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  • Our expertise. We are passionate and very experienced in the development of high-quality, durable knives and other wear parts for shredding machines that cut any material into the required grain...

    Supplier of: Knives, industrial | shredder knives | shredding knives | granulating knives | chipper knives [+] machine knives | special knives (machine knives) | rotor knives | block knives | counter knives | crushing knives | screens | carbide-tipped machine knives | granulator screens | knife holders

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    GERMANY- Breitengüßbach

    ...bed knives, bolt-on cutting edges and shredder crown blades, knife holders, knife supports, terminal blocks, cover plates, sifters, power belt, V-belts, rolling bearings, seals, fastening devices (screws, nuts, washers, washer...

    Supplier of: Knives, industrial | shredder knives | shredding knives | strainers | punched plate

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    SLOVAKIA- Martin

    MACHINE KNIVES AND SPARES BY EUROTOOLS Whether it is for standard industrial blades needs or custom-made parts, Eurotools, Ldt. is your one-stop shop for any of your spare parts needs. Knives and...

    Supplier of: shredder knives | Industrial tools

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    GERMANY- Wertheim

    Supplier of: shredder knives | Blades and knives, industrial

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    CROATIA- Zagreb

    ...knives, granulator knives, shredder knives, perforator knives, male top slitter knives, female bottom shear knives, male top knive holders, hack knives, particle board and chipboard knives, veneer cutting knives, peeling knives, knives for...

    Supplier of: Knives, industrial | industrial knives | Blades and knives, industrial | manufacture of industrial blades | industrial blades

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    BELGIUM- Verviers it. We can offer you the maintenance of shredder knives and take care of the replacement of your shredder knives on your industrial machine. Among our product application, you can count on plastic blades like rotors, die plates and pulverizing. But also on industrial...

    Supplier of: industrial knives | Blades and knives, industrial | rotary cutters

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Doncaster

    ...recycling industry. We produce parts including: shredder knives, knife holders, counterknives, specialist bolts and nuts and screens for our own recycling machines as well as for the following...

    Supplier of: Recycling - machines and installations | recycling | manufacturing | waste

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  • be "Made in Sheffield". We have a full design team and can bespoke manufacture to any requirement including circular knives, straight knives, toothed knives, chipper blades, granulators and shredders.

    Supplier of: machine knives | Blades, machine tool | Blades and knives, industrial

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  • Quality: - All products are made in Germany and Europe- All production facilities specialise in recycling parts- All products are tailored to the recycling process Fast: - Components for common...

    Supplier of: shredding knives | shredders | Screws | punched plate | granulating mills

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  • Supplier of: knives | waste grinders and shredders | Knives and scissors for household and professional use | grinding of cutting tools

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