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    BULGARIA- Sofia
    ALPI INVESTMENT OOD - Verified by Europages

    Since 2009, Alpi Investment is engaged in the production and trade of high-quality natural products. Natural products are the basis of our company philosophy. We work only with the best natural...

    Supplier of: nuts | Dietary and organic foods | Organic food | wholesale organic foods | tea, coffee and herbal teas [+] spices | natural product | natural food | herbal teas | herbs and spices | tea leaves | seeds | bee products | gluten-free product | organic flour

    • Whole Almonds, Raw And Unpeeled, 100% Natural Whole Almonds, Raw And Unpeeled, 100% Natural
    • Raw Brazil Nuts, Unsalted And 100% Natural Raw Brazil Nuts, Unsalted And 100% Natural
    • Blanched Hazelnuts, Blanched, Raw And 100% Natural Blanched Hazelnuts, Blanched, Raw And 100% Natural
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    GERMANY- Rietberg
    REKER-NUTS HANDELS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    From DIN or made-to-order parts, steel or stainless steel nuts, to bare or special surfaces, we deliver what you need – provided we can import the required quantities. By specialising in "only nuts",...

    Supplier of: Nuts | nuts | self-locking screws and nuts | square nuts | hexagonal nuts [+] nuts made to order | rust- and acid-resistant nuts | stainless steel hexagonal nuts | flange nuts | locking nuts | cap nuts | Fastening devices | Screws | fasteners | special parts, tailor-made

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  • Our many years of experience, coupled with the specialist knowledge of our employees, make us the preferred supplier for industrial end users around the world. If necessary, we can take over the...

    Supplier of: Nuts and bolts, custom-made | nuts | Coil Springs | Screws | Rods, threaded [+] cnc turned parts | multiple spindle turned parts | turned parts for mechanical engineering | cup springs | rivets | shim washers | supporting rings | profile stamped parts | perforated panel hooks | draw bolts

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  • Good by tradition – innovative measuring technology from Therma. Welcome to Therma Thermofühler GmbH, your innovative and experienced partner in all aspects of temperature measurement. For over 30...

    Supplier of: Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - temperature | Temperature sensing devices | Thermometers | thermocables | connecting head shape b [+] cord sets | displays and transmitters | compensating cables | straight fittings | screw-in thermocouple | screw-in thermometers | compression fittings | compression fittings for thermocouples | cable thermocouples | sheathing tube thermocouples

    • Ceramic compression-type fitting Ceramic compression-type fitting Compression fittings
    • Brass compression-type fitting Brass compression-type fitting Compression fittings
    • Teflon compression-type fitting Teflon compression-type fitting Compression fittings
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  • For many years, we have specialised in meeting the most stringent quality requirements in the following industries: Machinery, vehicle, plant, ship and aircraft construction, valve manufacturing,...

    Supplier of: Nuts and bolts | nuts | Precision mechanics | cnc turned parts | bent wire parts [+] turned small parts | propeller | clamping systems | threaded parts | small precision parts in metal | special screw | special screws | special screws to spec | aluminium screws | elastic washers

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    GERMANY- Medebach
    JÄGER & FRESE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Manufacturing and distribution of connecting elements with a 3600 square metre production and warehouse area. Our customers include the furniture industry, the woodworking industry and staircase...

    Supplier of: Nuts and bolts | Nuts | nuts | threaded nuts and screws | stainless steel screws and nuts [+] special steels, welding, screws, nuts | drive-in nuts | insert nuts | Mechanical transmission - components | Hardware for furniture | support feet | furnishing accessories | bent wire parts | stamping parts | automatic lathe parts

    • knock-in nuts M8 knock-in nuts M8
    • height adjuster with assembled nut height adjuster with assembled nut
    • knock-in nut M10x15 knock-in nut M10x15
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  • BTS Befestigungselemente-Technik GmbH is a medium-sized company in the metalworking industry, focused on the manufacture and sale of fastening and connecting materials. The company was founded in...

    Supplier of: nuts | wing nuts | retaining nuts | cap nuts | channel nuts [+] mounting rail nuts | Screws | White malleable cast iron | fastening parts | hardware | hooks | studs | machining of metals | eyelets | wing screws

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  • As a family-owned company, at our Pforzheim site, we produce and sell rotating parts, standard parts and semi-finished products in the area of connection, fluid, installation and production...

    Supplier of: Nuts and bolts | nuts | insert nuts | special nuts | force-fitting screws [+] threaded inserts | stainless steel turned parts | turned small parts | steel washers | bar turning | cnc turned parts | cylindrical notched pins | bushings | automatic lathe parts | brass turned parts

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  • Technology that the product needs! utp is a manufacturer of turned/cold formed and metal assemblies. Europe-wide just-in-time delivery is the secret of the success of united-turned-parts (utp)....

    Supplier of: nuts | Turning - steels and metals | Milling - steels and metals | Mechanical engineering - custom work | Screws [+] cnc turned parts | special screws | surface treatment | prototyping | cold extruded parts | plastic parts | axels | forming technology | precision turned parts | stainless steel turned parts

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  • Our company has been one of the largest producers of wire goods in Europe for decades. In 1852, Wilhelm Lüsebrink, the village blacksmith, first produced eyebolts with wood thread in the German...

    Supplier of: Nuts | rust- and acid-resistant nuts | Screws | Chains - accessories | assembly of sheet components [+] bent wire parts | s-hook | anchor bolts | cable accessories | fittings, galvanised | metal sheet parts | wire haberdashery | wire bulk goods | hooks and eyes | metal brackets (fittings)

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  • HEMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik can trace its success back to 1929. The company focusses on vehicle construction. Now, HEMSCHEIDT specialises in systems for the commercial vehicle industry and...

    Supplier of: nuts | Axles, vehicle | Tramways - equipment and rolling stock | springs | chain strainers [+] pneumatic suspension | air springs | air conditioning vibration dampers | motor vehicles | pneumatic shock absorbers for vehicles | hydraulic shock absorbers | vibration dampers | shock absorbers for coaches | oil hydraulic accessories | joint systems

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  • The range of services and supply of BLIS Kugelgewindetriebe GmbH includes: Ball screws in whirled and ground versions, according to DIN and customer drawing with standard or special nuts, trapezoidal...

    Supplier of: nuts | special nuts | Fastening devices | Screws | Bearings, ball [+] Bearings, antifriction | anchor bolts | special screw | linear technology | ball screws | repairs of ball screws | linear drives | drive technology | connecting elements | ball screws

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  • We have many years of experience and guarantee that our products will provide secure support for all your applications. We operate as a global system supplier for industrial companies from our sites...

    Supplier of: Nuts | Nuts and bolts | nuts | stainless steel screws and nuts | special nuts [+] Fastening devices | Studs and bolts, fastening | fastening parts | special screws to spec | screws | special screw | logistics services | washers | clamping systems | bolts

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    GERMANY- Düsseldorf
    KS FASTENERS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    KS Fasteners GmbH was founded as a wholesaler for special fasteners and related parts by Mr Kevin Sievers in Düsseldorf-Stockum, Germany in 2011. As we have very close partnerships with leading...

    Supplier of: nuts | stainless steel nuts | hexagonal nuts | special nuts and bolts | Screws [+] Washer fastenings | set-screws | spindles | headless screws | stainless steel screws | threaded stays | special screws to spec | special materials | cnc turned titanium parts | brass turned parts

    • Nuts Nuts
    • Threaded bolt Threaded bolt
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  • The bdp Group, founded in 1992 and comprising 150 employees, is based in Berlin with over 14 further offices in Bulgaria, China, Germany, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. The subsidiary bdp Mechanical...

    Supplier of: Copper and copper alloys | automotive, light and heavy-duty | quality management, supplier audit | model development for industrial products | locking sleeve, egr components [+] drive, brake system and absorption parts | die casting; high and low pressure | chill casting, die casting | die-cast aluminium, aluminium alloy | zinc, zinc alloy | rail; absorption parts, brake system parts | e-mobility; cast aluminium, such as battery holders | energy, gas and liquid transport | valve components; housing, lid | investment casting and precision casting; steel, stainless steel

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  • For over 60 years, we have been a medium-sized wholesaler of connecting elements. Based on a highly modern IT infrastructure, we supply the chemicals industry, steel construction, surface mining,...

    Supplier of: nuts | nuts made to order | Turning - steels and metals | Rods, threaded | screws [+] special screw | special screws | elastic washers | threaded stays | special parts, tailor-made | cnc turned parts made from special materials | cnc turned steel parts | extension bolts | oil-drain screws | screws made of special materials

    Brands : Stud Bolts

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    GERMANY- Hemer
    ERNST THOMAS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The company was founded in the 1890s by its namesake Ernst Thomas as a typical ironmongery for the region. Back then, production focused on fittings for wooden crates and forged tools for poking...

    Supplier of: Nuts | Fastening devices | Stay bolts and ties | Rods, threaded | Screws [+] threaded parts | threaded dowels | taper pin | propeller | special screws | anchorage lines | hammerhead bolts | foundation bolts | eye bolts | special purpose screws

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    GERMANY- Mörfelden-Walldorf
    GESIPA® BLINDNIETTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1955, GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH has become one of the leading international companies in the blind rivet sector. A high level of quality and reliability of the GESIPA® fasteners along...

    Supplier of: rivet guns for blind rivet nuts | Machine tools - metal machining | blind rivet technology | plugs | rivet accessories [+] pinball machines | sfs | blind rivets | threaded inserts | blind rivet technology | rivet guns for blind rivets | rivet guns | studs | lockbolts | processing technology

    • Blind rivet nuts with hose connection Blind rivet nuts with hose connection Blind rivet nuts with hose connection
    • Blind rivet nut High Strength Blind rivet nut High Strength For all applications where a particularly strong thread is required.
    • blind rivet nut G-Sealed blind rivet nut G-Sealed The blind rivet nut with non-reactive precoating
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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    BIZIM ANADOLU TARIM - Verified by Europages

    Bizim Anadolu Tarım founded in 1973. Our company is specialized in the supply and production of Edible Seeds and nuts products. Today, our company owns one of the biggest processing facilities in...

    Supplier of: nuts | Fruits, dried | Agricultural Production | packaged pumpkin seeds | chick pea seeds [+] walnut | agricultural products | peanuts with shell | packaged sunflower seeds | sunflower seed | raw coffee beans | almonds | seeds | peanuts | dried fruit

    • Walnut Walnut
    • Cashew Cashew
    • Peanut Peanut
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    DENMARK- Svendborg
    BYRDAL APS - Verified by Europages

    Byrdal ApS is one of the pioneers of success in the export of Agricultural Products in Denmark, to the neighboring countries and the World! Byrdal ApS strongly deals with Agricultural Products which...

    Supplier of: cashew nuts | ORGANIC FARMING | Dairy products | Spices | Import-export - food and agriculture [+] Wood products | Agricultural Production | palm oil | forest cultivation | corn oil | agricultural products | soya beans | saffron | extra virgin olive oil | alcoholic beverages

    • Cashew Nuts Cashew Nuts Nuts & Spices
    • Black Pepper Black Pepper Nuts & Spices
    • Almond Nuts Almond Nuts Nuts & Spices
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    ROMANIA- Suceava
    LUCAS WALD PRODUKTE - Verified by Europages

    Lucas Wald Produkte is a family business based in Bukowina, Romania. We are a producer of fresh, dried and frozen mushrooms and berries with over 10 years of experience in the business. We offer a...

    Supplier of: hazel nut pastries | Berries | Crackers and snacks, salted | packed walnuts | walnut [+] candied fruit | walnuts | dried mushrooms | spruce | black berries | frozen berries | boletus mushrooms | fresh mushrooms | mushrooms and berries | chanterelle mushrooms

    • Walnuts halves Walnuts halves Walnut kernels-halves
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    BENIN- Cotonou
    DECALF TRADING - Verified by Europages

    Decalf Trading is a producer of organically-farmed cashew nuts located in Benin. We offer our partners quality, 100% natural cashew nuts, and we guarantee reliable business relations tailored to your...

    Supplier of: nuts | cashew nuts | organic cashew nuts | production of natural nuts | cashew nuts [+] import export cashew nuts | raw cashew nuts | cashew nuts from benin | unshelled cashew nuts | raw cashew nuts | organic nuts | wholesale cashew nuts | organic cashew nuts | producer of cashew nuts | organic cashew nuts

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    HUNGARY- Szabadság
    HN AGRO ORSUS KFT. - Verified by Europages

    HN Agro Orsus Kft. is a company based in Hungary specialized in the trade of agricultural products, both for retail and wholesale. Our product range includes nuts, seeds, fruits, herbs, spices, oil,...

    Supplier of: cashew nuts | Garlic | Stud farms | Dried fruits | Pork [+] Spices | Olive oil | Soft drinks | Firewood | Wood products | Animals & Livestock | chocolate bars | ginger | agricultural products | saffron

    • Cashew Nuts Cashew Nuts Seeds & Spices
    • Almond Nuts Almond Nuts Seeds & Spices
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  • SoleilFOOD is a family-run company with the main task of serving the gastronomy industry, especially oriental cuisine. We have specialised in particular delicacies and offer our customers first-class...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Vegetables, dried | Spices | Dried fruits | Rice [+] dried fruit | delicatessen products | chick-peas | beans | popcorn | sunflower seed | pumpkin seeds | pistachios | tahini | sesame paste

    •  Peeled sesame seeds Peeled sesame seeds
    • Nuts / Dried Fruits Nuts / Dried Fruits
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  • Turcont Engineering & Manufacturing Co Ltd is a family-run company serving in machining industry as one-stop shop for all needs of its clients since 2002. It is based in the city of Konya in Turkey....

    Supplier of: Cast iron items | precision casting | contract manufacturing | casting | metal turning [+] foundry | bar turning steel and metals | cast iron foundry | cast-steel | sand casting foundry | grey cast iron | 3- and 5-axis cnc machining | cast spheroid graphite iron | ductile cast iron | hand-mould castings

    • Screw And Nut Screw And Nut
    • Screw And Nut Screw And Nut
    • Forged Steel Nut Forged Steel Nut
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    TURKEY- Trabzon
    RED RUBY - Verified by Europages

    Red Ruby Food Trade. Ltd. Sti. was established in 2018 and is based in Norway. The company accounts with several branches in Spain and Georgia and has distributorships in the United States and...

    Supplier of: nuts | Spices | Tea | saffron | dry fruits [+] antioxidants | honey | dates | coffee | saffron spice | organic saffron | iranian saffron | paradise flower | saffron flower | quality saffron

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    GERMANY- Öhringen
    SCHÄFER + PETERS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Schäfer + Peters is your partner for rust- and acid-resistant fasteners, DIN and standard parts including Wood screws, metric screws, sheet metal screws, washers, nuts and products including...

    Supplier of: nuts | hexagonal nuts | square nuts | rivet nuts | security nuts [+] Screws | Chains | Washer fastenings | Rods, threaded | Rivets | stainless steels | pins | self-tapping screw | self-tapping screws | fasteners

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  • ...developing, manufacturing and distributing "L" nuts for generations. Since the company's founding, we have cherished the highest quality standards which, in combination with our engineering skills, have made our "L" nuts famous worldwide....

    Supplier of: Nuts and bolts | nuts | stainless steel nuts | flange nuts | special nuts [+] inch nuts | "l" weld nuts | "l" drive-in nuts | "l" flange nuts | rivet nuts | weld nuts | rivet nuts | drive-in nuts | nuts made to order | stainless steel drive-in nuts

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  • Soochow Advance Industries Co., Ltd., is a China-based provider of precision CNC engineering services. With sliding head multi-axis CNC lathes (Star, Citizen, Tsugami), we are capable of machining...

    Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | precision turning | precision milling | precision parts | custom fasteners [+] precision machining | cnc machining | cnc turning | cnc miling | drawing parts | cnc machined parts | cnc turned parts | cnc milled parts | cnc engineered parts | cnc machined components

    • Custom Steel Shoulder Nuts Custom Steel Shoulder Nuts
    • OEM Steel Deck Lift Nuts OEM Steel Deck Lift Nuts
    • Customized Steel Lock Nut Customized Steel Lock Nut
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    ITALY- Saronno (va)
    KIPP ITALIA SRL - Verified by Europages

    HEINRICH KIPP WERK is a manufacturer in the clamping technology, standard elements and operating parts sector. The company produces at its site in Germany using a wide range of machinery. The...

    Supplier of: Nuts | Nuts and bolts | Magnets | Fastening devices | Screws [+] Hinges | Locks, bolts and keys | Joints, pneumatic | Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | Yardsticks, metersticks, tape measures and rulers | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Buttons | clamping levers | bow handles | handles and hinges

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