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    The TER Chemicals Distribution Group is a globally active distributor of special chemicals and food additives with branches in 16 countries. Products offered range from additives, waxes, resins and plastics of all kinds, through pigments and special chemicals right up to additives for the food and animal feed industry. As a committed technical and chemical consultant in Europe, our mission is to generate added value with our qualified specialists, quality products and outstanding service. It is our vision to be the first-choice distributor for our customers and suppliers. For us, the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers is the standard for our definition of quality. Trust is good, monitoring is better. Compliance with quality assurance measures is ensured through regular checks and audits: ISO 9001, ISO 22716, AEO F, Ecovadis, FAMI-QS, HACCP, Responsible Care, BIO certificate



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    Luxodor is a renowned Greek candle manufacturer known for its exceptional craftsmanship and unique luxury-scented plant-based candles. With a deep passion for creating exquisite products, we bring nature's essence into every candle we produce/born Compared to many manufacturers, we always strive for the integrity of our wax. We firmly believe that a candle should be a true reflection of nature, free from unnecessary additives or controversial mixtures that could detract from its natural beauty. Our candles are burnt with a steady flame leaving no residue and delivering a truly mesmerizing ambiance. While focusing on vegetable wax , we also create unique paraffin candles made of high quality materials with EN certificates. Our design skills are based on smooth logs and rustic embossed textures using excellent raw materials, prioritizing quality. Fragrance is crucial for us. We also provide a great variety of timeless and new aromas, testing their compatibility with different plant bases and wicks in custom-made containers.



    The company VTZIMAX, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Beekeeping - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the natural wax, pollen, wax, and beehives industries. It is based in Lappeenranta, Finland.



    The company ISABELLE EN TOURAINE CMLP DECO SARL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Candles industry. It also operates in the perfumed candle, essence diffusers for the home, and natural wax industries. It is based in Cinq Mars La Pile, France.



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    Active CBD is a French company expert in the wholesale and retail sale of derivative products based on cannabinoids. Aware of the growing demand for Hemp and CBD products, Active CBD has stood out on the French market but also internationally and today our range of products includes: - Indoor CBD Flowers - Greenhouse - Outdoor - Organic hemp oils, CBD, CBG, CBN, full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum - CBD and CBN extracts (isolate, distillate, crumble, wax, etc.) - Terpenes - E-liquids and cartridge for vape-pen - Wellness and Cosmetic Products based on Hemp and CBD for the Body and Face - THC/CBD analyzer - GemmaCert Accessories - CBD products for animals. - Hemp insulation for the building The legality of the products offered by Active CBD are scrupulously checked by independent laboratories in order to respect a THC level of <0.3% throughout its catalog. OUR ADVANTAGES - Free delivery from 50€! - Our CBD flowers are grown in France, Italy and Switzerland, particularly in greenhouses, but also outdoors and indoors. - 100% Natural - 100% Legal - The best Hemp and CBD products from France, Italy, Switzerland and the United States - A passionate team, ready to answer all your questions! Visit our website and discover all our Hemp and CBD product solutions!

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    Since 2018, S&B PROVENCE / LES CIRIERS DE PROVENCE have been craft makers of vegetable wax candles. We make everything in Aix-en-Provence and all our workshops and R&D lab, our creative and production work all takes place in the same location. Whatever your particular need, whether you have a few ideas or none at all, we can help make your project a reality, working with you every step of the way. We work with you, starting from a blank sheet, and together we create the candle of you dreams: from specifications to making it a reality! You can choose from our catalogue the candle and scent that best suit your brand. We prefer to use natural waxes, specifically vegetable waxes and mixtures of oils. We offer you a full catalogue of scents, all certified CMR-free (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic). We are experts in the art of scented wax in small, medium and large production runs. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.



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    Kaideane Décor is a well-known manufacturer of scented candles, scented sprays, scented diffusers, scented oils, scented crystals and interior fragrances. This company, based in France, stands apart through the exceptional quality of its products that are all manufactured from 100% natural ingredients. At Kaideane Décor, preserving the environment is of great importance to us. That is why we carefully select our raw materials, preferring products that are ecosystem-friendly. Every scented candle is manufactured using natural, biodegradable wax, which guarantees clean combustion devoid of toxic emissions. Our scented sprays are developed using plant extracts and essential oils, so offering an authentic and refined experience. As for the scented diffusers, they subtly diffuse fragrances into the air to create a pleasant and calming atmosphere. Kaideane Décor scented oil is a real treasure for fragrance lovers. Manufactured from natural, high quality ingredients, it can be used to perfume your home, bedlinen or even your body. Its delicate, heady fragrance will transport you to a well-being high. Kaideane Décor scented crystals are an elegant way of making your home fragrant. These little gems release a subtle, long-lasting fragrance that is ideal for creating a homely atmosphere.



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    IN TERRA PREZIOSA, an exceptional interior perfume brand founded in 2019, is a true invitation to travel: from Corsica and the Mediterranean, Africa and Greece, its creator reveals in her fragrances the mystery of places she has lived or which fascinate her. All our products are thought up in Corsica and made at our Grasse workshops (world perfume capital). Every last detail is thought out and worked on to enable our clients to live a true olfactory experience. Our exceptional perfumes are 100% Made in France, natural and eco-responsible. We provide a range of background perfumes in various different forms: - Scented candles: natural wax and cotton wick, - Diffusers and refills: plant-based alcohol and natural rattan stick, - Background mist: plant-based alcohol, - Perfume ceramics. IN TERRA PREZIOSA is the result of Mediterranean art, French know-how and excellence. Numerous tests are carried out to ensure all our products are of faultless quality. From imagination to creation, all our products are made with great care in the south of France.



    Welcome to DEUREX AG. DEUREX is a leading provider of synthetic and natural industrial waxes of all kinds. DEUREX is distinguished by how flexibly it can deliver the waxes. Its product range includes everything from amide wax to polyethylene wax and sugar cane wax. Fischer-Tropsch waxes and polypropylene waxes are also available in the standard range. The range is completed by hybrid and coated waxes. The DEUREX wax assortment will entice you with maximum delivery flexibility. The waxes are available in various degrees of fineness and even in liquid form. The waxes can be delivered in the form of granulate, fine granulate, powder, finest powder, as micronised waxes as well as wax dispersions and wax emulsions. Wax dispersions and wax emulsions are available as water-based, oil-based or solvent-based versions. Our waxes are utilised in various applications, in particular for asphalt, printing inks, liquid coatings and powder coatings.



    FAMA PROFI CENTRE Group is a manufacturer and supplier of emulsion paints, solvents, wood products, and natural wood furniture. The company provides wholesale of high-quality paints for major construction projects at competitive prices, the paints' quality is guaranteed by incoming and final inspections. The product range by Fama Profi Centre includes: —water-based and emulsion paints; —solvents and thinners; natural wood furniture, including ergonomic wooden desks for sitting and standing work; —FaMa PARQUET engineered wood flooring made of solid oak, birch plywood and coated with natural eco-friendly oils and waxes; —as well as primers, solvents, decorative paints for interior and exterior applications, wood preservatives of our own brands. The group of companies was established in 2006, though the origins of the first company that painted and sold wood products (wood windows and doors) go back over 20 years. Since 2016, Fama Profi Centre's in-house paint shop has been in operation, producing ready-to-install eco-friendly engineered flooring under the FAMA PARQUET brand. Over the years, FaMa Profi Centre has gained great experience in the paint production and woodworking industries, it has developed close partnerships and business relationships with the leading European and Russian factories, and has built a professional team of industry experts. Profi Center has introduced over 20 European brands to the Russian market and can do the same for your company's products.



    NeKraska company is a manufacturer of impregnating oils based on linseed oil and wax for wood and furniture processing and protection. 5 types of oils are produced under the brand "NeKraska" : —interior wood oils (emphasises the texture of wood, adds hue and creates a silky surface), —façade oils for wood treatment (fade-resistant product for coating wooden façades), —decking oils (protects the wood surface against intensive weather and mechanical action), —solid impregnating oils based on natural wax (protects cork and wooden floors against abrasion and during damp cleaning), — oils for sauna and Russian banya (resistant to high temperatures and humidity). The manufacturer has been producing oils and waxes for wood since 2009, based on the recipes of ancient craftsmen and using modern equipment. Since 2019, the "NeKraska" brand line of wood oils has been produced, based on linseed oil and supplemented with modified oils, waxes, biocides and functional additives, which create a durable, wear-resistant coating that is economical to use and inexpensive. All "NeKraski" products are manufactured on the basis of linseed oil for wood, natural wax and organic wax. The protective coatings penetrate deep into the wood, thus do not crack, do not peel, do not require sanding during renovation and inter-layer sanding, they retain the natural beauty of wood fibres and moisture vapor transmission rate, can be easily applied, and maintain a matt surface.



    Deck Art is a protected brand which represents our dedicated machines specially designed for engineered wood flooring manufacturing as well as Engineered wood flooring . As machine manufacturing experts, we provide our customers with unique, dedicated machines, specially designed for engineered wood flooring manufacturing, developed through our vast experience in this branch of industry. Equipped with our machines and services, our customers will be able to effortlessly produce flooring of exceptional quality. Being environmentally conscious, we offer innovative solutions for diverse, beautiful and completely natural flooring, while our expertise and high manufacturing standards provide our customers with a stable product of the highest quality. High-quality Deck Art flooring is made from European oak, which, with its natural characteristics, enables the production of exceptional flooring in a wide variety of beautiful colours and patterns. Entirely natural wax oils (VOC free) provide our products with a unique look and outstanding durability, while a waterproof multilayered wooden base gives Deck Art flooring strong support and complete stability, even after decades of use.



    SenOdos® - 100% Natural Soy Wax Candles with Pure Essential OilsOur Soy Wax Candles are healthy for the earth by using 100% soy wax extracted from soybeans that are grown in the U.S. and free from pesticides and chemicals. Essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade, without chemical or undiluted. We are using all pure and natural ingredients, 100% Cotton Wick (Unbleached), Dye Free, No Smoke and Soot Free, Non-Toxic, Lead-Free, No pollute the air, No Animal Testing and Hand Poured. It is in Glass Jar Container and Tea-lights for Single Scent or Mixed Scents.Also with special type as Bug Away/Insect Repellent Candles and Unscented Soy Candles. We offer in 17 scented candles as: Agarwood, Bergamot, Clary sage, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Spearmint, Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang.Also an emotional types in order to fulfilled your wish and great pleasure: - Appeal, Creative, Fresh, Happy, Meditate



    A true creator of atmospheres, Cosstra Design makes haute couture candles and diffusers, hand-made and 100% of plant origin. Discover an enchanting sensorial universe with a surprising, unique and sophisticated collection of candles and diffusers. Each scented candle is classed and coded at the end of production to give you a quality bespoke service. Cosstra Design is quality first: Our decision to use beautiful raw materials is guided by our wish to provide quality and timeless products. All our candles are made for natural plant wax, wicks are made from cotton. At Cosstra Design we do not use colours and our packaging is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. Discover unique and subtle scents from our wide range of original candles and top of the range scents. Contact us now to discuss your project.



    VINTAGE CANDELLA produces designer candles of 100% natural soy wax in Vintage style. VINTAGE CANDELLA uses organic wooden wicks. When burning wooden wicks, it emit soothing crackling and pleasant aroma. VINTAGE CANDELLA wooden wicks - it is 100% environmentally friendly! Wooden wicks are made from trees grown in the United States, where are practicing reforestation. For every cut down tree, they plant a new one! It is a naturally grown, 100% organic product that has no chemical processing! Listen to the sound of crackling candle while you read your favorite book, magazine, or just relax after a hard day. We use the highest quality, premium class aromatic oils, from manufacturing companies which are included in the top ten world's leading perfumes and aromatic oil manufacturer. Each aroma has its own quality certificate, which guarantees the safety for customers. The company also cooperates with world famous brands, manufacturing natural cosmetics and perfumes.



    Anton Import Export is a company that has great experience in buying, selling and exporting fruit and vegetables. Quality and professionalism make us stand out. We deal with growers (for purchasing fruit), and the fruit wholesale markets. Once the fruit has been harvested in the fields, it is unloaded from our lorries in the warehouse where it is washed and treated using natural waxes and our packers immediately go to work on putting it in crates.



    Hebei Fenghe Bilotechnology Co., Ltd produce “Fenghe” brand dental floss. Our production has advanced scientific and technological content. To make sure the safety of our production, we adopt asepsis operation and ultravilot sterilizaiton technology. Slides easily with tenacity; Shred resistant; Natural waxed; And it has mint, we do the OEM for our customers with high quality demants. Hope we can be collaboration for longterm.



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    LISINE has been creating professional beauty products since 1972 and distributes them to more than 350 beauty salons. We undertake to supply professionals and consumers with innovative products that offer excellent value for money. Our product portfolio is very wide: - Under our Lisine brand: skincare for the face and body, make-up, nail varnish. - Under our FYI skincare brand: products for teenagers. - Under our Guill D’or brand: Self-tanning and depilatory products. - Under our Kyvora brand: beauty accessories for professionals. We also supply our wide range of skincare products re-badged under private label. Our contemporary solutions and advanced formulas, using the latest cutting-edge technologies and production methods make LISINE a one-of-a-kind player in the professional beauty market. Our beauty and make-up products, with their pleasant textures and fashionable colours always set the pace. We can currently offer 15 different treatments/protocols for beauticians and comprehensive solutions for their salons. We will make a point of giving you all our advice to help you develop our brands on your distribution network or guide you through your private label venture. Our priority is to offer you high quality products and services over the long term.

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    COPLA SAS (Colles et Produits des Laboratoires Agenais) based at Castelculier, specializes in the design, development, manufacture and sale of chemicals (including adhesives, coatings colourings, lubricants, thinners, silicones and silicone elastomers and dissolutions). Member of the GACHES CHIMIE group, COPLA has a subsidiary in Portugal (www.lusocopla.com) and a distributor in Spain: SIBILS S.A. in Catalonia (www.sibils.es). With almost 70 years’ experience of formulating chemicals (mixing, dispersion, dissolution, impregnation, etc.) we offer our customers the benefit of our expertise: we conduct preliminary studies at laboratory level, pilot and industrial manufacturing. In addition to our historic bottle stopper market (cork and synthetic), COPLA offers its know-how as a formulation subcontractor. Apart from manufacturing as such, we take care of sourcing raw materials, packing and shipping both in France and worldwide. Copla ensures and guarantees full traceability and global management, from taking the order to shipping the products. Our innovative spirit is motivated by our desire to satisfy the needs of our much appreciated clients. Our philosophy is to offer each of our customers a successful partnership based on mutual trust and respect.



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    As a research laboratory dedicated to organic beauty products, we develop extra-gentle formulas for all of our products. Our commitment to quality enables us to master every stage of production, thereby ensuring unmatched excellence. We meticulously select local raw materials, giving preference to short supply chains and all of our formulas has at least 97% ingredients of natural origins. Our concern for nature is reflected in every product we develop. The safety and quality of our products are key to our approach. To ensure this, we work together with renowned independent laboratories in order to perform rigorous dermatological and microbiological testing. Moreover, we comply with applicable regulations by avoiding animal testing. At LABORATOIRES BIO SEASONS, our passion for nature goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to your well-being and the environment. Join us on this adventure into organic beauty products, where nature and science come together for an exceptional experience.



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    Established in 2000, Horizon Candles is Istanbul's premier candle manufacturer from Turkey. Our journey began with paraffin production, a foundation we expanded upon in 2002 with the introduction of our esteemed Horizon Candles brand. Boasting over two decades of excellence, we proudly stand as the largest and only Sedex and ISO-certified factory in Turkey. Nestled in a sprawling facility spanning 4000 m2 for production and an additional 3500 m2 dedicated to warehousing, our operations are fueled by a dedicated team of 120 professionals. Our commitment to quality extends across a diverse range of candles, meticulously crafted to meet various preferences and occasions: •Tealight Candles •Household Candles •Taper Candles •Cylinder Candles •Ball Candles •Candles in Containers •Floating Candles •Party Candles •Decorative Candles •Pillar Candles •Premium Candles Supplementing our extensive candle offerings, we provide a comprehensive selection of candle materials, including raw materials, candle wicks, candle fragrances, candle colorants, candle molds, and room fragrances in an array of captivating scents. Beyond our standard catalog, we take pride in offering tailored solutions through private labeling, precisely designed to align with the preferences of your target customer base. Our commitment to quality and innovation extends beyond candles. Join us in illuminating moments and spaces with the warmth and elegance of Horizon Candle's exceptional candle creations.



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    All our passion flows into the ADLER label. ADLER is a family business rich in tradition based in Tyrol, Austria. This is why the only standards that matter to us are those we set ourselves. With this philosophy, ADLER has become a leading expert in wood protection and wood varnishes. Because only those who are enthusiastic about their work do not do things by halves. This starts with research and ends with consultation and service. Varnish runs in our veins. At our headquarters in Schwaz, Tyrol (Austria), we solely produce varnishes, paints and wood protection products for carpenters and wood workers, as well as manufacturers of furniture, windows, doors and parquet flooring. We also support painters and DIY enthusiasts with a full range of paints and varnishes. We supply products to customers across Europe and beyond via our distributors and trade partners, as well as the specialist varnish retailer ADLER Farbenmeister.



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    WOODBIOMA, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, is a specialist provider of a wide array of wood fuel products. Our product range encompasses everything from matches, lighters, and charcoal to specialized items like torches. Our expansive selection includes firewood, wood pellets, sawdust briquettes, our signature Swedish torches Vulcano, eco-friendly fire starters, and even wooden decorations. Since our foundation, we have dedicated ourselves to supplying top-notch products. Our international reach extends to over 35 countries, making us one of Europe's leading and most dependable suppliers of wood-based products. Our commitment to sustainable practices is underscored by our FSC® certification and Ready to Burn accreditation. As a family-owned enterprise, WOODBIOMA excels in meeting the specific requirements of our customers, including offering the option for mixed product loads. With nearly a decade in the industry, we have successfully provided products under over 400 private labels and have developed a catalog that boasts more than 30 different wood fuel products. Our clients appreciate our versatility in offering innovative packaging solutions, such as custom crates, bags, and printed labels or stickers, all the while adhering to the highest technical standards. For additional details or to make inquiries, we invite you to contact us directly!



    Norevo GmbH is a globally established manufacturer and supplier of natural raw materials and special ingredients for the food and drink industry, for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, and for technical applications. From natural raw materials – gum arabic, agar-agar, honey, agave syrup, liquorice extract and wax – through to tailored qualities and the confectionery performer product range, Norevo supplies natural products and functional ingredients together with technical expertise and development support. Norevo is an independent international company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Norevo's large production facility with its own laboratory and the company's main warehouse containing all its raw materials are also located in the north of Germany. Our subsidiaries and other production facilities are located in Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, China and Hong Kong.



    Sustainable products – naturally for wood. We are forward thinkers who develop products that are of the highest quality and as environmentally friendly as possible. We have a complete range of products for wood – both inside and out. These are guaranteed and certified in accordance with standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Biotech research: Nature finds the best solutions to the most complex of problems. We have taken inspiration from this fact to develop sustainable products that use renewable sources of oil and wax. Premium private label: Your brand is your identity. We can put together a tailor-made range of products for you that is fully aligned to your brand image. Fast-moving concepts: Online connection at the point of sale. Our in-house design department brings your ideas to life – from the initial concept all the way through to product labels, flyers, advertising material, headers and displays. e-logistics: Our e-logistics solutions can provide you with the quickest and simplest way to achieve your goals. Environmentally friendly: We are therefore only too glad to combine innovative digital offers with flexible and precise logistics.



    In 1976, F.J.CAMPOS started the commercialization of food supplements and phytocosmetics, having gradually evolved on this market over the years. Our company was born from the need to fill a gap in the field of galenics, being the one to present individual bottles of Tinctures, Solutes, saline solution, hydrogen peroxide, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Glycerin and others exclusively sold in pharmacies. In view of the wide acceptance, the demand for the rapid growth of the company, the firm Francisco J. Campos, Indústria de Higiene e Representações, Lda was created. In 2003, together with profound changes in terms of facilities, sales and distribution, we became: FJCampos, Comércio de Produtos Dietéticos, Lda. Always in the concern of satisfying the consumer by offering them a healthy life, FJCampos is proud to produce with quality and efficiently distribute natural products that - due to the carefully chosen constituents - have always proved their effectiveness. The medicinal plants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other substances of natural origin that go into the composition of our products have been around for thousands of years, with traditional uses of recognized properties. FJCampos products are manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories following compliance with GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices). Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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    A Turkish family company; «BURHAN GLOBAL TICARET A.S.» Burhan Global Trade, Inc. located in Istanbul and established by BURHANOGULLARI GROUP in order to better manage the process by focusing on its wide international network that exceeds 75 countries and is increasing day by day. It has undertaken the business development mission of community in international markets with its experience, qualified workforce and existing foreign relations since its establishment in 1975. In addition to the community products, the company brings the products of many domestic manufacturers to the world markets. Our company, within the framework of the global trade strategy of our holding BURHANOGULLARI GROUP, continues to carry out the marketing, export, operational follow-up and customs procedures of products such as Shoe Care Products, Aerosol Products, Wet Wipes, Soap, Personal Care Products, Home Care Products, Car Care Products produced in the community production facilities. In addition, it also imports the group companies for their basic raw material needs. Today, Burhan Global currently monitoring the clients more than 75 countries. Additionally, with Burhan Rus LLC in Russia and with Burhan Misr Ltd in Egypt, it carries out its own import, warehousing, marketing, sales, distribution and after-sales operations processes in Istanbul, Turkey.



    Treasure Box is a project with the intention of encouraging conscious consumption on behalf of our customers. For this reason, all our products originate from fair trade and historic factories of the Baltic Sea States and Europe. Each product corresponds to the rich history and cultural tradition of the area where it is produced thus creating an item of immense value, a treasure for you. At a time like this we comprehend the importance of natural materials. At treasure box, the team works towards zero waste packaging and products that will last you a lifetime, being passed down through generations. All in all, here at treasure box we aim to support the production in our local communities thus contributing towards ethical production that sparks joy in your life. It’s good for you and our planet. Our Collections: Homeware: crystal glassware, wool/cotton/linen blankets, jacquard tea towels & tablecloths, linen bed sets, sheets, duvets, towels & tablecloths, aroma candles. Slowwear: wool/cashmere pullovers, hygge socks, silk/wool scarves, linen bathrobes, shoppers, Scandinavian headscarves, mittens. Kids: cotton/linen/flannelette blankets, throws. Unique Christmas/business gifts.



    We supply natural raw material for natural and handmade skincare, natural perfume and for aromatherapy as aromatic herbs, precious base / carrier oils, essential oils, waxes and flower waters mainly cultivated and produced here around Anatolia Turkey. The Damask rose (rosa damascena), lavender (lavandula angustifolia) and lavandin (lavandula hybrida) with their essential oils and concentrated and naturally rich hydrolates (flower waters) are among our main products. We also offer a bunch of different aromatic pharmaceutical herbs, flowers and seeds with their oils and waters. We supply highest quality, even in very small batches depending on availability and / or customers' individual requests. Giving you an idea about the raw materials we supply in particular; bees wax, cold pressed grape seed oil, cold pressed pomegranate seed oil, cold pressed rosehip seed oil, cold pressed black cumin (nigella sativa) seed oil, oregano essential oil, rose oil, lavender oil, rose water etc.


    United Kingdom

    Essential Oil Merchants, Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods

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