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Swing door fittings for glass doors - Import export



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    Our company has over 50 years of experience in the glass processing trade. By 1980, the range of services our company provided had already grown so much thanks to the expansion of many industry segments that we decided to found Muskat GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany. We still consider ourselves to be a traditional, independent family company that attaches great importance to personal advice and people-oriented service. We can look back on decades of experience in the wholesale trade, imports and the sale of high-quality products from Europe and overseas. We have always prioritised quality and reliability. Thanks to our product expertise and many years of experience, we know how important safety is for you and your customers. This is why when selecting our product range, we initially always focus on first class quality products whilst simultaneously looking for competitive prices. Our support in all technical issues helps you to find which of our products is right for your requirements. With us, you can offer high-quality solutions and therefore acquire satisfied customers for long-term, valuable business relationships. We continue to undertake development in the area of glass. New production methods and new materials provide ever more diverse options for exceptional interior design and challenging projects.



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    JIT Homes Co. is comprehensively engaged in the R&D, manufacture and distribution of glass hardware. We focus on swing glass door hardware, frameless shower door hardware, point-fixed fittings, sliding door systems and structural glass hardware including patch fittings, glass door rails, glass wedge systems, floor springs, handles, shower hinges, glass clamps, knobs, towel bars, stay bars, screen seals, spigots, shower stabilizers, glazing channels, pivoting hardware, locks, door hinges, sliding door fittings, stacking door accessories, spider fittings... A customer-centric, integrity management as the starting point to improve the quality of the focal points, replying on science and technology, continuous innovation is the target of JIT Homes that has consistently adhered to.



    Electric swing door operator is a very versatile door system that can fit to residential and commercial properties. With the automatic features of this door opener system, it allows home and commercial property owners to experience convenience in manipulating doors. Compact drive unit with electronically-controlled door operation maintenance-free with high performance. The automatic sliding glass door kit including the glass hangers for hanging the glass doors. Single door opening or bi-parting opening are both OK. Swing gate operator is ideal for heavy-duty commercial functions. This unit is engineered in perfection and has a rugged construction to offer you comfort and security. Commercial centers and houses have been known to make wide-ranging use of swing gate operators.Sliding gate opener provides the complete solution when gate automation is required in apartment complexes, commercial and mixed-use settings for slide gates up to 4, 850 pounds.


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    We supply, install, maintain and repair shop fronts, automatic doors, commercial and industrial door systems and entrances. We specialise in a complete, design, manufacture, supply, fitting and maintenance service. From glass and aluminium shop fronts, automatic, swing and manual commercial doors, industrial door systems and entrances, our ranges and service is unparalleled.