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    FRANCE- Lardier Valença
    HERBIOLYS LABORATOIRE - Verified by Europages

    Herbiolys Laboratoire was founded in 2004 by the coming together of botanists, ethnobotanists and pickers who were passionate about the plant world. Specialists in fresh organic plant extracts from...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | Plants and herbs, medicinal | Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | Phytotherapy products | Food supplements [+] propolis | medicinal plant extracts | organic gemmotherapy laboratory | gemmotherapy | fresh bud glycerine macerate | organic phytotherapy | fresh organic plant complexes | organic flower essence | organic hive products | organic birch sap

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    AUSTRIA- Bischofshofen
    LOUISE PLEGÉ COSMETICS - Verified by Europages

    ...customers the best products, as quality is our top priority. As a visible sign of the quality of our production, Plegé Cosmetics was given the Austrian quality seal and the organic certification by the SLK.

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | organic cosmetics | manufacturing of classic organic natural cosmetic line | natural cosmetics | herbal cosmetics [+] manufacturer of cosmetics | disinfection agents | haircare | solar protection | baby products | manufacturer of skin care products | cosmetic product development | cosmetics, cruelty-free | contract cosmetic manufacturing | private label cosmetic products

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  • Numerous national and international partners from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors trust us as a manufacturer of high-quality skincare products and therefore our contract manufacturing....

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | liquid cosmetics | conventional cosmetics | vegan cosmetics | decorative cosmetics [+] Perfumes - essences and scents | Beauty creams | Shampoos | natural-based cosmetics | contract packing for cosmetic products | cosmetic products for hotels | shower foams | hand cream | night cream | day cream

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  • The trading company WB Im- und Export W. Beringer & Co GmbH was founded in 1991. Our family business is based in Görmin, Germany. The historical manor house is surrounded by romantic grounds. Görmin...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | Essences and fragrances - nonfood | Perfumes - essences and scents | Beeswax | 100% natural essential oils [+] nutraceuticals | chlorella algae | honey powder | chitosan | chlorophyll | guarana extracts | ginseng (raw material) | royal jelly | pollen | bee products

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  • Our company has a clear focus as a supplier and service provider to the food industry, particularly to the fruit juice and beverage sector. Our valuable fruits are produced both as end products and...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Extracts, food | Fruit juices | vegetable extracts | concentrated fruit juices [+] animal feed | sea buckthorn products | sea buckthorn oil | organic products | fruit extracts | organic fruit juices | jerusalem artichoke products | aronia products

    • Cosmetics Industry Cosmetics Industry
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    FRANCE- Lumio
    ASTRATELLA - Verified by Europages

    Organic and small-scale production of Corsican essential oils, floral waters and massage oils. The GAEC de l’ASTRATELLA, a family-run distillery based in Lumio, Corsica, has been operating for over...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | Vegetable oils | massage oils | essential oils | organic products [+] organic floral waters | manufacturer of floral waters | aromatic hydrolats | massage oils for wrinkle treatment | moisturizing massage oils | healing massage oils | relaxing massage oils | body massage oils | corsican floral waters | organic massage oils

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    IVORY COAST- Abidjan
    EL'OLAM - Verified by Europages

    ...extracted from shea fruit. It has been used in cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals for a long time. Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, shea butter moisturises and softens skin whatever the season. EL’OLAM...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Organic cosmetics | organic cosmetics | organic cosmetics for body care | cosmetic oils [+] natural cosmetics | natural cosmetics | Skin-care products | haircare | manufacturer of natural cosmetic products | manufacturer of skin care products | shea butter | raw shea butter | organic shea butter | chébé oil

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    FRANCE- Neuilly Sur Seine
    PHARMA BIO UNIVERS - Verified by Europages

    ...the best of organic, natural and vegan cosmetics through our products! We sell and distribute our "Health, Cosmetic, Beauty and Well-being" products all over France but also in Europe and all over...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | organic cosmetics | organic-certified cosmetics | manufacturer of natural and organic cosmetics | cosmetic of argan [+] natural cosmetic products | natural cosmetics | vegan cosmetics | cosmetics manufactured on a small scale | hand-finished cosmetics | natural facial care | natural body care | natural cosmetics for beauty professionals | natural moisturizing products | cosmetics for pharmacies and drug stores

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    FRANCE- La Tessoualle
    ECO CONSEILS - Verified by Europages

    ...such as solid shampoos, lip balms, asses milk soaps, bamboo cotton buds and water-free cosmetics! Products that are handy, inexpensive, environmentally-friendly and natural for cleaning, household and garden uses.

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | Ecological housekeeping products | Hygiene and toilet products | Baby-care products | environmentally-friendly cleaning products [+] natural cleaning products | natural well-being products | environmentally-friendly well-being products | environmentally-responsible products | reusable environmentally-friendly items | environmentally-friendly fertiliser | natural organic childcare | organic childcare articles | washable environmentally-friendly nappies | natural cleaning

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    TINTBERRY - Verified by Europages

    ...animals. TintBerry was nominated for the Live Organic Awards, is the holder of the Best of Beauty 2020 award by Glamour and Green Awards 2020. We will be happy to cooperate with shops of makeup products for...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Organic cosmetics | manufacturing of classic organic natural cosmetic line | natural cosmetics | manufacturer of cosmetics [+] Beauty products | makeup products | import-export of cosmetics accessories | health and beauty products and cosmetics | natural-based cosmetics | beauty items | beauty products for hands and feet | beauty articles and supplies | nail polish | nail treatment

    • Nail Polish Nail Polish Creamy milkshake nail polish
    • Nail Polish Nail Polish Girl from Rio nail polish
    • Nail Polish Nail Polish Heart of the world nail polish
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    GERMANY- Boffzen
    ÖLMÜHLE SOLLING GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Ölmühle Solling is a family-run organic manufactory from Boffzen in Lower Saxony, Germany. The company was founded by the Baensch family, who guided the family company from the very beginning in 1996...

    Supplier of: organic cosmetics | natural cosmetics | Oils and fats, edible | Olive oil | biological oils [+] oil cake | soap | honey vinegar | linseed oil | coconut oil | rapeseed oil | press cakes | skin balm | seasoning oils | vinegars

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    FRANCE- Issy Les Moulineaux
    CLEO FRANCE - Verified by Europages

    CLEO France is specialised in individual protection (IPE) and skin moisturiser. CLEO France provides a range of beauty care based exclusively on organic and eco-responsible shea butter, perfumed with...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | Cosmetics | manufacturing of classic organic natural cosmetic line | organic and eco responsible cosmetic products | organic cosmetic product for face and body care [+] organic cosmetics - products | natural cosmetics | natural-based cosmetics | biocosmetic products | development and manufacture of cosmetics | beauty products | face creams | items for the cosmetics industry | masks | visors

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  • ...when it comes to organic natural cosmetics in luxury quality. Our high-quality products are manufactured in Germany and are characterised by their excellent organic quality and a high density of active...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Organic cosmetics | Haircare products | biological oils | natural-based cosmetics [+] skincare | hyaluronic acid | serum products | essential oils | cosmetics, cruelty-free | vitamin c serum | retinol serum | aloe vera gel | gift set | anti-ageing products

    • Organic Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream - 100ml Jar Organic Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream - 100ml Jar Moisturiser for Women with Aloe Vera - Total Age Repair Night Cream- Anti-Aging
    • Organic Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream - 50ml Jar Organic Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream - 50ml Jar Moisturiser for Women with Aloe Vera - Total Age Repair Night Cream- Anti-Aging
    • Aloe Vera Gel Organic 100% - 200 Ml Violet Glass Bottle Aloe Vera Gel Organic 100% - 200 Ml Violet Glass Bottle Skin Care MADE IN GERMANY- Natural Cosmetics With Hyaluronic Acid & Spirulina
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    FRANCE- Saint-Cyr-La-Riviere
    AB PRODUCTS SARL - Verified by Europages

    IXORAA Paris is a unique brand. It stands out through an authenticity you can feel with your fingertips. This authenticity is built on a combination of its Mediterranean origins allied to French...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Organic cosmetics | organic cosmetics | organic cosmetic vegetable oils | natural cosmetics [+] cosmetic oils | natural cosmetics | anti-wrinkle creams | beauty products for the face | anti-ageing products | luxury elixir made from organic prickly pear | anti-ageing serum | cosmetic plant oils | anti-wrinkle serum | anti-wrinkle

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  • ...a range of organic lavender based cosmetics, like hand care cream and eau de toilette, a range of organic lavender soaps, products for relaxation and well-being, such as the lavender essential oil diffuser and lavender bath...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | Oils and resinoids | Eau de toilette | Souvenirs and advertising items | Business gifts [+] perfumed candle | pdo organic lavender distiller | certified organic essential oil producer | pdo fine lavender essential oil | organic lavender essential oil | lavender essential oil | certifiable organic lavender essential oil | manufacturer of organic essential oils | online lavender sales website | roll on organic lavender essential oil

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    GERMANY- Saunstorf
    GUT SAUNSTORF GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...herbs - Ayurvedic organic premium cosmetics - Organic Aloe Vera products from Ibizaloe - Organic superfoods and food supplements - Microalgae (AFA, Spirulina, Chlorella) and much more. Expert...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | ayurvedic products | natural medicines | vegetable extracts | amino-acids [+] turmeric | vitamins | wellness products | algae products | skincare | nutritional supplements | afa algae | astaxanthin | organic products | chlorella algae

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    ITALY- Genova
    NATURAEQUA - Verified by Europages

    ...the production chain. We use raw materials like organic extra virgin olive oil, organic honey and beeswax, essential lavender oil, aloe arborescens, basil, two kinds of rose (Rosa rugosa and Rosa centifolia muscosa)...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | cosmetics | natural cosmetics | natural product | beauty products [+] natural detergents | face creams | hair shampoos | personal care and hygiene products | creams | beauty products for the face | toiletries | anti-ageing products | body care products | body care products

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    FRANCE- Signes
    TADE PAYS DU LEVANT - Verified by Europages

    ...etc. Our natural or organic-certified cosmetics are complemented by a varied range of bathing accessories: Kessa exfoliating glove, loofah, goat hair glove, natural silk glove, body scrub, sisal...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | natural cosmetics | cosmetics | Soaps, toilet | Hygiene and toilet products [+] Ecological housekeeping products | Hygiene and beauty articles | aleppo soap | marseille soap | liquid soaps | personal bodycare products | surgras soaps | liquid organic soaps | liquid aleppo soap | organic hand cream

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  • ...development laboratory to make new products. Our organization enables us to offer an in-house part or full product management service that extends to the arrangement and preparation of technical applications...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | Cosmetics | cosmetics | cosmetic accessories | herbal cosmetics [+] natural cosmetics | skin cosmetics | foam bath | beauty items | body creams | personal care and beauty articles and products | hand and foot creams | hair creams | face creams | beauty products

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    FRANCE- La Seyne-Sur-Mer
    PÔLE COSMÉTIQUE - Verified by Europages

    The French specialist in the full-service creation of cosmetics, from the idea to the finished product: formulation and regulation of beauty products, tests, product information file, packaging,...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | Cosmetics | cosmos organic cosmetics certified by ecocert | packaging for cosmetics | cosmetics certification [+] Haircare products | white label cosmetics | cosmetic importing procedures | formulation of beauty products | cosmetic research & development | creation of product information file | regulatory processes for cosmetics | toll-manufactured cosmetics | cpnp notification and registration | manufacturer of skin lighteners

    • Your own cosmetics line Your own cosmetics line Services
    • Our expertise in cosmetic regulation to your service Our expertise in cosmetic regulation to your service Services
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    SPAIN- Murcia
    ROYAL BIO - Verified by Europages

    Royal Bio is a wholesaler for 100% pure and environmentally-friendly ingredients, supplying the cosmetics manufacturing, food-processing, pharmaceutical and plant health sectors. We sell more than...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | natural cosmetics | cosmetic oils | cosmetic vegetable oils | essential oils [+] jojoba oils | manufacturer of vegetable extracts | virgin almond oil | castor oil | castor oils | manufacturer of floral waters | organic argan oil | natural oils for the cosmetics industry | natural oils for food processing | natural extracts for the cosmetics industry

    • Organic Eleutherococcus Organic Eleutherococcus
    • Organic Ashwagandha Organic Ashwagandha
    • Organic Chamomile Hydrolate Organic Chamomile Hydrolate
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    FRANCE- Paris
    BBDISTRIB - Verified by Europages

    ...products are manufactured from 100% natural and organic ingredients with innovative formulae with high concentrations of rigorously selected active ingredients providing guarantees in terms of tolerance and safety....

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | manufacturing of classic organic natural cosmetic line | organic cosmetics for body care | cosmetic accessories | cosmetics [+] cosmetics | cosmetic certification | natural cosmetics | cosmetic products for spas | import-export of cosmetics accessories | packaging of cosmetic products | natural cosmetic products | manufacturer of natural cosmetic products | creation of cosmetics ranges | items for the cosmetics industry

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    FRANCE- Sault
    ARÔMA'PLANTES - Verified by Europages

    ...range of quality natural products, certified organic or cosmos: essential oils, floral water, macerate, plant raw materials. We also transform cosmetics and cold soap for the Arôma'plantes brand, certified Cosmos & slow...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | white label organic cosmetics | bespoke organic cosmetics producer | essential oils | phytotherapy [+] bulk organic essential oils | organic lavender oil distillery | organic essential oil distillery | organic lavender producer | aromatherapy products | organic lavender essential oil | natural essential oils provence | bulk lavender essential oils | pdo lavender essential oil producer | bespoke lavender essential oil packing

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    ITALY- Milano
    BLESSCOSMETICS - Verified by Europages

    BLESS COSMETICS is a new independent Italian brand of make-up. This project was developed to create a new line of very high quality cosmetic products at a very reasonable price. For this reason we...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | Cosmetics | cosmetics | natural cosmetics | Beauty products [+] Perfume and beauty products | make up | professional make-up | beauty products for the face | make-up brushes and sponges | anti-ageing products

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    FRANCE- Norges-La-Ville
    SLT COSMÉTIQUES - Verified by Europages

    ...natural cosmetic products made from organic and vegan ingredients. We are specialists in scrubs for the face and body made from special ingredients, high-end as well as very affordable. Our...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | Cosmetics | organic cosmetic treatments | natural cosmetics | manufacturer of natural cosmetic products [+] natural beautycare | manufacturer of natural cosmetics | naturals face and body scrubs | smoothing tonic body scrub | gentle face scrub | gentle body scrub | natural cosmetic treatments | natural exfoliant products | natural face and body care products

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Stockport
    ASCOT INTERNATIONAL - Verified by Europages

    Since 1996, ASCOT INTERNATIONAL is a well established supplier of raw materials. Our wide product range includes hygiene and dinsinfectants raw ingredients, ingredients for personal care products...

    Supplier of: Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | oral hygiene products | personal care and hygiene products | vitamins | chemicals for the cosmetics industry [+] chemical and pharmaceutical | organic and essential oils | disinfectant raw ingredients | cosmetic ingredients | sports nutrition ingredients | ingredients for health products | ingredients for the personal care industry | chemicals for health and nutrition products | hygiene raw ingredients

    • Aloe Vera Aloe Vera Aloe Vera in powder or gel form
    • Bakuchiol Bakuchiol
    • Light Mineral Oil Light Mineral Oil
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  • Liberomondo is a fair trade cooperative. Liberomondo is a type b fair trade cooperative with its own production laboratories for fair trade food products, and works with other Italian organisations...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | natural cosmetics | Dietary and organic foods | Organic food | organic products [+] organic foods

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    BELGIUM- Montigny-Le-Tilleul
    BIO NEUF - Verified by Europages

    ...nature and the environment, BIO NEUF offers you ORGANIC cosmetics for your natural beauty: beauty products with essential oils (AROMATHERAPY), organic plant oils and floral waters, with HIGH CONCENTRATION OF ACTIVE...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Organic cosmetics | Beauty creams | Beauty products | aromatherapy [+] essential oils | anti-ageing cream | body care treatments | argan oil cosmetics | paraben-free cosmetics

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    ITALY- Trecastelli
    JALA COSMESI NATURALE - Verified by Europages

    JALA is the result of a careful life choice inspired by the hills of the Marche regions, not far from the sea, where a glance is enough to feel the connection with a land rich in clay, with patches...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Organic cosmetics | natural cosmetics | essential oils for the body | beauty products [+] natural product | bath oil | aromatherapy and natural products

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  • TECNOCOSMÉTICA is an ISO 22716 certified company specialising in the production of cosmetics. With over 30 years experience and a teams with wide-ranging specialist skills, we are your ideal partner...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | production of organic and biological cosmetics | manufacturer of cosmetics | cosmetic products for the skin and body | formulation, development and production of cosmetics [+] production of white label cosmetics | production of cosmetics to order | contract manufacturing of cosmetic products

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