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  1. LUCASK9


    A warm welcome to everyone interested in police working dogs! We are Lucas K-9 - a company founded on a passion for performance dogs. We strive to truly fulfill our mission, by choosing the best dogs that fully meet the expectations and come up to the highest standards of the trainers. Every day we look for and carefully select dogs from the best breeders in Europe, to make sure that only the top specimens are offered to our vendors. We also X-ray each dog personally, because our warranty covers more than just a year. For those who want to find out more about how we handle and train our dogs, please be sure to check out the pictures and videos included on this website. We also welcome all people involved in dog training business. If you are looking for police dogs searching for drugs or explosives, as well as sniffer (detecting) dogs or dual purpose patrol dogs, it is definitely the right place. For several years we have been providing pre-trained dogs to both police departments and the armed forces around the world. Our German Shepherds, Malinois, and Labradors come from countries of Eastern Europe (Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Russia). We strongly believe in the quality of our dogs as well as in long-term cooperation with K9 trainers.

  2. PRIMA 2000


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    PRIMA 2000 SP. Z .O.O is one of the largest exporters of Polish apples. For 30 years, we have been constantly developing our business by creating an apple brand that is already known in 30 countries around the world - Prima Apples is the result of a true passion of our Polish fruit growers who care about their taste, quality and freshness. Over 20 selected apple varieties grow on our apple trees . What distinguishes our fruits is the approach to their production and care and the feelings we have for our fruits. We do not use artificial methods to accelerate growth, and we produce in harmony with nature. We approach each variety individually to bring out its true and unique taste. OUR GOAL IS THAT FRUIT WILL BE TASTY AND SAFE FOR CONSUMERS. We also produce juices and dried fruit from our apples.