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    United Kingdom

    Bespoke Aquariums: Our custom made aquariums have been supplied to restraunts, offices, oil rigs and commercial premises around the Uk. Our Aquarium manufacturing is based in Sheffield with deliveries to Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham, Chesterfield and surrounding areas. We also deliver around the Uk to London and southern destinations, also to Scotland and Nothern areas using our own transport for care free and safe deliveries to your door... Aquarium Manufacture: We offer a full consultation for your bespoke aquarium which is manufactured in our workshop in Sheffield. From hobbyists to professionals we can cater for your dream aquarium.. Aquarium Installations: Our Aquarium system services also includes a full onsite installation service for your new aquarium if needed... It can be a confusing experience for a new hobbyist, we offer a full guidence consultation on how to service and maintain your new aquarium to ease your new experience.

  2. NFECO

    South Korea

    -The number of fish that perish will be dramatically reduced, as a shortage of dissolved oxygen in water tank can be resolved using a high-density storage method.-Sufficient supply of oxygen will enhance the growth of aerobic and eliminate toxic substance, reducing the water management costs.-Sufficient oxygen will help decrease the toxicity of ammonia, thereby reducing the number of fish that perish and relieving stress.-The weight of fish can be managed in a stable environment, and the flesh will become better, allowing the marine produce to be evaluated as high quality.



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    The core business activities of SEWEC OZON are the development, manufacture and sale of ozone generation systems, complete ozone systems and system components, as well as waste air purification systems. Our product range includes: Ozone systems; Ozone destroyers; Ozone generators; Disinfection systems for foodstuffs; Air valves; Static mixers; Hotel pools; Ventilation systems for the catering industry; Drinking water disinfection systems; Dew point temperature measuring equipment

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    We provide high quality hyperbaric oxygen chambers made in Germany after the latest Japanese technology. We the largest manufacturer of oxygen capsules in Europe. Our staff speaks fluent English. We overcome language-, distance- and cultural obstacles and ensure your orders and after sales assistance are well carried out. Being trained overseas facilities we can quickly address any technical issues or repairs related to our products. With many years of working in Japan we now share with you the benefits of high quality Japanese healthcare made in Germany after the highest standards. We can now deliver the chambers all over Europe in one week, we ensure the manufacturer warranty - 2 years with post warranty assistance and an extra 3 years warranty with the replacement with a new cabin. With oxygen chambers, capsules , cabin - room type , even for pets we can enhance business in many areas: Rehabilitation, wellness and spa, sports/fitness centers, chiropractors and veterinary practices. Offer your client a real option for oxygen therapy.