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    The subject of our company's activity is the production and distribution of foil products and foil gloves. The assortment offered by us is foil bags made of high-quality re-granulate, foil gloves made of HDPE. We provide favorable prices for permanent cooperation, timely deliveries, and professional service. Our products are available in the following colors: black, green, white, red, yellow, orange, brown, silver, colorless, and any other at the client's individual request. As a manufacturer of garbage bags and foil packaging, we make every effort to provide you with the highest quality product. In order to ensure maximum comfort and safety, our gloves can be equipped with holes for hanging, bags with ears, or have an overprint, the color indicating the type of segregated material. Technology and equipment facilities allow us to fulfill even the most unusual orders 2. bags, LDPE bags, garbage bags, garbage bags, rubbish bags, bags with ears, foil gloves, gloves with a pendant, HDPE gloves, and gloves for hand protection. Please contact us for more information.



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    Multiple options. Customized solutions. FILMEX PACKAGING Kft. is a value driven company - based in Hungary - in the business of production of polyethylene packaging materials for food, industrial, agricultural, or household use - most of our products can be manufactured according to the 10/2011 EC regulation for food contact applications. Our company has gained new momentum and moved to a higher level since its establishment with an innovative machine park (e.g. Alpine, Günter) and two modern production halls with a total area of 2800m2, a modern organizational structure, and producing more than 5000 tons of virgin and recycled polyethylene film products. Our mission is dedication to providing quality packaging solutions to our customers across Europe. We strive to implement a long-term relationship with our clients, based on quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs so that they can always think of us as an excellent partner to rely on. To help fulfill this mission, we treat all employees fairly and involve them in the quality improvement process to insure responsiveness and cost effective work execution. FILMEX PACKAGING Kft. is fully committed to meeting the most important standards of quality, customer satisfaction and legal requirements in its activities and services.



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    POLIBAG PACKAGING INDUSTRY is a Turkish company, and we have been at our customers’ service since 1990. Although our company started its activities with the production and sale of plastic products in Istanbul Mercan, we now moved to Bayrampaşa, the heart of the packaging industry in our country. We have an extensive portfolio of product ranges: cardboard bags, cloth bags, store bags, garbage bags, industrial products, stretch films, patisserie boxes, printed laminated bags, bakery boxes, and many more to discover on our website. Our many years of experience in the packaging business have given us excellent quality and reasonable prices. So if you are looking for a manufacturer of carton bags, boxes, and cloth bag needs, we are the company you need! As a respectable PE film manufacturer, our priorities are quality, safety, advanced technology, customer satisfaction, and an economical price and instant delivery to the customer both in Turkey and abroad. Our Vision is to be able to respond to the needs of our customers in the best way possible. Our Mission is to create customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products and services. Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website for any inquiries.

  4. STATUS S, S.R.O.


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    Welcome to Status S s.r.o. — Your Partner in Sustainable Packaging At Status S s.r.o., we are a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, sustainable bags and packaging solutions. Our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility is reflected in our diverse product offerings designed to meet the needs of businesses and consumers alike. Eco-Friendly Bags: We offer biodegradable and recycled plastic bags, providing sustainable options for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Customization: Tailor products like big bags, shopping bags, and personalized cloth shopping bags to your specific needs, enhancing your brand’s visibility and customer engagement. Specialized Packaging: Our robust big bags are ideal for industrial needs, while our food packaging ensures freshness and safety for fruits, vegetables, and other food items. Consumer Products: Our line also includes stylish and functional retail bags, rubbish bin bags, and sachets, catering to both utility and aesthetic needs in consumer markets. Our Commitment Sustainability is at the core of our operations. We continuously innovate to create packaging that not only withstands the demands of use but also supports a healthier planet. Our biodegradable options are designed to degrade effectively, reducing waste and supporting composting efforts. Join us at Status S s.r.o. and make a positive impact with every choice. We're dedicated to delivering excellence and sustainable future.



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    Established in 2020, Kayadereli Construction is based in Adana, Turkey. We offer a wide range of products to our customers in the export of fresh fruits and vegetables, construction equipment, and building materials. Since our foundation, we have aimed to expand our network based on furnishing the best service to our customers. Our company, together with our expert team, creates quality standards with team spirit and delivers the products to you with reliable logistics. As Kayadereli Construction, our vision is to become a pioneer in the sector by creating permanent relations with our customers based on the principles of "trust, honesty, transparency" and expanding our trade network. We use the latest technology and technical design application methods by constantly improving the services' quality and adopting innovation to guarantee the best result for our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    We are a medium-sized, owner-operated manufacturer of plastic packings made of environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE) and offer suitable, cost-effective film packagings for almost all products and areas of application. We are happy to advise you in order to provide you with ideal packaging solutions for your individual requirements. Our employees are committed to working with passion and expertise to meet your needs. When working with us, you will find that we are an extremely flexible company and that we pride ourselves on establishing truly pleasant business relationships. For 45 years, we have been a reliable packaging partner for our customers from the industry, services and retail sectors. That is why our long-standing regular customers include many notable medium-sized companies and international groups from a range of sectors such as the food industry, the chemical/pharmaceutical industry, the mechanical engineering sector and the electrical and automotive industries.

  3. DR. PAPEL


    Dr.Papel is a Portuguese company specialized in thedistribution of Paper products - for the Cleaning and Industrial Hygiene. Our clients are from for the most diverse sectors of activity: restaurants, laundries, institutions, industry, etc. Having as our main priority the guarantee of total satisfaction of all our customers, we represent a complete and innovative range of products that, associated with a set of services provided in accordance with the particular and business needs of each client, will ensure a better level of convenience, comfort and, above all, quality of life. Do not hesitate to contact our Team!



    The Arvitex company is a trade company offering a wide range of household and cosmetic products of high quality of an affordable price. We specialize in the manufacturing of products under our own brands such as Master FRESH, EXXE, Emily Style, Fresh idea, PARLO and their active promotion of them in Russia, CIS and foreign countries. The assortment of our company includes such products as: - oral care products, - cosmetics, - household chemicals and cleaning products, - air fresheners, - wet wipes, - soap, - eco products. All our merchandise is certified and satisfy international quality standards. We follow the market trends and are always ready to offer innovative and relevant products. The combination of high quality and affordable prices distinguish our products on the shelves among other competitors. Our team of professionals ready to meet all customers orders quickly and in a timely manner.



    Monómero started the activity in 2001 to transform Plastic raw materials into all kinds of packaging products. We have the most advanced equipment to make the best possible product to fulfill the needs of our customers. On the technical side, we have Co-extrusion equipment, high-quality printing press 8 colors, solvent-less lamination, and the most advanced bag-making machines to produce controlled atmosphere products (MAP), BIO Degradable BAGS, and much more. We also aim to produce thermoplastic flexible films and packaging, especially for primary uses, especially in the food sector. In addition, we have the best-qualified persons we can get on the human side. Our main goal is to work side by side with our customers, find the best possible solution for their packaging needs, and find and develop new products. Our Company stands for environmental protection and to achieve this goal. For example, we do our recycling indoors to ensure that every single plastic waste from our production is given a second life in our production process. Also, we stand for innovation; we are always open to new ideas. We also have our concerns with social matters. That's why we support the local community in issues that go from local parties to child sports. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Yavuz Plastic, a Turkey-based plastic recycling and granule manufacturing company, has expanded its operations in recent years to include plastic bag production and has become a sector leader in Turkey. Our range of granules includes black, white, honey-colored, and blue. Our plastic bags come in various sizes, including medical waste bags, delicatessen bags, t-shirt bags, garbage bags, and more, all of which can be found on our website. We deliver our products worldwide. Yavuz PACK, our proud investment, exports our products and supplies raw materials. We are committed to delivering high-quality products to our customers on time, from raw material production to logistics, ensuring the best possible customer experience. Our state-of-the-art technology in production workshops and national and international certifications make us a trusted and reliable source of quality products. Our ultimate goal at Yavuz Plastic is to become Turkey's number one company in our sector, with a focus on adding value to our customers' lives. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality products and services that meet our customers' needs. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



    Tradege is an international trading company which has a global manufacturer network to provide best solutions and serve its best to the customers and exchanging value among partners with adding perfection to business. Since its foundation, Tradege has been focused on bringing Turkish products to the world markets. The company’s decades of experience and customer-driven working strategy make it stand out from the competition. Tradege also deals with import, export, re-export and transit trade of various goods, providing the required finance and adapting to the needs of the customers. For Tradege, the significance of quality is not a simple pursuit. We apply strict controls in all supply and production procedures, ensuring with this way that each customer purchases the products of their choice at the desired specifications, weight, packaging. Offering a wide variety of products Delivering on time Handling all the process of shipment & logistics Competitive solutions Personal service, tailored to your requirements On-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Full management of all the trading process from the shipping point to the destination

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    Bos Plastik Ambalaj, Türkiye'nin önde gelen toptan çöp poşetleri üreticisi ve tedarikçisidir. Başarımız, basit ama disiplinli bir felsefeye dayanmaktadır: Müşterilerimize en yüksek kalitede ürünleri çok değerli bir şekilde sunmak için iyi hammadde ve ekipman kullanıyoruz. Ürettiğimiz her ürünle gurur duyuyoruz. Firmamız Çöp Torbası ve HDPE T-Shirt Poşeti ihracatçısıdır. 5000 m² kapalı alanda aylık 300 ton üretim kapasitesine sahip olan firmamız, 'PB PROBAG' markasıyla Rulo Çöp Poşeti üretmektedir. Firmamız Çevre Bakanlığı'ndan geri dönüşüm ve atık yönetimi belgesine ve ISO 9001/2015 Kalite Yönetim Sistemi belgesine sahiptir.



    We have been at the service of you, our valued customers, with our export experience and dozens of export products since 1983. Our Vision We have been providing the highest level of satisfaction to our customers with our domestic market and export experience since 1983.The aim of our company is to offer the versatile quality possible. To continue our target partnership with our foreign customers, to grow continuously on the basis of customer satisfaction, to become the leading company in exports and to make it permanent. To continue to be a company that provides ever-increasing inputs to the economies of the countries we work with by increasing the volume of transactions in export day by day. Our Mission KORENSA its mission, in Turkey and the growing export products in the world, in total quality and customer-oriented understanding, to our customers in many parts of the world, has drawn in line with supplying different products with reasonable prices and desired quality. Thus, our mission is; - To our customers of all levels with has professional-level demands, to provide the same perfectionist solutions. - Keeping quality, productivity and customer satisfaction at the highest level. - Turkey and to provide any product in the world so contribute to the economy of the countries. - To follow technological developments and progress closely and to develop new and fast solutions.





    Yekebas Packaging (Ambalaj) Industry mfg is one of the leading packaging Industry professional manufacturer and exporter from Turkey.We specialised to production at packaging machinery & equipment as well as consumer products. Our company was founded in 1974. Yekebas Ambalaj Corporate factory is located in Konya Industrial Area. Our factory has composed by four main sections ; Recycling, Production, Cutting, Printing at a well-equipped factory 20.000sqm in totally. We are producing our all products according to the International Packaging Industry Standards.We tailor each clients’ packaging request, from small companies to multinationals and large-scale distribution. We make custom production for Garbage bags, Hotel laundry bags, Chicken outer bags, Dairy product bags, Medical Waste Bags, Pharmacy Printed Bags Disposable hairdressing Apron Disposable table covers, Safety Strips, Bags for Fresh food, Fruit Bags for Egg Bags for Bakery products and Ethnic bakery (Pita/Lebanese/Taco/Shawarma/Doener/Pizza) Bags for fresh fruits package inner crates, Recycling Sachet Bags, Vest type carrier bags, Soft loop bags, Die cut bags, Shopping bags.Bespoke sizing, designing, production on HPDE LDPE PE products are available. We are always looking for long term collaborations around the world. Always welcome to cooperate us!



    Makosan Makina Has Given Importance To Manufacturing Machinery Especially For Packaging/Packaging Department Since Its Inception And Has Started To Take Its Place Among The Leading Companies In Turkey By Making Rapid Progress In Its Field. Horizontal Packaging Machines Are Especially Specialized Machines Of Our Company. In Addition To The Standard Productions In These Subjects, It Also Produces Solutions For The Special Requests Of Companies And Makes Machine Design And Manufacture According To Order. Our company keeps the quality of the machines at a high level with the principle of being the best by giving the necessary importance to R & D studies and constantly develops new ideas, new design machines. After Sales Technical Support Is One Of The Services Provided By Our Company. Our Goal Is To Make The Machines Used Worldwide Better Without Compromising On Quality And To Provide Uninterrupted And Solution-Oriented Service To Our Valued Customers. "As Long As You Are, We Will Continue To Exist... " Our Vision: Is to take a place in the world of the future by providing all kind of technology services to our customers with the right product at the right time. To ensure our customers satisfaction all the time.Our Mission; To gain experience by applying the technological developments of the 21 Century within itself and to present this experience to our customers. To be among the leading companies of the future by strengthening its infrastructure in line with all quality standard



    Kazanc Plastik, has been established in 1980 in Turkey and specializes in manufacturing plastic garbage bags on roll for different sectors. Today she keeps on its’ current production at Tuzla factory with a closed surface of 4000 m2 and has 70 dealers around the country. Overwhelming majority of the raw material used in the production of garbage bags are from the recycled materials. Those are the plastic wastes collected from the nature and reclycled in our recylcing facilities. The rest of the content includes original raw material only in a sufficient amount to improve the strength of the garbage bags + 100% biodegradable plastic additive. Our Bags are certified %100 Biodegradable & Compostable; eco-friendly garbage bags which are consumed 100% by microorganism within 12-18 months.These bags are very strong and tear-resistant. Municipalities, hospitals, hotels, universities and restaurants around the World are using our bags.



    It has been put into service under the name EagleGlobalPlastik to give a new momentum to the Packaging and Plastics industry. It started the production of plastic bags and garbage bags. EagleGlobalPlastik, which has been serving with the principle of correct price, quality product with its advanced technology machinery and specialized team since its establishment, will continue its journey in the sector with this principle. EagleGlobalPlastik, which makes production with production technologies and raw materials that are sensitive to the environment and has no effect on human health in its product group, produces products that stand out with its diversity in its product range day by day. EagleGlobalPlastik will continue to work with the principle of high quality in all business processes.



    Prompack Ukraine is one of the biggest manufacturers of recycled packaging materials in Ukraine. We are searching for new international contacts with dealers, distributors and clients of composite stretch films and garbage bags in your country. We already cooperate with stretch film distributors from Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Estonia and would like to expand our export activity. We also launched a new production line recently - trash bags from recycled material, and would like to create a distribution network in other countries. You can email your weekly/monthly orders and they will be delivered at convenient terms. We work according to the rules of INCOTERMS; methods of delivery and payment are negotiable.



    Bags made from plastic, paper, non-woven fabric, raffia, food-quality paper, cellulose, film, etc. Items for the hotel industry, bakers, butchers, pasty-makers, fishmongers, poultry products, fast-food restaurants, etc.



    Manufacturer of plastic bags and sacks for general industries. Supplier of: plastic bags and sacks, polyethylene bags and sacks, bin bags, hospital bin bags, bin bags for cleaning companies, bin liners for common areas.



    The enterprise makes and imports the wide range of goods for the house: sponges and napkins for cleaning, garbage bags, disposable tableware, gloves, a foil, paper, a film, packages, an adhesive tape, candles and many other things for housekeeping.


    United Kingdom

    Thorncliffe Skip Hire is a skips management company providing Skip hire services nationwide all across the United Kingdom. We have professional and certified experts to provide you with the best services at a competitive price in Thorncliffe.



    The company TÜTER PLASTIK A.Ş., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Disposable tableware and articles made of paper, cardboard and plastic industry. It also operates in the rubbish bags, plastic sachets, paper cups, and plastic articles for household use industries. It is based in Gaziantep, Turkey.



    The company ADANA PLASTIC BAG COMPANY, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Plastic packaging industry. It also operates in the rubbish bag, plastic sachets, and plastic for packing industries. It is based in Adana, Turkey.



    The company ALTUG PLASTIK, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Plastics - packaging industry. It also operates in the rubbish bag, plastic materials in pellet form, packaging bags, and recycled plastic products industries. It is based in Adana, Turkey.



    The company ZERPAK AMBALAJ, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Plastics - packaging industry. It also operates in the rubbish bag industries. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.



    The company ERKAR PACKAGING CO. LTD., is a Distributor, which operates in the Boxes, cardboard industry. It also operates in the Stretch wrap, disposable plastic cups, and rubbish bag industries. It is based in Gaziantep, Turkey.



    The company DEFIBAG, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Paper bags industry. It also operates in the biodegradable bags, kraft paper bag, Custom paper bags, and rubbish bag industries. It is based in Bry Sur Marne, France.

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