored solution. We are specialized in filter systems and units for heavy transport. Basically our services are focused on: . Standard magnetic pieces. . Customized design of magnetic systems for non-standard requirements.for industrial and food industries, mining, energy, recycling, waste treatement, metal valorisation, ... Magnetic Bars, Magnetic Heads, Self-cleaning magnetic or electromagnetic separators, Overband, Eddy Current Separation, Stainless Steel separation, Palletizer, Magnetic Drum, Manual cleaning magnetic or electromagnetic separators, Handling magnets for the metal industry or canning companies (Magnetic Rails and Pulleys), Magnetic or electromagnetic lifters, Small magnets (Permanent Magnets, Rare earth magnets, Ferrite magnets, Neodymium magnets, Ceramic magnets, Alnico magnets), magnetic appliances, magnetic separators, magnetic systems, magnets, magnetic plates, magnetic grids, magnetic tubes


    United Kingdom

    Reclamet based in Birchington Kent, holds both Waste Management and Waste Carriers Licences and is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). Scrap My Car We salvage, dismantle and recycle all kinds of vehicles. This involves vehicle collection, disposal and recycling of the vehicle. Car Auctions & Salvage Our salvage stock are accident damaged vehicles supplied through major insurance companies adding to our extensive range of vehicle parts from later models. Vehicle Parts Our autospares department offers a range of comprehensive car parts across a wide range of vehicles. Tyre Services & Fitting Reclamet has a fully equipped tyre bay, part worn and new at very competitive prices. We specialise in the supply and fitting of new high performance tyres from most manufactures. Wheel balancing is also a service we provide. Scrap Metal Here at Reclamet we specialise in responsible scrap metal recycling from industrial sources through to the smallest quantity. Catalytic Converters We provide a professional Catalytic Converter recycling service, ensuring your carbon footprint is minimised when your vehicle reaches the end of its lifespan. Scrap Battery Recycling We buy scrap lead acid batteries from scrap metal merchants, ELV operators, battery retailers and waste contractors across Kent. Manufacturing & Commercial Turning your waste metal into an income stream makes real business sense. Trust in Reclamet to take good care of you.



    Our company is engaged in the purchase of scrap material since 2003. During this time, we have gained a lot of experience, new suppliers and purchasers. We deliver most of the materials to foundries and therefore can purchase materials for the best prices on Slovak and foreign market. WE SUPPLY THE EUROPEAN MARKET Since our company purchases a wide range of scrap material which is delivered to European market, we meet all business and delivery standards. We own a state-of-the-art device for quick analysis of chemical composition of metal materials – manual spectrometric analyser ALPHA from the global producer Innov-X Systems USA.



    Dutch Scrap Recycling B.V. Is the leading trader in Iron, Aluminium, copper, plastic, rubber , Paper, copper cathode scraps in the Netherlands and Continues to Be a Family Business With Four Generations Working to Innovate the Recycling Industry. Dutch Scrap Recycling B.V. Has Grown to 4 Countries, Employs Over 200 People, and Has Been Recycling for Over a Century.


    United Kingdom

    Lift Hold & Separate Ltd has over 70 years’ experience in supplying magnetic solutions to customers and our business is devoted to providing magnetic solutions for all industries. We are sole UK agents for SAV Walker Hagou, Bakker Magnetics, Liquisort Metals, EAS Change Systems, Braillon Magnetics, Walmag Magnetics & Canline Magnetics this exchange of knowledge means we can provide magnetic solutions for all industries, specialising in Lifting & Handling, Recycling & Separation, Conveying, Workholding & Clamping, Filtration, Magnetic Sheeting, Mould & Die Change and Vacuum Lifting solutions. We are able to offer bespoke systems built to our customer’s specifications. We also offer service and repair on all ranges of lifting magnets and magnetic chucks and can carry out test & re-certification to LOLER standards for all lifting magnets. We can also supply smaller magnetic solutions to meet your requirements



    MTM NE-Metalle is a company which specialises in electronic manufacturing service companies. We act as a supplier of solder and high grade anodes made of a variety of alloys for the electronics and surface finishing industries. Our company's key areas of expertise include lead-free solder and products for the electronics industry. MTM NE-Metalle is made up of employees with many years of experience in the metalworking, electronics, automotive and recycling sectors. This unique and sophisticated mixture of knowledge and experience makes us what we are: THE point of contact for electronic manufacturing service companies! It is our mission to not just be a trading partner for our customers but to be the perfect service provider. This is why we also offer our customers technical services, solder bath analyses for quality assurance, tailored waste management for soldering waste and training sessions on legal compliance with regard to waste management.



    Electronic scrap, scrap metal and used batteries: If it has served its purpose, we will take it off your hands. We provide an environmentally responsible recycling service by obtaining valuable secondary raw materials from your waste material. elorec GmbH is a certified waste management company with its own primary treatment facility in Germany. buyRec is one of its services that specialises in the purchasing of printed circuit boards. The name "buyRec" is formed from the "buy"-ing and "rec"-ycling of electronic scrap. Through manual sorting and careful disassembly, we reclaim secondary raw materials contained in printed circuit boards. Our efforts preserve platinum, palladium and other precious metals for reuse within the economic cycle, as well as reducing the substantial energy expenditure involved in extracting new raw materials. Our buyRec service purchases your used printed circuit boards, processors and assemblies in small and large quantities at the very best rates.


    United Kingdom

    We are the innovative total waste management company with over 50 years of experience. Servicing manufacturing companies across every sector, our fleet and facility are privately owned and completely independent. Reinvesting in people and plant is key to our vision and the company values are built on the hard work and diligence of our fantastic working family. We process over 1, 000 tonnes of metal every day with an export arm that services both domestic and international markets. But most of all we are big enough to ensure total waste coverage but not so big that we lose focus on the people that make manufacturing such a vibrant and exciting industry to work with. IT’S PEOPLE THAT MAKE A WORKING FAMILY



    MAIREC specializes in the recovery of precious metals from various materials containing them. 2003 started as a 3-person operation in the domestic garage, today it operates as an internationally successful company with around 120 employees in Alzenau, Germany. With Julia and Thomas Maier, MAIREC has a strong and balanced dual leadership. Both hold 50% of the company and share responsibility according to their expertise. A perfect match that has proven itself for 15 years. MAIREC collects and recycles car catalysts, industrial catalysts, electronic scrap, various sweeps and concentrates and other industrial waste. Moreover we are developing new ways to save further valuable raw materials from destruction. All efforts aim at these goals: to develop the most economically and ecologically appropriate recycling way for each material entrusted to us and to find the best possible solution for each task. To thereby ensure the highest possible added value for you, our employees and the world of tomorrow.


    Czech Rep.

    Our company provides first class services in tretating of technological waste and scrap. We buy and recycle all kinds of cables containg copper, aluminimum, lead. We also recycle steel sheated cables, automotive cables, cables with plugs and greasy underground and telecomunication cables. We recycle cable scrap using top quality grinders, mills, stripping machines and separators. We process up to 200t of cable scrap each month. We also process ACSR wire, combined aluminium-copper cables and all other sorts of copper cable scrap. We produce top quality copper granulates, cufe2 granulates, balled aluminium wire and lead ingots. We buy all sorts of grinded mixtures from huge shreddners and refine them. We are interested in all kinds of shredded and grinded materials that contain residual metals. We can offer up to 300t of grinded PVC and 150t of grinded WEEE plastics every month from our produciton. We sell cable PVC shreddings and also peeled PVC and PE peelings. We trade significant ammout of copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel in central Europe, most of it directly from industry production. We have huge expercience with copper clippings, bronze clippings We also work with electric motors scrap. PC scrap and all other kinds of Weee materials. We buy and trade all sort of electric motor waste, PCBs, circuit borads. We recover gold from gold plated materials ourselves and we are interested in all materials suited for gold and other precious metal recovery.


    United Kingdom

    Trans Metal London based company that is providing fast and free scrap metal collection services to commercial and construction sites and domestic properties. We have been providing free scrap collection around London since year 2008. Our company is constantly growing and as proud owner of the Scrap Metal Dealer Licence is obliged to meet the best required standards of our collection processes to ensure our clients’ security and satisfaction. We care about the Environment. Therefore, our mission is to ensure that that scrap metal in London is rarely discarded or sent to landfills. One of the most trustworthy scrap metal collectors in London. We are providing very often service in Harrow, Greenford and Wembley.



    It's not easy to reuse or dispose of worn-out hardware, electronic devices and components. Since we are a certified primary treatment facility, we have the expertise to guarantee this. We can offer you a fair price for your electronic waste, such as computers, IT technology, mobile phones and tablets, servers, printed circuit boards of various classes from worn-out computers and servers (class 1, 1a, 1b), removed from printers and entertainment electronic devices (class 2), built into monitors, power adapters and TVs (class 3). These will be reprocessed at EkoSpezialTechnology in the most environmentally friendly way possible.



    Istanbul Group Foreign Trade Co Istanbul Group Foreign Trade Co, specializes in trading of ferrous and non-ferrous scraps as well as some other raw materials. The company trades widely in the international arena both in ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as some other raw materials in containers of basic secondary grades of non-ferrous metals including copper, brass, aluminium, zinc and stainless steel being permanently on the move, throughout practically every country in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and the Americas as well as bulk shipment of ferrous metal scraps.



    company profile Zeltzer metal recycling ltd specializes in collection and removal of scrap metal and nonferrous metals. The company carriers out projects in various scopes, and can transport thousands of tons of iron for recycling each month. The company was established in 1977 by Yeshayahu Zeltzer, who was later joined by His two sons - Tomer and Gilad. The company's areas of activity include: Collection and removal of scrap metal and nonferrous metals Scrap metal trade (purchase and sale) Computerized media shredding, including electronic cards and copper cables Purchase of electronic products and electronic cards



    MAKMETAL HOLDING JSC is one of the market leaders in the field of waste management. The company has been developing its activities in three directions – trade in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, recycling of end-of-life vehicles, waste electric and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators and various types of waste management services . MAKMETAL HOLDING JSC is a golden member of the BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION OF RECYCLING /BAR / and a regular member of the Bureau of International Recycling / BIR /, which is evidence of the importance of the company in the field of waste recycling. In order to further enhance its positions on the Bulgarian market, the Company has introduced: Quality Management System ISO 9001 Environmental Management System ISO 14001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001The holding includes three of the leading organizations in recovery of waste from SBA, WEEE and ELV in Bulgaria.



    Established in 2001, Loh Recycle Collection is a leading waste and recycling company in Malaysia providing waste collection services and scrap recycling supply trading. We supply a variety of recyclable scrap materials to worldwide markets including metal scraps, plastic scraps, waste paper and e-waste. Throughout the years, Loh Recycle has been striving to fulfill its commitment as a reliable and professional waste management and recycling supplier emphasizing the continuous enhancement of its product quality management, service support, industry expertise and customer satisfaction, thereby earning a long lasting support and recognition from its customers with growing reputation in the industry.


    United Kingdom

    Here at EBL Metal Merchants, we offer top prices for all of your scrap metal, catalytic converters, and non-ferrous metals in Essex. For more information, get in touch with our friendly team today. We offer top prices for all scrap metals, including copper, aluminium, lead etc. Having traded scrap metal in Essex for many years now, we truly believe we should be your first and only port of call when selling your scrap metal or catalytic converter. We always offer great service as well as top prices so get in touch today.


    United Kingdom

    We are well known scrap metal dealers in the Birmingham community and have a very good local reputation for providing an excellent service at competitive prices. All scrappage is paid for either by cheque or BACS straight into your bank account for a convenient and fast turnaround.Over the years we have learnt that our customers want straight talking scrap metal merchants based in Birmingham who will deliver on promises and do what they say and when they say they’ll do it. This is why we have gained so many loyal customers that recommend and use us time and again.



    REFCOMETAL, Mining & Researching Lda. is a non-ferrous trading company committed to attend the present demanding national& international markets. Acting directly within main locations such as Latin America, following I& D strategies, we now have an excellent raw material supplying capacity, according to the most rigorous quality patterns.Metals’ recycling is a continuous guaranteed betting of our company.Dealing with metal residues, industrial scrap and mining, we recover all type of metals which are reincorporated to the market in its purest form.Our activity respects all current environmental and quality policies.

  10. BILTRA


    BILTRA is a heat and thermochemical treatment company with 50 years' experience to its credit, specializing in the following sectors: automotive, wind energy, aeronautics, petrochemicals, marine, building, defence, etc. Nitriding, cementation and nitrocarburation. Heat treatment for ferrous and non-ferrous materials (bronze, aluminium, etc.). ISO 9000 and Ekoscan certified.

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