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    The company F. J. RAMMER GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Trimmings, embroidery and tulle industry. It also operates in the Elastic bands, tapes and bands, belts and bands for technical uses, and Elastic bands industries. It is based in Ohorn, Germany.



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    NINESUN is a company based in Xiamen, China. Since 1992, we are specialized in the manufacturing and processing of non-ferrous metal materials. Besides China, we export our countries all over the world including in the United States, in Germany, in Great Britain or in Japan. We mostly manufacture copper and aluminium products as well as tungsten alloys. These products can be used for various applications, and therefore in several sectors such as electronic information, power facilities, automobiles, ships, aerospace or national defense industry. Our advanced equipment allows us to operate on more than 200 kinds of products. Over the years we have formed trusting and solid partnerships with metal material manufacturers internationally. Our customers trust our experience to provide them with precise production and processing, fast logistics and a quality after-sales service. We can also offer suggestions for the material suggestions beforehand. We deliver high quality products at the best price in the shortest deadlines possible. Thanks to the quality of our management system, we are proud to be certified according to the ISO 9001 standards. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    VIELTA SA is specialized in the production of elastic and non elastic ribbons, elastic tapes, fashion trimmings, braids and cords since 1971. With more than 45 years of experience, we produce a wide variety of crochet and woven narrow fabrics in various designs and colours to cover a large demand. Our flexibility enables us to meet all our customer's specific needs. Our products are designed for several applications including fashion clothing, men underwear, lingerie, sportswear or haberdashery. We also produce high quality articles such as ribbons, cords, elastics, bands or tapes. In light of the current sanitary crisis, we also produce elastics for face masks. Focusing on management and innovation, we work with renowned raw material suppliers and use the latest technology and machinery for production, deying, print, silicone coating, quality control and packing to ensure that we supply products of the highest quality. We collaborate with brands such as Hugo Boss, H&M or Diesel to only name a few. We also offer custom services, providing unique designs and immediate assistance if needed. Today we export in more than 35 countries in Europe and the Middle East. Moreover, we are involved in every stages of production, keeping you updated from wraping to finishing. We are committed to sustainability as we buy recycled raw materials and strive to use less water and chemicals. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



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    SuperPrint is a European digital printing company based on Bucharest, Romania. We are specialized in dye-sub fabric printing with a maximum width of 320 cm and a print capacity exceeding 100.000 sqm per month. Our equipment fleet includes industrial fabric printers like Durst Rhotex 322 and Durst Rhotex 320, heavy duty calenders like Klieverik GTC 81-340 and professional sewing machines like Juki. Our skilled sewing department can provide all the necessary finishings for printed fabrics – silicone edge (SEG), zippers, velcro tape, reinforcement strips, elastic bands, etc. Our top printed fabrics are: -LightTex: fabric backlit used mainly in LED light boxes with silicone edge finishing. New developed product, without PU coating, can be shipped folded and due to his high elasticity, it’s very easy to install. -DecoTex: versatile fabric for many applications: non-illuminated frames with silicone edge, back-drops and décor, fabric banners, etc. -StretchTex: decotex with high elasticity, used mainly for portable exhibition systems with fabric print and zipper -BlockTex: blockout (opaque) fabric with black back, used for frame systems and exhibition stands -FlagTex: flag material, ideal for outdoor and indoor applications like beach flags, telescopic flags, feather flags, festival flags and so on. -MeshTex: perforated polyester fabric for potentially windy locations, suitable as stadium pitch flags, crowd flags, mesh at concerts and covers for fences.



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    Our company ALCORE LLC is an Ukrainian producer of spiral winding paper tubes since 2005 which is placed in Ukraine, Lviv 80461. We would like to offer you special produced paper tubes and cardboard cores for use as a core for winding wide range roll materials such as wire, foil, film, paper, tissue, strapping band and tape etc. Now we can produce tubes with inner diameter from 28mm to 600mm; thickness from 0, 5mm to 13mm and length on your request. We are ready to produce tubes with diameters that you need. We would like to offer cardboard formwork for columns with inner layer that protects against the concrete's moisture. ALCORE LLC produces cardboard round void forms of diameters from 28mm to 600mm that can be used in building for making voids in concrete floor and roof slabs, bridge decks, beams and piles. The company is a manufacturer of waterproof cardboard tubes to perform explosive works in the mining industry. If you are interested in our production please don't hesitate to contact us any way.



    OUR COMPANY PROFILE In ikitelli O.S.B, title TERMOTEK KECE was established in 2003, industrial felt, band and guide tapes in the area, with its own workshop and expert staff to continue operating.Industrial Felt and Tapes in Europe's leading brand of import and at her own studio work, the Clothing, Laundry, aluminum, automotive, leather, furniture, Woodworking, Plastic, Food, Packaging Machinery, Automation .. etc sectors lasting solutions title TERMOTEK KECE offering, as well as neighbors of the Turkish industry and continues to provide services to other countriesTERMOTEK KECE, inception to date as tomorrow, also, the quality of services and production, provides our valuable customers with the assurance of title TERMOTEK KECE will continue.With you, hope to work many years, close to thank you for your cooperation.Laundry Felts Group, Calender Ironing Felts, Ironing Felt Bands, Belt of folding, towel folding bands, elastic bands, Guide Tapes, Ironing Felts Presses, Band EquipmentDesigned for Calender Ironing Machine, High Technology Products, the Nomex ®, Polyester Based, High Heat Resistant Felts and Tapes.INDUSTRIAL FELT and TAPES ( NOMEX ®, POLYESTER, WOOL )Industrial Felt Aplications : in particular the textile industry to the leather industry, the laundry industry, aluminum industry, paper industry, furniture industry, machine industry.Felt structures, application areas depended.Nomex® Felt, Polyester Felt and wool felt to be are classified into four main groups.



    Applying goods for sewing garments, footwear and knitted industry: • Trimming, applying tapes and bands • Jacquard trimming bands with a brand name’s design according to a sample of a customer • Waist tapes, zipper tapes and tapes for trousers • Elastic tapes and bands in width from 5 mm to 100 mm for various applying • Shoe laces For other industries: • Cords for housekeeping, technical, harness and packing cords • Technical tapes, spindle bands, bands for electrical and chemical industries • Belts for leather haberdashery For sale we offer: • Curtain cloth of various designs and colours, also painted • Ready made curtains, table-cloths, table-napkins, coverlets and others • Decorative, satin ribbons of various designs and colours • Shoe laces with edges • Curtain tapes for curtain pleating Textile fastener ""Velcro" (adhesive as well) in the width from 13 mm to 100 mm of various colours to be applied in garment and knitted production, footwear production, leather and textile haberdashery, furniture production, airplane and automobile production.



    Shanghai Lontom Electric Material Co., Ltd. Has been operating in the electric /electronics sector for more than 20 years. Our company is specialized in manufacturing and distributing electrical insulation materials.Our product range includes Normal Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubes; Medium Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubes; Heavy Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubes; Skidproof Heat Shrink Sleeve; Cable Marker Sleeves; Briaded Expandable Sleeving; Silicone Fiberglass Sleevings; Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving; Acrylic Fiberglass Sleeving; Heat Treatment Fiberglass Sleeving; Self-adhesive Banding Tapes; Cotton Tapes and other kinds of insulation adhesive tapes. In addition, we also supply Electric Insulation Paper and Polyester Mylar film.Do hope to join hands with you, we are sure to become among your best partners and your satisfaction is always our goal.



    STANDARD ENDLESS TAPE CO. is manufacturer of excellent quality cigarette machine endless garniture tapes and suction tapes, joint made endless while weaving, not a welded or with fused joint. Pure nylon woven conveyor belts, transmission belts, bucket elevator belts, check straps and picking band for under pick and over pick looms etc. Our suction tapes are hand woven and made endless without any welded/fused joint and we are well appreciated for developing such a quality suction tape/band. Life of the suction band developed by us is much more than any other quality tape/band.



    3P manufactures innovative products in high-performance polymers (PTFE, PFA, PEEK, etc.) and composite materials for the most demanding industries. With their outstanding characteristics (resistance to very high temperatures, resistance to stress, corrosion, wear, chemical inertia, low friction coefficient, etc.), 3P's products are especially designed for the automotive, the aerospace, the fluid handling system, the energy industries, and the general industry. Very light and resistant, they are the perfect solution to replace metal parts in industrial equipment’s and can be used in the most critical exposures. 3P's ranges of products include tapes, tubing and hoses, bands, custom products, basic shapes, and composite products. 3P works on request, and designs and develops innovative parts to answer specific needs. Certified ISO 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO/TS 16949.



    We sprocare limited, supply quality kinesiology tape, sports tape, medical dressing, band-aid, fitness ball, rubber bands, medical bandages, etc.We have been in this field for years, would be your good choice for supplier and partner.


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    Eng Lim Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded over 30 years ago in the southern region of Taiwan. Emphasizing on customer service and competitive pricing, we provide the widest range of Neck Ribbons, Drapes Ribbon, (custom color/woven ribbons and Printed ribbons, Awareness ribbons) as well as Elastics, Cotton Cord, Cord Braids, Stay Tapes, Webbing, Laces, Shoelace, Twill Band, Bed Band, Curtain Band, Trimming, Clothing Accessories, new ideas, new challenges, new colors, we offer you the latest!



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    WORKPLANET, LDA is a 100% Portuguese company, manufacturer of all kinds of textile. Originally founded in 1998, our main value is the quality of production coupled with higher levels of competitiveness. We operate in all different sectors as Hotels, Restaurants, Alimentary, Industry, Agriculture, Services, Health, Safety, Education. Some of our products are: Professional clothing for all sectors of activity -T-shirts, polos, sweats, polar, pullovers, trousers, jackets, vests, overalls, coveralls, shirts, skirts, scarves, ties, gowns, aprons, tunics, cook jackets, caps, bivouacs, dolmans, high visibility… Promotional textiles - caps, scarves, hats, bags, aprons… Accessories - shoes, belts, military belts, handcuffs, bullet-proof vests, balaclavas, diverse tactical material, name plates, … Equipment’s for individual safety - Boots, shoes, clogs, rain boots, disposables, helmets, gloves, earphones, fall protection, high visibility, and more. We are also distributers of almost all brands of Europe: WORKPLANET, VELILLA, WORKTEAM, VALENTO, MUKUA, SEANA TEXTIL, B&C, SOLS, THCLOTHES, KARIBAN, RUSSEL, YOKO, PORTWEST, SIR SAFETY, JOMIBA, DELTA PLUS, JUBA, 3M, EXENA, HERCULES, SAFETY JOGGER, OXYPAS, LAVORO, DIKAMAR, DICKIES, RESULT, PROACT, FRUIT OF THE LOOM, CVT, GILDAN, SACOBEL, DUNLOP, MEDOP, MARCA, KEYA, GARY´S, PAYPER, ANSELL, ROLLY, SKECHERS WORK, etc. We are proud of being flexible according to our customers needs: customization, delivery, and packaging with the best prices.



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    Shanghai Dura Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of textile machinery, apparel and accessories etc. Our machine products include rope braiding machine, shoelace braiding machine, cable braiding machine, medical operating suture braiding machine, needle looms, warping machine, winding machine, shoelace tipping machine, handbag handle tipping machine, shoelace waxing machine, cording knitting machine, dyeing machine, industrial endoscope, etc. We also produce spare parts for textile machinery. We strive to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices. We consider our customers as partners and establish long-term relationships with them. We offer them a quality after-sales service and adapt to their requirements to meet all their needs. This way we can supply custom products. We are proud to be certified according to ISO 9001 standards for our quality management system. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



    Shenzhen Norman Technology Co., Ltd., located in the front window of reform and opening up in Shenzhen City, Baoan District, under which there are decoration materials, furniture hardware company, the main production, sales of all kinds of decoration materials and furniture hardware including edge banding, drawer slide. Traffic is convenient, the geographical position is superior. The company's products according to ISO 2000 standard, all SGS test report, to test a variety of domestic and foreign quality, our products are stable and reliable, widely recognized by customers both at home and abroad


    United Kingdom

    Whitecroft Essentials is a respected brand, trading over 120 years. We manufacture & Import a wide range of Haberdashery, & Stationery Essentials. We also supply products in customers 'own label' & bespoke packaging. Whitecroft are UK Distributors for Olfa Cutters & Mats, Nurge Embroidery Hoops & stands & Hopax StickIn Whitecroft Export to over 30 countries worldwide. Haberdashery Whitecroft supply a wide range of Haberdashery & Craft products inc: Knitting needles & Crochet Hooks & Knitting accessories. Embroidery Hoops, Cross Stitch & Quilting Hoops, Embroidery stands. Safety Pins, Nappy pins, Kilt pins, Laundry Pins, Insect Pins Hard & Mild Steel Dressmaker Pins, T Pins Craft Pins, Glass Head Pins, Colour Head Pins. Hand Sew Needles, Sewing Machine Needles, Bobbins, Bulbs, belts & Machine Oil. Hooks & Eyes (Steel & Brass), Corset Hooks, Fur Hooks. Snap Fasteners, Press Studs, Poppers, Gripper Snaps, Prong Snaps. Tape Measures, Thimbles, Seam Rippers, Crinoline& Plastic Boning, Olfa Cutters, Mats & Rulers. Many other Dressmaker & Haberdashery Essentials. Stationery Whitecroft supply a wide range of Stationery Desktop Essentials we are also UK Distributors for the Hopax Stick'n range of Sticky Notes (similar Post It notes) Paperclips, inc No Tear, Wavy, Serrated, Brass, Coloured, Striped. Drawing Pins, Push Pins, Map Pins, Indicator Pins. Fold Back Clips, Spring Clips, Letter Clips (similar Bulldog Clips) Treasury Tags, Rubber Bands, Pencil Sharpeners & Erasers.


    United Kingdom

    A J Services have been supplying the HVAC industry for over 30 years with a range of access doors and dampers which are manufactured at the Birmingham headquarters as well as supplying a variety of top quality components which can be used in the completion of a full heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. AJS are always aiming to stay at the forefront of innovation and safety which means new items are continuously being added to the already expansive 70, 000 item product line. Access door are supplied in a variety of styles - circular, oval and tabbed as well as being manufactured from aluminium, galvanized and stainless steel. The dampers are manufactured to specification with multi leaf, non return, single blade, smoke, fire butterfly and volume control dampers all options.On top of these AJS can also supply a host of items, which have been designed in order to complete a full HVAC system this includes: Air Valves, Grilles, Louvres & Diffusers, Filters, Silencers, Duct Insulation, Spiral Duct & Fittings, Rectangular Duct & Fittings, Flange System, Turning Vane & Track, Flat Oval Duct & Fittings, Flexible Duct, Banding & Clamping Products, Suspension Products, Slotted Channel, Gaskets, Sealants & Tapes, Duct Pain. AJS can also provide fully trained and qualified technicians to complete a host of services including: ducting installation & cleaning, fire & smoke damper testing. As well as maintenance, repairs and installation for air conditioning systems.


    United Kingdom

    Banzo Band are specialist manufacturers of high tenacity woven polyester strapping systems, baling machine tapes and flat baling twines. Based in central England we are ideally placed to serve customers throughout the UK and overseas. Our large stocks of hand strapping systems enables us to offer fast deliveries at genuine factory prices. Established in 1990 we are now the major manufacturer of woven polyester strapping systems in the UK. And as longstanding narrow fabric weavers we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure you have the right strapping to meet your requirements along with high quality strapping dispensers, tensioners and buckles to complete the system. We supply hand strapping systems to a wide range of industries for securing all manner of products being shipped around the world.


    United Kingdom

    Packaging Materials Suppliers; stockists of all types of general packaging products including boxes, polythene bags, self-seal bags, stretch wrap, self-adhesive tape, polythene tubing and sheeting, strapping, pallet banding and ancillaries, static shielding and anti-static bags. We also supply bespoke sizes/specifications of all our product range to specific customer requirements. In addition we now stock Hand Sanitiser, PPE, Social Distancing Tape, etc. Daily deliveries on our own transport throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset and UK wide on reliable a reliable courier.



    Shenzhen Fuheng Hook Loop is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of hook & loop fasteners, elastic Velcro, Velcro tapes, Velcro straps, self-adhesive Velcro, Velcro cable ties, book straps, wrist bands, ski bands and hair rollers. OEM and ODM service are welcomed. We integrate R&D, manufacturing, sale and service. With advanced production and testing equipment, sophisticated technology and a large number of experienced technicians, our company has made great achievement in Velcro industry. All our products have passed SGS and RoHS certifications. By earnestly carrying out ISO9001: 2008 standard and conducting strict inspection on production process and finished products, our products are very popular at home and abroad, such as America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and some other countries and regions. We are convinced that our professionalism, high quality, competitive price, rapid turnaround and individualized attention for all of our customers will win your support and trust.



    For last two decades Apokalipsa doo has been involved in restauration and selling of machines and equipment for timber and metal industry production. https: //polovnemasine.rs/ Currently our stock is with more than 3000 units, being one of the biggest on central European market. Concerning wooden production, we emphasized more to machines and lines for wooden crates and baskets, pallets, but could also supply other kind of machines for inside door production, presses, multiply edge machines, band saws, all kind of carpenter machines and other, such as packing machines with tape and foil. Concerning wooden crates we could offer different machines' combination to form production line, depending on demanded daily quantity, buyer would like to receive. In general it’s between 2000 and 10000 units per shift. Concerning wooden veneer baskets machines and production, from 1m3 of logs up to 16000 baskets could be produced, which gives competitive advantage for packing concerning basket unit price, comparing with plastic and other material. We are looking forward to receive your inquiry.


    United States

    From blast furnaces to cryogenics, Thermal Wire & Cable, LLC has over 30 years experience in DESIGN & DISTRIBUTION of critical application WIRE AND CABLE. Insulations we commonly use: FEP, PFA, PTFE, and ETFE (Tefzel®), Kapton®, Modified Silicone Rubbers, Mica Tapes, and more. Conductor materials range from: Grade A Nickel, 2% and 27% Nickel-plated or Clad Coppers, Tin-Plated Copper, Silver-Plated Copper, High Strength Copper Alloys, and many other. From the simplest single-conductor appliance lead wire to complex composite thermocouple cables, our experience in difficult wire and cable applications allows you more choices than ever before, and in the end, the right cable for the job. Our industries served include: Flare Stacks, Heater Bands, Paint Dry Ovens, Blast Furnace instrumentation, Melting Equipment, Fire Suppression & Sensing, Commercial Cooking Equipment, and many more. Our serious commitment to the international marketplace is a key element to our sustained growth.



    all kinds of nylon velcro, elastic velcro, velcro tape, velcro straps, self- adhensive velcro, veclro cable strap, book strap, wrist band, ski band & hair roller tape in China. It is a research and development, production, selling Velcro tape factory.



    SEILEREI KÖSTERS GMBH – YOUR SPECIALIST FOR PASTURE/ELECTRIC FENCES AND ROPES MADE OF DIVERSE MATERIALS. Seilerei Kösters GmbH originated from Ludger Kösters oHG, and looks back on centuries of experience in the production of rope products. We have focused on the production of electric pasture fences and expanded our expertise in this segment. Seilerei Kösters is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. In 1999, the company was acquired by Susanne Else. The company headquarters was relocated to Emmerich, where a new and larger production facility was erected. Our product range: Electric pasture fences, wires, ropes and tapes, ropes made of PE, PP, cotton, hemp, Sisal and Spleitex, packaging string/twine, injection-moulded products (e.g. insulators, coils). Our product range covers all basic, standard and premium requests. We take individual customer specifications into account, and are happy to manufacture according to customer requests. We give advice about developing your own product lines – benefit from our decades of expertise and experience. Our company headquarters is in North Rhine-Westphalia, close to the border with the Netherlands, and has ideal transport connections – by rail, road and water. We ship our products punctually throughout Europe and all over the world. Our objective is to produce the highest quality at appropriate prices, guarantee fast and constant supply capability and increase the satisfaction of our customers.

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    The company AKSU DAR DOKUMA LTD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Elastic bands industry. It also operates in the Weaving, Mattress, and Tape industries. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.



    Founded in 1996, Tekin Dar Tekstil has become one of the most reputable woven and braided producers in Turkey and Europe by targeting one step ahead of our competitors throughout our journey of 25 years. As Tekis Elastic, we provide various types of products such as; Our core principles are guiding us to serve our clients with prompt, accurate, environmental and ethical solutions by comprehending customer demands and satisfaction is our main priority. Our dynamic team is committed to maintaining our highest service quality, competitive pricing and reliable deliveries with constant attention to social compliance procedures and eco-conscious sourcing.