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  • Agas is a farming business that specialises in producing high quality fresh eggs from chickens and quails. Supplier of: Eggs | quail eggs | hen egg | eggs from free-range hens | eggs in spain [+] eggs in cuenca | Aquaculture and pisciculture
    SPAIN - Motilla Del Palancar-Cuenca
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  • Supplier of: quail eggs | quail | Poultry, rabbits and game - farming | Meat
    SPAIN - Lleida
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  • Green Living Farm is a family farming business that specialize in producing high quality fresh eggs from quails. Supplier of: Egg products | Eggs | quail eggs | quail meat
    BULGARIA - Zlatusha
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  • ...of lay hybrids and rare breed poultry ( It includes Marans, Rhode Island Reds, Legbars, Leghorns, Pekin Bantams ) - hand made hen houses made to high specification But also : ducks, quails, eggs ... Supplier of: boxes for pigeons, chickens and egg-laying hens | Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | lay chickens and hybrids | hen houses | rare breed poultry
    UNITED KINGDOM - Surbiton
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  • ...incubators (TM Leleka) provide a high percentage of hatching and are easily operated. Our egg incubators are perfect for hatching han / chicken eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, or ostrich eggs, or any birds, or even reptile eggs. Supplier of: egg incubators | Incubators - livestock | greenhouses
    UKRAINE - Cherkassy
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  • buy quail eggs and meat on demand Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | social worker layers raised
    ROMANIA - Arad
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  • Private Enterprise "Viktor and K" launched its commercial mayonnaise and sunflower oil production back in 2002. Over the entire business history of the company, we have owed our success and ongoing... Supplier of: Sauces | mayonnaise | refined sunflower oil | edible vegetable oils | tomato sauce [+] ketchup | mustard | tomato ketchup
    UKRAINE - Vill. Vlasivka, Svitlovodsk, Kirovograd Region
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  • Supplier of: quail | small eggs | Galliforms
    GREECE - thessaloniki
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  • ...a protected area for fauna (pheasant, partridge, quail, peacocks, wild ducks, guinea fowl, etc.), nearly half acre with 6m height net protection, with olive trees, shrubs and vines. Among ponds live geese, ducks and... Supplier of: Olive oil | ORGANIC FARMING | extra virgin olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | producer of olive oil [+] export of olive oil | distributor of olive oil | aoc olive oils | organic olive oils | processing of olive oil | extraction of olive oil | packed olive oil | pure olive oil | virgin olive oil | greek olive oil
    GREECE - Messinia
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