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    NITTO KOHKI Europe GmbH is a world-famous Japanese designer and manufacturer of pumps and compressors, quick-release couplings, and tools. The air compressors, vacuum pumps and liquid pumps are ideally suited for analysis, medical technology and measuring technology, for example. Our patented aeration compressors are used in small-scale sewage plants and biogas plants. The quick-release couplings for low, medium and high pressures, as well as our multi-couplings (manual & automatic) cover almost all possible applications: E.g. cleanroom technology, leak tests in refrigeration and air conditioning technology, hydraulics and pneumatics. They are suitable for oil, water, air and gas. In addition, we provide pneumatic tools for the maritime and steel processing industries, for example pneumatic needle scalers, cylindrical grinders, angle grinders, surface grinders, deburrers, orbital sanders, portable core drills, and so on.


    South Korea

    We, PT Couplings Co. Ltd., are mainly manufacturing various kinds of Power Transmission. Couplings and have been supplying the products in and outside of KOREA since 1989. Our last aim is to achieve the international reputation with quality-oriented products in the manner of well trained craftsmanship of PTC’s engineers. PTC Factory operates under the total quality assurance according to ISO 9001 standard. PTC always tries to be honest to customers and be fair to business partners. PTC is proud of accumulated technologies and manpower and believe that the growth of fruitful advance in near future. Our Power Transmission Couplings are solidly connecting the drive to the driven body of machines and deliver the potential Power and torque throughout the proper compensation of alignment which is consist of parallel, angular, and composite misalignment. It will increase the life-cycle of each connected parts and decrease the loading stress of machine itself.



    The company DIEMME.ERRE S.R.L., is a Service Provider, which operates in the Fabrics, nonwoven industry. It also operates in the rubber coupling, fabric and textile product coupling, technical fabric coupling, and soft interlocking of fabrics for clothing industries. It is based in Boffalora Sopra Ticino, Italy.



    The company VULCAX, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Vulcanization, rubber - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the rubber connectors, rubber coupling, and absorbents for rubber industries. It is based in Bilbao, Spain.



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  1. ISURKAI, S.L.


    Nuestra empresa fue constituida en el año 1.982 y, desde entonces, trabajamos para satisfacer gran parte de los problemas originados en los conductos por dilataciones y contracciones debidas a las variaciones de temperatura, o por vibraciones debidas a la presencia de motores, compresores, bombas, turbinas, etc. Algunos de nuestros principales productos son: JUNTAS DE EXPANSION METALICAS, COMPENSADORES DE GOMA, ACOPLAMIENTOS DE UNION, FLEXIBLES METALICOS Y COMPENSADORES TEXTILES. Our company was founded in 1982 and since then we work to solve many of the problems arising in the ducts by expansion and contraction due to temperature variations or vibrations owing to the presence of motors, compressors , pumps, turbines , etc. We provide our costumers a wide range of products in order to solve these problems. -METAL EXPANSION JOINTS, RUBBER COMPENSATORS, PIPE COUPLINGS, FLEXIBLE HOSES OR TEXTILE JOINTS-



    SC Arte Rubber Distribution SRL is a privately owned company, having as main activity the sale of technical rubber products and services specialized for technical and technological problems of production and use of technical rubber goods. The main groups of products offered by SC Arte Rubber Distribution SRL are conveyor belts and rubber flat belts, technical rubber sheets and rubber mats, pressed and shaped rubber gaskets, rubber couplings, rubber rollers and other technical rubber produscts (snow plough rubber blades, rubber speed breakers, rubber pads for railway K type etc.). The products offered by our company are of high quality with ISO certification. Our products can be found in most areas such as metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, railway, chemical plants, mines, shipyards, transportation, food, construction, automotive service, carpentry, agriculture, gyms, pharmacies etc.



    Shandong Silver-Spring Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1993 by Dr Kong, who is the former researcher and engineers in synthetic rubber & couping agent. We are a professional manufacturer & exporter of shoe making chemicas with factory located in Shandong Province, Our products including: Synthetic Rubber : Styrene Butadiene Rubber(SBR1500/1502/1507) High Styrene Rubber(HSR860/1904/9000), Silane Coupling Agent (Si-69, A-151, A-171, A-172, KH-550, KH-560, KH-570, KH-580, KH-590) Phenolic Resin (used for friction material, tyre, shoe heal and etc) Beside, we also trade below chemicals: 1: Active agent: Zinc oxide, Stearic acid 2: Plasticizer agent: DOP, Rosin, Glycerin 3: Vesicant agent: AC blowing agent 4: Antioxidant agent: BHT 5: Accelerant agent: TMTM, TMTD 6: Reinforcing agents: white carbon black, Zinc oxide, Calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate: Titanium dioxide 7: Natural Rubber & Synthetic Rubber



    Dear We are Turkish company DELSAN GROUP working machine, Ankara, Turkey, a leading manufacturer of spare parts for hydraulic rock breakers, drillers and construction machinery with high quality and competitive prices. We produce spare parts for rock drill models such as ATLAS COPCO L6, ATAS COPCO L8, ATLAS COPCO 281, ATLAS COPCO 282, ATLAS COPCO DRİFTERS 1032, 1038, 1238, 1448, 1638, 1838, 1840, 2160, 2238, 2540, 2560 , SANDVIK 320, SANDVIK 340, SANDVİK HYDROULIC DRIFTERS HL 438, HL 500, HL 510, HL 538, HL 600, HL 650, HL 700, HL 710, HL 800, HL 810. MONTABERT CPA 222E, MONTABERT CPA 295, MONTABERT HYDROULIC DRIFTERS HC 50, HC 95, HC 109, HC 110, HC 120, HC 150, HC 158 FURUKAWA HCR 900, HCR 910, HCR 1100, HCR 1200, İNGERSOLLAND YH 70, YH 80 Our workshop manufactures not only spare parts for the rock drill jumbo/boomer itself, but in particular for the hydraulic drifters. These are spare parts such as rotation Chuck, piston, shaft, shank bushings, piston bush, piston, cover, holder, o-ring, shim, screw, nut, side bolt, flushing hear, stop ring, rod, hydro motor, seal kits, bushings, couplings, guiding rings, diaphragms, hose drum, rope drum, slide bar, rope, couplings, filter, attachments, rubber cloth, plate, arm, limit switch, wiper, accumulator and so on. Our company supplies repair kits and rubber goods for construction machines of leading world brands,



    Our goal is giving professional, technical support during daily duties on your vessels. So far, our experience and professionalism allowed us to regularly support vessels for some of the world's biggest ship companies. If you have any requests that we can help you with, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to prepare you best possible solution. Our delivery program contains: Marine valves (globe, gate, check , butterfly , safety and reducing valves) Spare parts (seat rings, liners and discs) for the cargo butterfly valves Spare sealing kits for PV valves Stainless steel expansion joints ant hoses (design and fabricate as per needs within 48 hours) Vent check valves Rubber products custom made Teflon products custom made Firefighting equipment (valves , fire hoses, various couplings and caps) Flexible pipe couplings and spares Rubber expansion joints Anchor chains and fittings Safety equipment Measuring instruments (gauges, thermometers, pyrometers) Ball bearings (FAG, SKF)



    concrete pump pipe, concrete pump rubber hose, concrete pump pipe bend, concrete pump truck eblow, concrete pump pipe clamp We are a professional manufacturer of concrete pump parts in China, specialized in producing concrete pump delivery pipe, rubber hose, elbow, bend, reducer, coupling, cleaning ball, piston, cylinder, eye-glass plate, cutting ring, concrete placing boom, and so on



    we are Distributors for Coupling , rubber flat belt, Pump & Slip-Stop



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    Founded by my grandfather in 1946, our family-run company has been continually developing ever since in line with the market requirements – from a spare parts manufacturer for the mining industry to an inter- nationally renowned specialist in power transmission engineering. Today, we develop and produce torsionally flexible couplings at a high level of vertical integration under the REICH-KUPPLUNGEN brand. These products are predominantly used for combustion engines in stationary and mobile applications – for example in power generation plants, in construction machinery, in commercial vehicles, in railway engineering, and in the shipbuilding industry. Another essential component of our success is the “Designed to Customer” principle which allows us to create customised high-quality and long-lasting power transmission products in close cooperation with the customer. Our commitment to flexibility, quality, and on-time delivery, and our ability to respond to the most di- verse requirements are providing daily proof that customer satisfaction is of top priority to us. Since I joined the company’s management I have dedicated my efforts to preserve these values and to position our company for a safe and successful future also in the third generation. Yours, Christian Reich



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    For over 35 years, we have been producing vibration dampers, vibration technology and machine dampers for the industrial, marine and shipbuilding sectors. We also manufacture products according to individual customer specifications. Our priorities: Strict fulfilment of customer requirements. High precision in engineering and production. Maximum quality (certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015). Shortest development time. Shortest delivery time (three weeks). Own CAE, CAD, CAM, CNC machines and CAQ. Products: Wire rope dampers for static loads from 30 g to several tonnes and high dynamic flexibility. Rubber dampers for static loads from 10 kg to 8 t and dynamic deflection of 120 mm. ATM pipeline dampers for best sound reduction. Tool sets for engines and mobile hydraulic units for pre-tensioning bolts up to 2.5 kbar. Service: Static and dynamic calculations with our VISAP programme (first report free of charge). Coupled multi-body systems. Shock and vibration testing with shakers. Environmental tests in an accredited laboratory in NL. Special verifiable reports



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    AVK Rewag specialist in Stainless Steel pipe products AVK Rewag (REpairing WAter and Gas) is a stainless steel competence center, specialized in pipe products. We produce repair clamps, Repico® couplings and repair couplings, tapping saddles and support bushes in our own production facility, which is equipped with the latest manufacturing and testing equipment. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. AVK Rewag has more than 40 years’ experience in manufacturing stainless steel products and we sell them in more than 40 countries. The quality you require We deliver both standard and engineered products that meet the highest standards of safety and durability as required within your branch. We have a high technical knowledge and experience with technical specifications and international standards. We only use high quality stainless steel and rubber components/sealings. AVK Gummi (Denmark) produces rubber compounds in various types and qualities and AVK Ravenstein (The Netherlands) manufactures the semi-finished products. It is our ambition to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. Part of the AVK Group AVK Rewag is part of the internationally operating AVK Group, which comprises 110 companies worldwide and develops and produces valves, hydrants and accessories for water and gas distribution, sewage treatment plants, fire protection and industrial sectors. When dealing with the AVK Group expect quality, reliability, functionality and long lifetime in service.


    United Kingdom

    DEKS was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1947 and created the first and original rubber roof flashing, known worldwide as the Dektite. DEKS established and entity in the UK in 2003 and is focused on creating, manufacturing and distributing leading brands within the roofing, heating & plumbing industries. We strive to provide high quality and user-friendly solutions backup by excellent customer service. In addition to our market-leading Dektite™, Seldek and Rapid Flash range of rubber roof flashings, we distribute Fast Flash and Perform lead-free flashing. As well as DEKS FastFlash our fully adhesive flexible in roof solar flashing used for sealing the leading edge of in roof solar to roof tiles - a marketing leading solution. Our water management range, which included BandFlex EPDM and ValueFlex EPVC pipe couplings for safe, secure and reliable connections as well as our DekDrain range of surface channel drainage solutions. Our network of retailers across the UK and Europe make purchasing a DEKS product easy and fast, allowing your project to be completed on time.



    The manufacturing company Standart Prof produces thermoplastic elastomers in the form of granulated raw materials and heat insulating seals made of extruded TPE. The factory produces window and door seals, car and furniture seals, seals for the construction, healthcare and food industries. The product range includes fire-resistant seals and fire protection couplings for indoor piping. Also, Standard Prof produces rubber pipes and hoses for garden irrigation, flexible hoses for the food processing industry (for milk and beverages), for pressurized oxygen supply. Since 2012, the company has been producing raw thermoplastic elastomers and their products. The products of Standart Prof are distinguished by an increased application temperature range and UV resistance. All products are inspected by the Quality Control Department. Since 2016, the company maintains a quality management system ISO/TS 16949. The company's own laboratory has developed over 1000 formulations of thermoplastic elastomers for the production of items for automotive, household, construction, footwear, medical and food applications, including 90 types of irrigation hoses, 45 types of fire safety tapes, over 1000 types of seals. Standart Prof offers super elastic seals, hoses and thermoplastic elastomers up to 1100 tons of delivery per month. Thanks to the resource portfolio made up of Russian suppliers, the factory guarantees competitive prices for any quantity of products.

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    United Kingdom

    Cross & Morse design and manufacture power transmission equipment. The Cross & Morse range includes: - Roller chain, Sprockets, Platewheels, Silent Chain, Inverted Tooth Chain, Timing belt pulleys, V Belt pulleys, Rubber and polyurethane belts, Gears, Racks, Torque limiters, Spragg and freewheel clutches, Shaft Couplings, Shaft Clamping Elements, Delrin Chain, Delrin Couplings, Sealmaster Mounted Bearings, McGill cam followers and bearings, Kopflex and Jaure couplings, Rollway bearings and chain and belt Tensioners. Utilising modern CNC equipment in a purpose built 5000 sqm factory in Birmingham UK our products are exported worldwide. Certified to ISO9001: 2015



    Headquartered in the town of Waldkraiburg in Upper Bavaria, SGF is a recognised partner to the global automotive industry and supplies all areas of industry. SGF's product range incorporates flexible, temperature-resistant components for torque transmission and vibration absorption. The main fields of application are within the automotive industry and general mechanical engineering and systems engineering. The assortment includes couplings in cardan shafts and steering columns, vibration absorbers in drivetrains, exhaust hangers and absorbers as well as various rubber-metal parts for bearing a wide range of aggregates. SGF has grown to become the market leader for torque transmission and looks back on more than 60 years of experience in cord and bonding technology. The high quality standards of our products are founded on specialist knowledge in rubber and silicon processing, highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art development and production facilities.



    Vulcanization Crafts Piršljin has over 35 years of experience and work with rubber products and our main activities are: vulcanization services manufacture of metal accessories manufacture of rubber gloves From the range of rubber galentery we offer: parts for agricultural machines, spare parts for tractors and truck parts. Rubber seals Manhole for hydraulics Rubber bands Rubber balls Membrane brakes Wheat for corn picker Various rubber membranes and other rubber products are just some of them. Selenium blocks, return valves, combine harvester, hydraulic piston, tractor sprayer valve, shock absorbers, coupling brackets are part of the metal galvanizing offer. Wheel replacement, tire balancing, tire mounting, tire tire, tube repair, wheel and rubber optics and other vulcanization services will be performed by our vulcanizer quickly and with high quality Contact us with confidence because Piršljin's production of rubber and metal accessories is here for you



    PTFE Coated Glass Fiber Aramid Fabrics and Belts, PSA Tapes, Rubber Products, Kevlar® and Nomex® Webbing, Polyester Monofilament Open Mesh Conveyor Belts, Filtration Fabrics, Polyester, Kevlar®, Nomex® Endless Ropes, Power Transmission Belts, Conveyor Belts, Endless Tapes and Belts, Transmission Chains, Conveyor Chains, Lifting Chains, Helical and Worm Gear Units, Gear Boxes, Hydrostatic Variable Speed Units, Couplings and Clutches, Frewheels, Hydraulic Clamping and Centering Products, Rubber Compensators, Aluminium Hydroxide, Aluminium Oxide, Fused Alumina.


    United Kingdom

    The HPS Group was formed in 1983 in Rochdale to fulfill a need in the quality hydraulic and pneumatic component market servicing a wide industrial and manufacturing sector throughout the North West. Hydraulic : - Hydraulic flexible rubber hose, including R13 hose assemblies - Quick release couplings - Thermoplastic hose including sewer flushing - Swage fittings and adaptors - All Available in mild or stainless steel Pressure Cleaning : THE HPS GROUP Specialise in high pressure hose assemblies for both the industrial drain and pressure cleaning markets. PTFE/Metallic : - Smooth bore PTFE hose assemblies - Convoluted PTFE and metallic hose assemblies - Both mild & stainless steel - All manufactured to customers specific requirements Pneumatic : - Pneumatic Fittings - Filters, Lubricators and Regulators - Control Valves - Nylon & PVC Hose - Associated Couplings & Accessorie



    VIMA is an innovative company that represents main international manufacturies, whose activity is management and trade promotion of the distribution chain, through the selection big import companies in Latin America. With our experience in business management in an integral way through the representation of factories, we have managed to position our products with new customers in the Latin American market. The great demand of our customers for new products motivates us to increase the portfolio of representations of important factories worldwide that manufacture hydraulic hoses, rubber industrial hoses, connections, adapters and hydraulic couplings. We know all about the factories market that we represent, that's why we achieved long-term business alliances with: 1. Ludecke (Germany): Quick connect couplings european plug profiles, Blow off valves and blow off guns 2. United Flexible (USA): Composite Hoses, Flexible Metal SS Hoses 3. Kanaflex (Brazil): Flexible PVC Hoses, Pipeline / Pipe for Infrastructure (HDPE) 4. Pix Transmission (India): All types of V Belts 5. Gollmer & Hummel (Germany): Fire, industrial and agriculture hoses of rubber, of polyurethane and PVC. Whose products we show on our website http: //vima.com.pe/


    United Kingdom

    Marine Equipment & Supplies, Other supporting water transport activities INDUSTRIAL & MARINE SUPPLIES LIMITED is a specialist trading and stockholding company founded in 1991 in London to provide sales and services of marine and industrial machinery and their spare parts, to ship owners, shipyards world - wide and industrial sector including iron & steel factories and petrochemical refineries. Marine: - Anchor & Chain - Anti-Fouling System - Cathodic Protection (Marine & Ind. Applications) - Chart & Maritime Publications - Compressor Spares - Deck Cranes & Machinery - Diesel Engine Spares (Main & Auxiliary) - Heat Exchangers/Coolers - Navigation & Communication Equipment & Spares - Others: Butterfly Valve Seats & Linings - Mechanical Seals - Hatch Cover Rubber Packings - Tank Cleaning Machines & Ventilation Equipment - Pressure & Temperature Calibration Equipment - Water Jetting/Blasting Equipment. - Polypropylene, Nylon Ropes & Wire Ropes, etc. - Pump Spares - Purifier/Separator Spares - Safety Equipment - Stern Tube Seals - Turbo Charger Spares Industrial: - Hydraulic & Pneumatic Tools, Bearings, Couplings - Stainless Steel Pipes, Tubes, Fittingts, Sheets, Hollow Bars - Valves, Gauges, Testing Equipment


    United Kingdom

    Since 1888, at HILL'S RUBBER CO. LTD., we are manufacturers of gaskets, seals, O rings, and washers. This is cut and stamped in house from a complete range of non-metallic engineering materials. We supply industrial rubber, PVC hose and tube for all applications and conditions. Including; air, water, steam, oil and petrol, food (non toxic), chemicals, and material handling. We supply a variety of sponge and foams made with natural and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is available in open cell and closed cell grades and synthetic rubber is only available in closed cell. Self adhesive is available also. Commercial rubber anti-slip fluted matting, fine fluted, broad rib matting and electric switchboard matting (BS 921 1976 tested to 15'000 volts) can be supplied. We also supply a comprehensive range of items in our shop, these include; Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), thread seal tape, hose clips & couplings, corks & bungs, walking stick ends, furniture ferrules and many others.



    Silane adhesion promoters, silane crosslinkers, silane moisture scavengers, silane coupling agents and silane resin modifiers are our proud of products of Nanjing Aocheng Chemical Co., Ltd., which is a member of Aocheng Group. Nanjing Aocheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading and reliable supplier of organo-functional silanes and some inorgano-functional silanes in China. Organo-functional silanes or organosilanes are often used as Silane adhesion promoters, silane crosslinkers, silane moisture scavengers, silane coupling agents and silane resin modifiers in coatings & paints, adhesives & sealants, plastics & rubbers, mineral treatment and fiberglass composites domestic in China and worldwide. Our team has been in silane business for more than 15 years, during which we are awarded as an excellent supplier for hundreds of companies and also get “Technology Innovation Award” from them.



    Hebei Chengrui Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. is a combination of factory and trading company. Since its foundation in 2002, it has been a leading company of manufacturing quick hose camlock couplings. During the past years, Chengrui is constantly developing new products to meet and exceed requirements for cam & groove fittings.A worker is installing a suction hose with camlock couplingsCamlock ApplicaitonCamlock couplings provide a quick way of hose connecting/disconnecting. They are often found in various pumps, tanks, IBCs and equipment where hose changing is frequent. Quick hose coupling reduces downtime and get you rid of complex threads and flanges. However, camlock couplings are not suitable for all applications. They are commonly used in low pressure suction or discharge hoses. When comes to compressed air or gases, camlock fittings are forbidden.Camlock couplings come into various types - stainless steel, aluminum, polypropylene, glass-fiber reinforced nylon and brass. Different materi


    United Kingdom

    The Leading manufacturer and supplier of flexible hose assemblies, Flexible hose & fittings to the industries. FENTECH was established and soon developed into a leading supplier in flexible hose & fittings, such as.... flexible hose fittings, Rubber Fuel Hose Washdown guns. Wash Down Hose Rubber Hose Hose Joiners Ball valves Car Heater Hose BSPT Male x Hose tail Hose reels General purpose Hose BSP Female x Hose tail Pressure gauges Garden Hose PCL Series 19 Couplings Push Fit Connectors PTFE Teflon Hose Camlock Couplings Air Fittings Silicone Hose PVC Hose Washdown guns. Nylon Tubing Polyurethane Tubing



    Taizhou Xufeng Tec CO., LTD is a leading manufacturer and exporter of PVC flat hose, fire hose, fire hose couplings, Branchpipe in China.Our fire hose: Double PU lined hose, PVC lined hose, rubber lined hose, PU lined hose, EPDM lined hose, double jacket hose and single jacket hose.Our couplings: John morris coupling, American Type Coupling, Storz Coupling, French Type Coupling, Italy Type Coupling, Finland Coupling, Japan Coupling.Our products are exported to many countries in the world such as America, Canada, Russia, Franch, and etc. They are widely admitted by our domestic and oversea customers.We welcome the leading wholesale, retailers and OEM customers all over the world. We are sincerely looking forward to establishing the business relationship with you for our mutual benefit. We are at your service! welcome to visit our website: www.xufeng-hose.com



    Anfeng is a professional magnet manufacturer and permanent magnet exporter located in Ningbo China with Ningbo & shanghai ports. We supply rare earth magnets specialize in NdFeB magnet, ferrite, AlNiCo, SmCo, rubber magnet with various kinds of shapes including disc magnets, block magnets, ring magnets, cylinder magnets, sphere magnets, countersunk pot magnets, mounting and holding magnets, generator arcs, cube magnets, ball magnets, bars and other customized shapes, Also, we devote ourselves into related products such as magnet tools, magnet assembles and so on.Our magnets are widely used and applied in electronic products, home appliances, automobiles, motor and generators, sensors and switches, rotors and actuators, magnetic couplings, measuring devices , communication equipments and data processing devicesWe expert our utmost to satisfy our customers demands in all over the world with best price, high quality and superior service.

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