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    FRANCE- Capdenac Gare
    LABORATOIRE NUTERGIA - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1989, Laboratoire Nutergia specializes in helping people take care of their own body through healthy nutrition. Based in Aveyron, with over 200 employees contributing every day to the...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | pharmaceutical products for the digestive system and metabolism | Foods, health | Vitamins and provitamins | Food supplements [+] Phytotherapy products | Medicines, patent | Health and fitness | psychological and physical treatment for well-being | antioxidants | osteoarticular treatments | natural medicines | vitamins | health care | homoeopathic pharmaceutical laboratories

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    AUSTRIA- Gmünd
    AGRANA STARCH - Verified by Europages

    AGRANA manufactures top-notch starch products using modern and environmentally-sensitive methods. The raw materials: corn, potatoes and wheat. The result: top-quality starch products for...

    Supplier of: Starch, industrial | organic starch | modified starch | ethanol | potato starch [+] corn flours | corn meal for zootechnics | organic animal feed | thickening agents for the food processing industry | animal feed | thickening agents for the cosmetics industry | excipients | organic products | chemical products for the textile auxiliary industry | ingredients for baker

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    AKVION, JSC - Verified by Europages

    We, VTF-AKVION Group, are one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers of natural and unique products for healthy living. We develop and market unique products for healthy lifestyle. All products...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Phytotherapy products | Vitamins and provitamins | Food supplements | Beauty products [+] Cosmetics | Medicines | functional foods | vitamin supplements | antiseptics | antioxidants | natural product | vitamins | workshop preparations | food additives

    • IMASTON IMASTON Reproduction
    • DIFERTON DIFERTON Reproduction
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  • Wholesale business with online shop for medical products: Gloves, syringes, cannula, intravenous catheters, winged cannula, medical plasters, kinesiology tape, infusion and transfusion, X-ray...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Safety equipment, work | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | Cleaning and maintenance products, household [+] Medicine and surgery - items and supplies | Disposable medical and surgical articles | Protective and work clothing | Cleaning and maintenance - equipment and supplies | Industrial equipment hire | disposable latex gloves | nitrile (latex-free) medical investigation gloves | latex investigation gloves (disposable gloves) | single-use injection cannula | disposable syringes for medical applications

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    AUSTRIA- Brunn Am Gebirge
    JOMA KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The privately-owned Austrian company, Joma, has been synonymous with outstanding product developments in plastics technology for several decades and is an internationally recognised specialist in...

    Supplier of: Packaging | bottle caps | plastic boxes | non-reusable packaging- | development of packaging [+] spice grinders | plastic screw caps | food packaging for the retail industry | packaging for the food processing industry | packaging for the pharmaceutical industry | packaging design | plastic packaging materials | packaging material | packaging materials | packaging materials for the food industry

    • JOMA Creme Dispenser JOMA Creme Dispenser vacuum pump system
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    GERMANY- Tönisvorst
    CAPSULA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Capsula GmbH trades in active ingredients and additives internationally and is in constant contact with important producers. Procurement of raw materials for our production process on the...

    Supplier of: pharmaceutical products | pharmaceutical production | contract filling of pharmaceutical products | contract packing of chemical pharmaceutical products | pharmaceutical products (medicines) [+] contract packing of chemical and pharmaceutical products | filling of pharmaceutical products | Packers - companies | organic food supplements | dietary supplements | contract filling of dietary supplements | commissioned manufacturing of dietary supplements | animal feed supplements | food supplements, liquid | customised labelling and packaging

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  • ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH manufactures systems required for conveying, dosing, applying, filling, and emptying medium to high-viscosity fluids. The headquarter is in Töging a. Inn...

    Supplier of: Dosing pumps | Pumps | pharmaceutical dispensers | food dispensers | metering systems [+] adhesion technology | metering machines | metering devices for viscous substances | liquid pumps | metering devices | drainage systems | filling systems | pumps for highly viscous media | pumps for media containing solids | pumps for the food industry

    • Flexible dosing systems expand the fields of application Flexible dosing systems expand the fields of application New approaches from clinical studies to production lines
    • Pharmaceutical Dispenser 3VPHD8 Pharmaceutical Dispenser 3VPHD8 Dosing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products and food
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  • ACT has been successfully selling a steadily increasing number of raw materials of the highest certified quality for 30 years. Founded in 1985 in Hamburg by Dr. Ramin Ghaffari, ACT is now a growing...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Vitamins and provitamins | additives for the foodstuffs industry | vanillin [+] flavourings | ascorbic acid | amino-acids | vitamins | acidifier | amino acid | amino acids - peptides | vegetable extracts | acidity correctors | raw materials

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    BELGIUM- Tamines
    BELLAVIE SPRL - Verified by Europages

    As part of a scientific approach, a new range of probiotics and symbiotics focusses on current world health issues. Probiotics are very useful micro-organisms which restore the oral, intestinal and...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | wholesale of pharmaceutical products | Food supplements | Pharmaceuticals – import-export [+] online sales of food supplements | pharmacy laboratories | food additives | vitamins | manufacturer of probiotics | food supplements to boost immunity | health supplements to boost the immune system | manufacturer of private label food supplements | own-brand food supplements | manufacturer of prebiotics

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    HAYDSWISS SÀRL - Verified by Europages

    ...wipes. We undertake to deliver reliable, quality products in the shortest time, while adhering to current standards. We take care to ensure that the delivery of your products to their destination goes...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | distributor of pharmaceutical products | Medical Equipment | Masks, safety | Pharmaceuticals – import-export [+] gloves for medical examinations | disinfectants for medical use | hand disinfectant | hand gel | healthcare articles | medical articles | medical-sanitary articles | disposable medical articles | disposable gloves | nitrile gloves

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    CROATIA- Donja Voca
    PHARMA HERBS - Verified by Europages

    PharmaHerbs is a dedicated company based in a traditional hemp-growing region of Europe. We started the hempbusiness in 2019. In year 2020, we began to expand and find our way at the german market....

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Beauty creams | Skin-care products | Extracts, food | Extracts for pharmaceutical preparations [+] Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | coffee and tea | hemp - plants | raw hemp | development and manufacture of cosmetics | hemp seed oil | extraction of natural raw materials | aromatic and medicinal plants | aromatherapy and natural products | medicinal herbs

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  • BROTHIER is an independent French pharmaceutical laboratory set up in 1949. The brand presents its requirements and expertise in healing through its products. The laboratory specializes in...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Bandages and dressings | first aid kits | pharmaceutical laboratory | algae-based healing dressings [+] wound care | alginate dressings | alginate compresses | haemostatic compresses | haemostatic wicks | haemostatic powder | healing powder | healing dressings | cicatrisation | calcium alginate powder

    Brands : stop hémo

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  • Schmidgall GmbH & Co KG offers comprehensive support for Austrian pharmacies through a highly qualified team of office workers and field workers. We have good contacts with pharmaceutical wholesale,...

    Supplier of: pharmaceutical products | pharmaceutical products/preparations | Marketing | Medicines | Dietary and organic foods [+] vitamins | homeopathy | cosmetics | disinfectants | distribution/sales | pharmacy supplies | pharmacy | austria | medications/over-the-counter | food supplements

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  • ATLANTIQUE RÉPARTITION, your convenient wholesaler and independent regional dispatcher. A partner close to you, a team on hand for your daily needs. Continuous improvement is our leitmotif: we are...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | packaging of pharmaceutical products | distribution of pharmaceutical products | pharmaceutical transports | Medicines [+] Warehouse stock-management services | Import-export - chemicals and pharmaceuticals | Pharmaceuticals – import-export | Storage equipment and systems | order management | stock management | international delivery | items for pharmacies | drugs packaging | packing for the pharmaceutical industry

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  • Dr. Paul Lohmann® is a medium-sized, owner-managed manufacturer and developer of mineral salts based in Emmerthal. The product portfolio comprises over 400 different Salts, from Aluminium to Zinc, in...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Pharmaceutical products | Salt, industrial | mineral salts | iron [+] zinc | magnesium | copper

    • Zinc Gluconate Zinc Gluconate
    • Magnesium Citrate Magnesium Citrate
    • Magnesium L-Hydrogen Aspartate 2-hydrate Magnesium L-Hydrogen Aspartate 2-hydrate
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    RUSSIA- Kostroma
    GEYZER (KZKO LLC) - Verified by Europages

    Geyzer, LLC is a manufacturer of heating equipment with a specification on incinerators. This equipment is more and more popular, because of an ecofriendly and cost effective way to handle its...

    Supplier of: Processing and recycling of waste | Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations | Waste and refuse incineration - plants | Natural textile waste | Domestic waste treatment [+] Industrial waste management | Treatment of electrical and electronic waste | machinery and equipment for treating textile waste | incinerators and combustion plants with energy recovery | presses for the treatment of harmful-toxic and special waste | waste recovery and recycling plants | incinerators | systems for incinerating mineral oil waste | plastic waste | solid waste disposal

    • Pharmaceutical industry Pharmaceutical industry
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  • Pharmaturca is an authorized pharmaceurtical warehouse to export from Turkey/İstanbul. We are the largest exporter company which is registered by Ministry Of Health of Turkey in 2004. We supply high...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | generic pharmaceutical products | branded pharmaceutical products | Medicines | Medical Equipment [+] Pharmaceuticals – import-export | generic drugs | fillers | medical devices | oncology | pharmaceutical warehouse | pharmaceutical wholesaler | parallel import | affordable medicines | affordable pharmaceuticals

    Brands : Juvederm

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    GERMANY- Berlin
    ROM BAU GMBH - Verified by Europages

    R.B GMBH is a company registered in Germany with its head office in Berlin. It was founded in 2004 and also has branches and partners in Europe. Our main activities involve importing and exporting...

    Supplier of: Import-export - wood | epal pallets | palettes | wooden pallets | disposable pallets [+] soda | log wood | cutting wood | metal shavings | wood flour | roast coffee beans | tea, coffee and herbal teas | baby products | energy drinks | euro pallets

    • Potassium iodide,Radiation Emergencies Pills ,ThyroSafe Potassium iodide,Radiation Emergencies Pills ,ThyroSafe Potassium iodide,Radiation Emergencies Pills ,ThyroSafe For Sell
    • Potassium iodide,Radiation Emergencies Pills ,ThyroSafe Potassium iodide,Radiation Emergencies Pills ,ThyroSafe Potassium iodide,Radiation Emergencies Pills ,ThyroSafe For Sell
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    LITHUANIA- Vilnius
    PIPELINEPHARMA - Verified by Europages

    ...wholesalers ─ it accelerates the building of product pipeline by directly connecting them with qualified manufacturers worldwide. For platform sellers ─ CTD dossier owners, pharmaceutical manufacturers, out-licensing companies ─ it helps find...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Pharmaceutical products | pharmaceutical products manufacturer | pharmaceutical products supplier | pharmaceutical products quote [+] pharmaceutical products import | pharmaceutical products export | pharmaceutical products producer | pharmaceutical products wholesaler | pharmaceutical products distributor | Pharmaceuticals – import-export | Biotechnologies | Import-export - chemicals and pharmaceuticals | Medicines, patent | Medicine - basic products and additives

    • Seretide, Advair Seretide, Advair Salmeterol
    • Gilenya Gilenya Fingolimod
    • Match with qualified pharma buyers Match with qualified pharma buyers Access new markets globally
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    MOROCCO- Khouribga
    OVADIA PHARM - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | wholesale of pharmaceutical products | dermatological pharmaceutical products | Pharmaceuticals – import-export | cosmetics [+] health and beauty products and cosmetics

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    FRANCE- Bastia
    PHARMATECH SARL - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Pharmaceuticals – import-export

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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    CULA PHARMA - Verified by Europages and expert with supply hard-to-find products to our customers & business partners around the globe. Our mainline of business is to export branded and generic pharmaceuticals to Pharmacies, Clinics, Wholesalers,...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | pharmaceuticals | pharmaceutical wholesaler | Cosmetics | Medical Equipment [+] Food supplements | oncology | medical devices | disinfectants | dermal fillers | botox | dysport | diabetics | oncology line | orphan drugs

    Brands : Botox | Dysport | Dermal Filler

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    ITALY- Cassina De' Pecchi
    FRESENIUS KABI IPSUM - Verified by Europages

    Fresenius Kabi iPSUM, a unit of the Fresenius Kabi group, applies current Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP) in its specialist manufacturing of β-lactam type active principles, for oral and sterile...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | chemical products for the pharmaceutical industry | pharmaceutical assistance | antihistamines | functional foods [+] anti-inflammatory products | antibiotics | anticoagulants | support hose | anti-asthmatics | anti-thrombotic remedies | healthcare articles | sodium and by-products | cefuroxime sodium | penicillin from fermentation and by-products

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    BELGIUM- Nivelles
    TRENKER - Verified by Europages

    Laboratoires Pharmaceutiques Trenker is a family business founded in 1933 by Rodolphe Henri Trenker. The company produces and distributes medicines, dietary supplements and high-quality medical...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | dermatological pharmaceutical products | Medicines | Pharmaceuticals – import-export | pharmacy laboratories [+] antioxidants | food additives | slimming supplement | omega 3 manufacturer | dietary supplements for children | health supplements | manufacturer of antibiotics | dietary supplements for deficiencies | hair vitamins | health supplements to boost the immune system

    Brands : ORTHONAT Nutrition | Trenker Nutrition | Bioléine | Imutis

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    POLAND- Oborniki
    GLOBALBLEND SP. Z O.O. - Verified by Europages

    GLOBALBLEND SP. Z O.O is a polish manufacturing company specialized in the contract production of food supplements, foodstuffs for particular nutritional and special medical uses. We develop and...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Food supplements | Veterinary products | Medicines | foodstuffs [+] import of foodstuffs | amino acid | raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry | health products | manufacturing of food supplements | foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses | foodstuffs for medical purposes | nutrition products | sports nutrition products | dietary foods

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  • S.A.M MED BV
    NETHERLANDS- Rotterdam
    S.A.M MED BV - Verified by Europages

    ...Europe and U.S.A We are leading distributor of pharmaceutical products. We specialize in clearance, surplus, end of lines and regular stock. We are totally dedicated to customer satisfaction and aim to meet the needs of your business. We have been doing this...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | wholesale of pharmaceutical products | pharmaceutical products for veterinary use | Medical Equipment | Beauty products [+] medical and surgical equipment | medical diagnostic tests | medical articles | medical diagnosis | test instruments | rapid antigen test kit | drugs - basic and auxiliary products | medical devices | test kit | rapid test kit

    • 5 x Lyme Disease Blood Test, Lyme Borreliosi 5 x Lyme Disease Blood Test, Lyme Borreliosi 5 x Lyme Disease Blood Test, Lyme Borreliosi
    • Malaria Blood Test Kit Malaria Blood Test Kit Malaria Blood Test Kit, Medical Professional GP Diagnostic Testing Panel Pack
    • Malaria Blood Test Kit Malaria Blood Test Kit Malaria Blood Test Kit, Medical Professional GP Diagnostic Testing Panel Pack
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    FRANCE- Toulouse
    TOXI PLAN - Verified by Europages

    ...cosmetic products, medical devices, pharmaceutical products, food supplements, foodstuffs, detergents, chemical products, fabrics and packaging. Toxi Plan works with you to assess (eco)toxicological risks in terms of the...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Cosmetics | toxicology analysis | food additives | raw materials [+] medical devices | toxicologists and ecotoxicologists | toxicology and ecotoxicology | predictive (eco)toxicology - in silico | regulatory affairs | (eco)toxicological risk assessment | ecotoxicological certification - etoxisafe | cosmetic product safety report - cpsr | product information file - pif | cosmetovigilance

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    CZECH REP.- Napajedla
    PRO - OVERTURE CZ S.R.O. - Verified by Europages

    Pro-Overture CZ is a company based in the Czech Republic and specializes in the distribution of protective equipment, medical supplies. Our company is in cooperation with leading manufacturers and...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | medical supplies | protective equipment

    • Antigen Rapid Test ZandCell (Saliva) Antigen Rapid Test ZandCell (Saliva) ZandCell™SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test (Saliva)
    • Filtering half mask FFP2 - black color Filtering half mask FFP2 - black color Filtering half mask, Model: Virshields VS005 (class FFP2 NR)
    • Filtering half mask FFP2 - red color Filtering half mask FFP2 - red color Filtering half mask, Model: Virshields VS005 (class FFP2 NR)
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  • OUR AREA OF ACTIVITY Biohealth International GmbH is a contract manufacturer for innovative products in the following areas: • Food supplements • Sports nutrition • Functional food products •...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Dietary and organic foods | Foods, precooked and gourmet | Food and beverage additives [+] Perfume and beauty products | Cosmetics | Hygiene and toilet products | Hygiene and beauty articles | Medicines | Protein additives | amino-acids | natural flavours for the food and canning industry | dietetic foods | protein supplements

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    FRANCE- La Roche Vineuse
    LAB-SERVICE - Verified by Europages

    LAB SERVICE: Created in 1981, our company's core business is granulometric analysis. It remains, to this day, a family-run and independent company. Lab Service works in collaboration with chemical,...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | pharmaceutical industry | Extracts for pharmaceutical preparations | Medicines, patent [+] micronisation | analytical laboratories | screening | crushing | chemicals | granularity measurement | power grinding for the pharmaceutical industry | granularity analyses | chemical industry

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