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    Czech Rep.

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    Welcome to STARÝ TIMBER s.r.o., your top choice for premium ecological heating products. Our range, including sawdust briquettes, fireplace wood, pellets, and kindling, is well-received in Germany, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland. Committed to sustainability, we follow a Zero Waste philosophy and hold an FSC® certificate for responsible forest sourcing. Community Commitment: As proud sponsors of the local football team, we foster community spirit. We also organize charity campaigns for orphanages and educational centers, extending our positive impact beyond heating solutions. Global Presence, Local Excellence: With manufacturing plants globally, STARÝ TIMBER ensures personalized woodcut production to meet diverse client needs while maintaining a high standard of quality. Quality Assurance: Our competitive pricing reflects our commitment to quality. Adhering to international wood pellet production standards, our experts use advanced methods, and rigorous testing ensures premium products. Versatile Range: Explore our comprehensive selection, from briquettes and charcoal to firewood, lumbers, pallets, pellets, and wood chips. Whether it's Alder, Ash, Beech, or other varieties, STARÝ TIMBER is your reliable supplier. Choose STARÝ TIMBER for top-tier ecological heating solutions that contribute to a greener, more responsible world.



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    Since 2005, Asır Group has emerged as a dynamic force in the industry, offering an extensive range of product categories and prestigious brands. As the official licensee of renowned names including Beverly Hills Polo Club, Laura Ashley, Juicy Couture, Aéropostale in the past, and now Vince Camuto, our commitment to excellence extends across various domains. With manufacturing capabilities spanning Apparel, Home Textile, Home Decoration, Furniture, Jewelry, Kitchenware, Lighting, Rug & Carpet, Sofa, Wall Decoration, Wallet & Bag, Asır Group stands as the authorized entity to distribute these leading brands. Our dedication lies in providing exceptional service and premium-quality products to our valued clientele. We pledge to customize our offerings to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring utmost satisfaction and reliability in every transaction. Through our collaborative approach, we cultivate robust relationships worldwide, fostering trade partnerships and strengthening connections among stakeholders across North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and the Far East



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    SIA "DV Pellet" is a Latvian company established in 2017, located at Sumbru iela 167, Garciems, Carnikavas pag., Ādažu nov., LV-2163. We are a certified company in Latvia, offering high-quality wood products sourced from Latvia. Our product range includes wood pellets, Epal wooden pallets, firewood, charcoal, briquettes, wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings, wood lumber, and wood logs. We use various types of wood such as oak, birch, beech, ash, hornbeam, pine, and spruce to ensure durability and reliability in our products. Our fast and efficient delivery services cover 27 European countries. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with our major customers in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Italy. All our Power Wood products are manufactured and packaged in Latvia. To ensure smooth deliveries, we hold an annual pre-peak season meeting where we discuss the delivery process as a team. This helps us meet our customers' expectations and encourages collaboration among our team members. To ensure a successful delivery experience, we kindly request that you provide us with detailed information about any challenges or peculiarities related to your location, such as ongoing construction, difficult-to-find driveways, or inaccurate GPS coordinates. By being proactive in addressing these circumstances, we can find suitable solutions and deliver your order successfully.



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    Tessellate AB is a Wood and WOOD PRODUCTS Supplier founded in 2017 and based in Jönköping, Sweden. Our product line is certified, environmentally friendly, and derived from sustainable sources. Find out our products offer: WOODEN PELLETS - Enplus A1 wood pellets, premium wood pellets, and Wood pellet boilers industries. CHARCOAL - Australian hardwood medium to hard density charcoal. Low on smoke and subtle on taste. FIREWOOD - The best Birch, Oak, Ash, and Hornbeam Kiln Dried Logs with a guaranteed moisture content of less than 18%. Our logs are suitable for Wood Burning Stoves and Open Fires, and because they are Kiln Dried, they have high energy and heat values, allowing you to stay warm while enjoying the atmosphere of a log fire! PALLETS - In different sizes and materials for general warehousing and distribution purposes. Tessellate AB is committed to offering only the best value for money and delivering the highest quality Wood Pellets, Charcoal, Firewood, Wood Chips, Wood and Charcoal Briquette, Sawdust, Wood Pallet , Plywood, Wood Log, Wood Lumber and Timber within five days to any destination inEurope! Contact our friendly team and get the highest quality of service and price in the market. We’re proud to have built our reputation on always providing excellent customer service and on establishing long term business relationships by not only offering competitive rates, but most importantly by always maintaining sources who consider reliability a top priority.



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    Natur Holz Pellet is a leading provider of high-quality and sustainable wood pellet products. Our company is committed to promoting environmentally friendly solutions for heating and energy generation, with a strong focus on renewable resources. We understand the importance of clean and efficient energy sources in today's world. With our extensive experience and expertise in the industry, we offer a wide range of premium wood pellet products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. We take pride in sourcing our wood pellets from carefully selected, certified suppliers who adhere to responsible forestry practices. By ensuring that our products come from sustainable sources, we support the preservation of forests and contribute to the overall well-being of our planet. We strive to deliver exceptional service, prompt shipping, and reliable support to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for our valued customers. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is always available to answer any inquiries or provide assistance throughout the purchasing process. Our website serves as a convenient and user-friendly platform for customers to explore and purchase our wood pellet products. We provide detailed information about our offerings, including their specifications, usage recommendations, and environmental benefits. Customers can easily navigate our website to find the right wood pellets for their heating or energy needs.

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    Mir Han Bau GmbH specializes in wholesaling globally recognized and valued food, general trading products, and lifestyle products to numerous countries. The increasing demand for Western-style food and grocery products in nearly every European country has propelled us to become one of the fastest-growing companies in the global commodities export supply chain. Our success can be attributed to our exceptional customer support, swift and reliable supply chain, and extensive knowledge of the global commodities market. With years of experience in sourcing and distributing branded products worldwide, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Additionally, our strategic partnership with the expanding and maturing Far Eastern markets has further strengthened our position. At Mir Han Bau GmbH, we take pride in delivering high-quality branded products and meeting the demands of the global trade. We are committed to maintaining our exemplary customer service, ensuring fast and reliable deliveries, and capitalizing on opportunities in the ever-growing market for Western-style food and grocery products.



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    At B.A.B. At AGRARBERATUNG GmbH, our aim is to offer our customers a wide range of healthy energy drinks and other beverages that boost their energy levels and make them feel refreshed and optimally hydrated without any side effects. In our drinks category, we offer Sprite energy drinks, Lipton Ice Tea energy drinks, San Pellegrino mineral water and more. These come from renowned brands whose products are tailored to the specific requirements of global customers. These manufacturing brands have a technologically advanced facility with high-performance machinery to produce the highest quality products to meet consumer demands.

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  3. Z. D. JAWOR


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    Established in 1995, our plant has evolved from a family business into a thriving production. Continuous growth and enhanced production techniques, expanding our product range to encompass an array of wood items for homes and gardens. Our commitment to innovation remains steadfast, as new designs are regularly introduced to the market. Your unique ideas are also welcomed for custom orders. Our guiding principle "AESTHETICALLY, RELIABLY AND ECOLOGICALLY" informs not only our product offerings, known for captivating designs and practicality, but also our operational ethos. With advanced technology, skilled staff, a modern machine park, and a conducive environment, our products consistently uphold the highest quality standards. Despite mass production, meticulous attention is paid to precision and care. Our strategic location adjacent to the former Sandomierz Forest ensures access to premium FSC® certified pine wood. We prioritize materials for their origin and durability, drying the wood meticulously to enhance its resistance to warping. Our natural products require no chemical treatment, while exterior items are safeguarded against weather impacts. As a wholesaler, we collaborate with diverse companies, both domestically and across the European Union. Our delivery options include forwarding or utilizing your transport for maximum convenience and cost-effectiveness. We invite you to connecs to discuss quotes and explore partnership opportunitiest with u.



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    José Vale Madeiras is a timber agent operating in the Portuguese market for over 10 years. We work with various wood import and export companies, including sawmills for cutting wood, machining companies and the manufacture of wooden structures and components. We supply wood for carpentry, wood for construction, wood venners, multilayer woods and many more goods. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field and our focus is on construction work and carpentry. Our work is adaptable to many different areas, so don't hesitate to contact us. When you work with us, we will provide you with an excellent and personalized service, as our products are versatile, with a wide range of applications, guaranteeing a high level of quality. Check our catalogue and find out all our goods.



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    Lasva Liimpuidu AS is an Estonian furniture manufacturing company founded in 1994, whose main activity includes the production of glulam boards and the manufacture of various furniture and furniture components. Our products are made of high-quality solid wood, which ensures a strong construction and long-lasting durability of the furniture. The principles of fair forest management are important to us. In the manufacture we use FSC certified pine and spruce wood material. We supply all the material from Estonia, Finland and Sweden. Based on our years of experience, we are convinced that trees growing in lower temperatures climate offer best material in terms of appearance, sustainability and strength. It is a very good material for making wooden products. Production: Edge-glued panels (for furniture, door/window components, etc.) Furniture components (glulam, plywood, MDF, HDF, etc.) – panel and frame doors; furniture components,  etc. Furniture – see on manufacture’s webshop at https: //lasse.ee Services: Wood drying Finishing (UV-roller line), hand spray. UV-finishing for pine keeps it’s natural, instead of changing color or faint on sunlight. Rollerline is most fast and economic technology for flat surfaces. Less than 5% solvent content only. Tooling (CNC machined, double tenon, cutting, drilling, moulding) By following European Green Deal we are saving the world by reducing CO2 footprint greatly. Long lasting furniture binds CO2 for generations.



    AMF Trading LLC is a group of companies operating in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the UAE. We invite you to conclude contracts for the new harvest of 2023. Cereals, legumes, oilseeds from the manufacturer. Cultivation, Cleaning, Packing, Export. JV SYRINA LTD Department of Agriculture: Processing and export of agricultural products - grains, legumes, nuts, seeds. More than 25 years the employees of the Company work in the market of agricultural production. The Company delivers competitive agricultural and food production in the market of Middle East Africa and Europe. www.syrina.com NEW BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES Department of Construction: NBT with offices located in Ukraine, UAE designs and sets up automated factories. A plant for processing agricultural products, a plant for the production of polystyrene concrete, a plant for the production of fiberglass reinforcement. www.n-b-t.com.ua NEW BIO TECHNOLOGIES Trade Department: Trade in mineral fertilizers from trusted manufacturers from Uzbekistan and Ukraine - POTASSIUM CHLORIDE, UREA N46, NPK, DAP, SULFUR. We have quotas at factories and guarantee stable supplies and low prices. www.n-b-t.com.ua AMF Trading LLC JV SYRINA NBT E-mail: agro@syrina.com www.syrina.com



    As Plus Packing, we are the manufacturer of Wooden packaging products and boxes. We produce wooden cases for wholesale business from different tree materials for our valuable customers since 1998. We categorize our wooden cases under two headlines which are wooden packaging boxes and wooden boxes. The wooden packaging boxes are used mainly for export packaging and shipping creates, logistic packaging, industrial packaging and seaworthy packaging solutions. The main wood materials are plywood, pine, poplar, birch and spruce trees for industrial packaging solutions. We design your needs according to the transportation and storage conditions of your products to create the best storage boxes. Our wooden boxes are used personal, promotional and alcoholic beverage packaging purposes. Our personal wooden boxes are keepsake boxes, wooden wedding boxes and wooden memorial boxes. We customize wooden boxes for advertising sectors which are wooden gift boxes, wooden sliding lid box, wooden chest box, wooden crate, wooden cigar box and Wooden Box with Hinged Lid. Our range is for beverage bottles; wooden wine crates, wooden wine rack, wooden wine bottle holder, wooden wine box with sliding lid and wooden champagne boxes and crates. We provide our clients supportive packing products to minimizes the risk during the shipment. The foam packaging absorbs damages and minimize your lost occurring from shipment process. We ensure that our packaging solutions are of high and optimal quality.



    Sb-Trading (BVBA) is a trading company based in Belgium, founded in 2016 and specialized in the worldwide sales of food & non-food FMCG products, especially drinks, sweets and candies, milk powders, meats, and other products. In our portfolio, we have many well-known brands and a wide range of the most popular products, such as: - Food: bulk wholesale sweets, Ferrero, Mars, Nestlé, Ovomaltine, Lotus Biscoff, Hipp, Aptamil, Mentos, Sunflower oil, flour, meats - Non-Food: Persil, Ariel, Fairy, Pril, Lenor, Nivea, Alpecin - Tools: Scraps, Chemicals We aim to offer excellent choices in healthy products to clients sourced from reputed brands that tailor products to meet the specific requirements of global customers. The company has created a buzz in the domestic and international markets. Also, it works with some wholesale sweets UK companies and some import and export companies worldwide owing to the quality it offers. Under the leadership of eminent mentors, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. We provide products of well-known international brands such as : - Nutella Products: Nutella / Nutella&Go! - Ferrero Rocher Raffaello / Ferrero-Collection - Tic Tac Products: Tic-Tac / Tic-Tac-Mixers / Tic-Tac-Gum - Kinder Products: Kinder-Surprise/Kinder-Chocolate/Kinder-Choco-Bons/Kinder-Bueno. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.



    TRADING B.V. is a private trading company in the Netherlands with headquarters in Rotterdam. We provide our valued customers with worldwide business solutions and high-quality branded products at affordable wholesale prices with the best logistical services. We are a leading retailer, wholesaler and distributor of beverages, including soft and energy drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers, milk and dairy products including baby milk, chocolate and confectionery, tea and coffee in Europe. We supply companies around the world with products from leading food manufacturers including Nestle, Heinz, Mars, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Tchibo and Ferrero. We have an extensive supply chain and excellent relationships with manufacturers. We are always looking for attractive and niche product categories and brands that are unique and interesting for our customers. We use reliable suppliers with products in stock that are available within 48 hours of ordering. We are not the first or the only ones, but we are the best at supplying FMCG brands as if we were part of your business. We are proud of our values, and are constantly looking for new business opportunities and innovative solutions for you.



    Techno Wood CO LLC is an exporter of wood products for furniture: latoflex slats, side rails, plywood, birch veneer, shaped slats made of pine and spruce wood. The company offers the following FSC-certified products: —birch veneer in sizes 1600×1600 mm, 1300×2600 mm, and others; —birch slats of up to 1590 mm long in different colors; —birch plywood of 1525×1525 mm in size with urea and phenolic bonding; —cross-linked pine timber up to 5000 mm long; —birch furniture bars of up to 2050 mm in length; —spruce slats for beds. The company was established in 2015 in Yaroslavl (Russia) and has been exporting wholesale batches of timber for the production of furniture and parts to furniture factories in Europe and North America. The company's daily operations are based on extensive experience, reliability and responsibility towards customers. Techno Wood CO LLC selects and purchases the best semi-finished wood products, cooperates with the best lumber producers of Russia. The company's CEO Franco Stillio has over 40 years of experience in the woodworking industry and over 20 years of experience in the Russian market. Techno Wood CO LLC inspects the quality of wood products that ensures their high quality combined with reasonable prices. The company expands its range of products and services and is ready to consider all options for mutually beneficial cooperation Semi-finished furniture articles are traded on a wholesale basis. Shipment to any country of the world is available.

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    Pantera Wood Inc. is an establishment of Pantera Trading Co, which has founded at 1992. It has 3 official workshops in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Our head office located in Minsk, Belarus since 1999. It has 14, 000 cubic meters production volume monthly. Pantera Wood providing Russian, Ukrainian & Belarussian wood with high quality and reasonable prices. Our company currently working with Middle Eastern, Asian, South American, African and European countries. You are everytime welcomed to see our facilities in Ukraine, Belarus & Russia.



    With decades of know-how and innovation, the Makam Wood is without a doubt your best and most reliable resource in hardwood. Since we were founded, we have built an enviable reef of the world’s leading supplier of high-quality hardwood products. Our extensive assortment includes pallets as well as repair wood, cabinets and furniture components, quality wood, pieces of woodwork, ecofuels, wood chips and many other products. Our integrated, vertical company is responsible for the timely harvesting, acquisition and processing and processing of high quality hardwood products for a variety of uses.



    Packaging Details: Big Bags and 15kg Bags. Delivery Detail: Maximum 8 DaysHigh quality wood biomass pellets. Guaranteed high heat value and low ash percentage. 1.No additives, no chemical; 2.no harm to human beings; 3.Environmentally friendly; 4.High Calorific value. Good quality and best raw materialsGood pressed bales Less moisture. We are a professional manufacturer for these productsEnvironment Friendly and healthy. Simply use. Natural materials. Good quality and service. Competitive price. Secure order and fast shipping. Wood pellets fuel is a limitless and environment friendly fuel source. It is a clean-burning and cost stable home heating alternatives. To burn wood pellet is a good way to divert millions of tons of waste from landfills and timber industry and turn it into energy. Their free-flowing characteristics make them easy to handle and ideal for automatic heating systems. wood pellet fuel is renewable and does less harm to our environment.



    Wood Pellets Price 240KW New Design Energy Saving Biomass Wood Pellets Burner for Boiler Descriptions: Wood pellets are a renewable resource, the fuel that is already widely available in the world nowadays. The wood shavings are compressed under great pressure and forced through holes. This is a hot process and the natural lignin in the sawdust/wood shavings melts and binds the dust together, holding the pellet in shape and giving it that characteristic sheen on the outside Economic efficiency: Wood pellets are extremely dense and can be produced with a low moisture content (below 10%) that allows them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency. Their high density also permits compact storage and rational transport over long distances. Electricity generated from pellets in converted coal plants is almost the same cost as electricity generated from natural gas, diesel. Environmentally friendly: Wood pellets are a sustainable fuel that can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels. Its production and use also bring additional environmental and social benefits. Using scopes: Biomass fuels replace fossil fuels in power plants, stoves, the boiler of textile, food, leather, animal feeding, dye industrials, and animal bedding.



    Company WOODIMPEX LLC deal with export of dry and fresh cut sawn timber of oak and pine. We produces different kind of products from various grades of wood: Pine for construction, Edged oak board grade A, B, C mix, Unedged oak board grade A, B, C mix, Oak boules, Oak parquet (Massive board). The wood are supplied from ecologically safe forest of Cherkasy, Rivne, Kiev, Sumy, Poltava, Vinnitsa, Zhytomyr regions of Ukraine and have a certificate of origin. . We appreciate your choice and do our best to make our partnership useful. You can visit our web page. Or contact us directly: julia at woodimpex org



    My name is M Yasin. I am the owner of. ImexTimber. we ate an import/export company located in Mozambique . We do export wood to Europe/worldwide. We would like to know the type or types of wood used by your company. We are interested in finding new partners. imexmz @ gmail .com Thank you



    Our company makes the following production: details milled cylindrical in the form of the ground stakes, or polygardens (an end face/end face, a facet/facet) pine breeds with a diameter from 50 to 120 mm, it is long 500-4000 mm.





    The company BELDVERI, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Interior doors for houses industry. It also operates in the interior doors, pine wood, solid door, and Smoke protection doors industries. It is based in Vitebsk, Belarus.



    The company ILGAZ DESIGN, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Mobile homes industry. It also operates in the Wood - sawn and treated, sawdust, Lumber trade, Wood - sawn and treated, and pine wood industries. It is based in Antalya, Turkey.



    The company LIMB INSAAT VE AGAC URUNLERI SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Timber, planed industry. It also operates in the larch, planking, planed wood, and pine wood industries. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.



    The company CRESCENT EXPORT, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Timber, unplaned industry. It also operates in the timber wood, pine wood, indian tea, and indian spices industries. It is based in Kiev, Ukraine.



    The company EKIN TICARET, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Timber industry. It also operates in the wooden frames, wooden pallets, and pine wood industries. It is based in Kütahya, Turkey.



    The company WTM TRADING, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Paper making, raw materials industry. It also operates in the pine wood, and eucalyptus industries. It is based in CASCAIS, Portugal.



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    The wood has a special quality, besides the fact that it is a natural material, it can be processed and integrated in any type of construction. Wooden carpentry has undeniable properties and adds value wherever it is installed. Our vision is based on a sustainable and responsible development in the market. That is why we assume the mission of offering - JOINERY FOR A LIFETIME - This mission is rooted in the values ​​of our name since its inception and is passed on to all those who make this possible today - our people - from employees, suppliers and customers. The Luca imprint impresses durability and innovation, it is what helps us to be the first option in the customer's choice. Luca Group was founded in 2010 in Bucharest, together with a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field. We offer a wide range of carpentry products, interior and exterior of wood in continuous development, depending on preferences. Windows, interior and exterior doors, interior shutters and stairs. We constantly invest in people and technologies, in market innovation and in the future, so that we can meet our clients at a level of trust and reputation. In this sense, we gathered a portfolio with reference works in Romania, but also in Europe - France, Germany, Switzerland - Our goal is to expand the market area in Europe and we are determined to become the best business partners to achieve this!

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