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    The company NCP WORKWEAR, is a Distributor, which operates in the Protective and work clothing industry. It also operates in the work clothes, protective kits, protective boots, and protective articles and garments industries. It is based in Dendermonde, Belgium.



    The company MAPLE LEAF SPORT, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Sports articles industry. It also operates in the Skates, skateboards and roller-skates, Skates, skateboards and roller-skates, hockey articles, hockey apparel, and protective kits industries. It is based in Lille, Belgium.



    The company BLOK SECURITY, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Art and art galleries industry. It also operates in the Alarms - security devices, Alarms - security devices, automatic locks, electrowelded pylons, and protective kits industries. It is based in Herentals, Belgium.



    The company MEGA-MAT, is a Distributor, which operates in the Roadlaying - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment, Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment, protective boots, workwear, and protective kits industries. It is based in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium.



    The company BSERVICE, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Protective and work clothing industry. It also operates in the masks, and protective kits industries. It is based in Lille, Belgium.

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    At Asined Automotive, we are dedicated to the meticulous design and creation of a diverse array of products meticulously crafted from industrial textile confections and plastics. Our focus remains on delivering solutions that not only meet industry standards but redefine them through innovation and effectiveness. In our offer: 1. Textile Packaging for Appearance Parts - Rapid Prototyping We specialize in textile packaging solutions designed to enhance the aesthetics and protection of appearance parts. Our agile production process allows for rapid sampling, ensuring swift iterations and precise outcomes. 2. Laser Cutting and Technological Signage on Textile Materials We excel in precision laser cutting on textile materials, allowing for intricate technological signs and patterns. Additionally, we innovate by incorporating textile inserts into plastics, exploring novel avenues such as injecting eco-friendly leather onto plastic surfaces. 3. Specialized and Decorative Stitching techniques, offering both functional and decorative stitching solutions tailored to meet unique requirements. 4. Injection-Molded Plastic Parts for Projects of Any Scale From substantial industrial projects to intrcate small-scale endeavors, our capabilities encompass the expert injection molding of plastic parts. We ensure precision and quality. Our commitment lies not just in delivering products but in crafting solutions that exceed expectations.



    KIEVGUMA LLC (Brovary, Ukraine) is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of rubber, latex, PVC, TEP and silicone products. Our wide product range numbers more then 3500 of industrial and consumer items: - medical and first-aid products; - medical rubber stoppers; - products for children (pacifiers, soothers, feeding kits); - personal protection equipment (dielectric gloves, overboots, carpets etc.); - extruded rubber, silicone, PVC and TPE products (tubes, sealers, pipes etc.); - molded rubber products (gaskets, matts, plates etc.); - unmolded products (weather strips, sections, gaskets, rubberized fabric, tubing, cords etc.); - household products. Our full-cycle production facilities and our own laboratory allow us to provide high-quality services and the best solutions for our partners. Each production department is equipped with the best modern equipment. The products of “KIEVGUMA” LLC meet all requirements of European standards, that is confirmed by international Certificates of Quality Management System by TUV Austria ISO13485: 2012, TUV SUD EN ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2015.



    MAYDANOZZ specializes in sales and retail trade. We supply single-use medical articles such as surgical masks, face shields, gloves and jumpsuits as well as hand-washing solutions including soaps and hydro-alcoholic gel to cope with the current health context. We also carry special kits to protect you as you travel on public transport to minimize contacts as much as possible. Discover the must-have, innovative MAGIC GRIP, a very practical patented product that it is easy to transport, can be washed and is hygienic. Our sterilizing boxes are also very useful for the essential cleaning of your smartphones. We also have perspex protective screens on stands to fit out your offices and counters if needed, to help you continue doing business. MAYDANOZZ undertakes to deliver as fast as possible for the sake of your health.


    United Kingdom

    We work with leading door and window manufacturers to enhance their own product ranges, elevate their brand and provide an opportunity for them to upsell their doors and windows with a quality range of hardware. Our product range has been designed based on customer feedback to meet their needs in the marketplace. As the door and window hardware specialists, we have a dedicated technical team - including experienced joiners with CNC machining experience. We're here to help you select the hardware products for your doors and windows, whatever the job. Our support package includes full CAD drawings to help speed up your manufacturing process. If you're having problems with corroding hardware then speak to us to discuss our blu range of 316 stainless steel hardware - ideal for use with acidic timber, where corrosion levels are high or to make your doors and windows perform better and last longer. You're one-stop shop for door hardware, casement window hardware, sliding sash hardware, door and window beads and profiles, hinges, folding door systems, sliding door systems, weatherseal, timber screws, corrosion protection kits, stainless steel maintenance kits


    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Auto Equipment Leko is the largest distributor of alu felgi in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the world's most famous brands. In addition to sales and installation of alu felgi in our offer are Auto Equipment, Auto Tires, Auto Parts, Autoservice, Moto Service, Vulcanization, Tuning, Air Conditioning Service, Glass Service, Protective Systems, Diagnostics Aluminum wheels of renowned performers: Alu felge Brock, Alu felge RC Design, Alu felge WSP, Alu felge Borbet, Alu felge Oxigin, Alu felge Carmani, Alu felge Vossen, Alu felge Keskin, Alu felge BBS, Alu felge Baracuda, Alu felge Tomason, Alu felge DOTZ Auto Parts: Batteries, Brake Systems, Candles & Heaters, Filters, Cooling Systems Tuning: Suspensions, Exhaust Systems, Body Kits, Aluminum Choppers Protective systems: Zeder, Abloy protec, Obd protect, Meta system Auto tires: Bridgestone, Matador, Fulda, General tires, Semperit, Good Year, Dunlop, Barum, Continental, Nokian, Michelin, Uniroyal, Sportiva, Sava, Pirelli



    Import and Export We are in partnership with the best manufacturers around the world and the best logistics companies to ensure the quality and safety of your orders. Medical Services -Medicine and Health Services-Medical Technologies and Equipment-COVID Products (FDA approved Protective Masks, Protective Clothing options, Test Kits)-Clinical Research Staff-Biomedical-Telemedicine-Lab Tests International Food Supply RA Turkiye works with companies that have the latest production technology and best quality products in the Turkish food market. With the basic principle of consumer satisfaction, it supplies products all over the world, especially red meat, white meat, seafood, dairy products, olive oil, and legumes. Metals and Minerals RA Turkiye can provide metals and minerals whether it's needed within Turkey or all over the world, With its expert staff who have the experience and up-to-date literature knowledge, it provides its supply with the principle of mutual trust and cooperation with the manufacturers, keeping environmental and social responsibilities as a priority. Real Estate We have a huge real estate database around Turkiye, we also provide consulting services to provide you with a suitable project to invest in. Construction and Architecture We provide full construction services whether it's a new building or restorations, we also provide project management services



    LLC " ARTI " is a supplier of mechanical rubber goods for agricultural machinery , industrial equipment , auto and motorcycle equipment in Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries for over 15 years. Making an order with us, you get high-quality products at the best prices. We provide a wide range of mechanical rubber goods of domestic and foreign manufacturers directly from stock and on order. The main range of the company: Belts of various profiles (V, V-ribbed, fan, CVT, multistrand, flat, synchronous) ; Rubber hoses (pressure hoses, suction and blast hoses, reinforced, high-pressure, socket pipe of); Roller chains ( single and double row ); Cuffs rubber and polyurethane (hydraulic, pneumatic, wiper, chevron, closed, special); Glands (reinforced cuffs); Sealing rings (round and rectangular, protective, special); Repair kits for agricultural machinery and other equipment; Brake tapes, clutch facings and brake pads, paronite; Technical plates; Seals, cords.



    MeWa Hydraulic Offers Hydraulic products, seal kits and solution packages for all special requirements. Mewa Hydraulic Spare parts are privately owned. Now operating in Konya/TURKEY . Our product range includes: Piston Pumps , Gear Pumps , Power Take Offs (PTO), Axial Pumps, Adapters , Telescopic Cylinders, Oil Tanks , Valves, Hydraulic Wet-Kits , Seal Kits, Plastic Protects equipment related to the hydraulic industry. All of the products that we export are world renowned for their functionality and high quality characteristics. We pride ourselves on replicating this same high quality throughout our business, striving to export these premium products in an equally premium and professional manner.


    United Kingdom

    Birds, pigeons or pest nesting underneath your solar panels? Get solar panel bird protection to remove the issue permanently, our solar bird protection service includes: *Bird nest removal *Cleaning solar panels *Cleaning surrounding roof area *Installing solar edge bird proof protection (Solar edge protection - 100% guaranteed to remove birds long term) Solar Panel Bird Protection are part of Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions who are experts in solar panel bird, pigeon and pest protection services. The kits we install are industry leading bird proofing kits which are made from reinforced steel and close all gaps blocking access to birds and resolving your bird problem long term. All of the solar panel protection kits come with a 100% guarantee of removing your bird nesting problem. Generally speaking we don't use other solar panel bird proofing kits such as mesh, wire, netting or spikes. These methods and equipment are often ineffective and in fact many of the new solar bird proofing contracts that begin work on have already had such methods try and fail to resolve the problem. Please see our many online customer reviews left on the likes of Google, Facebook and Yell which should hopefully help you make your decision on which company to use.



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    EUROtrade S.A. Bulletproof Constructions & Modular Buildings is a Greek manufacturer serving particular housing needs globally. We design, manufacture and trade, our own products since 1979. Our product range goes from accredited bulletproof guard shacks to 3 storey modular buildings. We are a NATO approved manufacturer (NCage code G2071) and we provide protected housing solutions for Government agencies renowned NGOs and Corporates. We also provide security and safety tailor made products, for military police and dpts. of justice (penitentiaries) needs . Among our production you will find Bulletproof Guard Shacks, protected Control Rooms & check points, deployable ISO containers, protection against mortars (ISO containers), Staff shelters, modular and relocatable barracks, sanitary & catering units and offices. The range of our bulletproof constructions involves heavy duty materials (bulletproof accredited steel plates and glass) as well as ultra light solutions (bulletproof accredited composites) depending on specific customer needs. Our raw materials are 100% traceable and derive from major EU manufacturers. The range of our modular buildings goes from a one man cabin (guard posts) to relocatable classrooms, entire schools, hospitals, commercial warehouses and hagars, worksite offices, press boxes, changing rooms. EUROtrade S.A. outstands in this market, by manufacturing ultimate quality products with unbeatable prices.



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    Generosa is a Portuguese startup founded in 2018 with the mission of revolutionising how we care for plants in our homes. Generosa’s sustainable plant care products are good for the environment and make plant care easy and more fun, empowering people to keep their plants alive and to contribute to a better world by reducing carbon emissions and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle (in line with the SDG 11and 13). We offer an innovative product line, circular-economy based, as it is made with natural by-products ingredients and upcycled materials. We are are independend brand, made in Europe and community driven. We provide wholesalers (concept stores, plant boutiques) in Europe and in the Americas with the best solutions in Plantcare: fertilizers, fungicides, insectices, potting soil mix, mulch, biostimulants, natural rinsing agents, and more. Generosa is tapping into the millennial consumer segment as they account for 42% of all gardening-related purchases. We are creating sustainable products that are more visually appealing, have a more modern design, and are more user-friendly, leveraging digital marketing and social media platforms to engage with younger consumers and build relationships with them. Visit our catalogue and contact our Team!

  5. ABYU


    AbyU starts with a collection of personal protective equipment. This collection includes various mouth masks, handles and gloves made of nitrile, latex and vinyl. The protective products arrive in bulk and are processed in Blijham, by Afeer employees. This makes it possible to customize products and, for example, to provide them with their own logo sticker or label. Why AbyU? AbyU is a East Groningen public-private partnership that acts socially responsible. With AbyU there is a possibility for private label, for small quantities.



    MARVIN TOYS is based in the PUGLIA region and is a leading company leader for the import and wholesale distribution of: children's games and toys, party items, bicycles, electric cars and motorbikes, inflatable items, sports equipment, children’s clothing, school items and much more. We import and distribute in Italy and in many European countries with very competitive prices and high quality products.



    Grande Gloria is proposing innovations developed ranges of cosmetics and household products.ts. We do, We share With their laboratories with development and design department created the newest and latest products for cosmetics and household products that attract attention in the shortest time of all. Our colaboration with reliable partners as suppliers, agents, distributors and others that share the same values and work with the same standards. Responsible sourcing policy and our policy of partnership are part of our code of business principles of integrity and responsibility relating to employees, consumers and the environment.



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    Technicis is a French manufacturer of filters, specializing in air filtration and overspray filtration in paint spraying booths as well as industrial filtration. Our role is to help you cut your operating costs while improving protection of the environment to comply with the ISO 14000 standard. We have been manufacturing paperboard accordion filters for paint booths since 1992, and can also provide you with a full range of filters suitable for all brands of booths and installations/extraction regimes: - pleated paperboard accordion filters for paint booths - fibreglass filters (paintstop), floor filters for paint booths - multilayer paper honeycomb filters for paint booths - ceiling filters (plenum) for paint booths - G3, G4 roll, frame or bag filters - cylindrical filter dust extraction cartridges - polyester felt dust collector socks - active charcoal filters for VOC (volatile organic component) and odour filtration - Paint Module: compact and economical paint booth delivered in kit form - kits and installation frames for your filters - extraction fans and motors - adhesive or antistatic plastic protective film for paint booth walls - clogging detectors (pressure switch) - peelable varnish. Contact our technical teams for more details!



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    ECAREPROTECT is a company specializing in prevention, protection and first aid for employees and company managers founded in 2009 and based in Belgium. Our product range comprises first-aid kits, first-aid equipment, disposable products (gloves, etc.), PPE, work clothing and work shoes, complete set of disposable and protective garments for individual companies, offices, workshops or factories. An extensive range of HACCP items, such as detectable blue dressings and related products, is also available for the food and catering industries. Why to choose ECAREPROTECT ? - In-house audiologist - Very quick response, fast delivery - Unique range of disposables and available in many colours (e.g. disposable blankets, soluble laundry bags, etc.) - Varied and extensive product range - Good quality at a good price Do not hesitate to visit our catalogue!


    United Kingdom

    PULSAR INSTRUMENTS PLC - NOISE MEASUREMENT EXPERTS FOR 50 YEARS. We make precision noise meters for occupational and environmental noise measurement. All our measuring instruments are affordable, robust, accurate and easy to use. Our comprehensive range of sound level meters, noise meters, personal noise dosemeters, noise-activated warning signs, professional noise kits and outdoor noise monitoring kits are designed to help companies meet their legal requirements for safeguarding their employees’ hearing. Our Noise Measurement Equipment monitors noise levels accurately, identifies locations where there are noise at work problems and employees who may be affected and they capture essential evidential data to avoid costly civil compensation claims for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). In addition, PULSAR INSTRUMENTS also offers a range of solutions compliant with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations (2005) for the assessment and protection of workers against Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, including Hand Arm Vibration Meters. We are responsible for all after sales advice, recalibration services and spare parts and provide regular software updates. PULSAR INSTRUMENTS is certified as meeting ISO9001: 2008 and we have received regulatory approval from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) for our Class 1 integrating sound level meter. Our global network of distributors provide local in-country sales support and solutions for all your noise measurement needs.


    United Kingdom

    EMT combine expert knowledge developing market leading products with the delivery of world class services and support. Our dedicated team of industry specialists have developed a comprehensive range of best practice solutions for Insulating Gas Management, which meet the demands of SF6 applications today and the Eco gas alternatives of tomorrow. Solutions: SF6 Novec 5110 Novec 4710 (g3) Dry/Clean Air Oil Applications: Analysis Handling Monitoring & Safety Leak Detection & Management Site Services Products: Zerowaste Rapide+ SF6 Gas Analyser Verify Verification Gases EMT Moisture Pro Portable Dew Point Meter Smartfill MFU SF6 Filling and Topping Up System Zerowaste+ Cylinder Heater Blankets (Eco Ready) EMT Digital Pressure Gauge Kit GasSafe SF6 Fixed Leak Detection System Smartfill CTU 24/7 Leak Management System Handheld SF6 Gas Leak Detector (Eco Ready) EMT Universal Fittings Kits, Hoses and Stems Site Services: SF6 Leak Surveys Flange Repairs Corrosion Prevention SF6 Filling and Topping Up Gas Recycling SF6 Training Rental/Lease SF6 Instruments EMT provide everything you need to keep your operations running smoothly, whilst ensuring the safety and efficiency of assets, personnel, and protection of the environment.



    The SHI CHANG EUROPE SARL, company was set up in 2010 and is based in Perpignan. We now specialise in the distribution of single-use medical items and personal protective equipment such as surgical masks and coveralls. We also distribute Covid-19 testing kits. We supply our products around the world.We are on-hand to meet the ever-growing demand for disposable medical products. We also promise to deliver as quickly as possible.We are well known for our responsiveness. You can count on our reliability and all products are rigorously controlled prior to dispatch. For further information, don't hesitate to contact us should you need to, we will be delighted to assist.



    Pharma Express is specialised in the distribution of medical items. Under the Ajan brandname, we supply protective health equipment, namely masks to satisfy increasing demand during the current health crisis. We provide all masks available on the market, such as FFP2 surgical masks and 3-fold masks, as well as coats, gloves, hydro-alcoholic gel and COVID-19 test kits. We also provide contactless hand gel dispensers. We are in contact with numerous suppliers across Asia and in France, enabling us to apply competitive pricing with optimised, safe deliveries. We only deliver EC and FDA certified products in large quantities. Dozens of local authorities, town halls, regional authorities and companies have already placed their trust in us and our responsiveness to preserve their health and help them get on with their business.



    Kiddy-CO is a Ukrainian creative goods manufacturing company founded in 2007. We are the largest producer of paintings by numbers in Ukraine under our own trademarks "Ideyka" and "My Muse". We are proud that we have created in Dnipro a unique full cycle of production of paintings by numbers and we control each stage of the manufacturing process. Our product range also includes: Paintings by numbers developed by our designers Author's stories from artists, illustrators, and photographers Polyptychs Children's canvases Diamond mosaic Cross stitch and bead embroidery Zen coloring books Plywood figurines Children's kits for creativity Our kits are unique and make it easy to bring creative ideas to life without artistic skills. When painting a picture, you can just be yourself, do not be afraid to do something new, as the result will always be cool. Plots are protected from counterfeiting under the Copyright Act.



    Special motors made in Germany We have been producing durable and individual drive solutions for 50 years. Founded in 1970 as SSB Antriebstechnik, we build continuous quality “Made in Germany” for you. Made in Salzbergen “: Tailored to your individual requirements, in quantities from 1 to 1, 000 and - thanks to high productivity - with a very good price-performance ratio. We are recognized specialists in the customer-specific development of highly efficient electric drives and hybrid motors. Synchronous or asynchronous motors, servo or DC motors, torque motors, air or liquid-cooled, compact, light, explosion-proof, low cogging torque, in stainless steel, extra durable, robust, low noise, constant speed, high speed, high dynamic, extra isolation (VPI isolation technology), high efficiency, high precision, high overload capability, Lloyd's Register, extra high protection class or also as a motor - kit - your requirements are decisive. CEDS DURADRIVE will find the solution for every application and every drive. According to your requirements, we develop drives and generators from prototypes and single pieces to series engines. We look forward to working on drive solutions together - soon for you and with you.



    Volga Polymer Plant produces polypropylene strapping bands and other packing items, as well as equipment and tools for packaging. The company has been selling wholesale the following packaging materials, and packaging machinery and equipment since 2011: - polypropylene and polyester straps, packing kits; - consumables; - equipment and tools for strapping; - gloves, polyethylene bags, FIBC bags, polypropylene bags. Industrial packages by Volga Polymer are good for stacking, handling, and protecting your products during transportation. Volga Polymer's monthly production capacity is up to 100, 000 kilometers of polypropylene strapping band that requires processing up to 300 tons of polypropylene. The company's core product accounts for 1/3 of the packaging market in Russia. Volga Polymer plant is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EAC, GOST R TU. The company is environmentally friendly: the plant maintains a zero-waste production system, the polypropylene processing is optimized to be safe in terms of toxicity. The factory offers plastic packaging on demand, as well as the production of bands of individual types and sizes. The company provides free samples to check the quality of its products. Among Volga Polymer's customers are the largest Russian and global companies: PEK, Aeroflot, Gazprom Neft, Russian Post, Nissan.



    EASYTEX is a brand owned by SUBRENAT, a major provider of textile solutions since 1937. Easytex makes life easier for professional accommodation providers by ensuring their guests sleep well. Your challenges: make sure that your guests enjoy a good night's sleep, make rooms fast to clean, limit energy costs. We have the textile solutions you've been looking for, with or without washing (reusable or single-use): from bed linen to protective covers and bedding, our products offer quality and value for money, they are practical and innovative. Hotel manager, tourist apartment manager, campsite manager, we understand your concerns! Easytex works with over 6, 000 clients in ten countries, including ACCOR, Best Western, Louvre Hotel and Capfun. We offer a tailored response to your requirements. Our products: - bedding: bedbases, mattresses, duvets, pillows, fleece blankets, mattress covers, - protection for bedding: undersheets, integrated mattress covers, pillow covers, zipped pillow covers, sleeping kits, - bedding: sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, sleeping bags, fleece blankets, - guest products: shower gel, soap, etc., bathroom linen: towels, bathmats, - welcome kits: bathroom kits, cleaning kits. We aim to: offer products and services the impeccable quality your clients expect, ensuring they are comfortable in healthy surroundings.



    We offer a wide catalog in medical equipment against the COVID-19, intended for health professionals, companies and communities, such as : FFP2, N95, 3-ply surgical masks, nitrile gloves, surgical masks with integrated eyes protection, gowns, protective clothing, caps, glasses, disinfectant wipes, Covid-19 Test Kit. We supply devices to sterilize medical equipment and everyday objects and also provide vending machines for masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel. Our specialized office dedicated to medical equipment provides the best service, advice, monitoring and guarantees the optimal quality of the products distributed by meeting all the standards and regulations in force in the world. Our goal is to protect you, and for this purpose we create comfortable masks that don't suffer derformation when you breathe. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information if needed, we would be happy to help!

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