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Rare carpets - Import export



    The company RITSI HOME COLLECTION, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Rugs industry. It also operates in the rare carpets, and sheets industries. It is based in veroia, Greece.


    United Kingdom

    We are an internationally recognised company that has dealt in only the finest quality arts and crafts holding cultural and historical significance.For over sixty years we continue to serve both buyers and sellers with valuations and illustrations on even the most unique items. Whether for a single piece or a collection, for storage or decoration, for your house or place of work we have a team of multilingual experts who are always available. Our team has a combined native fluency to conduct business in English, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Farsi, Arabic and Turkish, please inform a staff member if you would prefer to speak in any of the aforementioned languages.With over six decades of dealing in a variety of antiquarian and fine arts, we have amassed a collection open to the public (appointment needed) at our showroom in Wembley, London.Our goal has remained consistent throughout our history which is to ensure we house the finest collection of antiques, arts and rugs served with integrity, competitiveness and honestyWhat we doWe deal in a wide range of items, mainly Persian, Egyptian and Oriental items spanning from the 13th to the early 20th century. Our highly significant collection of archaeological and anthropological findings with Persian and Arabic origins are among the rarest in the world and the work of three generations of buying and selling.The vast range consists of: Cultural and historical manuscripts, rare textile, carpets, stamps, Masonic objects, clocks



    From late 1930's My grandfather has been involved in collecting and trading of superior handmade carpets and kilims. We travel in Anatolia to collect premium carpets and kilims for producing our own vintage carpets, patchworks and kilims to have the rare or unique quality. Our products are all unique and made out of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, hemp and goathair. We collect pieces originating in the villages of anatolian region. All unique piece has an age range between 60-100 years. We collect, produce and deal vintage rugs , patchwork rugs , kilims and hemps. Our production is located in Amasya Turkey. We produce 2 sqm up to 20 sqm aproximately 4X6 ft to 12X18 ft in variety of 25 different colours. Each carpet is produced in nearly 15 days by creative hands. Our production capacity is nearly 4000 sqm/month. Please do not hesitate to ask for further information.



    Our main products: geotextile, geomembrane, compound geomembrane, geogrid, geocell, sodium bentonite geosynthetic clay liner, three-dimension compound plastic geonet, waterproof sheets, tire base fabric, linoleum base cloth, waterstop, exhibition carpet and all about 20 kinds products. The scope of our main engineering projects application: the anti-seepage engineering of landfill site, highway, railway, tunnel, artificial lake, landscape lake, tank foundation, oil pipeline, rare mineral, pollution water bath, aquaculture, reservoir, the rainwater collection, swamp land, basement warehouse, basement garage etc.


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Rare carpets - Import export

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