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    The company BYONAT PHARMA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Pharmaceutical products industry. It also operates in the physiotherapeutic massage center, and pharmacy containers industries. It is based in L'aquila, Italy.



    The company FARMACIA DALÍ, is a Distributor, which operates in the Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the pharmacy containers industries. It is based in Valdemoro, Spain.



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    Uniplast is specialized in manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical packaging. We have developed over 200 different high quality products within over 30 years of operation. Our products: • PE spray and cosmetic bottles – for alcohol, lotions, disinfectants, creams, gels, oils, shampoos • PP jars - for creams, ointments, butters, supplements, medicines • PE bottles with tamper proof security cap – for alcohol, solutions etc. • Powder bottles – for baby and all other types of powders, etc Our team finds the beauty of doing business in a creative environment that motivates and inspires all those that are in touch with their products and services. Uniplast has a certified integrated management systems of the organization IMS (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 15378, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) & ISO 13485) that obliges us to continuously improve already high quality level of our products and services. As a company axed on innovation and founded by engineers, Uniplast is constantly focused on developing new products. Our main service is unique packaging development from idea, mold development to the result and thus meeting our customer’s demands and needs. With our partners, we achieve relationship of maximum trust and fair cooperation with an aim to offer exclusive, superior quality products, tailored to their needs and requirements. The company motto is: Your score is our achievement! Don't hesitate to contact us for any information!



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    PI QU markets plastic containers and related accessories. Flexibility and the quality of our service are our major assets and we cover the entire country. We manufacture a whole range of containers with modern shapes to be used in cosmetic, food and drugstore applications, stored in our warehouse to meet our customers' demands and guarantee the certainty of fast delivery.



    delta T develops and manufactures transport solutions for temperature-sensitive products in the Life Science sector. Our special tempering elements and insulated containers and bags make transport at constant temperature for up to 120 hours possible. delta T was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Fernwald, Germany. Our customers are good ones – whether blood donation services buying insulated boxes and packs for their blood bags, blood reserves, tubes or plasma, pharmaceutical manufacturers or wholesalers who use our systems to put together the right insulating packaging for medicines and samples, or local distributors, whether laboratories or pharmacies, who use a delta T insulated container or insulated bag on the go.

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    COSM-EST develops, manufactures and packs solid and liquid, hygiene and well-being products for both national and international brands. COSM-EST is a partner to many perfumery, dermo-cosmetic and pharmacy brands regionally, nationally and worldwide. We are specialised in the manufacture of haircare and bodycare products. We use traditional and eco-responsible manufacturing methods with 100% natural raw materials. We support our clients throughout the different manufacturing stages to carry out their projects. We create individual and customisable solutions for our clients: bespoke cosmetics manufacture, suited to the needs of each client and customisable from the content to the container. Feel free to contact us for more information on our products and services. We'll study your project together!



    FFP2 safety masks for pharmacies, institutions and companies. We would like to support you in distributing FFP2 masks to your customers and employees and offer you our FFP2 masks in large volumes. COVID-19 antigen rapid test, cassette VE containing 25 tests (Clungene or Bosch Laboratories brand with original manufacturer specification) Manufacturer: Hangzhou Clongene Biotech Co. Ltd., listed by the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices. The coronavirus pandemic, which has been rampant for a few weeks now, prompted us, J. Bosch Laboratories GmbH, to start selling the crucial COVID-19 antigen rapid tests – which are currently so essential for tracing chains of infection – as early as the end of October 2020. Warehouse availability: Masks for everyday use, respiratory face masks, tested FFP2 masks, face masks with CE marking, FFP2 protective masks, protection class FFP2 (CE 2834), COVID-19 antigen rapid test.


    United Kingdom

    CHAPPER healthcare is a world class medical supplies wholesaler and distributor, specialising in importing and exporting pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to markets across the globe. Established over 40 years ago in 1975, our team are experts at sourcing products, consolidating orders and organising shipments, no matter what the destination. We successfully supply both branded and generic pharmaceuticals, over the counter medicines, hospital supplies, medical equipment and veterinary medicines to our clients in over 55 countries. Our customers include government ministries, hospitals, clinics, pharmacy chains, health professionals and medical distributors. We operate from two purpose built warehouses located in Watford, UK, which are ideally located for major air and road networks. Both warehouses are licensed by the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and in respect of controlled drugs, by the UK Home Office. Whether it’s a small one-off shipment or the regular delivery of several containers, our dedicated staff pride themselves on their ability to supply products on time, both safely and securely, to all of our clients, wherever and whenever they are required. We also work with manufacturers to distribute their products on an exclusive basis to countries across the globe.



    Aluminium Foil: 1.Household Foil 8011 (ALLOY) 0.009-0.02mm(THICKNESS) 200-1400mm(WIDTH) One Side Bright 2.Pharmacy Foil 8011 (ALLOY) 0.02-0.025mm (THICKNESS) 200-1400mm (WIDTH) One Side Bright 3.Cold Forming Medicine Package Foil 8011, 8021 (ALLOY) 0.045-0.075mm (THICKNESS) 200-1400mm (WIDTH) One Side Bright 4.Food Soft Packing Foil 8011 (ALLOY) 0.009-0.023mm(THICKNESS) 200-1400mm(WIDTH) 5.Container Foil 3003, 8011 (ALLOY) 0.04-0.09mm (THICKNESS) 200-1400mm (WIDTH) Two Sides Bright 6.Cable Foil 8011 (ALLOY) 0.009-0.01mm (THICKNESS) 200-1400mm (WIDTH) One Side Bright 7.Beer Mark foil 8011 (ALLOY) 0.01-0.011mm (THICKNESS) 200-1400mm (WIDTH) One Side Bright 8.Air-conditioner Foil 8011 8006 3102 (ALLOY) 0.07-0.100mm (THICKNESS) 200-1400mm (WIDTH) Two Sides Bright 9.Decoration Foil 1100 (ALLOY) 0.02-0.03mm (THICKNESS) 200-1400mm (WIDTH)10.Cigarette Foil1235 (ALLOY)0.0065-0.007 mm (THICKNESS)200-1200mm (WIDTH)One Side Bright



    Nitto-Kinzoku have been manufacturing and selling stainless steel containers in Japan since 1957.Our business range is centered on the manufacture and sale of stainless steel containers used in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as a wide range of fields including cosmetics, foods, chemicals, semiconductors and more. In addition, our main partners outside Japan are pharmaceutical companies in the United States.Stainless steel container for pharmaceutical industryThe containers Nitto-Kinzoku produce are particularly well-received by the pharmaceutical industry. Containers used in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States and Japan are required to meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), with which our products are strictly compliant.In addition, we have delivered products to all 310 pharmaceutical companies in Japan as of 2014 (with reference to the Japan Pharmaceutical Industry Data Book 2017).We have also made great achievements with Japan’s “mega pharmacies, ” Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Astellas Pharma and Daiichi-Sankyo, as well as generic pharmaceutical companies and health food manufacturers.The main uses of our products are not limited to storage or transportation; our products can also be used in mixing and pressurization operations in the manufacturing process. In addition, we also have cultivating tanks for biological agents, purified sinks for tablet factories, and injection adjustment tanks. We ha


    South Africa

    Our South African based company created an eyelid cleanser which removes make up and cleans eyes and faces of bacteria and fungi and mites. 30% of children and 50% of adults may suffer from blepharitis. Our product line contains tea tree and citrus extracts and was designed by an ophthamologist and is exported to 35 different countries. Ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. Eyes feel cool and relieved with no oily residue. We have a gel, foam pump, eyelid wipes and baby eye lid wipes under the brand name of Dr Chrissie. We also have a new Pet Eyelid Wipe made by Dr Chrissie and Dr Antony who is a world renown veterinary ophthalmologist. This works well in removing crusting and tear stains in all animals. We have a manufacturing process in the United States also. Our brand is owned only by medically trained ophthalmologists and a pharmacist and is sold by eye doctors, pharmacies and optometrists as well as Amazon and online.


    South Korea

    Main Products - Injection Mold, Injection Blow Mold(IBM), Extrusion Blow Mold(EBM) Details : 1. Plastic Mold for Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Healthcare, Personal care, Houseware, 2. Items of Plastics : Bottle, Jar, Container / Cap, Plug, Cover, lid, Closure, 3. Supply Precise and elaborate Mold 4. Supply with Reasonable & Competitive Price 5. Supply with High Quality, Rapid Cycle Time ** We supply only Highly Qualified, Highly Precise Molds **