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  1. SALCA


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    The quality of its products and service, its lengthy experience in this sector, and the skills and technical knowledge of its staff have all helped to put Salca in a leading position on the Italian fixing elements market. Salca produces self-threading bushes, helical screw-sert threaded inserts, indented cylindrical pins, indented nails, expansion rivets, trilobular threaded inserts, self-coupling threaded studs, complementary fixing elements.



    The company OPEN PRO DOMUM SERVIÇOS UNP LDA, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Shutters industry. It also operates in the pvc windows and frames, wood-aluminium frames, and nozzles for boilers industries. It is based in Coimbra, Portugal.


    United Kingdom

    Specialising in design and manufacture of Low NOx Burners, Flame monitoring and Ignition equipment for industrial, utility and marine boiler applications.The Credfeld axial flow burner register produces a suspended flame format where no part of the flame is in contact with the burner quarl. Consequently this maximises the life of the quarl, which is manufactured in special alloy steel.Gas burning can be achieved by individually removable pokers complete with independently removable gas nozzles or with a centrally located gas gun.In all cases the fuel and air are staged to minimize NOx and other reduction techniques can be utilized within the design such as FGR where applicable.Multi -Fuel Flame Surveillance Twin Channel Monitoring with Shutter Self Check flame-monitoring. The UV and IR Cells are incorporated into a single head assembly, reducing the number of Viewing Heads required on multi-fuel burner applications. Both signal sources are passed from the Viewing Head to the Head Transmitter where they are conditioned into a single analogue signal, which feeds into one Flame Monitor Control Unit. This gives greater flexibility, especially where viewing space is limited. LT300 Ignition Control System The Igniter control system has been designed to offer maximum reliability and flexibility. The Igniter uses only one low tension cable to transmit the spark and also to receive the flame on signal.Low Voltage, High Energy, Carbon arc Ignition. 16Vac operation for safety


    South Korea

    Sphitech is specialized in overlay welding and manufacturing customized metal products with overlay such as, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Fittings, Column Pipes, Tube Sheets, Tanks, Flanges and various metal structures etc.We are very experienced in welding overlay by using GTAW, FCAW, SMAW, ESW, SAW, PTA, etc and we are developing the technology and expanding the facilities continuously.Thus we have exclusive technology and equipments like super-sized automatic PTA equipment for Co, Ni and W alloy steel overlay, Butterfly valve plasma overlay auto system, Elbow inside overlay auto system, Long pipe inside overlay auto system.Our main products are Pressure vessels and the parts, Heat exchangers and the parts, Boilers, Flange, Pipes, Valves, Nozzles, Cylinders, Turbine Scroll Case, Drum, Strainer, Shaft, Barrel, Structures and various metal products.We are supplying the products for the customers in the fields of Ship, Industrial plants, Oil and Gas industry, Chemical Nuclear powe