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    Amélie is the most elegant of all the names give to an oyster, the fruit of four years' intense work at sea. This marine organism, halfway between fish and shellfish, cannot be opened by just anybody, resisting efforts by those who lack the knowledge. Our teams, driven by a shared passion, devotion and commitment to excellence, work tirelessly every day to extend the limits of what they can achieve. Amélie exists to promote the French oyster, rooted in the know-how of the most skilled growers, who cultivate and select outstanding oysters. The waters of the French Atlantic coast, in concert with the surrounding lands, instil Amélie oysters with subtle maturity and remarkable delicacy, characteristics sought after by the finest chefs and the most educated palates. At the root of Amélie's quality lies and rich and fertile soil. The history of Marennnes-Oléron recounts the existence of oyster parks famed for their exceptional virtues, guaranteeing consistently delicious oysters year after year. Our skilled oyster farmers rely on these precious secrets to reserve for Amélie the finest locations with the Marennnes-Oléron oyster-farming region. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!


    United Kingdom

    We are a third generation family business with a passion for quality, value for money and customer service. We know about fish! F. R. Bradley (Feltham) Ltd was established in 1946 by Frank Bradley (senior) and his wife Anne when they started selling jellied eels from a barrow in Feltham. Over 69 years later, our family run business is supplying shellfish, fish and jellied eels all over the south of England from our new premises. Today in our factory shop we currently supply over two hundred different products, selling fresh and frozen seafood to the general public, shops and restaurants, all at trade prices. Our web site allows us to open our freezers to you - virtually! We keep our prices low because we are able to buy in bulk and sell to you direct but we never compromise on quality.ince the mid 1990s' Bradleys' have been supplying the major high street supermarkets across Great Britain with over 15, 000 pots and bowls of our famous jellied eels every week, ensuring them a consistent, reliable delivery mechanism and the highest quality product, week in, week out, year after year.We always attempt to purchase from sustainable and well managed fish stocks whether caught in the wild or from responsible farmed stocks so you can enjoy eating our products with a clear conscience! Our vision is clear.We want to be the frozen fish and seafood supplier of choice with a reputation as a business that cares about its products and its customers known for our dedication for quality and ser



    The company PESCAVANTE, is a Retailer, which operates in the Shellfish and crustaceans industry. It also operates in the Fish, seafood and snails, preserved, Seafood and shellfish, seafood, Fish, seafood and snails, preserved, and tinned seafood industries. It is based in La Coruña, Spain.