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  1. AZ. AGR. SI.GI. S.A.S.


    The company AZ. AGR. SI.GI. S.A.S., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Fruit preserves and jams industry. It also operates in the organic farming preserves, small-scale manufacture, preserves, and sweet wine industries. It is based in Macerata, Italy.



    The company IDIA SRL, is a Distributor, which operates in the Fruit-based preparations industry. It also operates in the marmalades, preserves, biological marmalade, and organic farming preserves industries. It is based in Crotone, Italy.



    The company D'ALESSANDRO CONFETTURE S.R.L., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Fruit-based preparations industry. It also operates in the preserves, biological marmalade, Production of high-quality fresh fruit juices, and organic farming preserves industries. It is based in Giuliano Teatino, Italy.

  4. O'BIO


    The company O'BIO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Fruit industry. It also operates in the organic fruit, organic farming preserves, Organic jams, and berries industries. It is based in Wielsbeke, Belgium.



    The company GRANERÍA EL CORRALÓN. TIENDA BIO Y SIN GLUTEN, is a Retailer, which operates in the Dietary and organic foods industry. It also operates in the biological oils, organic farming preserves, hemp, and non-alcoholic wines industries. It is based in Benalmádena, Spain.

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    Welcome to NOVAFRUIT and Abonova: Your Source for Fresh and Frozen Tropical Fruits At NOVAFRUIT, part of the Abonova group, we import and distribute the finest fresh and frozen tropical fruits from around the world. Our selection is meticulously chosen for exceptional quality, freshness, and flavor. Our mission is to deliver a wide range of tropical fruits, meticulously selected for their exceptional quality, freshness, and flavor. ABONOVA: A Unique Approach Abonova, known for its innovative fertilization solutions, extends its expertise to the fruit industry through NOVAFRUIT. We are committed to internal social responsibility, managing our team with care, adapting to environmental changes, and upholding values that benefit customers and suppliers alike. Although we are a private limited company (S.L.), our business model aligns with social economy principles, emphasizing ethical practices and community engagement. Our mission is to connect consumers and businesses with the vibrant, nutritious flavors of tropical fruits, promoting a healthy lifestyle through the highest quality products. Why Choose Us? Exceptional Quality: Sourced from trusted growers. Sustainable Practices: Ethical and eco-friendly operations. Customer-Centric: Focused on exceptional service and value. Discover Our Products Explore our range of tropical fruits, including mangoes, pineapples, and papayas, available fresh or frozen to suit your needs. Contact Us Visit our website or contact us directly!



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    Herbiolys Laboratoire was founded in 2004 by the coming together of botanists, ethnobotanists and pickers who were passionate about the plant world. Specialists in fresh organic plant extracts from French plants, from the very outset the laboratory opted for an original production method: the plants, collected by the company's associated pickers and producers, are directly macerated in the place where they are collected so as to preserve all their properties and energy potential. Herbiolys Laboratoire defends its strong ethics by encouraging reasoned and sustainable picking, only using recycled and recyclable glass containers and recycled and recyclable packaging, limited its environmental impact thanks to local supplies and providing quality products. All our products are made in France by us, in the Hautes-Alpes, and are certified Nature & Progress, Organic Farming and with a quality label.



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    We own over 300 hectares of land and we plant and process all types of vegetables. We process millions of artichokes every year, making it our leading product but we also process tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, peppers and onions. The conserves can be with or without oil and be packed in: cartons, 1 kg and 3 kg tins and larger cans according to our client's requirements. The company benefits from the professionalism of over 200 workers and from the most advanced technologies in the food preservation industry. This allows us in a few steps to directly process the vegetables while just fresh and always a few hours from picking. We have been granted the most important quality certifications in the food industry including BRC food, ISO 9001: 2008 and the ICEA certificate for organic farming. In the last few years we have been production the Torre Guaceto Fiaschetto tomato puree thanks to the liaison with Slow Food.



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    In 2011, Oreshak Escargots Snail Farm took root amidst the picturesque Trojan Balkans, founded by Vyara Donova and Kalin Dimitrov. Following suit in 2012, the noteworthy "PP Helix" emerged near Sevlievo, spearheaded by Paulina Manuilova and Plamen Penchev. Both farms have organically progressed over the years and in 2013 established their own reproductive halls and a centralized storage base, specializing in the meticulous breeding, rearing, and storage of Helix Aspersa Maxima snails. The pinnacle of this collaborative journey materialized in the formation of "Perlescargots" Ltd. This distinguished company not only houses its processing plant but also focuses on the art of crafting delectable snail delicacies. The snails used in these culinary creations undergo meticulous breeding under the vigilant supervision of their owners and the veterinary services of the Republic of Bulgaria. Both the processing plant and the farms hold all requisite permits and certifications, adhering to the standards set by Bulgarian and European legislation. Proudly bearing their trademark, the comprehensive production process from A to Z ensures top-notch quality. Professional refrigerated transport guarantees the preservation of freshness, and weekly deliveries to France underscore their commitment to timely service. All of this is offered at the best price-quality point, cementing their reputation as leaders in the snail farming industry.



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    HERMES AGRI-COMPANY LTD is a reliable partner with 30 years of experience in the production and sale of high-tech organic fertilizers based on vermicompost under the Humiplus brand. We have a wide range of organic fertilizers based on vermicompost, available in liquid and suspension form. Humiplus products have an optimal concentration and convenient packaging, so they perfectly meet the diverse needs of modern farmers and demanding users who grow plants in their gardens or on their balconies. Humiplus plant growth biostimulants are certified by the international organization Organic Standard in accordance with EU Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. They are suitable for both organic and conventional farming. The effectiveness of Humiplus biological products has been confirmed by many years of research in the research institute and in the fields of customers. The advantages of our products are: 1. Multi-component complex composition: use one product instead of several, thanks to the complex action of 4 in 1. 2. Completely natural origin: preservation of all the properties of vermicompost and useful products of red California worms. 3. Prolonged action of the products: after application, they are active in the soil for several years, helping to maintain soil fertility; 4. Reducing the cost of mineral fertilizers: our own scientifically proven technologies to reduce the rate of fertilizer application by 30% while maintaining 100% of the result.



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    Uzbekistan - the Garden of Central Asia, has been famous for its delicious vegetables, fruits and nuts. Biogumus farm, with more than 10 years of experience in production and export of goods to European countries, offers and guarantees delivery of the best, healthy, natural and organic food products, made with love and without preservatives. Our production has been constantly working to improve product quality. It is certified in accordance to the international standards: Ecocert Organic, EOS Organic, KOSHER, ISO22000: 2018. These certificates not only guarantee high quality of finished products, but also guarantee safety and hygiene, continuous improvement of employee qualifications, and also guarantee a high level of care for the environment. We control the entire value chain, so we take care of every step of the process, from the selection of seeds for cultivation, harvesting, production of dried products, packaging and delivery to the buyer. Our products are grown, processed and packaged without chemical additives (doy-pack and vacuum packaging using Fast Delivery natural Nitrogen) and have the best packaging design. We have been established logistics for the delivery of goods throughout Uzbekistan and around the world.


    United Kingdom

    Commodities Trading UK LTD is one of the largest trading company in the field of Agricultural Commodities, Scrap Metals, Industrial and Mining Chemicals. We are a reputed exporter of agricultural commodities, scrap metals, industrial and mining chemicals. The company has grown leaps and bounds due to its persistent efforts and is unparalleled in its field of operation. Product quality, regularity of supply and value of commitment are the hallmarks of our company. The distinctiveness of our products and further broadening of product lines have led to rapid market penetration and expanded distribution. Beer Biscuits Bread, cakes and pastries Champagne and sparkling wines Cheese Cider and perry Cocoa and chocolate Coffee and tea Condiments, extracts and spices Confectionary Dairy products Dietary and organic foods Drinks Drinks, soft Feeds for animal farming Fish, seafood and snails, preserved Flour and semolina Food and beverage additives Foods, precooked and gourmet Frozen and deep-frozen foods Fruit preserves and jams Fruits, dried Ice cream and sorbets Import-export - food and agriculture Juices, fruit and vegetable Liquors and spirits Meat Meat, preserved Meats Meats, cooked and cured Mineral water Miscellaneous products of animal origin Offal Oils and fats, edible Pasta Pet foods Sugar Unrefined vegetable oils Vegetables, preserved Wines Wines - France Wines - Italy Wines - Spain Cereals & Grains Common wheat Crop harvesting Durum wheat Oilseed crops



    sodasan develops products for people who want to keep their home clean and comfortable using fewer chemicals, and offers them an extensive range of resolutely ecological washing, cleaning and cleansing agents. The sodasan promise stands for excellent washing and cleansing performance without synthetic dyes, preservatives or fragrances. All sodasan recipes are free from petrochemicals, genetic engineering and microplastics and are made exclusively from naturally-sourced raw materials – wherever possible from certified organic farming. In addition to environmentally-friendly ingredients and a certified climate-neutral production process, sodasan places great emphasis on avoiding the use of plastics. Accordingly, sodasan markets the majority of its products in bottles made from recycled PET or PE. In the blink of an eye, consumers can save up to 92% plastic waste, depending on the product.



    The history of our company "Green Life Energy" began with a small farm since 1996. We have always moved forward and gradually developed in different market directions. Now we are a solid team, with our own idiology and attitude. Our branches are located in different countries, and enable the use of our product by farmers on other continents and get quality products at the lowest cost, preserving the eco-system and the purity of the soil. Our company is a produce and supplies of organic fertilizers, feed additive for animals and birds, technical oils (cars, ships, agricultural machinery etc.). We deliver worldwide. Organic fertilizer - healthy food and longevity for your family!



    Nourish relationships important to You. Through compliments and thanking. Gift ideas for developing business and personal relationships We are happy to help You build, develop and keep relationships important to You. Through saying good wishes, compliments and thanking. Especha mission is to help change world for the better and this happens through your actions. Giving Especha tea gifts your positive impact spreads in many directions: 1) You give work to mentally disasbled people, who cannot find work in jobmarket (gift teas are packed by them) 2) You start, develop and keep important relationships (closest people and business partners). Your joy of giving and special wishes make the receiver happy and the act makes your relationship stronger 3) You give lots of health, that comes from organic farms in Northern Europe, Africa, Asia and South-America. All gift teas contain health boosting plants, berries and spices that develop selfhealing processes of organism. Tea blends like “You are talented”, ”I am happy” or “You are sweet” make nice gifts for several occasions. Free from artificial flavors, pesticides and genetically modified crops Glass containers with designed wooden lid are air-tight and easy to use – easier to open and close than paper and plastic bags, this preserves the tastes and aromas better Healthy and beatiful gift Epecha uses design as fundamental principle, thus products are perfect as presents and as interior design elements.



    Our team of dedicated horticulturists uses locally sourced nutrients and mold and pest control that are approved for organic production. This is part of our Clean Green Certification. At our farm, growing hemp is a delicate art form and the plants are amply cared for to reach their full potential. The plants are harvested when their trichromes reach a slight amber colour indicating they’ve reached the last stage of their journey. Even with OMRI certified nutrients, we flush our plants to perfection, allowing excess nutrients used up in the soil to achieve full terpene production and maximum mouthwatering taste. After the plants are harvested from our hemp farm, the flowers are dried and cured using craftsmanship honed over years of practice. Then they are stored in a climate-controlled area. All of this happens on site, so we can control and commune with the whole process and offer something we believe in. Anyone can grow with chemicals and get fast results, but these come at a cost to the environment and consumer. Unregulated use of chemicals is an industry-wide problem, all the while the traditions of organic and bio-dynamic methods are disappearing. Our goal is to preserve these traditions, even if it requires painstaking work on our part.



    Aromáticas de Palma, company based in Évora, Portugal, is specialized in the production and sale of aromatic, medicinal and herbal plants since 2013. We make the most of the natural resources around us, providing our customers with high-quality herbs produced in organic and biodynamic production, while preserving the environment. Our plants are certified by ECOCERT, grown according to the principles of organic farming and biodynamic agriculture. Both of these concepts are combined with the old lunar planting method and the use of natural remedies. We also obtained the DEMETER certificate, which is the highest level guarantee of quality for biodynamic agriculture. We have a range of 20 varieties of plants. Our product range includes a wide variety of plants, ranging from edible flowers to infusions, herbal teas and condiments such as thyme, lemon thyme, lavender, rosemary or sage. We also produce honey. Our herbal teas and infusions were carefully selected for their medicinal properties, flavour and aspect. All these properties are enhanced by our plant's quality. We take advantage of what nature has to offer us and grow our plants according to her rhythm. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information and discover our products!



    LLC ASTRONA is a producer and exporter of highly efficient bioorganic fertilizers and fodder additives. We produce environmentally compatible biological fertilizers and fodder additives to support the economic activities of companies and farmers all over the world. Products of LLC ASTRONA completely recover fertility of the soil from various levels of exhaustion; they preserve and support health and increase productivity of animals; they ensure production of pollution-free vegetables, fruit, berries, which are safe for human consumption, thus improving quality and increasing quantity of food products. Application of organic fertilizers produced by LLC ASTRONA is the main and most efficient method to return the nutritive substances extracted with the harvest to the soil, which leads to accelerated production of humus in the soil. Products of LLC ASTRONA offer sustainable and quick solution of the problem of loss of soil fertility, deliver the extra support that the earth needs to be healthy and fertile. Each one of you, who uses our products, contributes to recovery of the soil and promotes organic agriculture and animal farming.



    The Bonne Semence organic farm in French Guiana was created in 2013. It has a capacity of 5Ha in the Amazonian forest with a market gardening area and another for arboriculture. (organic products) This site is a particularly rejuvenating place with still preserved fauna and flora. The Bonne Semence Organic Farm is located in Guyana in Iracoubo, between Sinnamary and Mana. The Bonne Semence organic farm offers the rental of Carbet and rental of Gîte in the heart of the Amazon in Guyana. Rent a carbet in the heart of the Amazon in Guyana. To reconnect with nature, our traditional carbet is an ideal place for relaxation and rest. Bring your hammock, rope and sleeping bag for the weekend in our carbet rental in Guyana. Located next to our organic farm, you can taste our local organic products from Guyana. Our cottage is for rent on the organic farm in Guyana. Our rental is available for travelers looking for calm and reconnection with nature. Our all-wooden rental cottage accommodates a dozen hammocks each. Dry toilets and open-air showers are available. A creek a few steps away in the forest will be ideal during too hot days! The shared kitchen and the authentic Native American lodge with the wood fire will be your best assets for cooking organic products from the organic farm.



    Primagricu CO. an egyptian essential oil companyproducing high quality essential oils by applying the specified parameters of essential oils extraction We were one of the main suppliers for the most Essential oil exporters in Egypt since 1990. So this allow us to master the process inluding (faming, harvesting and Extraction processes of medicinal plants). our fields and factory located in benisuef city south of egypt primagricu our Values: o Promoting our Egyptian essential oils give a better tool to increase the cultivated area of medicinal plants, plant type’s variation and encourage the organic farming products : we are specialised in porducing pure essential oil like Geranium, Basil oil, German Chamomile, Marjoram, Corriander, Cumin, Tagetes, pippermint, Etc.  Mission: o Sharing with others, preserving the sustainability of Natural resources o Going to organic world with fast steps. Quality policy & objectives: Primeagricu Co. has a good quality system management we have ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, Primagricu Co. laboratory provide the necessary data through high Precision analyses to ensure the complete purity of our essential oils. o Some of goals of our quality targets are: o Measure the active ingredient of the essential oils o Control Aromatic compounds residues (Toluene, Benzene, etc.) o better control on Phthalates residues o minimize Heavy metals residues o Discover different Chirality (enantiomer test).



    Handcrafted soaps and cosmetics based on extra virgin olive oil produced by us. With 100% extra virgin olive oil, olive variety Koroneiki organic farming without sprayings / fertilizers / pesticides.Without colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, chemical additives. Without essential oils, but with a distinctive fragrance from pure extracts of our production of natural raw materials such as aromatic / medicinal plants, fruits etc. In collaboration with Greek farmers and collectors of aromatic / medicinal plants. We combine the passion and purity of traditional hand work with the rigor and accountability of scientific knowledge and documentation. Excellent knowledge of the chemistry of soap and saponification and practical experience of many years, ensuring the creation of a safe and flawless. Unique soap and mask/cream with healing black mud from Messologhi. Also best quality sea salt "fleur de sel" from Messologhi saltworks.



    Welcome to our family farm for organic hazelnuts High Bio Nuts. Our company always strives to present the true taste of hazelnuts. Hai Bio Nuts is a certified organic producer and distributor of hazelnuts. The organic hazelnut garden is located in southeastern Bulgaria on an area of ​​120 acres. Since 2007 we have been striving to preserve the true taste of hazelnut products through organic farming. In our garden we process only certified organic products that are grown without synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms or chemical fertilizers. This maintains biodiversity and improves the soil.



    Product flovium granulated pellets are brown and black color derived from mature sheep manure obtained from sheep farming on deep litter in northern Slovakia.Universal organic fertilizer - first its properties on the Slovak market. It combines the properties of organic and mineral fertilizers.Modern technology modifications, respecting the preservation of content for all content materials. The gradual release of major nutrients and important trace elements.Applied organic fertilizer in the soil gradually relaxes the whole complex of elements with humic acids, which are created in the soil colloidal complexes that positively affect long-term soil fertility.And without the addition of chemical preservatives.

  4. KGM LTD


    KGM Ltd was founded and operates on European market since 1992 and at this stage we can confidently describe our company as a stable organization with a wide product range and favorable pricing. Currently we work with over than 30 suppliers from all over the world. We offer: Raw materials for animal feed production: soybean meal, rapeseed cake & rapeseed meal, sunflower meal, beetroot pulp, category 3 products (MBM, animal bone meal, animal meat meal, pork meat meal, feather meal, poultry fats etc.), feed additives (lysine, threonine, methionine, vitamins etc.) and other products. Agriculture film, twines and nets: silage stretch film, tunnel wrap, greenhouse film, twines and bale nets, microbiological preservatives for hay etc. Products for cattle: milk replacers, vitamin and mineral additives, premixes, salt, as well as specialized products for cattle and BIO products for biological farms as well as products for pigs and poultry, cleaning and disinfection products etc.



    We are a specialist in the field of alternative sugar production that applies organic products and integrated farming. We apply strict procedures for all processes from maintenance, harvesting, processing of raw materials to end products. Our SOP has been certified by Control Union (CU 846871 in 2017) and received USDA & EU Organic certificates. However, due to efficiency considerations and company requirements, we decided not to renew certification yet. Even though the validity period of USDA & EU Organic has expired, we still apply the same SOP, so we can guarantee that our products are in the category of organic products that are kept clean and free of chemicals. We produce coconut nectar and sorghum sugar. As our products do not use preservatives at all, we treat our products very carefully. Thereby, we maintain the shelf life of our products, which our products stay edible for up to 18 months.We are committed to our products to fulfill your expectations. We respond to any claims from you if our products do not meet the agreed specifications. We are committed to our products to fulfill your expectations. We respond to any claims from you if our products do not meet the agreed specifications.



    ETS HUON: Manufacturer of organic fertilizers, soil conditioners - organic and conventional ranges. Huon organic fertilizers are made with the greatest respect to nature. The bases of most of our composts comply with exacting organic farming specifications. Our composting method (with an increase in temperature to 70°C) and cold pelleting, ensure the hygienization of our composts while preserving microbian life.



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    "Our mission: to supply the world's freshest best quality vegetables at keen prices”. Since 2022, DINASTY HARPEN has been the potato and onion specialist exporter. We are available all year round to supply suitable, excellent quality products. Everyone in our company understands our mission. So, we work extremely hard to make the difference. Our young, dynamic team members will guide you to take the best decisions. The firm exports and distributes a variety of products wholesale, primarily, vegetables such as potatoes and onions. We are a sound, well-built and integrated team, whose aim is to ensure the export of potatoes and onions to West Africa. The company has a duty to supply quality products through a professional service to offer a secure environment for our customers' investments to gain their trust. Feel free to contact us for more information!



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    LA VAGUE ECO is a Breton company that supplies trade and private customers with organic and environmentally-friendly products for gardens, kitchen gardens, horticulture, permaculture and landscaping. Our products are plant and mineral based for natural growing without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. We offer an extensive range of basic organic products for treating kitchen and pleasure gardens naturally that we ship throughout Europe in all packing formats: - Natural fertilizers: caster bean, guano, crushed horn, karanja, lithothamnium, biochar, wood ash, patentkali, iron sulphate, dried blood, - Natural insect pest, rodent, wireworm treatments: burnt clay, kaolin, plant manures, - Seeds for intermediate cultures: vetch, sunflower, phacelia, buckwheat, mustard, - Landscaping and decoration: sphagnum, heather brushwood. LA VAGUE ECO products are unembellished, efficient and environmentally-friendly. LA VAGUE ECO is a company that is committed to protecting the environment, by offering sustainable solutions for growing healthy, delicious plants while preserving the health of our planet. We strive to offer the fair prices without secondary packaging and 80% of our packs are our partners' recycled cartons and bags.



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    FRESH FUTURE Sp. Z o.o. was established in 2012 and is one of the leading Polish importers and distributors of fresh vegetables. Together with its parent company, Hagranop, Fresh Future has a warehouse space of approximately 100, 000 tons. The company's infrastructure includes the most modern storage and cooling bases in Europe that meet the highest criteria. The warehouses located in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands have a temperature and air humidity monitoring system; therefore, 100, 000 tons of vegetables are stored in ideal cooling conditions. Our vegetables are sold fresh and chilled, and a well-developed logistics network allows them to be delivered directly to the recipient. We are aware of the importance of the quality of our products, which is why they are subject to constant monitoring and complete control. As a result, positive test results were awarded by certificates and numerous attestations confirming their quality and efficiency. Fresh Future Sp. z o. o. today it is a base of regular producers from all over Europe, rich logistic, technological and warehouse facilities. Thanks to solid foundations and market awareness, we follow the client's needs and set new trends. Dutch experience and Polish performance result in the satisfaction of contractors. We are constantly working on new products and innovative solutions that will allow us to maintain the trust that partners and consumers place in us.

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