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  • We are a traditional manufacturer, certified according to ISO-9001, with state-of-the-art production technology as well as innovative products. Our three core areas of roofing products, fixing...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | stamping parts | Fastening devices | Roofing materials | Fasteners, metal [+] clamping systems | hot galvanization of tubes | tube clamps | piping clamps | steel tank clamps | snow stoppers for roofs | punch cutting | gutter supports | hose fastening collars | metal attachment anchors

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    GERMANY- Dietzenbach
    GEORG MARTIN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Martin – your partner for precision. We have been producing metallic intermediate layers as well as stamped and deep-drawn parts for the mechanical engineering and plant construction industries for...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | stamping parts | precision stamping parts | deep-drawn metal parts | Steels and metals - forming and cutting [+] Washer fastenings | Wedges and shims, adjusting | spacers | metal strips | metal stamping | metal foils | plate and sheet metal | cnc punched parts | laser cutting | sheets of plastic materials

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    HEGGLI & GUBLER AG - Verified by Europages

    Our many years of experience and our infrastructure have made us into a competent partner for all matters relating to metal printing and deep drawing. We will advise you professionally and support...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | deep-drawn metal parts | Welding work - steels and metal | Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | tool manufacturing [+] machining of metals | shielding | ninepins | top hats | crimping | ball | tool construction to drawings | cnc boring | pipe processing | metal forming

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  • Equipment construction and metal forming in small and medium-sized series is our speciality. We use the forming technology of metal spinning (up to a diameter of 3.20 m) and deep drawing. The formed...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | deep-drawn metal parts | stamping parts | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Steel & Metal Transformation [+] Stamping - steels and metals | Drawing - steel and metals | 3d custom laser cutting | welded structures | aluminium welding shop | heavy boiler-making | sheet assembly welding | stainless steel welded assemblies | inert gas welding shops | welded assemblies made from non-ferrous metals

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  • We are specialists in sizing and manufacturing stamped and punched parts which are suitable for manufacturing, including designing and constructing the tools required for this purpose. Our range of...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | stamping parts | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Leaf springs | prototyping [+] tool manufacturing | mould making and design | bent wire parts | bushings | clamps | bent parts | punched parts | composite parts | springs subjected to bending stress | assemblies

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    GERMANY- Bretten
    ANDRITZ KAISER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Engineering and manufacturing company for automatic blanking and forming presses, including peripheral devices, as well as service company for automatic blanking and forming presses. Our name is...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | Machine tools - metal shaping | Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories | Machine tools - metal machining | Cutting - steels and metals [+] Steels and metals - forming and cutting | dual presses | presses for padding | replacement press parts | drawing press | metal - forming and cutting | sheet shearing and pressing | deforming foils and sheets | eccentric presses | circuit board production plants

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  • With decades of experience, we have professional expertise with all metals. We use conventional deep-drawing and hydromechanical forming to push deformability to its limits for you. But that's not...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | precision stamping parts | deep-drawn metal parts | stamping parts | precision deep-drawn metal parts [+] deep-drawn aluminium parts | stainless steel drawn parts | metal stamped parts | stainless steel stamped bent parts | brass stamped parts | stainless steel stamped and bent parts | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | cnc punched parts | drawn copper products | cnc bending parts

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    GERMANY- Altena
    OSSENBERG & GREFE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our company was founded in 1864 as F. Ossenberg & Co. KG, and is now in its fifth generation of family ownership. Since the acquisition by Julius Grefe KG in 1997, we have traded under the name...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | stamping parts | hoop iron stamping parts | stainless steel stamped parts | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating [+] Buckles | Cutting - steels and metals | Shaping - steels and metals | Welding work - steels and metal | Brazing - steels and metals | buckles | bent wire parts | aluminium punched parts | snap hooks | metal - forming and cutting

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  • We create precision deep-drawn parts made from stainless steel, steel and non-ferrous metals at our modern production sites. Our production focuses on thin-walled and usually rotationally symmetrical...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | deep-drawn metal parts | deep-drawn belt parts | deep-drawn stainless steel parts | precision deep-drawn metal parts [+] deep-drawn aluminium parts | deep-drawn refractory parts | deep-drawn copper parts | precision deep-drawn parts | Drawing - steel and metals | non-ferrous metals and alloys | drawn copper products | stainless steels | components for the automobile industry | finishing of steel products

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  • VAR D.O.O.
    SLOVENIA- Gornja Radgona
    VAR D.O.O. - Verified by Europages

    Since 1994 VAR d.o.o. continues the toolmaking tradition in Gornja Radgona. Dies are manufactured in our own toolshop and our own construction department. In 1997 we upgraded the dies manufacturing...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | Industrial sheet metal work | surface treatment | cnc turned parts | cnc punched parts [+] cnc tools | cast iron welding | small parts and metal products | toolshop | development and design of dies and gauges | stamping on eccentric presses | prototype dies and parts | design and production of mesuring gauges | design and production of progressive dies

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  • A Living Heritage company, existing since 1840, we have a collection of over 120, 000 models serving as finishings for costume jewellery, furnishings and lighting. We have recently expanded our...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | Costume jewellery | Buttons | metal buttons | metal buttons [+] embossed finishings | hollow metal buttons with pattern | metal military buttons | metal dressmaking buttons | fashion metal buttons | metal stamps | haute couture metal buttons | haute couture buttons | costume metal buttons

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  • We draw, punch, stamp, spin We process steel, metals and sheets With economical batch sizes, deep drawing is an effective alternative to metal spinning. Typical characteristics include high levels of...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | Drawing - steel and metals | sheets and pipes shaped | metal deformation | assembly of sheet components

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    GERMANY- Attendorn

    Eurotec Spannringe GmbH was founded on 02.09.1997. The company employs a workforce of 48 people, who work on a 5000-m2 covered production area to produce packaging accessories. The company's main...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | Packing and packaging materials, metal | toggle latches | closures | handles

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    GERMANY- Altena-Dahle

    Wachtendorf & Schmidt is a medium-sized family-owned business that has been in the metal working industry since 1938. We specialise in manufacturing compressed parts and cold-heading parts. Our DIN...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Stamping - steels and metals | bottle-opener | cold extruded parts

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  • Welcome to F. Gladtfeld GmbH Metallwarenfabrik. Thank you for your interest in our products. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us. Our products include: Sheet...

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | Shaping - steels and metals | aluminium punched parts | stamps | personalisation with engraved marking

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    SPAIN- Montcada I Reixac

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | Stamping - steels and metals | automotive - components and parts | aluminium punched parts | metal components

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    GERMANY- Backnang

    Supplier of: moulded, stamped and drawn parts | deep-drawn metal parts | Stamping - steels and metals | metal stamping | stainless steel sheet products

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    GERMANY- Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
    BERGMANN & HILLEBRAND GMBH & CO KG - Verified by Europages to process these into stamped, drawn and bent parts. The company specialises in perforated plates with small hole widths, high openings and high demands on optical and functional quality. Whether it concerns...

    Supplier of: stamping parts | Plates, perforated - ferrous metal | overblankets | screens | filters [+] wall-coverings applied | surface treatment | punched plate | machines for the construction industry | gardening machines | dumptrucks | reflective panels | embossed parts | semi-finished work | in-house toolmaking

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  • ...production of individual stamped and drawn parts, as well as plastic injection moulding parts, through to the installation of the magnet systems, everything is located at one site in Hardt. With a modern machine...

    Supplier of: Magnets | magnets and permanent magnets | magnetic clamps | ferrite magnet | handling magnets [+] magnetic filters | magnetic support | magnetic accessories | gripper magnets | rod-type gripper magnets | filter magnet systems | mirror magnets | decorative magnets | miniature magnets | magnetic promotional items

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  • ...Cold Forging & Hot Forging, Plastic Injection Molding & Plastic Extrusion. We produce small & large turned parts and machined parts, Precision CNC Turned Parts by CNC Turning & Milling. Metal stamping Parts, Deep Drawing Parts, Metal parts welding and forming, Pipe Bending & fabricating components, Cold & Hot...

    Supplier of: deep-drawn metal parts | metal stamping parts | Turning - steels and metals | Sheet metals - stamping | gas springs [+] plastic parts | extruded profiles | forming - steels and metals | steel parts | cnc turned parts | plastic injection molding | machining aluminium parts | steel turned parts | machined parts | plastic extrusion profiles

    • Stamping Parts Stamping Parts Custom Stamping Parts By Sheet Metals,Deep Drawn Parts.
    • Galvanized Stamping Parts Galvanized Stamping Parts Galvanized (Zinc Plated)stamping parts Custom from China factory-Ming Xiao Mfg
    • Brass Stamping Parts Brass Stamping Parts China Metal Stamping Factory Custom Quality Copper & Brass Stamping Parts,
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  • ...manufacturer for OEM metal parts and mould & various prototypes, including OEM metal stamping, pressing, punching, casting, forging, machining, deep drawn and stamped-welded products with various surface...

    Supplier of: Stamping - steels and metals | metal part | stamping die | traction battery parts | prototype

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  • Vereinigte Filzfabriken AG, based in Giengen/Brenz (VFG), is a felt manufacturer with one the richest traditions in Europe. In 2018, the company was able to look back over its 160-year history. VFG...

    Supplier of: stamped parts, self-adhesive | moulded and stamped parts | Felts | Emery-coated fabrics | wool felts [+] soundproofing felt | gaskets and seals | brake shoes | acoustics | colour felt | felts for technical applications | felt tapes | insulating felts | grinding and polishing felts | felt hoses

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  • Döbeln Elektrowärme GmbH (DEW) is an all-in-one supplier for the development and manufacture of electrical heating elements. From round tube radiators to heating cartridges and panel heating...

    Supplier of: stamping parts | drawn parts | Electric radiators | flow heater | screw-in type heating elements [+] cartridge heaters | flat tube radiators | surface heating elements (components) | firelighters, electric | electric heating elements | heating elements for fan heaters/convectors | heating elements, ceramic | custom-made radiators | ceramic radiators | electric air heaters

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    GERMANY- Rothenburg
    BAUMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Baumann GmbH is a medium-sized family business. Founded in 1954, it stands for more than 65 years of innovative precision product manufacture. One part of our product range: Manufacturing and...

    Supplier of: stamping parts | drawn parts | Steel & Metal Transformation | cnc turned parts | cnc milling [+] laser cutting | tool manufacturing | sheet metal punching | cnc sheet metal work | processing of stainless steel | metal processing | edging work | machining of sheet metal | bent parts | bending sheet metal

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  • We process belt and sheet material from 0.2 to 6 mm sheet thickness. We have invested in optimised machine units especially for processing aluminium strips, but not only for this purpose. Automatic...

    Supplier of: precision stamping parts | stamping parts | deep-drawn metal parts | precision stamping parts | threaded stamped parts [+] threaded stamped parts | drawn parts | stamped parts for the electronics industry | small stamped parts | stamped parts for the electronics industry | stamping parts for the electrical industry | non-ferrous stamped metal parts | drawn parts | stamping parts | stainless steel stamped bent parts

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  • We have been processing plastic films and sheets for more than 45 years. One of our areas of focus is the production of packaging, which we manufacture in the broadest sense through forming processes...

    Supplier of: plastic moulded parts | deep drawing/deep-drawn parts | vacuum deep-drawn parts | Packaging | sd card packaging [+] transport packaging | amaray cases | blister pack | blu-ray cases | transparent envelopes | cd cases | dvd cases | deep-drawn inserts | cases for games | deep-drawn calendar inserts

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    GERMANY- Willich
    N&H TECHNOLOGY GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As a reliable systems supplier of customised products, we can help to develop your ideas from their initial phase through to series production. We particularly focus on the implementation of...

    Supplier of: Plastic material processing | plastic housings | rubber-metal connections | conductivity meters | cables, specially prepared [+] anti-vandalism keypads | data transmission cables, specially prepared | membrane keyboards (complete solutions) | rubber precision moulded parts | plastic moulded parts | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific | assemblies, electromechanical | push buttons (switches) | spring contacts | short-stroke keyboards

    • Metal Parts Metal Parts Customized Solutions
    • Plastic Parts, Moulded Parts Plastic Parts, Moulded Parts Customized Solutuions
    • Rubber Parts, Moulded Parts Rubber Parts, Moulded Parts Customized Solutions
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    GERMANY- Sindelfingen
    SCHNORR GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We manufacture disc springs, safety washers and load washers, wave springs and stamped parts made of spring steel. SCHNORR® products are the top choice for any application whereby metal – thanks to...

    Supplier of: deep-drawn metal parts | stamping parts | Helical springs | Springs | Leaf springs [+] belleville spring washers | butterfly nuts | springs for technical purposes | special springs | circlips | spring steel | springs to design | screw-locking devices | spring washers | fasteners

    Brands : SCHNORR

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    GERMANY- Dinslaken
    ARA-T ADVANCE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ARA-T Advance GmbH is your expert point of contact for contract manufacturing for all types of special materials. We provide half-finished products, manufacture parts according to drawings and also...

    Supplier of: deep-drawn metal parts | metal stamped parts | non-ferrous stamped metal parts | Pipes and tubes, titanium | titanium wire [+] titanium screw | cnc turned titanium parts | titanium threaded mandrels | titanium strip | sheets made from titanium and titanium alloys | titanium cnc milled parts | titanium | titanium self-tapping screws | small tubes made of titanium | titanium threaded bolts

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  • Ideas in good hands. Since 2000, Reinle Technik GmbH has been certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standard. We have been providing our partners from the industrial engineering,...

    Supplier of: moulded rubber parts | stamping parts | Industrial cutting machine tools | Rubber products | Sealing rings [+] moulded rubber products | sheared gaskets | c.n.c milling | milling plastic materials | laser cutting | plastics manufacturing | cnc punched parts | rubber profiles | polishing discs | specially manufactured products made from acrylic glass

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