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    FRIMA Precision machining is an ISO9001: 2008 and TS16949 certified manufacturer and supplier company whose 8, 000 square foot machine shop in Ningbo, China, houses virtually every precision CNC manufacturing capability you could ever need. Major Capabilities FRIMA CNC machining features live tooling for milling, drilling, tapping, facing, cross drilling, and turning varied metals and plastics parts for our customers in USA, across the European and Australia. We have excellent capability to produce turning and milling machining parts with multi-spindle machines in mild steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. All of specification is strict with customized requirement the minimum tolerances could be up to+/-0.002 mm All kind of plastic parts can be customized in ABS, HDPE, LDPE, Nylon6/66, PC, PEEK, PET-P, PFE, POM, PP, PPS, TEFLON, etc. Besides, we also provide professional surface treatment service forall of machining parts, including grinding, polishing, Hardenning deburring, heat treatment, plating, coating , painting, etc. Experience & Service FRIMA Manufacturing has 20 years of experience fabricating CNC products for the high-tech/bioscience, aerospace, textile, dental, medical, automotive, military, food service, and medical industries. Delivery Located in Ningbo, we had the one of the largest export port-the Ningbo Port, shipping to every country in the world. And we are much close to Shanghai air port in two hours, keep the fast air shipping to your place.



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    The company DAUBENSCHÜZ WASSERTECHNIK GMBH, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Swimming pools - equipment and installations for water treatment industry. It is based in Drackenstein, Germany.

  4. KMS-PT, S.R.O.


    Hello, we are a Slovakian manufacturer of Plastic and Biodegradable products since 1994. We would like to show you and offer our assortment, maybe something will appeal to you or interest you. (Plus we can produce various atypical sizes or custom products with your logo) Specifically, we deal with: -Manufacturing pool grids -Sale of customized pool cover sheets -Sale of filter materials for swimming pools, hot tubs, dishwashers, aquariums and ponds. -Production of COLIS Products, Charging or self-adhesive hooks for the wall or other surfaces, Sock steamer for the washing machine, Felt mats, dowels and much more -Production of BIODegradable plastic products such as disposable and multi-use cups, cups, lunch boxes, orange peelers and the like. -Production of dental products such as interdental brushes, tongue scrapers and disposable cups -Repair or production of molds for tool shops



    KSK Developments is a technology company focused on the design and implementation of solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart City. We realize tasks in the field of IoT, electronics and programming with elements of automation and information technology. We design: printed circuit boards, enclosures for electronic devices, tools and equipment for trenchless technologies and software development. We devote much attention to our products, taking care of the smallest details. We approach to our work reliably and practically. Always thoroughly we investigate any solution. All our products have found practical application in the real world. For several years, we caught up in work in the field of IoT explore the potential of the Internet of Things. Fascinated by the possibilities successfully we implement new solutions. We are open to technical innovations that we closely follow, analyze and find practical applications for them. Thanks to the cooperation with research institutions we perform technical approvals. Gained certifications are the best proof of the reliability of the work performed by us. KSK Developments is a Poland manufacturer of different types of IoT equipment, such as Temperature and Oxygen level sensing for composting, Water pressure wireless sensor, Wireless parking spaces' occupancy detector, Traffic counter and so on. We are looking for Worldwide Customers of our Products in the B2B segment.

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    LUXE Pools is an experienced swimming pool products manufacturer, manufacturing big variety of products from polyester and vinyl-ester resins. Our main products: composite swimming pools, stainless steel pools, stainless steel water curtains, stainless steel pool parts, stainless steel counter-current systems, skimmer. LUXE Pools creates new pool models every year with a big range of pool colors. All pool parts produced by our company are especially designed for prefabricated one piece pools, but can be used for liner and concrete pools as well. MARINE Inox stainless steel pools can have skimmer flow system, full overflow, endless or custom filtration. Stainless steel panels are easy to assembly to any location of the world - inground, above ground or at any high building. LUXE Pools can create new custom made pools and products for pools, like composite swimming pools, one piece stainless steel pools, custom water curtains, automatic pool covers for, public swimming pool equipment.



    DST POOL is well known swimming pool company and manufacturer which is located in Istanbul, Turkey; and has been active in the pool business since 2008. As producer, we fully serve the domestic and foreign sector with wide range of swimming pool supplies, equipments and accessories. As DST POOL, we are dedicated to bringing the best quality and solutions to users by following innovations and the latest technology in the world; and therefore we would like to expand our brand and share expertise. *** As a business partner ; we kindly would like to be involved with your projects. *** Also we are now looking for a dealer who can represent us ; marketing and selling our products in the region. **** We are able to produce filters from D.500 mm to D.2200 mm including filters with DIN norms under your logo and any color as you like We are ready to advise you our best discounts off the list prices attached below. Our prices are very competitive.

  3. Superkim Kimya San. ve Tic. A.S.


    Superkim Chemicals was founded in 1997 with the purpose of procurance and production of the water treatment chemicals has proved itself in that field. In the next periods, with the production and importation of the swimming pool chemicals and lastly, with the importation of the swimming pool equipments, it has become one of the mentor establishment of the pool sector. Superkim Chemicals, which uses senior customer satisfaction principle as base on the subject of finding and overcoming of the customer needs, with its competent staffs on the departments of manager., research development, sales and marketing about the pool chemicals and equipments, and with its trustworthy, ready labor policy and also by rendering service to its dealerships all around Turkey and representatives in foreign countries, has been extending its customer portfolio rapidly. Superkim Chemicals, which also produces active and economic alternatives for the protection of vital water resources, renders service both in Turkey and international market with its expert engineer staffs. It also sustains for overcoming the problems which occurring water treatment stations by responding promptly. Superkim Chemicals, which has some aims in its vision such as the development of the sector in which it takes part and giving exact services with the goal of satisfied customer, keeps working together with its staff whom it adopts as a big family.


    United Kingdom

    With 35 years of passion and expertise in UV water treatment, we are industry experts in environmentally friendly, chemical-free UV systems. Our leading UV technology provides a range of flexible ultraviolet disinfection products. Our UV systems are suitable for a vast range of industries and sector specific applications, from swimming pool water treatment, to providing wastewater treatment. UV disinfection is far more effective than chlorine based treatments as it eradicates harmful microorganisms that can lead to disease. We also provide drinking water treatment to ensure your drinking water supplies are safe to drink. Our approach is completely flexible, meaning we can build UV disinfection systems to suit your needs. Need further advice? Contact us today for a free consultation.



    ALPEKA has been founded with the combination of the experience of producing injection moulds and tools since 1984 and corporate marketing practices. Organization goal is to determine demanded products with researching domestic and foreign markets and making R & D works, to reveal quality and expenditure costs for these products, when all departments from manufacturing to marketing, from shipping to after-selling-service catch these values, to present these products to market. After determining the demand, ALPEKA adds “an innovation that facilitates the function” and creates differences within other products. Pool, spa, and sauna equipments are the main products of ALPEKA that are sold from production line. ALPEKA, performs design and molding process of all products in its own constitution. Endeavour of improving service and new products continues steadily; and needs of customers are satisfied quickly in ALPEKA.



    Freeflow hidromasažni bazeni su izuzetno jednostavni za instalaciju i korištenje. Samo napunite svoj Freeflow bazen s vodom iz vodovoda i uključite bazen u 220 V utičnicu. Podesite temperaturu vode, pričekajte da se zagrije i vaš Freeflow bazen je spreman za upotrebu. Freeflow hidromasažni bazeni su vrlo otporni radi posebnog načina proizvodnje iz jednog komada. Zahvaljujući izrazito čvrstoj plastici bez spojeva, nije potrebna dodatna konstrukcija bazena što rezultira niskom cijenom proizvodnje. Watkins manufacturing proizvođač Freeflow hidromasažnih bazena, globalni je lider s prodanih više od 1 miljun bazena u proteklih 38 godina. Veliko iskustvo i tradicija jamči Vam sigurnost i zadovoljstvo.



    AQUA LINES is factory which is engaged in the production and installation of pools and pool equipment. We can make pools of all sizes and shapes. Our company manufacture overflow and skimer type of pools. We can made small pools (9x3.5x1.5m) in our place and than bring it to you and just install it for a one day. Pools over these dimensions we make at your place. We have equipment for swimming pools: telescopic coverings for swimming pools, equipment for wastewater, equipment for water purification, pipes and pumps. Aqua lines are general agents for ALUKOV, AQUA COMET i ALUPOL.


    United Kingdom

    With years of experience in the swimming pool & hot tub industry, Blue Cube Direct are a leading provider of pool supplies for homeowners across the UK. We supply everything you need to build, maintain, and enjoy a swimming pool for long term use at competitive prices. Buy pool covers, above ground wooden DIY pools, hot tubs, dosing systems, pool heat pumps, pool filters, enclosures and more. We're an award-winning online pool supplier with excellent reviews and a large product range full of various swimming pool equipment and accessories. If you find it cheaper elsewhere, we'll price match. We also offer free delivery over £60. Blue Cube Direct has everything you need to enjoy a luxury pool experience. Our pool cover range includes; automated pool covers, solar pool covers, safety pool covers, winter debris covers, eco pool covers, slatted pool safety covers, above ground pool covers, indoor and outdoor pool covers and more. We have swimming pool heat pumps & inverter heat pumps, and swim jets including endless pool products. Visit our website to find the pool product you're looking for: htttps: //bluecubedirect.co.uk


    United Kingdom

    Elecro Engineering are considered one of the leading international manufacturers and specialists in the field of swimming pool water heating. Based in the UK and established over 17 years ago, Elecro has rapidly grown to a renowned and sought after brand in the industry.With the aim of providing the highest quality equipment for the heating and treatment of swimming pools, this has quickly evolved into other markets such as aquatic, tropical marine and bespoke projects, such as building reaction chambers and large heat exchangers. The Elecro team have been involved in the design, development and manufacture of thousands of pool and aquatic heating systems worldwide. Much of the company success is owed to their dedication to constant research and development, ensuring unparalleled product durability, safety and reliability. The Elecro range is built to exacting standards, consisting of the highest quality materials and components.



    We offer ready-made swimming pools at affordable prices. We also build swimming pools in the garden. We offer among others outdoor pools (garden) and internal pools of polyester (ready), polypropylene and concrete, pool covers, accessories, filtration - in short everything you are looking to spice up your zone Spa. Our company created by people with passion and rich experience. We operate on the market for several years, constantly expanding product range. We use the latest technology in swimming pools, so we can offer you even better products even better deals. We are distinguished by reliability and flexibility, we care about-established brand.


    United Kingdom

    Infinity Hot Tubs Ltd is a company that puts our clients ultimate satisfaction at the highest priority, not only with our products but with our customer care and after sales. We have devoted the last 2 years to finding the best quality products in the market. We believe after painstaking research that we have achieved our goal and we have entered an exciting partnership with our manufacturers. We as a company believe that we have built the best products at the best price on the market today. We are proud to promise to provide the best quality delivery and after care service within the industry that only our clients can only benefit from. We acknowledge that there are different qualities of products and suppliers on the market. We believe that our products are up there with the very best or indeed are the best quality delivery and after care service within the industry. Our aim is for Infinity Hot Tubs Ltd to be the industry leaders in quality and service. We expect nothing less from our team.



    Are you thinking of building a pool? Call : +91 9910514460 AQUARIUS CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS is a pool design & construction company with over 12 years of commercial swimming pool experience, specializing in all types of aquatic structures and water shapes. At ‘Aquarius Construction Projects’ we always want to help with the perfect swimming pool as well as the best pool equipment for its maintenance. Apart from backyard pools for your home, we are the best pool contractors can design and build up all kind of pools and it doesn’t matter the swimming pool size. Also, we use to offer pool repair service. We will take your entire project from concept through 100% turnkey construction, including the construction of the pool deck/sidewalks, landscaping and all required trade-work. Call : +91 9910-5144-60 for any of your pool related Inquiry. Rewati Pd Saraswat Project Manager - Aquarius Construction (Proj.) Mob : +91 9910 514460, 9910 979 608 web : www.aquariusconstruction.com



    Veliki Grđevac jedno je od rijetkih manjih mjesta koje je početkom 60-ih godine prošlog stoljeća imalo bazen. Ipak, bazen u Velikom Grđevcu je zbog tehničkih poteškoća i političkih nesuglasica vrlo brzo prestao sa radom. Međutim, prije nekoliko godina ponovno se rodila ideja o izgradnji, odnosno rekonstrukciji bazena u Velikom Grđevcu. Tako je Općina Veliki Grđevac, koja je i idejni začetnik ove ideje, u suradnji sa projektnim partnerom Regionalnom razvojnom agencijom BBŽ, kandidirala projekt naziva „Vlakom kreacije do bazena imaginacije“ na natječaj za dobivanje bespovratnih sredstava Europske unije. Projekt razvoja i unaprjeđenja javne turističke infrastrukture „Vlakom kreacije do bazena imaginacije“ u konačnici je i odobren, te isti financira Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj. Osim rekonstrukcije i izgradnje bazena, sam projekt obuhvaća i nekoliko dodatnih sadržaja kao što je izgradnja višenamjenske građevine.



    In the swimming pool business since 2001 Ukrainian distributors of equipment and materials for pools. PG-POOL PRODUCTS ARE PRESENTED: at the whole territory of Ukraine, as well as on hundreds of ukrainian websites. WE ARE LOOKING FOR PARTNERSHIPS WITH MANUFACTURERS THAT ARE INTERESTED IN SELLING IN UKRAINE We have import from France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Israel, Netherlands, USA, Canada and others country. We work with Pierra/Alkern, DEL/CF Group France, Plastipack, hth, Barchemicals, Hayward, Fluidra Deutschland, Wimaca/Filtreau, Marlig Industries, StrongSpas, Tintometr, Quarzwerke, Merlett/Continental, LoopLoc, Haogenplast, EichenwaldGmbH and others.


    United States

    Bestway, Pool Essentials, Summer Waves, Intex Discover the latest pool supplies trends There are many different types of above ground pools, and each has its own set of pros and cons. Above ground pools can be a great addition to any backyard, but it's important to do your research before making a purchase. This blog post covers some of the basics of above ground pools, including their benefits and drawbacks. Chlorine tablets chlorine shock pool filter pool brush pool vacuum pool skimmer pool test kit tarp Water is essential for pools. Without water, your pool would be a mud pit. Water is also essential for keeping your pool clean. When you add chlorine to your pool, it kills bacteria and other organisms that can cause disease. Chlorine tablets are a pool essential because they help to keep your pool water clean. Chlorine shock is another pool essential that helps to kill bacteria and other organisms in your pool. A pool filter is an essential piece of pool equipment because it helps to remove dirt and debris from your pool water. A pool brush is another pool essential that helps to keep your pool clean. A pool vacuum is also an essential piece of pool equipment because it helps to remove dirt and debris from your pool. A pool skimmer is an essential piece of pool equipment because



    Sal-Chlor-Climax Pty ltd has been the leader in development of saltwater/mineral swimming pool chlorinators for over 54 years. Exporting to 70% of the world. We 100% custom manufacture to our clients country climate and pool conditions's at no extra charge. Custom design cell material IP and trademark for use only in Sal-Chlor Systems. We also manufacture UV LED sterilisers for swimming pools, fish tanks, water features, spa's. We have manufactured and sold 1.000.000 Sal-Chlor products world wide.



    China International Sauna & Spa & Pool Fair 2014 Date: May 12th -14th, 2014 Venue: China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex (Area B)Pool&Spa&Sauna China 2013—A big success to gather the mainstreambrands and decision makersChina International Sauna & Spa & Pool Fair (Sauna&Spa&Pool China 2013) attracted over 100 renowned brands at home and abroad, such as Hayward, Palintest, Alpha, Aqua, PSH, Emaux, Shenzhen Josen Industrial Co., Ltd., Harvia, Chi Fung Int’l Group Ltd., Hotspring, Shengya Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., According to the statics, 8437 domestic and 1235 overseas professional buyers visited Sauna & SPA & Pool China 2013. 82% of them expressed that they will visit again in 2014. Pool&Spa&Sauna China 2014—A more splendid and glorious future to usher inWith the good effect of Sauna & SPA & Pool China 2013, we are so confident that Sauna & SPA & Pool 2014 will reach 12, 000 sqm and over 200 exhibitors are expected to participate.What’s more, International Sauna & SPA & Pool conferen



    World Wide Swimming Pool Products is a manufacturer and distribution company of Swimming pool products.We are a Hongkong registered business, our head office is in Foshan, and we use Australian research and development, and engineering.The company services and supplies to all global sectors of the swimming pool industry which includes the wholesale distributors, pool builders, pool shops and the pool service professionals.World Wide Swimming Pool Products has an extensive range of quality products such as the Next Generation Dual-Core Cartridge Filters series in various sizes, Sand Filters, Frameless&Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing, Balustrades, Lighting systems including LED Lighting, niche lights and surface mount lights, waterfalls.We also have a wide variety of pool chemicals, pool accessories to keep pools in pristine condition.World Wide Swimming Pool Products is the global distributor of the Amalfi Mosaic range of pool intenrior tiles, with a wide range of beautiful ceramic colors and our elite


    New Zealand

    We are passionate about making the world's best spa pools and delivering an unparalleled ownership experience. Our spa pools are consistently recognised for outstanding quality and value. Hot Spring® spas are made by Watkins Wellness®, an experienced team with decades of spa pool manufacturing experience. This dedication and experience means unsurpassed quality, confidence and reliability for you and your family and many years of enjoyment in your Hot Spring® spa. Our spa pools are designed for the ultimate massage experience. Our revolutionary, patented jets were created for specific muscle groups to deliver therapeutic flows of water customisable to your desired pressure.


    New Zealand

    We are passionate about making the world's best spa pools and delivering an unparalleled ownership experience. Our spa pools are consistently recognised for outstanding quality and value. Hot Spring® spas are made by Watkins Wellness®, an experienced team with decades of spa pool manufacturing experience. This dedication and experience means unsurpassed quality, confidence and reliability for you and your family and many years of enjoyment in your Hot Spring® spa. Our spa pools are designed for the ultimate massage experience. Our revolutionary, patented jets were created for specific muscle groups to deliver therapeutic flows of water customisable to your desired pressure.


    United Kingdom

    SUEZ Purification & Disinfection Systems is a world-leading specialist in the design and manufacture of Ozone and UV water treatment systems. The company is known worldwide as an innovative UK manufacturer of precision engineered products for leisure (swimming pools, water features, water parks, zoos, ...) and various water treatment applications (drinking water, waste water, aquaculture, aquariums...). triogen® products are used for life support, recreational and ornamental applications.


    United Kingdom

    At Calmababy, we are well and truly a family business! Our excellent reputation for creating a friendly, supportive and non-judgmental environment for parents and their children is well known in the local area and beyond.


    United Kingdom

    Ocean Swimming Pools work with clients to design and install indoor and outdoor swimming pools of all shapes and sizes. We offer installation and maintenance and also offer Spas, saunas and steam installations. Our team offer high quality products and excellent customer service.


    United Kingdom

    SUEZ is a world-leading specialist in the design and manufacture of Ozone, Ultraviolet and AOP water treatment systems marketed under triogen® brand. triogen® products are precision engineered systems for life support, recreational and ornamental applications.



    Wellis Polska - the official distributor of the Wellis brand - the largest European manufacturer of year-round spa tubs, garden jacuzzis and outdoor mini-pools. High quality, attractive prices, professional service. Delivery and installation of devices included in the price. With us you can arrange a private spa area in your own home.

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