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    CYBERNECS builds and manages your website on the cloud: Company websites, E-commerce, Development of mobile applications. Web & Mobile development: We build websites to promote your company throughout the world. If you need a company website or a mobile application, we can create it from scratch or even with CMS (Drupal, Wordpress). E-commerce: Have you got a shop? If you need an e-commerce site to sell your products on line, we can create on for you. Marketing: If you have a website and need to be seen in the web marketplace, we can help you with SEO and marketing automation on search engines. Don't hesitate to contact us for further details!



    Smart Light Solutions GmbH exclusively sells IT security products made by SMARTKEEPER – a cyber security system that protects all standard hardware interfaces from unauthorised attacks. What is SMARTKEEPER? SMARTKEEPER is a physical IT prevention security solution which offers various options for mechanically closing and locking all critical input and output ports of all IT hardware, such as USB ports, network connections of PCs, switches, printers or servers. However, locks from SMARTKEEPER also enable IT interfaces within buildings, production halls or publicly accessible areas and rooms to be secured and managed. Our system is the physical partner for all existing software-based security products. It is a new component in the security wall against infiltrators where there was previously virtually no, or extremely poor, protection. SMARTKEEPER is the perfect hardware add-on for all high-tech software security solutions and therefore makes a significant contribution to preventing opportunities for industrial espionage, data theft and the introduction of harmful software – both internally and externally – in order to optimally protect sensitive data and information.


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    We are focused on website conversation optimisation - building trust, looking for user intent and understanding ranking signals. Within this process we design, build, manage, optimise and build websites. We have expert skills in obtaining "ranking signals" through on page and off page search engine optimisation. We work with a wide range of tools to help achieve the best return on investment for our clients. We have skills with Joomla and Wordpress content management systems that give greater control over how content is used - including full access control, user profiles and security systems to protect against hackers and internet threats (of which there are very many! ). We have strong PHP/MySQL skills. We have skills in converting Joomla websites with lots of users to Wordpress. We have extensive skills with Google including Webmaster tools, Analytics, Adwords, Google+, Google Local, Google docs, Google MAPS, etc.. We provide support for various email services including Webmail and external hosted anti-spam and virus scanning meaning the spam or virus are less likely to reach your inbox. Cyber Security is an integral part of our service. We offer websites built from the ground up with security in mind, secure backup services to protect against ransomware attacks, anti-virus products, anti spam products and cyber security awareness workshops.



    inWebo MFA - The Simple Key to High Security The inWebo multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution offers the highest security on the market thanks to the unique combination of random dynamic key technology and HSM (Hardware Security Module). Accessible in SaaS, rich in connectors, APIs and SDKs, inWebo MFA (or 2FA) adapts to your technical constraints without imposing new ones. Streamline the connection experience of your users and benefit from the many advantages of the inWebo solution. inWebo can be integrated into all your SaaS applications, VPN access solutions, Privileged Accounts (PAM), Single Sign-On (SSO), Identity and Access Management (IAM) and even from the design stage of your applications. ° Protect all your B2B and B2C applications with inWebo MFA Secure access to your internal and external applications with the inWebo multifactor authentication (MFA) solution. ° Countering Cyber Threats Many fraudulent attacks target the accesses of your customers, employees or partners. Multifactor authentication (MFA or 2FA) offers complete protection. ° Improve your users' connection experience inWebo MFA secures your digital environment without any equipment constraint thanks to its SaaS mode operation and its multiple tokens.