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    Established in 1993 in Nănești, Vrancea county, SC CBSEXPORT SRL is dedicated to ensuring your sleep is nothing short of a dream. Our journey began with a passion for delivering the utmost comfort, inspiring us to craft products of exceptional quality. Evolving over the years, we've expanded our range to offer comprehensive solutions for a comfortable bed and a healthier life. Our commitment to excellence lies in our exclusive use of beechwood, renowned for its durability and superior quality in slat production. Whether it's our standard, manually folding, or electric mattresses, each boasts remarkable elasticity and weight resistance. Every product bearing our brand is meticulously designed to provide complete comfort and relaxation, backed by a 24-month guarantee. We prioritize your satisfaction, drawing on three decades of experience to offer personalized consultation and support. Our dedication to impeccable service, honed through years of customer interaction, ensures you make optimal choices based on your individual needs and preferences. Recognizing the uniqueness of each customer, we also provide custom-made products tailored to your size requirements. With a team you can trust and a long-standing presence in the market, SC CBSEXPORT SRL remains committed to your relaxation, guaranteeing continued efforts to deliver the tranquility you deserve.



    Shenzhen JMRTH technology Co. ltd. was founded in 2002. We are dedicated in the R&D, manufacturing, sale and promote of RF modules and RF products, After several years research and development in RF modules, JMR tech has gained many valuable experiences in not only RF module development but also client solutions from various applications related RF. Based on our know-how technique ability, better product quality and satisfied after-sales service, These application coverage included commercial, industry and military, such as auto electric, home alarm system, building automation, etc. Main business: major in providing ODM & OEM of RF module and RF products, which include wireless RF remote control, receiving module, etc., in accordance with FCC/CE standard.



    Manufacturer of induction heating machines and custom designed systems, high frequency (radio frequency) generators and systems, induction brazing & resistance brazing equipments



    The company RF SYSTEMS SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Driers, industrial industry. It also operates in the textile product driers, thawing cabinets for commercial use, electric pasteurisers, and radio frequency industries. It is based in Solagna, Italy.



    The company CORPODERM HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS, is a Distributor, which operates in the Beauty care - equipment industry. It also operates in the radio frequency industries. It is based in L'union, France.

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    The company BEENETIC SYSTEMS, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Onboard electronic systems industry. It also operates in the Connected objects, radio frequency, Electronic components, Connected objects, and embedded software industries. It is based in Toulouse, France.

  2. SAS EFD


    The company SAS EFD, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Beauty care - equipment industry. It also operates in the machines for pressure therapy, radio frequency, and Cavitation industries. It is based in Mandelieu-La Napoule, France.

  3. GENEX S.R.L.


    The company GENEX S.R.L., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Telecommunications - equipment and systems industry. It also operates in the radio frequency, Components passive, radio-television transmitters, and Microwave components industries. It is based in Roma, Italy.



    The company ESTETICALAB S.R.L., is a Distributor, which operates in the Beauty care - equipment industry. It also operates in the Electro-medical instruments, and radio frequency industries. It is based in Roma, Italy.



    The company INGRIF, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Handling - Machines & Equipment industry. It also operates in the tools for handling, Stevedore services, and radio frequency industries. It is based in Montegnee, Belgium.



    The company MODULIC, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Intermediary electronic transformations industry. It also operates in the radio frequency, and electronic design industries. It is based in Conlie, France.



    The company TECH-INTER, is a Distributor, which operates in the E-business - services industry. It also operates in the radio frequency, and boosters industries. It is based in Thoiry, France.



    The company EMA ESTHETIQUE PROFESSIONEL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Beauty care - equipment industry. It also operates in the radio frequency, and Cavitation industries. It is based in Sant Joan Despi, Spain.



    The company ATL TELECOMUNICACIONES Y CELULAR, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Radiocommunications - equipment and systems industry. It also operates in the radio frequency industries. It is based in Leganés, Spain.



    The company ROHDE & SCHWARZ FRANCE SAS, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Passive electronic components and printed circuits industry. It also operates in the radio frequency, and Hyperfrequency printed circuit boards industries. It is based in Meudon, France.



    The company LABO BEAUTY ITALIA, is a Distributor, which operates in the Medicine and surgery - apparatus and equipment industry. It also operates in the electro-medical equipment, and radio frequency industries. It is based in Milano, Italy.


    United Kingdom

    The company JW HARDY, which operates in the Hi-fi, television and video accessories industry. It also operates in the Aerials, radio and television, radio frequency, and Aerials, radio and television industries. It is based in Sechford, Birmingham, United Kingdom.



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    FEINMETALL GmbH. Precise and sophisticated contact solutions are an important success factor particularly for testing electric and electronic components and products. Feinmetall offers comprehensive contact solutions for the electronics, automotive and semiconductor industries, thereby providing an important contribution for your quality management. Both of the company's product groups, namely test probes for contacting printed circuit boards or cable harnesses, as well as probe cards for the semiconductor test, complement each other perfectly, resulting in unique skills in cutting-edge precision. For over 50 years, Feinmetall has been a reliable partner in the international high-tech industry. The company is therefore represented worldwide with sites in the USA, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan and China, as well as headquarters in Germany.



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    Turck is one of the leading groups worldwide in the industrial automation sector. With more than 4200 employees across 28 national subsidiaries and distribution partners in a further 60 countries, we are always in a position to provide local support to our customers, anywhere in the world. As a specialist in sensor, field bus, connection, interface and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, we offer efficient solutions for factory and process automation. Our data and communications solutions make us one of the pioneers of Industry 4.0. With cutting-edge production sites in Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Mexico and China, our family-owned company is able to meet the demands of local markets quickly and flexibly at any time. The markets: Whether in the mechanical and plant engineering, automotive, transport and handling, mobile equipment or food and packaging industry, Turck automation solutions and products increase the availability of your systems.



    Primitech Sas, with the Linkman brand, is a highly specialized company in the design, production and sale of Professional Wireless Calling equipment for industry, healthcare and retail. What we sell Radio frequency electronic products for local use: (https: //linkman.it/): PAGER – DISK PAGER – WIRELESS BUTTONS – WIRELESS DISPLAY – HW INTERFACES BETWEEN PC AND RECEIVERS/TRANSMITTERS Benefits of Linkman products? Linkman products are a valid aid for optimizing work and reducing management costs. The following ADVANTAGES can be obtained by installing Linkman wireless systems: • Solve all speed dialing needs that do not require the use of the voice • Increase work productivity • Significantly reduce company personnel costs • Improve the level of service rendered to customers • Linkman systems do not require any user license or the payment of PPTT ministerial fees for radio frequency equipment Product line Over 200 specialized products, able to respond to many application needs of companies, shops and offices: • Pager, Pager, Buzzer, Buzzers, Teledrin • Wireless Buttons, Wireless Buttons, Wireless Transmitter • Wireless Display, Wireless Display, Monitor • HW interfaces for PC • Customer Queue Management Systems Applications Linkman equipment is reliable and simple to install. Examples: reduce downtime in industries, to quickly call personnel, to call customers Industries, Logistics Centers, Companies, Hospitals, Rest homes, Doctors' offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Wellness.



    Sinfotech was founded in 2003 by a team of specialists with significant experience, as a company specializied in Information Technology services, mainly related to the areas of marketing and web. Over time, we have acquired experience in everything that concerns Internet and its services, and have expanded our offer of marketing solutions. We have successfully developed various software solutions and we approached to emerging technologies, such as RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification), NFC (Near Field Communication) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as Smart Bluetooth). These technologies are strongly linked to the market of smartphones and mobile devices, in constant growth and innovation. Thanks to the expertise developed in RFID, NFC and BLE, we have developed solutions of proximity marketing, which directly involves users and their smartphones, as well as several NFC solutions for business areas, such as traceability, access control and anti-counterfeiting. At present day, Sinfotech successfully works in Italy and Europe, with customers from all over the World.


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    Asia Smart Tag Co. Ltd (www.astag.com) was established in 1986 (Originally Horng Woei Co., Ltd). It focused on producing remote control products such as Radio Frequency Transmitter, Transmitter Switch, Duplicable Transmitter, Security Alarm...etc. In 1997, we founded the R&D department of RFID and devoted in developing related RFID products, including Proximity Tag, Reader, Reader Module, Clamshell Card, ISO Card, label, wristband, HF/LF Coil, NFC products, Token. Today, we devotes in researching and developing innovative new products such as NFC USB device, Bluetooth and Multi-functional RFID Tag. We continue to pioneer the latest RFID technology, leading where others follow. Our latest innovations in RFID have led us to work with some of the most forward thinking and high-practical events in the industry, and allow us to create a splendid future with our customers.



    The company Medesthetic has been a major player in the technical beauty universe through its NEWGENESTHETIQUE chains since 2011. It has a foothold in 3 countries through its Moroccan and Algerian subsidiaries and its websites: newgenesthetique.fr, newgenesthetique-ma.com, newgenesthetique-dz.com, medesthetic-injectables.fr, medesthetic.sumup.link, ariellefashionstore.com (cosmetics). Our flagship machines: triple wave multifunction evolut diode station (diode, hifu, vaginal hifu , ndyag), CO2 laser 1003, Radar vt slimming (microwaves), X-stressor emsculpting, cryolipolysis, hifu, picosecond laser, shock waves, fractional radio frequency. Our leading products are: MEDESTHETIC reticulated hyaluronic acid fillers, derm, deep, subskin), injectable BTOX 100u botulic toxin, volumetric buttock fillers, lift tensor threads. Our medium-term roll-out prospects: Morocco, Tunisia, UAE, Dubai, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Libya, Ghana, West Africa.



    Shieldingshop is a European distributor of EMC test and measurement instrumentation for electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC). With a wide range of reliable, affordable, and standard compliance products, we provide everything needed for both pre- and full-compliance testing (conducted & radiated immunity testing). Our product line consists of a wide variety of EMC testing equipment and various EMC/EMI measuring antennas, such as horn antennas, monopole antenna, loop antenna, dipoles, biconical antennas and complete EMC antenna kits. We also offer radio frequency power amplifiers, comb generators, broadband preamplifiers, spectrum analyzers and specific shielding solutions. With more than a hundred unique products, covering a frequency range up to 40 GHz, we offer everything you need for your electromagnetic compatibility testing. Our products conform to various industry standards, such as IEC 61000-4-6, FCC, EN55022, EN55011, CISPR22, or CISPR11.



    ENCO was founded in 1985 with the idea of playing a leading role in the aesthetic and professional aesthetic medicine markets. From the beginning, our main values have been to have cutting-edge technology and a high level service for our customers. Both have allowed us to position ourselves as a leader in the market of professional aesthetic equipment. The devices manufactured by ENCO are excellent for treating overweight, cellulite, obesity, peeling, waxing, rejuvenation, wrinkles, sagging, massage, drainage and other aesthetic problems. We use the most advanced technology of ultrasound, infrared, radio frequency, endomassage, and laser to achieve the best results offered today in the aesthetic and aesthetic medicine market. Our portfolio has a wide range of products, such as pressotherapy, thermo therapy, lymphatic and venous drainage equipment, peeling, cavitation, radio frequency, diode laser, UVA and collagen solariums, etc. The development of the Morphological System and the efficiency of our equipment have allowed us to be present in countries worldwide, mainly in Europe, South America and Asia. Since our beginnings in 1985, we have grown to merge into a large corporate group, under the name of MedicalCluster. Our main activity is as a manufacturer of professional equipment for aesthetics and aesthetic medicine and we have been expanding into new business units, always with the common nexus of caring for the human body through state-of-the-art technology.


    United Kingdom

    Established in 1988, TROVAN™ Ltd is in the business of developing and marketing of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, telemetric systems and new biomedical delivery technology. TROVAN™ Ltd. has established a global network of distributors for its technologies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. TROVAN™ Ltd is a world leader in electronic animal identification. Important applications besides livestock, laboratory and companion animal identification include auto manufacturing, industrial gas cylinder distribution, meat packing waste management, product tracing in fibers manufacture, industrial laundries, inventory and capital assets management. Users of the technology include well-known brands in the private sector, as well as over 60 government agencies in 13 countries around the world.


    United Kingdom

    Vysana is a medical aesthetics & wellness clinic. We treat age-related problems, such as photo-damaged skin, acne, pigmentation, sagging skin, wrinkles, and the effects of a modern diet without macro- and micronutrients. We achieve this through a Doctor-led consultation & the right treatments (wrinkle relaxing injections, medical grade skincare, injectable boosters, dermal fillers, radio frequency skin tightening, micro-needling, skin resurfacing, collagen, omega-3, polyphenols, and beta-glucans



    NINGBO HEXIN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. located in Yuyao City, ZheJiang Province, at the southern bank of Hangzhou Bay, It only just 90 kilometers away from Ningbo & Hangzhou airport. NingBo HeXin Electronics is a privated joint-stock company & it established on March, 2008. The company is an export-oriented enterprise specialized in producing all kinds of metal parts, connectors, plastic terminals, air-core coils & spring coils, security equipment unit, security wiring row, row test wiring, fiber-melting, fiber jumpers, pigtail, optical coupling, coaxial connector, network which mainly used in electronics tuners, digital receivers & radio frequency(RF) modulators & communication deviceWith over 110 workers & staff, the company covers an area of 3, 000 square meter, the majority of the products of the company exported to Southern & Southeaster Asia, Middle-East & Europe.


    United States

    We are a small business, located in a South Carolina Hub Zone, that is compliant with ISO 9001: 2008 and practices Six Sigma. Together my team and I have over 700 years of experience designing and manufacturing: · Antennas · Cable Assemblies · Duplexers · Waveguide Assemblies · Towers and related components. · Other communication equipment and accessories We are also a distributor for many name brands such as * Times Microwave *Andrew *Commscope *Sinclair *Telewave *Rohn *Dielectric *Radio Frequency Systems We design and manufacture: * Waveguide Tees *Waveguide to Coaxial Adapters * Waveguide Sections * Flexible Twistable Waveguide * Waveguide Circulators * Waveguide Filters * Yagi Antennas * Cellular Panel Antennas * Discone Antennas * Patch Antennas * Bifilar Helical Antennas * Horn Antennas * Corrugated Horn Antennas * Circular Polarized Antennas * Dipole Array Antennas * Collinear Antennas * Omnidirectional Antennas * Vehicle Antennas * Spacecraft Antennas * Sector Antennas * Parabolic Antennas * Parabolic Grid Antennas *Glass mount antennas * Rubber Duck style antennas * Panel Antennas * Discrete antennas * Elliptical Waveguide * FAA Lighting * Communication Shelters * Radio Duplexers * Radio Triplexers * Broadcast Antennas * FM Station Antennas * AM Station Antennas * HF Antennas * VHF Antennas, * UHF Antennas * Microwave Antennas * S-Band Antennas * L Band Antennas * Ka-Band Antennas * Antennas from DC-110 GHz



    Atomsystem Warehouse Management System acts as the hub of your supply chain solution, integrating accounting/order and shipping software systems, electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, Crystal Reports software, radio frequency and barcode hardware, and warehouse automation equipment. WMS achieves this level of ROI through order accuracy, on time shipping, minimizing inventory carry costs, and decreasing labor costs. Today’s warehouse managers are consistently finding that 2 to 5% improvement across various performance metrics can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in bottom-line returns to the business. Warehouse Management Systems consists of three editions designed to meet the demanding needs of customers from small to large. The Collect Edition is aimed at the company looking to extend their paper processes to the wireless world. Our Manage Edition is built for the organization that wants to start small, but has plans to expand their warehouse processes over time. And, the Fulfill Edition is designed for the more sophisticated user that needs more control, automation and flexibility in their warehouse.

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