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    The company A.V.L.WONINGBOUW, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Trade organisations industry. It also operates in the Public works contractors, prefabricated houses, Public works contractors, preparing applications for housing, and Building industries. It is based in Beringen, Belgium.



    The company CLAESSEN PAUL, is a Subcontractor, which operates in the Buildings, prefabricated industry. It also operates in the Construction site installations and equipment, Bulk materials for construction, Construction site installations and equipment, Bulk materials for construction, individual lodgings, and preparing applications for housing industries. It is based in Herentals, Belgium.



    The company STE HLM LA CITE DES JARDINS, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Real estate, business and industrial - developers and agencies industry. It also operates in the preparing applications for housing, and individual lodgings industries. It is based in Blagnac, France.



    The company VERMEERSCH CONSTRUCT, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Prefabricated houses industry. It also operates in the preparing applications for housing industries. It is based in Ternat, Belgium.



    The company LAMINAAT ALL-IN PVC VLOEREN, is a Retailer, which operates in the Plastic floor coverings industry. It also operates in the pvc floors, and preparing applications for housing industries. It is based in Zwolle, Netherlands.

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    C.D.B. COSMETICI DERMO BIOLOGICI develops, manufactures and packs cosmetics for the face, body and scalp exclusively for third parties. It has its own research and development laboratory to make new products. Our organization enables us to offer an in-house part or full product management service that extends to the arrangement and preparation of technical applications required for international regulations.



    Phenomenex develops, produces and distributes consumables for UHPLC, HPLC, GC and sample preparation. Phenomenex is a global operation with direct representation in 20 countries and regional sales partners in more than 60 countries. The company's global head quarters are located in Torrance, California. The Phenomenex product portfolio includes: - Products for solid phase extraction (SPE) - UHPLC columns - HPLC columns - GC columns - Consumables for flash chromatography. Company history 1982 – Founded in California as a distributor of HPLC columns 1986 – Development of the first in-house separation phase 1992 – First subsidiary opened in the United Kingdom 1997 – Production beings on own GC columns 2000 – Development and production of products for sample preparation begins 2009 – Global sale of our Kinetex core-shell UHPLC and HPLC column series begins 2012 – Our applications laboratory Phenologix opens to help customers develop and optimise methods



    Alfa Vega - manufacturer of educational furniture since 1991. Our core business: *** Production of Furniture - school furniture - furniture for the classroom, on the metal structure or made of melamine chipboard (tables, benches, desks, chairs, cabinets, etc.) - furniture for school laboratory (specialized furniture for chemistry and physics laboratories) - furniture for the sports locker room, on metal or melamine chipboard (specialized benches, cabinets, etc.) - office furniture - to order - furniture for medical offices - to order - furniture for the house - to order *** Production of teaching material; - manufacturer of modules, kits for physics, chemistry, biology *** Production of pressed and welded metal parts made of sheet metal, wire, and pipe *** Production of Molds and Punches *** Electrostatic Painting Services - average painting capacity of 30 sqm / h - technology applied to the automotive industry, which ensures a high quality of surface coverage - the surface preparation tunnel ensures the application of a nanoceramic layer of iron and zirconium phosphate that can guarantee resistance to salt fog


    United Kingdom

    Metal Finishing Services. Manchester based providing Hard Chrome coatings up to 8.5 metre lengths for abrasive wear-resistance. Electroless Nickel coating service to provide high, corrosion resistance. Serving all engineering industries including Automotive, Rail, Defence, Aerospace, Hydraulics, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Paper & Board, Printing - and many more OEM's. Also providing a repair service to reclaim worn components to extend the service life of Production Equipment in any Manufacturing sector. Mould & Press Tools are a speciality utilising in-house facilities and expertise. All metallic machine parts can be coated for protection and to provide a surface finish that gives low friction and extended life. Highly polished or textured surfaces can be achieved to suit individual applications. One off, unique, components or large production batch coatings can be accommodated. Preparation by Grit Blasting, Polishing and Cylindrical grinding also available on-site.



    Optaining the developed technology at the maximum rate in order to provide the compatible safe and healthy conditions for our personnel in the application and usage of the equipments and materials which we use and for the customers and their personnel at the final product point. Beneks, which performs its activities in the factory having 2000 square meters closed area in Beylikdüzü ‹stanbul at present, is an engineering company. All of the members of its committee of founders are composed of engineers and the vision of our company is also determined accordingly. Our company, which started its activities in the year 1998 until today, serveing the textile sector continuously; is specialized on the subject of the finishing and fabric preparation machines which are used in the Dyeing houses and took part among the leading companies with the major market shares obtained. Our company, which included also the fabric Dyeing Machine group into its product range in the year 1998, takes the princ


    United Kingdom

    Contractors find that getting a Mortgage is usually more complicated than if you are in permanent, full-time employment. Finding a good Contractor Mortgage deal is notoriously difficult unless you use a Specialist Contractor Mortgage Broker. UK Contractor Mortgages is a Totally Independent Mortgage Broker who will find the best deals on the market for self-employed workers. Specialist Mortgage Broker for UK Contractors UK Contractors invariably find that some Lenders simply won’t be prepared to lend to you, or will ask to see up to five years of your business accounts. If you do not have accounts for that length of period, or are unable to provide any other documents required, you may find that your mortgage application is declined. At UK Contractor Mortgages, we have been working with Lenders who provide specialist mortgages for Contractors for many years and we know exactly what requirements each Lender has, so we can find the one that most suits your exact personal circumstances. Even if you are newly self-employed, we are still able to find good self-employed mortgage deals to help you to buy your dream house.



    Ampla Polygrafia Ltd. was established in 1990 as a Swedish-Slovak joint-venture company with a main focus on the production of offset plates and chemicals for their treatment utilised in the graphic industry. The company established a solid base in Central Europe region by combining of Swedish based group SWEDISH OFFSET PLATES with the know-how of Slovak specialists from graphic industry. More than 30 years of tradition and experience in producing tri-metal and lately aluminium conventional offset plates effectively launched offset plate production in Slovakia during early 90’s in matter of several months. At present, the majority of production are offset plates for digital CTP technology using IR and UV lasers. The main focus of AMPLA POLYGRAFIA is the production and sale of offset plates and chemicals for their treatment. The production of offset plates is a technologically demanding process of treating the aluminium surface making it suitable for application of a light-sensitive coating and in such way for the preparation of printing form by printing houses in next stages. AMPLA POLYGRAFIA has expanded its activities into the field of sale of other printing materials in recent years. At present, Ampla Polygrafia exports more than 70% of its production to the surrounding European countries including, but not limited to Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania and Russian Federation.