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    Welcome to Rulomatik, manufacturer of vending machines for disposable products! Rulomatik's headquarters, factory and logistics centre are located in Bursa, the industrial capital of Turkey. We specialise in microfiber car drying towels, sports towels for gyms, beach towels, vending machines for floor mats. We currently export to 55 countries and hold the recipe for success in our hands. We are looking for new country distributors in Europe, Canada, America, Australia and beyond. Our vending machines offer distributors a consistent and predictable profit model and provide unique specialised market access for various markets. Car Drying Towel Vending Machine: It is a vending machine that dispenses microfibre car drying towels. Rulomatik's other main products with international patents are listed below: Car mat vending machine GYM towel vending machine Beach towel vending machine Rulomatik manufactures vending products in the category of "high-tech products", which are sold wholesale only to country distributors or regional dealers, allowing them to benefit from "customs duty exemption". Rulomatik offers the opportunity to place its fleet of car drying towel vending machines at all car wash locations. Contact us to discuss dealership opportunities for our products that will be in significant demand in your country!



    We are a team of professional engineers - designers of "MRF-Engineering" LLC, that offers services in engineering, development of machines and automats, designing of different complex mechanisms. We have long-term experience in development and manufacturing of automated systems, vending machines, tractors, conveyer lines and others like that. Our main directions for today: - general outsource engineering in mechanical engineering, development of various machines, machine tools, conveyor and automatic lines and much more. - development of vending machines and robotic systems. - development and sale of products (tools, knives, multitools, lamps, etc.) We can offer these variants of cooperation: 1. We carry out full outsourcing (all development is carried out in Ukraine). In this way we work with different countries: China, Czech Republic, USA, Kazakhstan, Ecuador etc. 2. We carry out the development of equipment in Ukraine. For commissioning work our specialists come to you. In this way we work with enterprises of Ukraine, Russia. Our offer includes: - Professional engineering and designing support of your orders; - Reasonable prices for services rendered; - Ease of understanding and adaptation to your needs. We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of engineering.


    United Kingdom

    Sell a Vend dedicate every working hour to providing the Vending Industry with solutions. We have a long history of experience in the Vending Industry with both refurbishing, buying & selling and also operating out in the field. We do not off an operating service. However... all of the partners and many of our staff have owned or worked for a Vending company who did. This puts us in a perfect position to give the best service & advice to our customers. Sell a Vend have over 1000 NEW and USED machines in stock of most models and brands. We are the UK distributors for Wittern USI and GPE Vendors. Sell A Vend also offer solutions to vend non-food products such as PPE, Stationery, Medical supplies, Tooling, Fixings, First Aid, and many more. The main advantage of vending consumables/non-food products is to Audit & Control usage. With our cashless system linked via Telemetry to a website, where you can monitor usage and save money. To see more details visit our website today.


    United Kingdom

    We supply a range of vending services to companies across Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands. We offer a range of vending machines including coffee, snack, water, and micro markets. Are you looking for a vending solutions for your business? Our vending solutions are great for staff and customers alike. Competitive pricing for both but and rent with finance options to suit you. Browse our selection of vending machines on our website today.


    United Kingdom

    Quench Me supply and maintain Vending Machines in the London area and throughout the UK. Visit our site today for our wide range of Vending Machines for hire including Bean to Cup, Snack and Food Vending Machines!

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    United Kingdom

    Vending Machines - Sales & Service, Other non-store retail sale



    The company CIVARDI PIERLUIGI DI CIVARDI LORENZO E MATTIA E C. S.A.S., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Automatic dispensers industry. It also operates in the drink vending machine, water vending machines, automatic hot drink dispensers, and food vending machines industries. It is based in Mede, Italy.



    The company BICOM SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Food dispensers industry. It also operates in the food vending machines industries. It is based in Zola Predosa, Italy.



    The company FN SERVICE TEKNIK V/ FRANK RICHARD BIRCH NIELSEN, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Plumbing installations industry. It also operates in the food vending machines, mechanical translations, and accessories for valves industries. It is based in Køge, Denmark.



    The company 3VVS-TILBUD.DK, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Plumbing installations industry. It also operates in the food vending machines, dutch translations, and accessories for valves industries. It is based in København, Denmark.



    The company ARMONIA, is a Distributor, which operates in the Automatic dispensers industry. It also operates in the automatic hot drink dispensers, automatic cold drink dispensers, food vending machines, and maintenance and support for vending machines industries. It is based in Bruxelles, Belgium.



    The company COFEBARA AI SOLUTIONS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Office supplies industry. It also operates in the food vending machines, coffee grinder, manufacture of vending machines, and Can Vending Machines industries. It is based in Bielefeld, Germany.



    The company MULTI PRO MATIK, is a Distributor, which operates in the Food dispensers industry. It also operates in the distributeur automatique, kiosque automatique, distributeur automatique de plats, and food vending machines industries. It is based in Sorgues, France.



    The company HANOT VENDING, is a Distributor, which operates in the Food dispensers industry. It also operates in the dispensers, food vending machines, and rental and management of automatic vending machines industries. It is based in Oelegem, Belgium.



    The company STORME, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Coffee and tea industry. It also operates in the roasted coffee in beans, roasting machines, and food vending machines industries. It is based in Mouscron, Belgium.



    The company EDISAL.COM SRL, is a Distributor, which operates in the Bathroom installations - items for the disabled industry. It also operates in the food vending machines, plumbing fittings for the building industry, heating equipment, and air conditioning unit industries. It is based in Mola Di Bari, Italy.



    The company EUROPA LINE, is a Distributor, which operates in the Food - import-export industry. It also operates in the import of foodstuffs, and food vending machines industries. It is based in Marseille, France.


    United Kingdom

    Completely Water Ltd (Completely Co.) are based in Rugby, Warwickshire in the UK. A family firm, they supply all business refreshment solutions including Food Vending Machines, Hot and Cold Drinks Vending Machines, Combi Vending Machines, Coffee Machines (both commercial and domestic), Catering Equipment, Water Coolers and Hot Water Boilers.We sell Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans to all kinds of clients, including hotels and guest houses, nursing homes, schools and colleges, sports centres and so on. We also supply all kinds of cleaning products, disposables such as toilet rolls, couch rolls, napkins, paper towels and so on.We supply Vending Machines on all kinds of terms including lease, & we offer a fully operational service on machines within a 50 mile radius of Rugby. We will clean and stock all machines with your requirements on a weekly or so basis, and we also deliver water for your Bottled Water Coolers. We provide an excellent service. Our customers are important to us.



    NIPPON GT is the one of the top manufacturers of bimetallic thermostats. Our products are widely applied in household electrical goods, such as microwave ovens, tumble (clothes) dryers, consumer housing-related products like water heaters and heating equipment, commercial food storage products like vending machines, showcases, and commercial food warming equipment. Also widely utililized in automotive, medical equipment and communication devices to provide safety and comfort for people’s lives, as well as having varied uses in the aerospace industry.



    Cmatic is an Italian wll-established manufacturer of a complete range of silicone-free Pneumatic Fittings and Accessories to cover every possible application: food and beverage (fittings NSF certified and Moca compliant) , misting, hydraulics and pneumatics, critical applications... Our sales program offers more than 41 series and 4000 variants in types and sizes with specific lines in inches dedicated to the US market. Thanks to the internally managed production and R&D we're able to customize every single piece upon our customers needs. Cmatic’s core business spans through Push-in, Push-on, Compression, Standard and Function Fittings, Couplings, Safety Couplings, and Multiple Connectors. Our qualitative products are compliant with all the market standards and own all the certifications required by the specific field of application that's why our fittings and couplings are employed in all industries related to General Pneumatics including solutions for Pneumatic Automation (Food, Chemical, Pharma, Vending Machine and Dirty and Critical Applications), Lubrication, Misting, Transportation, and Hydraulics. To know more about our products contact us or go to https: //cmatic.it/en/and download Cmatic full catalogue.



    12 years shoes turkey, food vending machines, we are a company which is working on long-established construction and textiles. We have been producing and selling medical products for two years and our goal is to become a global marketer.



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    Weed Paradise Universal Foundation is a CBD sector leader. The firm is based in Châtenois in the Vosges (France). We select each of our products from our partners applying strict criteria, which enables us today to offer our customers more than 300 products. Our company complies with European legislation and we work exclusively with products certified by French or European laboratories. All our products have an analysis certificate. We guarantee tracked, discreet delivery throughout Europe. The range includes flowers, resin, oil, 100%-CBD tobacco-free cigarettes, cigars, a cosmetics range, e-liquids, a food range and goodies. We can cater for all your demands, including white label products packed in our own laboratory. Our network of franchises comprises 40 shops and is still expanding in a booming market, you can open franchises all over Europe. We are the first to have sold automatic CBD vending machines and we currently have more than 150 machines in service. You can customize them with a wide range of options to meet your customers' demands and comply with the current legislation of your local country. Feel free to contact us with your requests to enter into partnership, for quotes or product supplies.



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    We are one of the largest manufacturers of instant drinks in Europe and support our partners by providing expert knowledge in the fields of vending, HoReCa, food retail and industry, and helping them to expand their brand portfolio and tap into new markets. We give each customer a personal service and offer every supply chain solution required, from preliminary planning to delivery of the customised product. Our core areas of expertise are in the development and production of cocoa, drinking chocolate, toppings, coffee whitener and every type of drinks powder for use in vending machines and capsules or for handmade drinks. We are a medium-sized company and pride ourselves on our flexibility, capability, reliability and professionalism. We are compliant with all the applicable European standards such as ISO and IFS, have a proven track record in demanding customer audits and offer organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance-certified products to ensure our customers' success.



    You can use our high-grade security seals for: Transport and logistics companies: vehicles, containers, cars, tanks, capacities, cylinders, luggage, bags, expensive and dangerous goods, warehouses, GPS tracking equipment, gasoline tanks, etc. Banks and cash collection companies, bank suppliers: moneybags, cash-boxes, ATMs, cash machines, cases, collector cars, monetary safe deposits, offices. Refineries and petrol stations: fuel tankers, gas stations, fuel storage, oil storages, valves and pipelines. Agricultural companies: warehouses, storages, bags, containers with expensive goods. Food industry: tanks with liquids, refrigerated meat and fish, containers with alcoholic beverages, oil storages. Posts and courier services: sealing cargo, warehouses, vehicles, bags, parcels. Vending companies: machines for food and drink. Chemical plants and pharmaceutical companies: sealing expensive or dangerous products. Utilities companies: domestic meters, gas/water/electricity meters, pipes and valves, gas stations, gas cylinders. Gas companies and refineries: gas stations, gas meters, gas storages, equipment of oil and gas development. Chemical industry: high-tech equipment, machines and tools, machines, monitoring and control equipment, emergency communication channels and pipelines in conservation state. IT companies: PC, servers and enclosures, network facilities. Petrol stations: fuel tankers, gas stations. Casino machines and gambling machines; Etc.


    United Kingdom

    Verderflex® peristaltic hose pumps and tube pumps are the ideal solution for pumping liquids and dosing chemicals. Ranging from smaller pumps for use in Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) such as vending machines, benchtop and industrial tube pumps, up to the world’s largest hose pumps for use in very heavy industrial applications. The Verderflex Dura hose pump is designed to save time and money without reducing performance. The compact design has up to a 70% reduction in footprint in comparison to similar pump types. These pumps are used in many industries including; water and wastewater, mining, food & beverage, chemical and pharmaceuticals, printing and packaging industries.Peristaltic tube and hose pumps from Verder solve the world's pumping problems on abrasive, highly corrosive, viscous, high density and shear sensitive products.



    KOMAGES Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of food concentrates and ice creams located in Janczewo, near Gorzów Wielkopolski in Poland. Since 1989 we are specializing in production of high quality ice cream concentrates (ice cream powders / ice cream for vending machines) in over 40 flavours.Moreover we produce waffles, pancakes, potato pancakes and juice concentrates. Our factory meets the requirements of the Directive Council of EU 92/U6/EWG from June 6th 1992, has introduced HACCP internal quality control system and follows its standards. Currently we sell our products in Poland and other EU countries, we do have goverment's permit to export our goods to China. Recently we also sell ice cream machines - basing on our experience in ice cream business we are able to provide not only the most suitable machines, but also just in time technical service for our clients.


    United Kingdom

    Snack Vending is an independent vending company with over 20 years’ experience in the drink and snack vending industry, servicing the West Midlands and surrounding areas. Whatever your vending requirements, we can cater to your needs and have a wide variety of vending solutions ranging from hot beverages, cold drinks, snacks and food. We are the vending experts in the West Midlands and surrounding areas. With over 20 years’ experience in providing all types of vending machines to companies across the region, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, the Black Country, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and with hundreds of satisfied clients, we pride ourselves on finding the right vending solution for your company. We can supply you with any type of vending machine you desire: hot drinks, water, snacks, coffee, fresh food, and more. Because of our experience we have provided vending machines to many types business including shops, offices, schools, hospitals, banks and supermarkets.



    We are manufacturing different kind of Coin and currency operated vending machine in India.The machine is suitable for delivering any kind of pre packed products (Both food and non food items).We have developed suitable software and hardware to give sales and service support.The machine has adjustable plastic conveyor to handle and deliver products , without any damage.The machine has printer facility for better inventory and cash management for smooth operation.It can be integrated with GPRS with centralised operating office.We can support our software to validate any countries coinWe can supply machine suitable to vend different varieties starts from 30 to 300 , each of 9 nos 25 nos depends on thickness .For more details and DEMO visit our web site: www.micmac.co.in


    South Korea

    Silicone rubber is used widely than other elastic bodies. It is broadly applied for the defense industry that require the best confidence and stability, automobiles, food container packing, and water purifier hoses, and vending machines etc. Moreover, thanks to superior electric characteristics, silicone rubber is widely applied for the advanced electronic industry.Silicone rubber has qualified elasticity. So, when elastic products are designed, its elasticity needs not to be separately considered. Korea Silicone is a specialized maker which produces silicone rubber and generic synthetic rubber products. We will do our best to improve technical power and quality so that we can provide you with diverse products at the competitive price.



    With offices in Rome and Lecce, Idroenergiaitalia is a company that supplies solenoid and pneumatic in brass and 316 stainless steel for air, hot and cold water, steam, car-washes, vending machines, petrol, diesel, methane and LPG, propane, food-grade liquids, syrups, wine, chocolate, blood, petrochemical products, pesticides, anti-parasite products, weed-killers, vehicles, brake controllers, ATEX explosives, powders, 100-bar high pressure, shut-off solenoid valves, etc.

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