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    For over 50 years, Motex Healthcare Group has provided healthcare workers with the peace of mind for better protection and also dedicated in the field of medical suppliers, especially on surgical face mask, wound dressings and surgical gloves. As a leading manufacturer and supplier, Motex has provided reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control solutions throughout numerous health crises, including epidemics and pandemics such as SARS, H1N1 and COVID-19. Our worldwide distribution and service network provides the most distinguished services to our customers. Striving continuously for success, we will always commit ourselves to developing advanced products for a better tomorrow. We are specialized in: 1. Medical face mask and non-medical face mask: Diamond shape face mask, FFP2 respirator, surgical face mask, C-Shape face mask for kids. 2. Wound dressings and surgical tapes. 3. Surgical and examination gloves. 4. OEM / ODM Service For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.



    Founded in 2019, SAAFI IÇ VE DIŞ TICARET is a company based in Instabul, Turkey, specialized in the sale of medical equipment. Our wide product range includes protective coveralls and surgical gowns, face masks, medical gloves, shoe covers, safety goggles or face shields. We are your ideal partner if you are looking for medical textile, disposable medical materials, personal protective equipment and medical devices. We serve both local and international markets. We offer high-quality products and strive to meet international standards, thus managing to become one of the most reliable companies in Turkey and abroad in a short time. We attach a great importance to research and development to renew and improve the quality of our products. For this reason, we earned our customers' recognition for our contribution to our field of activity. We are constantly looking for innovations as we are aware that innovations appear every day in our sector. We serve our estimed customers for a healthy lifestyle and put our experience and knowledge at their service. Our goal is to continue to grow and develop in the healthcare sector while maintaining the highest quality standards. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



    Established in 2010, BEE-N Company provides pharmaceutical products in Ankara Türkiye. We provide a wide range of branded and generic medicines, hospital consumables products, health and wellness products, test kits, and personal care products. Our company aims to offer supreme service for every single customer to meet their needs and demands in a short time. We are pleased to sell and supply specialized pharmaceutical items in different parts of the world. We have a wide product portfolio : •Generic over-the-counter drugs •Generic prescription drugs •Branded over-the-counter drugs •Branded prescription drugs •Basic medical equipment •Health and wellness products •Personal care products and many more are to be discovered on our website. BEE-N Company has been committed to the creation, marketing, and delivery of cutting-edge, high-quality medications and medical supplies for doctors, clinics, and hospitals. As BEE-N Company, we not only play a valuable role in the domestic market but also expand our market in several countries by exporting pharmaceutical products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    We are a company based in Turkey and we produce TPE Disposable Powder Free gloves that can be used for many purposes.Our Thermaplus Poly Gloves prevent any allergic reactions among users and customers. Made from polyethylene (LDPE) with 7.5/8 Micron. The Gloves do not release any unwanted chemicals and therefore allow direct contact with any other sensitive items. Our products produced in a production facility approved by the Ministry of Health are included in the health and medical product demands of our country. Our gloves have CE 2841, EN 455 1-2-3, EN420 +A1, EN374 1-2-3-4-5, GHP, GMP, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 45001, ISO 10002 and ISO 22000 certificates together TURKAK AB-1183-T test reports. Manufactured with the new generation technology and sets itself apart from any other product in the industry. The silver ions it contains allow for not only better touch sensitivity but also a more comfortable prolonged use. Being powder-free attracts demand for consumers looking to use anti-allergic products in various domains including for healthcare, food, home and sanitary. SPECİAL FEATURES • Designed to be comfortable for prolonged use. • Silver ions for better touch sensitivity. • Soft hand grasping. • Easy and practical use grasping the hand. • Ideal for uses requiring a hygienic environment. • Odour & dust isolation. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !

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    Established and headquartered in 2011, Istanbul / Turkey, OctaMed is an incorporated company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices and disposables. The primary focus of OctaMed is directed towards hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and a diverse range of medical facilities. Product quality and performance have always been a priority across our organization and thanks to our highly qualified and dedicated staff we have maintained an international standard and established ourselves as one of the major players in the health care market. OctaMed manufactures a comprehensive range of medical disposables(first aid strips, medical tapes, wound dressings, bandages, gauzes, personal protective equipment and more) in-house while exclusively representing world-class brands in Turkey, including Rossmax and Cutanplast. The attention to the quality has created a trust among the professionals and patients to OctaMed products which they can fully rely on. The success in such a short time was not a surprise since the company has already been on a 42-year journey filled with know-how, experience and successes. Currently two manufacturing plants are operating to serve the customers' requirement. OctaMed has been committed to offering a comprehensive range of high-quality, value-centric products, solutions, and services. The company has reached out to more than 54 countries worldwide, and it is committed to further growth and market share increase.


    United Kingdom

    Cost effective We source PPE directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to maintain robust quality control and keep prices low for our customers. NHS-Proven At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic we assisted the UK Government in sourcing 10M facemasks and 1.3M face shields, all delivered to specification and ahead of schedule. Personal Your dedicated account manager links directly with the manufacturer. Short, transparent supply chains keep costs down and give our customers greater confidence. OUR PPE PRODUCTS Invisio is proud to have supported the NHS Key Workers during the recent crisis through provision of PPE supplies. Even during the height of the crisis when most commercial flights were grounded, we worked tirelessly to ensure continuity of supply. Out of 9 shipments brought in to the UK during this time, ALL were delivered ahead of schedule and there were NO returns out of over 11 million items used. ‘Thanks for your support of the last few months, and for getting all your items delivered ahead of schedule! The offers from suppliers like yourselves is so appreciated, it’s been amazing to see so many businesses getting involved to help us source PPE for the NHS frontline. All the very best - and thanks again’ Quote from DHSC Supplier Referrals Team



    We develop customised solutions for the problems faced by patients and healthcare professionals – from classic wound dressing material to modern therapy and patient care systems. For 170 years, we have been identifying changes and trends in the healthcare market and proactively integrating them into our business activities. Our employees' commitment and our commitment to sustainable actions ensure our mutual success in the long term. The result is outstanding products closely attuned to our customers' needs. L&R at a glance: Sales volume 2020: More than EUR 750 million, more than 5500 employees worldwide, represented in all important markets and across five continents, 50 group companies, 16 production facilities in 11 countries, holdings in 27 countries, more than 130 hand-picked sales partners, more than 1200 suppliers worldwide, our headquarters are located at the Rengsdorf (Germany) and Vienna (Austria) sites.





    The company EKSEN MEDICAL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Hotel service industry. It also operates in the masks for hospital use, disposable suits, Hotel Bedlinen, and Surgical gloves industries. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.



    The company LIMITED, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Pharmaceuticals – import-export industry. It also operates in the hand gel, nitrile gloves, disposable gloves, and Surgical gloves industries. It is based in Paris, France.



    The company IVROU ITALIA, is a Distributor, which operates in the Masks, safety industry. It also operates in the disposable face masks, masks for hospital use, nitrile gloves, and Surgical gloves industries. It is based in Cosenza, Italy.



    The company BASDECO, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Dentistry - supplies industry. It also operates in the masks, disposable gloves, and Surgical gloves industries. It is based in Athens, Greece.


    United Kingdom

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    Alpha Solway, part of global PPE manufacturing business Globus Group, provides health and safety solutions for healthcare and industrial sectors. With more than 30 years’ heritage, we deliver high-quality, world-class respiratory PPE from protective clothing to respiratory, hearing, eye and head protection. Our solutions enhance activity and productivity whilst empowering people to do the best job they possibly can. With a unique style and identity, our products keep wearers, across a spectrum of industries, safe. We work to ensure the reliability of supply and performance of our PPE as well as creating higher levels of protection. Our leading respiratory range, are used within the NHS England and Scotland, includes the innovative H Series HX FFP3 respirator. Medically certified, it’s engineered for a high compatibility with a wide range of face shapes. Other leading products within our respirator portfolio include the 3000 Series, Alpha Flow, the C Series and the Alpha S. Our protective clothing range compromises of reusable garments for protection against cleaning detergents and caustic solutions, through to splash protection from hazardous chemical processing activities. For more information and to view Globus Group’s full Alpha Solway PPE range, click here.


    United Kingdom

    John Ryan Trading is a company based in the UK specialized in the production of Meat, Meat product and different Manufacture product offering in wholesale. We provide our services all around the world in the best deadlines and at affordable prices. We gained our customer's trust thanks to the high quality of our products as well as the quality of our service. We mostly produce meat product, Whiskey, Redbull, Can Dinks, Soft Drinks, Beer, Makita, antibacterial gel and protective medical clothing such as latex gloves and surgical gowns. We are a certificate supplier of COVID-19 tests. We have high production capacities; indeed we can produce more than 2 million masks a day to meet the growing global demand. The quality of our products earned them to be credited with certifications. Furthermore, they are submitted to strict quality controls before shipment. We dedicate ourselves to serving and protecting those who protect us, and we protect patients as well. Our logistics team will ensure that your purchase goes smoothly from the moment you place the order until the safe delivery to your country. Don't hesitate to contact us if needed, we will do everything we can to help you and meet your requirements. You can count on our professionalism and reactivity.



    ISTANBUL PHARMA is a company based in Istanbul specialized in the exportation of medicines and medical supplies. Our mission is to provide orphan medication supplies, meet the needs of health care institutes all over the world and help humanitarian organizations. Over the years, we formed trusting partnerships with a growing network of suppliers, enabling us to offer a wide range of products all over in world in more than 80 countries. We provide original medicines from globally well-known companies like Roche, Bayer, Pfizer, Novartis etc. as well as local generic medicines at competitive prices. Apart from the medicines which are used for treatments for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, blood pressure conditions and many others; we also provide orphan drugs, herbal products, cosmeceutics, dermal fillings and botox. To face the current sanitary crisis, we export protective masks, gloves, overalls, surgical supplies, medical consumables, disposable medical clothes and disinfectant. We protect both health care professionals and their patients. Moreover, our wish is to participate in projects related to health and supply comparator medication for clinical researches. We are constantly evolving to develop our product range and meet all medical requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



    HAYDSWISS SÀRL specializes in the distribution of hygiene and pharmaceutical products. Given the current health situation, Haydswiss carries all sorts of equipment required for individual protection. In order to maintain your health on a daily basis, we offer a wide range of medical and sanitary articles, in particular protective masks, including KN95 surgical masks, gloves for medical use, disinfectant for hands (aqueous disinfectant gel) and even disinfecting wipes. We undertake to deliver reliable, quality products in the shortest time, while adhering to current standards. We take care to ensure that the delivery of your products to their destination goes smoothly. In addition, we are involved in the areas of graphic design, packaging design, marketing, digital marketing, transport, logistics, accounting and real-estate.



    We offer a wide catalog in medical equipment against the COVID-19, intended for health professionals, companies and communities, such as : FFP2, N95, 3-ply surgical masks, nitrile gloves, surgical masks with integrated eyes protection, gowns, protective clothing, caps, glasses, disinfectant wipes, Covid-19 Test Kit. We supply devices to sterilize medical equipment and everyday objects and also provide vending machines for masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel. Our specialized office dedicated to medical equipment provides the best service, advice, monitoring and guarantees the optimal quality of the products distributed by meeting all the standards and regulations in force in the world. Our goal is to protect you, and for this purpose we create comfortable masks that don't suffer derformation when you breathe. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information if needed, we would be happy to help!


    United States

    PACIFIC RIM MEDICAL SUPPLIES is a company based in the USA specialized in the production and distribution of medical supplies. Our product range includes disposable Nitrile, Vinyl and Latex gloves, Isolation and surgical gowns, shoe covers, face masks, face shields and sanitizing products such as wipes and hand gel. We also supply ventilators and other hospital equipment all around the world, more specifically in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and South America. We source the highest quality medical equipment, including personal protective equipment. Our mission is to provide you with the best products at competitive prices while always keeping your best interests in mind. We regularly adjust our catalog to meet the requirements of numerous professionals of the health care industry. and specialise in dental, care homes industry. We take the time to assess your needs to offer the best suited solutions. We gained our partner's trust by staying true to our core values which are transparency and efficiency. We offer reliable and eco-friendly products with breathable fabric, thus ensuring a high level of protection. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !





    MAYDANOZZ specializes in sales and retail trade. We supply single-use medical articles such as surgical masks, face shields, gloves and jumpsuits as well as hand-washing solutions including soaps and hydro-alcoholic gel to cope with the current health context. We also carry special kits to protect you as you travel on public transport to minimize contacts as much as possible. Discover the must-have, innovative MAGIC GRIP, a very practical patented product that it is easy to transport, can be washed and is hygienic. Our sterilizing boxes are also very useful for the essential cleaning of your smartphones. We also have perspex protective screens on stands to fit out your offices and counters if needed, to help you continue doing business. MAYDANOZZ undertakes to deliver as fast as possible for the sake of your health.



    Droppad GbR is a new innovative company based in Germany. We have been operating in drop shipping for customers worldwide for several years. We source many of our products from Asia and, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the focus is particularly on procuring certified, high-quality medical protective equipment. To ensure this supply, we have local partners who take care of procurement and negotiations and we carry out tests with independent third parties before shipping. Thanks to our contacts, we have a large network of suppliers and can procure many products on request, even in large quantities. Among others, we offer the following products: KN95/FFP2, N95 cup masks, three-layer surgical masks, disposable gloves, (disposable) gowns, protective clothing and face shields.


    United States

    Zeppa Global Supply Chain Limited headquartered in Hong Kong has offices in over 19 countries. From our manufacturing divisions, we supply medical disposables such as ppe, KN95 masks, surgical masks, nitrile & latex gloves, needles and syringes, bandages, gauze, and surgical items. We also sell and distribute oxygen concentrators and more. Our commodities division facilitates the sales and logistics of food products such as cooking oils, beef, pork, chicken, sugar, coffee, quinoa, wheat, corn, soybean, as well as branded snack products, healthy chips, açaí & banana granola fruit squares, cacao, canned peaches and so much more. One of our specialties is in the natural resources of Brazil. Our aim is to get you the commodities and food products you need in an efficient, cost effective and timely manner. Zeppa Security & Engineering designs and installs high tech security systems/fencing and barriers for government facilities, malls, manufacturing facilities and for railway systems. We also design and install solar systems used with the Tesla Powerwall.



    Viaproc, present on the markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and North Americas, is a key player in the global supply chain. One of our major advantages is our expertise in medical PPE and the latest generation of cleaning products that have ushered in a new worldwide hygiene culture in the wake of the pandemic.At a time when day-to-day supply needs have been profoundly altered, and when quality and speed have never been more important, Viaproc is a bridge between continents, with a vast catalogue of quality products able to meet all your needs.With products that include surgical masks, gowns, overalls, nitrile gloves, visors, fabric masks, single-use products, toilet paper, antibacterial soaps, disinfectants, medical caps and disposable shoe covers, Viaproc is set on becoming a well-known brand in the industry, with a reputation for respecting all applicable manufacturing standards for the requested products.



    We are importers and distributors of medical supplies and disposable items for medical industry, beauty salons. MKD Medicale, a company specialized in the import and distribution of medical consumables, medical instruments, industrial stationery, disposable equipment, consumables for aesthetic centers, detergents, disinfectants and medical equipment Our extensive product range includes: • paper products: medical rolls, paper towels, toilet paper, industrial rolls. • Disposables: examination gloves, lab coats, surgical masks, disposable boots and more. • Beauty salon supplies: disposable sheets, plastic wrap, disposable slippers and more. • Medical supplies: syringes, medical waste boxes, surgical gloves, collection systems and others. • Medical instruments: surgical instruments, veterinary instruments, medical instruments for obstetrics-gynecology, ENT instruments. • Medical disinfectants: surface disinfectants, soap and hand and skin disinfectant.



    Medical PPE products from Medical Latex Sdn Bhd We are an experienced global supplier of medical and non-surgical gloves at remarkable prices. Medical Latex Sdn Bhd is the foundation of our pride. We have expanded our business with a big infrastructure to deal with clients in different countries. We supply qualitative latex, Medical Latex Sdn Bhd at discounts. Keep your health safe when you work at companies. Your hands should not have germs, bacteria and harmful elements. We have the stock of new brand gloves ranging from synthetic nitrile latex gloves to disposable industrial gloves.Check our products by categories to select the best user-friendly gloves. Medical Latex Sdn Bhd is the well- known exporter with its head office in PLO 8, Senai Industrial Estate, Senai, Malaysia, 81400 Senai, Johor, Malaysia. Our vision is to provide the qualitative hands-specific gloves at awesome discounts. Our management is powerful. We have a team of experts to do the product analysis, evaluation and proper testing before delivering the pairs of gloves. Contact us for solution to have the world class gloves.



    OBW Street Style® is a company based in Angers specialised in selling mobility solutions and smart lockers. These lockers are mainly aimed at security and recharging your electric mobility solutions (NVEI). To meet rapidly rising demand caused by the coronavirus crisis, we also offer health and medical articles to protect your health and help you resume or continue your activity. Our range includes nitrile and vinyl disposable gloves, surgical blouses, protective overalls and hand sanitizer. Our team uses all its experience to meet your exact demands, however detailed, and we promise to deliver very quickly. Don't hesitate to get in touch for more information, well be delighted to help you.



    We works solely with manufacturers in china, we are dedicated to provide you with the best and quickest service of your needs within the medical and pharmaceutical products, and you will find the most of the medical and pharmaceutic products with lowest price in East Asian.1. pharmaceutic Products (injection, Tablets) ; Vaccine and Antisera2. HCG urine pregnancy test strip/card3. Sterile Test tube, Canical tube; Micro Tube; Tips; Dishes; cups4.Condom ; Urine bag; Blood bag5. .I.V. Infusion set ; Blood transfusion set; Syringes with needle; Scalp vein set6.; Stethoscope and sphygmomanometer: 7. Feeding tube ; Stomach tube ; suction catheter; nelaton catheter; rectal tube 8.Blood Lancet; ; Spinal needle; Acupuncture needles9.Suture and catgut; sterile Carbon and stainless steel sugical blade10. IV cannula.thermometer; umbilical cord clamp11. Foley catheter ; Tracheal Tube12.Disposable surgical Dressing and all kinds of tape, bandage; Gauze13.Latex sterile surgical glove , Exam.glove; Vinyl and Nitrile gloves



    Cruso Health has the sole goal of providing innovative solutions, high-quality medical supplies, laboratory consumables, and personal protective equipment to healthcare workers and companies globally. We have been working with distributors, NGOs, and governments to provide health care solutions worldwide. Our team includes international experts in healthcare, manufacturing, and supply-chain management. With our offices in Switzerland, China, Panama, UAE, and Lithuania, we are able to ensure timely and efficient solutions to match your tailored needs. Our Product Categories: - Medical Products: Surgical Gowns, Isolation Gowns, Surgical Masks and Respirators, Medical Gloves, Coveralls, and more. - Laboratory Products: Laboratory Consumables and Equipment, Coveralls and Lab Coats, Vynil and Nitrile Gloves, Googles, etc. - Testing Products: RT-PCR Test Kits, Extraction Reagents, Transfer Tubes, Rapid Test Kits, Accessories Only products that fulfill globally accepted safety and quality standards and pass our rigorous quality control are labeled as Cruso Health products. For further information reach out to us, or check our webpage www.crusohealth.com

  10. ONYSAFE S.A.


    We are producers of FFP2 face masks and distribute other personal protective devices such as gloves, gowns, surgical mask, caps. We started our new branch during COVID crisis due to the worldwide demand on this kind of products. We come from merchandising goods and have a huge experience doing business both at national and international level. We have a very competitive price and good customer service, MADE IN SPAIN. Our production capacity is 30.000 units per day, and we have a safety stock of 150.000 face mask. Therefore, we delivery immediately to our customers.

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