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  • Manufacture of taps, joins and regulators for LPG equipment and pressure reducers for water, safety valves for heaters, water heaters and accessories. ISO 9001: 2000 certified company. UNI CEI EN,... Supplier of: Connectors, plumbing | Plumbing, industrial | Gas fittings | Valves for industrial fittings | Valves for sanitary fittings [+] gas pressure regulators | water valves | safety valve | own production | taps and fittings | connectors for hydraulics, heating and sanitary systems | we operate internationally | manufacture of ball valves | electrical resistors | manufacture of reducers
    ITALY - Lumezzane
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  • Our client are from industries that include plumbing and heating, food industry, industrial washing, automatic distribution, environmental management and the medical industry. Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | Hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants - machinery and equipment | coils for solenoid valves and magnets | plastic pipe and tube connectors and fittings [+] water processing filters for hotels, cafés and restaurants | anti-bacterial water treatment | filter cartridges and water-savers | water treatment equipment for authorities | water inlet valves for industrial cleaning | special control valves for the food industry | manufacturer of solenoid valves and special valves | valves and solenoid valves for automatic distribution | bistable monostable cartridge valves | servo-controlled solenoid valves
    FRANCE - Bussy Saint Martin
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  • Since 1951, Gnutti Cirillo spa has specialised in hot forging and machining brass, aluminium and other non ferrous metals. Water meters and components. Connectors for fan-coil ventilators. Ball... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Plumbing, domestic | Gas fittings | Stamping - steels and metals | water valves [+] brass moulding | brass taps | brass rings | working of brass | ball valves | gas cocks | working of brass pipes | hot forming | hot presses | metal moulding
    ITALY - Lumezzane
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  • The Bremen-based company Georg Schünemann GmbH was founded in 1937. For decades, we have been offering custom solutions in the areas of solid/liquid separation and liquid treatment. As a reliable... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Filters, liquid | Gas filters | shut-off valves | self-cleaning filters [+] non-return valves | quick closing mechanisms | safety valves | valves | water filters | non-return valves | bag strainers | double filters | pressure reducer | filters for wastewater treatment technology
    GERMANY - Bremen
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  • Robinet Frigorifique Français (RFF) located at Domessin in the Savoie specializes in manufacturing steel and stainless steel industrial refrigeration valves and offers a range of globally-acclaimed... Supplier of: Connectors, plumbing | Plumbing, industrial | Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Gas fittings | clack valve [+] steel welding accessories | cooling plants | isolet insulation kits | regulating valves | ball valves | shut-off valve | oil purges | counterweight purgers | steel valves for natural gas | products for refrigeration plants
    FRANCE - Domessin
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  • Sensoylar company was established under TURKOGLU brand name in 1978, one of the Turkey’s premier manufacturers of contruction materials such as water meters, valves, water and gas flexible metal... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Construction Materials | Cocks and valves | Industrial valves, operating equipment | Valves for sanitary fittings [+] Water distribution | Flow meters | Supply meters | Monitoring and control equipment | Central heating systems | Fire extinguishers | Fire protection equipment | Buildings, modular | water valves | ball valves
    TURKEY - Istanbul
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  • For over 60 years, we have been producing and supplying shut-off valves, choke valves and regulating valves made of a variety of materials and nominal widths, primarily for industrial applications... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | plumbing | Taps - adjustable controls | cast iron butterfly valves | butterfly valves [+] adjustable valves for gas welding machines | ball valves | ball cocks | valves | shut-off valves | double butterfly valves | pipeline shut-off fittings | sealing valve | air choke valve | flange sealing valve
    GERMANY - Ennepetal
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  • WESA is a prestigious company that offers a comprehensive range of ball valves, heating valve assemblies, pipeline valve assemblies and industrial valve assemblies to meet the wishes and requirements... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Flanges | ball cocks | cast iron butterfly valves | non-return valves [+] flanges for industrial piping | non-return valves | taps and fittings | fittings | pipeline valve assemblies | flange ball valves | stainless steel valves | strainers (valve assemblies) | shut-off valves | stainless steel ball valves
    GERMANY - Winterbach
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  • Lee Hydraulische Miniaturkomponenten GmbH | The German subsidiary of "The Lee Company" was founded in Frankfurt in 1979 and, since then, has operated as a legally independent distribution subsidiary... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Pumps, hydraulic | butterfly valves | non-return valves | dispensing valve [+] shut-off valves | non-return valves | solenoid valves | valves | adapters for medical engineering | solenoid valves | sealing plugs for hydraulics | microfluidics | miniature diaphragm pumps | built-in non-return valves, hydraulic
    GERMANY - Sulzbach
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  • Those who want to be different and better than the rest have to strike out on their own. That is how our young company came into being in 1996. Company founder Udo Buse has over 50 years' experience... Supplier of: Plumbing, domestic | Plumbing, industrial | Nuts and bolts | Cocks and valves | Hydraulic equipment [+] Vehicles - accessories and equipment | Industrial equipment hire | taps and fittings | ball cocks | ball valves | cast iron butterfly valves | butterfly valves | non-return valves | cell wheel sluices | louvre flaps
    GERMANY - Wuppertal
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  • We are your partner for everything to do with water jet cutting, and provide high-quality components for high-pressure pumps and cutting heads compatible with products from most manufacturers. We... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | water jet cutting systems | water jet cutting - machines | high pressure fittings | garnets for sandblasting [+] high-pressure pumps | pump repairs | sheets of honeycomb polypropylene | honeycomb slabs | fittings for high-pressure technology | spare parts for water jet cutting systems | contracted micro water jet cutting | repairs of high-pressure pumps | plastic honeycomb panels | water jet cutting nozzles
    GERMANY - Miltenberg
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  • We are system suppliers specialising in the trade of: Industrial pipework, stop valves, measurement and regulation technology, steam generator equipment, heat exchangers, inspection glass pipework,... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | shut-off valves | stainless steel | bellows valves | shut-off valves [+] slide valves | stainless steel ball valves | inspection glass pipework | strainers (valve assemblies) | steam pressure regulators | steam valves | double butterfly valves | pressure reducers for steam | straight ball valves | clamped butterfly valves
    GERMANY - Eschweiler
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  • AZ INTEC GmbH – your certified partner since 1979. We are a family business focused on production, development and OEM. We offer a full range of products and solutions for a multitude of... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | taps and fittings | ball cocks | fittings for technical gases | assemblies for fluid technology [+] compressed-gas fittings | flexible pipes | stainless steel heat exchangers | corrugated pipes | stainless steel corrugated hoses | shut-off valves | ansi fittings | fittings for the chemical industry | equipment for the energy sector | fittings for medical technology
    GERMANY - Olbernhau
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  • ...air conditioning, agricultural, foodstuffs and chemical industries for construction and industrial engineering purposes. We cater for wholesalers and industry swiftly and with a focus on service. Supplier of: Plumbing, domestic | Plumbing, industrial | Valves for sanitary fittings | membrane valves | level control valves with diaphragm [+] single valves | stainless steel valves | check valve | safety valve | floats | stainless-steel valves | hollow plastic balls | float valves | valves made of plastic | plastic poultry drinking troughs

    Brands : PEKI | JFC

    GERMANY - Tönisvorst
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  • Pipes and accessories made to DIN 11850 and 11864 standards. Threaded assemblies, clamp unions, disk valves, sterile unions, bent pipes, T-shaped fittings, weld fittings, stainless steel pipes,... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | plumbing for the food processing industry | stainless-steel pipe bends | stainless-steel pipes | steel tubes [+] taps and fittings | stainless steel tube fittings | disk valves | welding neck flange | stainless steel valves | stainless steel fittings for the food industry | stainless steel pipes for the pharmaceutical industry | stainless steel tubes, rustproof | fittings (pipe connectors) | flange ball valves
    GERMANY - Magdeburg
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  • As one of the leading manufacturers of ball valves, pig valves and wellheads, Hartmann Valves is active in the oil, natural gas, petrochemical, power plant technology, geothermal and renewable energy... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | high-cycle ball valves | high-pressure ball valves | high-temperature ball valves | safety lock fittings [+] pig valves | twin ball valves | multi-way ball valves | fittings for special applications | double piston ball valves | metallic sealing ball valves | api ball valves | api flanges | api 6a components | subsea trees
    GERMANY - Burgdorf
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  • ...France, for all your polished stainless steel plumbing equipment with a roughness of ≤ 0.5 µm. Specialised in the supply of stainless steel taps and valves for the food and pharmaceutical industries, we work... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | plumbing accessories for the biochemicals industry | polished stainless steel plumbing for the pharmaceutical industry | plumbing accessories for the food industry | pneumatic valves [+] silicone tubes and hoses | butterfly valves | comprehensive programme of stainless steel valves and accessories | stainless steel taps accessories | high-tech stainless steel tubes and joins | metal constructions for the pharmaceutical industry | ball valves | polished stainless steel multichannel valves | pneumatic controls | polished stainless steel pumps for fluids and liquids
    BELGIUM - Perwez
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  • Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Pipes and tubes - ferrous metal | Pipes, bent - ferrous metal | Pipes and tubes, stainless steel | Pipes and tubes, aluminium [+] Tubular structures | Inner tubes | Silos, plastic | Pneumatic conveyor plants | tubular goods | storz couplings | hose clamps | bulk material containers
    GERMANY - Achberg
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  • Zwick Armaturen GmbH produces fittings to meet the toughest requirements. Metallic sealing shut-off valves from the TRI-CON series, non-return valves from the TRI-CHECK series and a Double Block and... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Valves for industrial fittings | cast iron butterfly valves | shut-off valves | industrial valve manufacturer [+] valve manufacture | control valves | tube components | taps and safety valves for inflammable liquids | safety valves | valves | steel joints and parts | high pressure fittings | metallic sealing fittings | metallic sealing shut-off valves
    GERMANY - Ennepetal
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  • GEMÜ is one of the world's leading manufacturers of valves, measurement and control systems. Over the course of more than 50 years, this globally focused, independent family owned enterprise has... Supplier of: Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - output and flow | metrology | valves | valve technology | control engineering [+] valve block | valve terminal | valve system | measurement instruments | control valve | control components | position indicator | position controller
    GERMANY - Ingelfingen
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  • On 20th and 21st February 2019, the industry trade show for pumps, valves and industrial processes will take place for the second time in the economic hub of Dortmund. The event will once again serve... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Trade fairs, exhibitions, shows - organisation | Centrifugal pumps | Vacuum pumps | Gas fittings [+] Piston pumps | Taps - adjustable controls | Pumps | pumps for industrial uses | hydraulic pumps | sewage pumps | shut-off valves | construction pumps | sump pumps | high-pressure pumps
    GERMANY - Dortmund.
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  • fittings & couplings for industrial and fire-fighting uses. Triboulet Industrie has been manufacturing and selling an extremely comprehensive range of quick-fit symmetrical couplings and... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | symmetrical flexible hose couplings | fire-fighting fittings | fire-fighting couplings | guillemin couplings [+] dsp couplings | symmetrical couplings | quick-connect alu half-coupling | dn 100 half-coupling for fire hoses | cam connectors | camlock connector | crushable hoses | flexible hoses | fire hoses
    FRANCE - Belleville Sur Saone
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  • Manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators for valves installed in hydropower stations, and electrohydraulic actuators for industrial valves for on- and offshore use in the oil and gas... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Industrial valves, operating equipment | Cocks and valves for petroleum and petrochemical industries | Valves for industrial fittings | Petrochemical industry - installations and equipment [+] Onshore and offshore services | Gas fittings | pneumatic actuators | electrohydraulic valve actuators | hydraulic actuators | hydraulic actuator for 1/4-turn valves | motorization for offshore valves | spare parts for actuators | double-acting pneumatic actuator
    FRANCE - Pourrieres
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  • Ital Tap has twenty years' experience in the manufacture/machining of brass taps, fittings and connectors for the plumbing sector. Quality "Made In Italy" products, chrome-plated, nickel-plated,... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Plumbing, domestic | Connectors, plumbing | plumbing rings | taps for washing machines [+] brass taps | working of brass pipes | taps and fittings | own production | shower mixer units | manufacture of multi-layer connectors | taps for washbasins | manufacture of connectors | manufacture of bathroom taps
    ITALY - Sarezzo
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  • The company I.T.E. s.r.l. was founded in 1998. Its purpose is the manufacture and sale of valves (ball, needle) and compression fittings for the installation of industrial instruments, and especially... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | flowmeters | valves for the petrochemical industry | non-return valves | valves for the pharmaceutical industry [+] valves for the food industry | butterfly valves | hydraulic valves | ball valves | compression joints | forged valves | cut jade
    ITALY - Fosso'
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  • KITO® is a German manufacturer of safety devices for explosion protection and for vent valves for atmospheric application. KITO® devices are developed and produced for transporting and storing... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | air valves | flame arresters | detonation flame arresters | liquid detonation flame arresters [+] foot valves | ventilation valves | vacuum breakers | pipe valves | emergency ventilation valves | overpressure valves | vacuum valves | plastic valves
    GERMANY - Braunschweig
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  • With almost 40 years of experience, EFCO Maschinenbau is a leading manufacturer of valve machining and testing equipment. Our products are characterized by their quality, long service life,... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Cutting - machine tools | Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories | Lapping - machine tools | cnc boring [+] mixing machines | valve test bench | welding machines | pressure testing | lathes
    GERMANY - Düren
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  • ...fasteners, supports, chains, cables and fittings. You can find the full range of our products on our website https: // or in our catalog Joints, plumbing, tubes and piping fixtures. Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal | stainless steel unions | valves, solenoid | piping accessories [+] stainless-steel pipe bends | stainless steel flanges | tightening clamps | stainless steel butterfly valves | stainless steel valves
    FRANCE - Saint Priest
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  • Turbine water meters, single and multiple jet versions, with mechanical or magnetic transmission, Woltmann meters, tangential turbine meters for irrigation, flow rate meters, thermal energy meters... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Monitoring and control equipment | Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - output and flow | litre gauges | totalizer gas meters [+] electric meters-totalizers | radioactivity meters | meters - water system flow meters | pressure regulators for measuring and precision instruments | water meters
    ITALY - Gonars
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  • Specialising in copper alloy casting for the taps and valves sector, the naval, automobile, railway and electrical industries. Makes mould for cryogenic applications, underpinning the whole cryogenic... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | sand casting | cryogenics | shell moulding casting
    ITALY - Roccapietra-Varallo
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