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    Founded in 2017, SMART SHEEP provides, through the Tweens Paris brand, a wide range of high quality perfumes worthy of the greatest who like us privilege the product, quality and price to over all other aspects. Our traditional production is a far cry from our competitors' mass production, made in France and assembled by hand. Our perfumes are exclusively "eaux de parfums" which makes them special. With its exhilarating olfactory nuances, Tweens Paris will make your head spin for hours. Thanks to our network of passionate professionals, our two creators have composed and refined subtle and sophisticated perfumes inspired by existing essences. Notre Nez, a great artisan from the historic town of perfume (Grasse), does everything possible to provide you the best of sensations. We provide exceptionally rich and authentic perfumes for you and your textiles. We create unique experiences for you both inspired by the natural tenderness of plants, spices and oriental oils. Taste the difference and smell divine for hours at a time. Feel free to contact us for more details!



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    nako naturals GmbH is a young, dynamic family-owned company. We offer tailor-made natural product solutions, an established raw materials trade and shared development to manufactures and dealers in the food, food supplement, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries in Europe. At nako naturals GmbH, we believe in exclusively natural raw ingredients and additives, which we source from long-standing partners in Brazil, Russia, India, China as well as European producers. Besides a wide range of natural additives from oleoresins, essential oils and dry extracts, we have also earned a good reputation with our premium raw materials nakoMIN® and nakoRALS®. Natural vitamins, trace elements and minerals are the cornerstone for our first-class nako brand products, which are made without any chemical additives. Using pure water extraction through to maximum food-grade ethanol extraction, we create high-quality products without carriers such as maltodextrin or similar. Followed by innovative raw materials such as nakoCAPS, an enteric coated capsaicin powder through to super foods such as our organic spirulina powder, nakoLINA, we at nako naturals are constantly working to discover or develop even better raw materials for our customers. We are also the official distributor for Garlzac, MacOlene and BosNext.

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    YR Chemspec® is a qualified manufacturer and supplier which audited and approved by SGS, the company is strictly following the Quality Management System ISO9001: 2015. YR Chemspec® is engaged in the production and distribution a broad range portfolio of specialty, raw materials, active ingredients for the global cosmetic industries. We are always dedicated in state-of-the-art technology innovations, manufacturing process, distributing, sourcing high quality raw materials and ingredients. YR Chemspec® is an Industry-University-Research oriented company, to prompt high-quality development through innovation and fostering new growth drivers. YR Chemspec® is raising its capacity for pursuing scientific and technological innovation via cooperating with the famous universities and institutes. Main of our industry-university-research collaborative projects including, Vitamin Derivatives, Fermented Actives, Plant extracts, PVP Polymers, Polyquaterniums and other active ingredients.

  4. MADJAROV 92


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    Madjarov 92 Ltd. stands as a distinguished European enterprise established in 1992. With a remarkable track record spanning over three decades, our expertise lies in the cultivation of plants, herbs, and fruits. Our commitment extends beyond mere production; we harbor a deep concern for both our planet and its inhabitants, reflecting our dedication to responsible practices infused with passion and care for each and every product. At the heart of our success are two pivotal attributes: customer satisfaction and flexibility. We take pride in these qualities, as they form the bedrock of our mission, which is to foster enduring relationships with new clients across Europe. Our legacy is marked by over a generation's worth of experience in nurturing medicinal plants, and our pure lavender oil stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence. A significant portion of our output is dedicated to organic and natural products. Our unwavering commitment to quality and safety has been our hallmark for numerous years. Furthermore, we have honed our expertise in the realm of wood and wood chip production. We eagerly anticipate opportunities to collaborate with your production needs. We are proficient in English and Turkish languages, facilitating seamless communication. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or message through Europages. Your queries are important to us, and we look forward to addressing them promptly.

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    The company PRONTOMED GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Plants and herbs for perfumery industry. It is based in Hiddenhausen, Germany.

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    *Egyptian Herbarium is a producer, processor, trader and exporter of fine quality (Organic & Conventional): Essential Oils, Culinary, Medicinal , Aromatic Herbs & Spices. Our product range includes: Essential Oils: Most important Organic Essential Oils: • Geranium oil & absolute • Jasmine absolute/concrete • Neroli oil • Sweet Basil (Linalol) oil • Sweet Marjoram oil • Blue Chamomile oil • Cumin oil • Petitgrain Mandarin oil • Violet Leaf absolute • Cassie absolute • Carnation absolute • Petitgrain Bigarade oil • Olive Leaf absolute • Rose centifolia absolute • Bitter Orange "Red/Green"oils • Onion oil • Garlic oil • ... and many more! Herbs & Spices: Basil, Chamomile, Calendula, LemonGrass, Marjoram, Moringa, Peppermint, Spearmint, Caraway, Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, .. . Strict quality control and traceabilty coupled with the mild Mediterranean climate ensure reliable and consistent "year-round" delivery of top quality herbs & spices to - and beyond - our clients satisfaction; Strictly observing MRL limits. Egyptian Herbarium is operated by dedicated technical staff of agronomists, engineers and technicians, highly competent and specialized in their field with collective hands-on experience of more than 60 years in growing herbs and in the export sector. 'Egyptian Herbarium' delivers, regionally grown and sustainabily farmed products to its customers around the world. The company guarantees traceable fully tracked raw material

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    The company LIUBCOM INTERNATIONAL SRL, based in the Republic of Moldova, established in 2018, with the aim of cultivating, collecting from spontaneous flora, but also drying medicinal and aromatic flowers, plants and fruits, in purely ecological conditions. as an example of raw material: linden flowers, bear`s garlic leaves, acacia flowers, linden leaves, elder flowers, plantain, chamomile, wormwood, St. John's wort, lavender, nettle, rose hip, hawthorn, goosefoot, chicory, horse tail, coltsfoot, celandine, yarrow, black currant, aronia, calendula, tansy, mulberry, sunflower petals, plum, walnut, walnut kernel, and many other plants. Following the progress but also the experience gained together with the professionals, we offer high quality raw material that can be used in the medicinal teas, medicines, cosmetic products industry, being always growing in all these years we managed to achieve significant results, but also a diversification of plants in a number of more than 37 types. The plants are exported to the European Union but also to other states of the world in a dry state, conventionally but also organically. We have certificates, sanitary documents. Our company is an organic certified company by Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH, the control number is MD-BIO-141. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information! Email: liubcominternational@gmail.com Telephone/Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp: +37379166405

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    Rasin IT (International Trading) GmbH is based in Austria in Vienna Our team has many years of experience in supplying Medicinal plants, Natural and herbal resins, Essential oils, seeds and dried fruits. We started exporting these products since 2018, due to high quality and affordable prices We were able to cooperate with many industries from different countries. The most products are from Middle East, we work directly with local farmers. If you are looking for natural, special and rare products of high quality we are here to help you. These products in various industries such as medicinal, food, beverages, tea and health, dairy, confectionary, bakery, chocolate and candy, winery, cosmetic, perfumery, detergent, animal food, dyeing, textile, candle, glue and so on It has applications. Please visit our website and contact us for more information, over 100 products and specialized information about each that we can inform you.

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    United Kingdom

    Cucina Finance (UK) Limited provides personal loans/business loans/trade finance/import & export loans/project loans to companies of all sizes ranging from individuals, companies and trader's globally. Just one simple process, We make financing the growth of your business simple, transparent, and fair. No jargon, no hidden fees Simple approval process Fast business loans funded in just 2-3 business days Low Interest rate of 2% Prior bankruptcies accepted Zero credit checks required Individuals with Bad credit can apply Flexible repayment schedules CIS & KYC required for all loan applicant irrespective of location/country Loan Duration from 1 year - 20 years maximum Grace period of 12 - 24 months for large business loans/working capital Loan Funding/Financing is not limited to any geographical location or country whatsoever We build just the right financing for each client, with simple paperwork, quick approvals, and flexible payment schedules. For further details, Kindly contact us via email, telephone, Skype. Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved, Looking forward to rendering the best of our services to all esteemed clientele globally. CUCINA FINANCE (UK) LIMITED https: //cucinafinance.com Email: finance@cucinafinance.com Tel No: +44 (123) 388-5014 Whatsapp: +44 7425-381661 Skype: cucina-finance@outlook.com

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    SCENT WIND is a family business, which has been sustainably developed with the care of generations. Our factory was founded in 2018 in Senir, Rose Province, Isparta. This region is famous for its incredibly beautiful nature and is the motherland of rose in Turkey. We updated our manufacturing capacity thanks to the huge investment of about 2 million USD. We maintain and take care of thousands of m2 of rose plantations. The factory holds about 400 m2 area. Our manufacturing capacity allows us to process 400 tons of rose flowers per year. We regularly have about 50-60 kg of rose oil, 60-70 kg of PEA (phenylmethyl alcohol), 500-550 kg of rose concrete, and 20 tons of rose water in stock. However, this is not the limit. Our team consists of qualified botanists and specialists in the production and processing of aroma sources, and we strive to grow more and go further. Our products are made out of 100% natural sources and have the highest quality, as evidenced by the feedback from our partners in the production of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. In addition, we strive to conduct business with strict observance of ethical standards and principles of social responsibility and responsibility towards nature. We produce Rose oil, Rosewater, Thyme oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Laurel Essential Oil (Laurus nobilis), Essential oils, Levander oil, Levandin oil, Dried Rose petals, Rose petals, Dried Levander and Rose PEA (Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol)/95, Rose Concretes

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    Our company, Myrtus Laurus Foreign Trade, was established with the aim of Agricultural Production – Industry Integration. It makes essential oils by steam distillation technique from medical and aromatic plants. Laurus nobilus essential oils, Myrtus comminus essential oils, Eucalyptus globulus essential oils, pinus essential oils, Rosmarinus officinalis leaves essential oils. Our company operates in Murtcular, Karaisalı and it is a 1.800 m2 indoor facility in a 12.000 m2 area.

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    The company ÇIBUKU SH.P.K is an EP in the collection, selection, cleaning, processing and import-export of aromatic-medicinal plants, as well as their derivatives. With the vision to become a leader in the supply of organic products, in the Albanian and regional market, the company is always looking for export markets, to give more voice to Albanian products. WE OFFER The best raw materials are the basis for the highest efficiency. Business relationships with suppliers from several continents, built over generations and a steadily growing percentage of our controlled cultivation guarantee the highest possible quality of raw materials. MEDICAL PLANTS, INCREASE INCOME FOR FARMERS. Wild medicinal and aromatic plants are found in large quantities in the fields and mountains of Albania, which create employment opportunities for about 100, 000 families living in rural areas of the country. Our country has about 500 hectares of cultivated area with medicinal and aromatic plants, being a leader in the production and export of these natural resources. And if nature has given Albania wild plants, the cultivation of medicinal plants in our country started about 8 years ago. The medicinal and aromatic plants sector generates about 18 million Euros from exports, listed as the second largest sector in agricultural exports. Albania traditionally exports wild, raw medicinal plants, which are exported for treatment and packaging abroad.

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    More than 10 years of successful experience in the cultivation, harvesting in nature and primary processing (washing, drying, cutting) of Medicinal plant/ herbs raw materials in Ukraine. The list of products: - Chamomile (Matricāria chamomīlla), flower, grass, scree. - Herba Hyperici (Hypericum perforatum), grass. - Thyme (Thýmus serpyllum), grass. - Nettle (Urtíca), leaf. - Raspberry (Rúbus idáeus), leaf. - Mint (Méntha), leaf, grass. - Melissa (Melissa), leaf, grass. - Motherwort (Leonúrus), leaf, grass. - Willow-herb (Chamerion), leaf, grass. - Immortelle (Helichrysum), flower. - Marigold (Caléndula), flower. - Marjoram (Oríganum), grass. - Sage (Salvia), leaf, grass. - Bur marigold (Bidens tripartita), grass. - Tormentil (Alpinia), root. - Valeriana (Valeriána officinális), root. - Echinacea (Echinacea), grass, root. - Birch (Bétula), bud. - Pine tree (Pínus), bud. - Hawthorn (Crataégus), berry. - Brier (Rōsa), berry. - Oak (Quércus), bark. Indicated list of Medicinal Herbs could be expanded. Type of raw materials (whole or cut), packaging and weight of pack could be discussed additionally. The all mentioned above raw materials (berry, flower, grass, leaf, root and bark) are in high quality condition and meet requirements of European Pharmacopoeia. We send product samples, upon request. Prices and delivery terms are discussed additionally. We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation on a long-term basis.

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    South Africa

    Valley View Estate (PTY) Ltd is a family run grower of Premium Herbs and producer of Exceptional products Catnip (Nepeta Cataria) on our farm in South Africa. We do everything to ensure that the end product is Pesticide and Herbicide free, and Clean of any other plant matter. It is carefully picked, sorted, and hung to dry to give the maximum oil content and best quality product. We do not use any form of heating on the product which guarantees the maximum oil content Everything we do is done by hand, from the planting, weed control, harvesting, sorting, hanging, and packaging. We can produce up to 40 tonnes of dry product in a year. We support Biodiversity in our fields, we have Beehives around the field which pollinate the Catnip flowers in turn producing honey which is harvested at a later date and sold to the local market. We Distil our own Catnip Hydrosol and Catnip Essential oil ensuring we only have the best product available. We are also able to grow other products such as Valerian Under contract for any customers that would be interested.

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    United Kingdom



    Export Trading Group - is an esteemed and reliable partner in the trade of wild-collected herbs, flowers, roots, and medicinal plant harvest. By the results of 2021, Export Trading Group is on the list of TOP 3 Ukrainian herbal exporters. We are a wholesale manufacturer and exporter. We have a production and warehouse area of 2800 sq. m. We are equipped with different kinds of machines for cleaning, cutting, calibration, and other operation. We are Organic certified from 2021. We have our own fields for the cultivation of herbs such as nettle, coneflower, valerian, wild garlic, calendula, Malva, and others. We use our Polish daughter company to deliver products DPP inside UE.



    ​Organic Land is a manufacturer and exporter of organic or conventional herbs, spices, and seeds from Egypt to worldwide. Organic Land has been growing, exporting, and processing organic herbs, spices, and seeds for fourteen years. We serve a dynamic market worldwide, especially the Asian, American, and European markets. We have the highest certification of quality (NOP - EC - ISO 22000 - ISO 1800 - ISO 9001). Here are our main products: Marjoram, Basil, Dill, Parsley, Chamomile, Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint, Spearmint, Calendula, Olive Leaves, Oregano, Thyme, Hibiscus, bay leaves, Molokai, Dried Lemon, Lemongrass, Sesame Seeds, Caraway Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Nigella seeds, Fenugreek, Coriander Seeds, White Sunflower Seeds, Cumin Seeds, and Anise seeds. We promise the highest quality and best prices. If you are interested in doing business with us or have an interest in any of our products please feel free to contact me. It will be great to hear from you. In the meantime, please stay safe and well. Best Regards, Osama Organic Land Co.


    Czech Rep.

    Jsme manufakturní výrobce produktů z bylin. Vyrábíme vícebylinné sirupy, tinktury a čaje. Společnost Bilegria s.r.o. se inspirovala veřejně známými recepturami lidových léčitelů. Jednou z nich je i Božena Kamenická alias bába radnická, která působila na plzeňsku a rokycansku. Byla uznávaná i mezi lékaři a její léčitelské schopnosti využívaly mnohé známé osobnosti - mezi nimi třeba i mistr Karel Gott. Receptury, které rozdávala byly tedy ověřené mnoha pacienty po dlouhé roky. Bylo nám líto nechat moudrost bylinkářů a bylinkářek zapadnout pod nános prachu a proto jsme vyrobili sirupy, které jsou nejen chutné, ale také v této hektické době, připravené ihned k užívání. Kdo nerad sladké sirupy, může zkusit bylinné tinktury. Tinktury i sirupy je možné a vhodné doplnit popíjením čajů. Věříme, že i Vám naše produkty zachutnají a podpoří Vaše zdraví a imunitu.


    United Arab Emirates

    We, (Botani General Trading L.L.C), are engaged in import & export of various botanical herbs, mainly to pharmaceutical companies and perfumery manufacturers.Established in the year 1952, we are experienced in raw herbal products sourced and imported directly from the origin in bulk quantities.We believe in long & serious commitments with clients, be it brokers, agents or end users.Today we stand as a reputable firm in the international market, by maintaining our quality standards and honesty.Our products are mainly categorized as: 1) Herbs & Spices2) Tree root stocks3) Aromatic & Medicinal Gums / barks4) Sea shells5) Raw Mineral drugs



    Olive way is producing natural cosmetics that contain strictly selected active ingredients of organic origin from the Mediterranean including medical herbs and edible raw materials. The preparation of products in our own laboratory is using the least chemical processes. We are vegan friendly. All of our products are the result of extensive and intense research. The products are honest and include the latest formula including DNA-research. We adopt a green components philosophy, with high respect to the environment in all our product contents and packaging.



    Biosem Select ltd is a Bulgarian company working in the field of dried herbs, essential oils, seeds and powders. Our goal is to supply the best quality materials for our clients. Since 2016 we have managed to reach hundreds of companies arround the globe. Upgrading with innovative technologies consistantly Biosem Select is now recognised as trusted partner in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the USA. With our brand new processing line we are proud to announce that we reach up to the highest quality herbal powders for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. We would like to invite you to take a step further. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time!



    PROFESSIONALS EVEN knowing how to INTERPRETThe Salon Hairdresser MIKY & CO, cozy and elegant harmony, provides services dedicated to hair care and aesthetics for women, men and children / and, with a rich offering of high quality treatments such as: Analysis of the hair - cut - Pleated - Hair -Colouring - discolorations - Colour Creations - Permanent - smoothing the Keratin -Hair and Skin Treatments - Application Extension artificial and natural -Balayages-Color Correction - Degradé Image Consulting and Custom.Hairdresser Director Michela Scano, as well as owner of the Show, has extensiveexperience gained from over 1992 to date, both in Sardinia and Milan and London, consolidated over the years through a passion and deep knowledge. Always attentiveto fashion trends, techniques and use of existing products through constantparticipation in professional development workshops at the highest level.


    Viet Nam

    Interwind was found in 02/09/2010 with the slogan: "Quantity is slogan of Interwind". Whatever the business we do, we always try to improve the quantity of products or services, the other things will come next. Interwind's main customers are SPA, and Cosmetic companies. Depending on the product, we can use the distillation (lemongrass) or handicraft (Jamine oil), we try to keep the final products close to nature. Our main products are jasmine sambac oil, agarwood oil, turmeric oil, lemongrass oil and grapefruit peel oil



    It's white crystal made of extracting and processing from fresh leaves of Balsamifera (Linn.) DC. .it can be used in medecines , cosmetic , perfume and so on . Natural Borneol with a sharp aroma make people relaxed and Comfortable, called"Musk"as usual. It's widely applied in medicine, senior spices or cosmetics as a precious raw material, also in food, daily commodity or health care as additives, and better curative effect than Synthetic Borneol, especially remarkable in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Daily Commodity used: such as cosmetics, Eye Drops, cologne, lavender-water, Chinese medicinal toothpaste, bath foam, Mosquito Repellent, gum, Preservative etc.



    We are a company whose primary goal is to provide you high quality Essential oils, plant waters, gums, dried plants at the best prices in the market offering you a friendly service. We will continue with our efforts in the coming year and we hope you prefer us. Our Gold products are: 1- First Rose Oil 2- Second Rose Oil 3- Organic galbanum gum 4- Organic galbanum oil 5- Asafetida oil 6- Asafetida gum 7- Tarragon oil 8- Neroli Oil 9- Cumin Oil 10- Rose buds, Rose petals



    We offer raw materials for Pharmaceutical, Extractions, also Teas, Medical plants... Our main products are Rosehip(Rosa canina), Willow bark(Salix alba), Orris roots (Iris roots), Ivy leafs(Hedera helix), Wild garlic (Allium ursinum). All products are natural from wild collection (according to the GACP guidelines), dryed in air dryer. We pack, cutt and sell all raw materials on customer request.



    DARIYAV COSMETICS has been gaining appreciation from the worldwide clients, owing to premium variety of natural Cosmetic Products. Based in Sojat Rajasthan (India), the company is renowned as a dynamic Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Henna product.& brown henna, burgundy henna, natural henna, black henna, ready pest henna, amla powder,



    Kalastios International is a private-owned company established in Beirut, Lebanon. The principal activities of the Company consist of marketing and distribution of imported pharmaceutical products to customers, which encompasses trading and sales of the products in the Middle East. The Company trades ethical (prescription) pharmaceuticals, non-prescription medicines, vitamins, minerals and supplements and a wide range of other healthcare products.



    GH Trading is a known supplier for herbal raw material like Thanaka from Myanmar. We supply high quality herbal raw materials to the cosmetic and perfume industry.



    Field of Lavandula angustifolia producing eco fresh lavender or 100% lavender certified eco oil. Certified Lavandula angustifolia field under BIOKONT CZ certification / EU standards.

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