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    GERMANY- Illmensee
    LANGER  GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    The Langer Group in Illmensee consists of the two companies Langer GmbH & Co. KG and LARO NC-Technik GmbH. The range of products and services offered by Langer GmbH & Co. KG comprises several key...

    Supplier of: Model making | Plastic material processing | construction of jigs and fixtures | moulds production | quick prototyping [+] tool manufacturing | injection moulding | injection-moulded plastic parts | laminated moulds | test gauges | injection moulding tools for the automotive industry | tool manufacture for injection moulded components | cubing models for the automotive industry | data control models | plastic injection-moulded parts for medical technology

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    GERMANY- Königsbrunn
    FRANZ FISCHLER GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    For more than 50 years, plastic moulded parts and abrasives have been at the forefront of our company. In the course of this, maximum precision and a highly innovative spirit have come to distinguish...

    Supplier of: Model making | Plastic material processing | technical-grade plastic parts | plastics manufacturing | abrasive moulds [+] wood machines | prototyping | woodwork machinery installation | cad | drawing presses - plastics | cad applications for drawing | injection moulding of plastics | vacuum thermoforming | 5 axis milling | abrasives

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    GERMANY- Waltershausen
    ZANDER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Zander is a medium-sized company with 49 employees in Waltershausen, Thuringia, and has over 90 years of experience. A large team works in five different areas that do not operate separately but...

    Supplier of: Model making | construction of jigs and fixtures | electronics | metrology | construction in metal [+] 3d printing | construction | bending mould construction | mould construction | architecture models | engineering | art packaging | special orders | turned parts for mechanical engineering | mould tools

    • Model Making Model Making
    • Fixture Construction Fixture Construction
    • Architectual Models Architectual Models
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    GERMANY- Gladenbach
    WESO-AURORAHÜTTE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We see ourselves as a system partner to our customers and assist them at all stages of the process – from the design to the supply of ready-to-install assemblies. We continuously strive for efficient...

    Supplier of: Model making | Iron, special grade and pig iron | Iron, pig | pig iron | foundry [+] industrial cooling | cast spheroid graphite iron | cast iron parts for the automobile industry | flanges and collars | heating technology | agricultural engineering | transmission construction | railway technology | engine construction | pump and fitting construction

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  • Our patented casting resin system, ALWA MOULD D, is the fastest curing casting resin system in the world. It is very easy to process and does not need to be post-tempered. Our easy to use system has...

    Supplier of: Model making | thermoformed | suction tables | vacuum pressure casting | moulds production [+] cast resins | thermoforming | deep drawing | deep-drawn parts | porous plates | sinter plates | porous aluminium | aluminium casting mould | aluminium block | aluminium casting

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    GERMANY- Wurzen
    GIESSEREI WURZEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our foundry boasts a long history dating back to the Schütz & Hertelhat engineering works, Mafa Wurzen for short, founded in 1879. This was followed 74 years later by the company VEB Maschinenfabrik...

    Supplier of: Model making | Iron, special grade and pig iron | Foundries, aluminium | Cast iron items | hand-mould castings [+] earth casting | pig iron | cast spheroid graphite iron | lamellar graphite cast iron | investment castings | prototype castings | refinishing of castings | development of die-cast parts | cast pasts, ready to install | non-ferrous metal casting

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    GERMANY- Friedberg
    VOXELJET AG - Verified by Europages for the toolless production of molds and models for various applications and operates service centers in Germany, the United States, the U.K., India and China. Productivity in 3D: printing systems from...

    Supplier of: Model making | 3d modelling | architectural model | Mechanical engineering - custom work | Moulds and patterns [+] quick prototyping | 3d printer | sand casting | earth casting | machine building | concrete formwork | 3d prototypes and prints | 3d design work | 3d design | plastic parts for the automobile industry

    • VX1000 VX1000 Build space LxWxH 1,000 x 600 x 500 mm
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    GERMANY- Großschirma
    ZALEWA TEC GBR - Verified by Europages

    Zalewa Tec primarily produces sand castings and sand cores for foundries using 3D printing. A binder jetting process is used, which means that no support structures are required. We derive the...

    Supplier of: Model making | model making for design, testing and development | sand casting foundry | aluminium injection | large-format 3d printing [+] foundry models | reverse engineering | sand cores from the 3d printer | 3d printing | 3d scanning service | additive manufacturing | display models | cad design | teaching models | prototype construction

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    GERMANY- Bernau
    JELL GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    With more than 20 employees, Jell GmbH & CO. KG has been a powerful partner with clear values, tradition and a fresh spirit of innovation for over 30 years. Construction – optimum and customised...

    Supplier of: Model making | Industrial design | graphic design | injection moulding | plastic [+] development | product development | construction | simulation | mould controlling | tooling | injection moulding | metal | 3d printing | 3d metal printing

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    GERMANY- Ellwangen
    CAST-SOLUT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    CAST SOLUT GmbH was founded in 2007 and distributes its products all over the world. We offer a comprehensive rapid tooling and prototyping service, from developing the concept to the first...

    Supplier of: Model making | Steels and metals - machining | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Prototypes, industrial | Engineering - industrial contractors [+] 3D printers | tanks for purification | measuring systems | quick prototyping | 3d design work | bell vacuum packing machine | metering units | proportioning devices for plastics | plant construction | stereolithography

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  • Ekstrametal is a well-known foundry for grey and nodular cast parts with mechanical machining, which are intended for use in the ship building industry, the railway industry, construction machinery,...

    Supplier of: Model making | Cast iron, special grade | sferoid iron casting | pig iron | hand-mould castings [+] cast iron | engineering works | vermicular | furan | cnc cutting and precision manufacturing | prototype construction | sand blasting | en-gjs-500-14 – cast iron | en-gjs-600-10 – machining

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    GERMANY- Wiedergeltingen
    HG GRIMME SYSTECH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Shearing machine tools | cnc finishing | machining centres | machines, custom-built | cutting system

    • HG 5-axis Universal Milling System P-S-F(15-13)/M HG 5-axis Universal Milling System P-S-F(15-13)/M HG 5-axis Universal Milling System P-S-F(15-13)/M for the model making industry
    • HG 5-axis Universal Milling System P-S-F(25-17)/M HG 5-axis Universal Milling System P-S-F(25-17)/M HG 5-axis Universal Milling System P-S-F(25-17)/M for the model making industry
    • HG 5-axis Mould Making Milling System G-S-F(27-15)/M HG 5-axis Mould Making Milling System G-S-F(27-15)/M HG 5-axis Mould Making Milling System G-S-F/M for Model and Mould Making Appl.
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  • Supplier of: Model making

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  • Supplier of: Model making

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  • Supplier of: Model making

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    GERMANY- Duisburg
    PETER HELM MODELLBAU - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Model making

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    GERMANY- Großkarolinenfeld
    ZEIKOS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Model making

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    RUSSIA- Ufa

    LLC NPP ATP is a company with a broad and rich background and long-term experience in design, development and production of high-tech training systems for oil and gas industry and power engineering....

    Supplier of: Models, educational | Teaching materials | Audio-visual teaching aids | Distance Learning and e-Learning | Laboratories, technical and scientific - teaching materials

    • Laboratory stand Laboratory stand “Gravity-flowing outflow of oil products from railway tanks”
    • Simulation model Simulation model Interactive complex simulation model (ICSM) – gas transport trunk pipeline
    • Simulation model Simulation model Interactive complex simulation model (ICSM) – oil production
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    TURKEY- Istanbul Turkey

    We , ALAS HOME TEXTILE , are the manufacturer company in home textile sector from is our web site that you may find further details about us.We are looking for importer...

    Supplier of: Textile - import-export | home textile products | organizers | bed linen | bins and boxes

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    GERMANY- Bremen

    The company has been established in Bremen(Germany) in 2017. Although the company is young, our staff is experienced for more than 25 years in the dental industry. Our leading product line is dental...

    Supplier of: Dentistry - products | depilatory wax | lost wax investment casting | pmma items | waxes

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  • all areas of model and mould making on a production area of over 4000 m². We are mainly active in the automotive industry and its suppliers. But also well-known companies from the fields of tool making and mechanical...

    Supplier of: Model making | Forming - steels and metals | moulds production | construction of jigs and fixtures | cnc milling

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    GERMANY- Hörstel

    For over 200 years, our company has been synonymous with reliability and quality. Constant incentives for the improvement of our products and processes ensure a high degree of innovativeness. Our...

    Supplier of: Model making | Milling - steels and metals | pig iron | cast spheroid graphite iron | cast sheet metal

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  • Own production facilities, direct import from other manufacturers, approved CE / ROHS / TÜV GS certification, distribution expertise (logistics), option to order by container and to get the container...

    Supplier of: Model making | model cars | model ships | Games and toys | model helicopter construction

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  • OTO 3D LTD
    UNITED KINGDOM- Windlesham

    We offer packaging, prototyping and model-making services to the design and advertising industries. Our company retails an enviable client list, both global and independant, with whom we are...

    Supplier of: Model making | Custom packaging | Fabrics, packaging | designer of industrial prototypes | models and prototypes, industrial - consultancies

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Wakefield

    Handcrafted Figurines, Models, Trophies and Corporate Gifts. Unity Gifts in Wakefield, Yorkshire, are internationally renowned for manufacturing and selling an amazing range of products – ‘Made with...

    Supplier of: Model making | coal models | military figurines | trophies | coal figurines

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Shepperton

    ...the project is very much the clients Baby and make sure we liaise closely allowing the model to fulfill its brief. Architectural model makers Proteck understand that designs are evolving as projects take shape so we...

    Supplier of: Model making | architectural modelling | architectural model | Models for the building industry

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    LATVIA- Riga

    ...Ltd. is a professional architectural scale model making company, specializes in the field of residental property development, city master planning and industrial designs. Our main principles are: deliver quality inspired by...

    Supplier of: Model making | architectural modelling | architectural model

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  • Zigong Huilongtang Culture & Art Co., Ltd is engaged in producing emulational dinosaurs, animatronic dinosaurs, lifelike animals, skeleton fossil replicas, lantern shows, exhibits and marketing as...

    Supplier of: Model making | dinosaur model | animal model

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    FRANCE- Paris 20

    La société CHRISTYB RECORDS est basée à PARIS ET SON USINE à ABIDJAN, en Côte D’ivoire. C'est une entreprise Franco Ivoirienne spécialisée dans la fabrication, la vente et la distribution de...

    Supplier of: Model making | creation

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    BELGIUM- 0

    ...proportions, size, ... in an immediate way, thus making for highly accessible reading of the project to all. Even if 3D images and animations reveal a project's spatial quality, they can only offer a piecemeal perception of...

    Supplier of: Model making | architectural model | Models for the building industry | Architects - consultants | Prototypes, industrial

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