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    For more than 25 years AXRO has been one of the leading European distributors for OEM consumables. From our headquarter in Hamburg we supply toner, inks and drums to specialist retailers in more than 67 countries all over the world. Due to our in-house logistics center we are able to constantly provide a wide range of renowned international brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, Epson, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, OKI, Samsung and many more. All our products can easily be ordered via the AXRO online shop, which is currently accessible in seven different language versions. To ensure individual service and a smooth completion of all orders our multilingual Team will be happy to advise you amongst others in German, Russian, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Georgian. Our aim is to serve you professionally and to satisfy you 100%. Competent and mostly long-term employees make the difference. They form the basis of joint success. Through our highly modern logistics center and longstanding collaboration with global logistics providers we turn your order into a delivery: safely from A to B.



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    The company MJS COMMUNICATION, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Electricity - import-export industry. It also operates in the Telecommunication by internet, network cabling, wiring harness, Telecommunication by internet, and tv surveillance camera industries. It is based in Courtenay, France.



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    The company UNIWAN, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Auditing, computer industry. It also operates in the IT networks - management and backup, IT Services, Telecommunication by internet, Telecommunications - services, IT networks - management and backup, IT Services, Telecommunication by internet, and Telecommunications - services industries. It is based in Pont-À-Celles, Belgium.



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    The company PHONATYS BUSINESS, is a Distributor, which operates in the Telecommunication by internet industry. It also operates in the telephone exchanges, fixed telephony systems, systems and equipment for telecommunications and telephony, and phone call management services industries. It is based in Plescop, France.



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    The company SOLUTIONS IP, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Information technology - cabling industry. It also operates in the Telecommunications - services, Telecommunication by internet, Computer server, System backup, Telecommunications - services, and Telecommunication by internet industries. It is based in Paris, France.

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    THE WM SYSTEMS LLC WAS ESTABILISHED MORE THAN 15 YEARS AGO, IN BUDAPEST, HUNGARY. We are operating offices in Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania). 25 employees, mainly engineers. We are a significant IoT/M2M developer, manufacturer, international trader company in Europe. We serve our Partners with our 15 years of experience, professional skills through our wireless data transmitting hardware, software and applications. Main tasks: design mobile communication devices hardware & application, software integration, data management, SIM-card services, technical support. We are accepted and recognized partner of the international mobile operators, for system integrators, and famous utility companies, energy providers, safety- and industrial companies. We are Partners and successful vendors of the Gemalto®, Telit® international module manufacturers. We are focusing on the M2M & IoT market by our devices, providing mobile network data transmitting solutions for our Customers. We provide smart metering modems, industrial routers, data concentrators, signal transmitting communicators – which all are using wireless internet network of mobile operators (such as CDMA 450, 2G, 3G, LTE 4G, LTE450 & Narrow-Band IoT), which are using Cloud to collect data, forwarding to centre (evaluation, displaying of results) , management of data, intervention and control with remote monitoring.


    United States

    (v)WeCare Technology that has already designed a market for itself in the BPO industry is now all set to flourish its focus on telecommunications billing and OSS solutions. Billing and OSS alternatives being relatively a modern progress of Information and Technology, it needs much more attention from the interaction industry. Hence, (v)WeCare Technology has taken the responsibility to make it much popular idea in the international market by creating telecom billing applications. Headquartered in New Jersey, (v)WeCare Technology started its performing in 2003 with its divisions distribute across the world such as the most populated country, India. Today, it has nearly 3000 workers in a single center and aims for quality with its quality services. Technically, (v)WeCare is equipped with globe's one of the most highly effective network provider company, 'cisco'. The cisco operated IP system has assisted the company to provide excellent contact responding to services to its offshore customers.



    Sending money is not always the best solution. We provide solutions to make easier the electronic commerce of basic essentials through countries like The Gambia or Senegal. Anyone worldwide having a Baluwo account can buy water, rice, energy or mobile top-up that is provided in real-time within their original country. Goods are provided automatically to the final beneficiary within the emerging country, so people who are far from their home can ensure their families or friends are well covered. Baluwo has created a network where small stores of food, telecommunications companies or large utilities get easily their benefits of being requested where the money actually is - that is mostly the cases far from where they are based in. In another hand families ensure that they spend the money in the right resources, so they don't reach to the point where basic essentials has been left behind by the end of the month. Having a cellular or mobile phone is just enough for all customers, families and even business... this feature makes it easier to use it anytime, no matter where you are. This solution makes easier the life of the people who are forced to stay separated but also help to the small business though emerging countries to sell more and more often. So we encourage anyone who may be interested to contact us and start gaining benefits from it as soon as possible. We will be glad to hear from you!


    United States

    Welcome to international wholesale VoIP provider - Voicebuy! Having interconnections with up to 100 tier 1 carriers and national telecoms, we provide our customers with the best VoIP services available at competitive rates. By providing low-rate VoIP wholesale termination, we strengthen our position on the world market, broadening our geographical scope and getting more customers with each passing day. We offer our services to small and medium-sized VoIP providers, call shops, corporate customers and VoIP resellers. Our customers need to configure VoIP software, register in our web site, make the prepayment and enjoy the package of high-grade services we offer. With Voicebuy wholesale VoIP provider you can make cheap VoIP calls and even simultaneous cheap VoIP calls at any corner of the world! Moreover, we allow our customers an opportunity to check the quality of call, by providing them with $1 credit for a free VoIP test call! ! !



    Flytxt is one of the fastest growing Big Data Analytics solution providers for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). The company has set its vision to generate over 10% Economic Value for its CSP customers leveraging Big Data Analytics. Flytxt’s platform and applications are built around its patent pending technologies that interpret, infer, discover and predict KPIs, insights, recommendations and actions from large volumes of subscriber data available with CSPs. Flytxt’s solutions enable CSPs to increase revenues, reduce churn, drive data adoption & growth, optimize margins and generate new revenue streams through advanced analytical capabilities.Flytxt’s solutions are deployed at several leading CSPs across the globe covering a subscriber base of about 500 million. Flytxt has executed many highly successful marketing campaigns for CSPs, generating close to $350 million incremental revenue.



    The "MAXNET" has been working on the Kharkiv market since 2002. Our company provides all services related to IT-technologies in the complex: the Internet; TV - IPTV, DVBc, KTV; VOIP; rental of communication channels; cloud hosting; a dedicated server; Virtual VDS / VPS hosting; domain name registration; organization of local network, complex works to create and configure the network; network auditing and equipment diagnostics; remote access to the company server for employees. At present, the key task of the team is: - continuous improvement of the competitiveness and quality of services in accordance with subscribers' customer values; - providing flexibility and efficiency of interaction between divisions and departments in the solutions of current issues with the subscribers; - optimization of the structure of income and expenses required by Partners in achieving the goals set before the management system.



    La telefonía 100% en la nube de RingOver se implementa en 3 minutos y se conecta a todas sus herramientas profesionales. Muy intuitiva y fácil de usar, nuestra herramienta está diseñada para la gestión de llamadas a nivel empresarial a través de aplicaciones web y móviles. Para su servicio de atención al cliente, para sus comerciales, o simplemente para sus líneas de empresa y poder desarrollar el teletrabajo, RingOver le permite implementar su telefonía al instante en más de 60 países. Algunas ventajas: • Utilice este servicio desde cualquier lugar, al instante y sin límites con sus dispositivos habituales: ordenadores y aplicaciones móviles. • Creación de su propia centralita totalmente personalizada para la gestión de llamadas, textos, chat, fax y mensajes de voz. • Elección y asignación de números de teléfono a la carta, tanto españoles como extranjeros. • Llamadas ilimitadas nacionales e internacionales a casi 100 países. • Ofrece estadísticas avanzadas que permiten hacer un seguimiento de los equipos comerciales y de servicio al cliente. • Telefonía cloud 20% más barata que la telefonía tradicional. • Sincronización con CRMs y software de ticketing para ahorrar tiempo y esfuerzo, mejorando la productividad. Nuestro servicio tiene más de 75 funcionalidades que pueden disfrutarse y ponerse en marcha en apenas unos clics fácilmente desde su panel de control. Fundada en RingOver cuenta con una amplia experiencia en el campo de la telefonía.



    HowSIP is a SaaS(Software as a Service) cloud communication and collaboration platform that specially address businesses needs. HowSIP provide value to businesses in terms of cut cost and reduce technology complexity with great usability, user experience and quality of service. HowSIP provide services in four geo regions e.g. Europe , North america, Australia and Asia. The main Services of HowSIP Communication platform are included as follows. IP Telephony. Cloud based IP PBX (Private branch exchange). Unified Messaging (Voicemail, Email, Fax). Tele Conferencing. SIP Trunks. Web Conferencing/Web Meetings. Instant Messaging and presence. Global Virtual Number Service. Contact Center/Call Center service.

  2. ROUTR

    United Kingdom

    Build complicated VoIP powered phone systems with ease. Our drag-and-drop software allows you to connect to 180 countries and start making and receiving calls, SMS, fax and more. Routr allows you to build complicated VoIP powered phone systems with ease. Our powerful drag-and-drop software allows you to connect to 180 countries and start making and receiving calls, SMS, fax and more. With our powerful drag and drop technology, you can create a call routing flow that is unique to your business by using our pre-built components. Whether you are looking for a custom greeting, an Interactive Voice Menu or even need to communicate with an API or backend service, our predefined components have you covered. Deploy unlimited call flows worldwide for free. Build professional powerful call flows in minutes. Easily apply business rules and logic. Our cloud PBX solution gives you the power to connect instantly. We give you the tools to build a PBX system that works for you. from call hunting algorithms, a call center or a vast eco-system our platform requires no programming, is incredibly powerful and saves you money.

  3. 10BESTVPN

    United Kingdom

    10BestVPN is a professional review website that gives reviews to the best VPN companies to help you select a better VPN service to change your Internet activity. Our best VPNs service is IPVanish, VyperVPN, CyberGhost, Private Internet Access, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, StrongVPNHotspot Shield, TunnelBear and more. Through the VPN you can keep your Internet activity private, secure & encrypted in worldwide area. Our VPNs working with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu software. It is totally and 100% legal. Also, you can try the free trial offer for VPN.


    United Kingdom

    Continent Telecom Ltd. is international VoIP service provider which offers virtual local DID phone numbers in 90 countries, Toll-Free phone numbers, fax numbers, SMS DID numbers, SkypeIn numbers, virtual IP PBX, call-centers and virtual offices organization. Continent Telecom provides VoIP telephony services for both wholesale and retail customers. Continent Telecom employees treat attentively to each client and give an advice and assistance. Any question of the client is supported by a qualified answer. Become our client and you will appreciate the quality of our services!



    Sandes Technology Ltd.(Hongkong) STL, formal distributor of Huawei, ZTE, and Emerson, we provide complete series of Huawei, ZTE and Emerson. 1) Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome GPON EPON OLT MDU ONT ONU*Huawei ONT/ONU: HG8010, HG8110, HG8110F, HG8120F, HG8040, HG8240F, HG8245A, HG8311R, HG8311, HG8321, HG8240, HG8245, HG8247, HG8245T, HG8447*Huawei MDU: MA5612, MA5620, MA5626*Huawei OLT: MA5680T, MA5683T, MA5608T, MA5600T, MA5603T, board(SCUB SCUN SUNL SCUK CITD GICF GICD GICG GICK X2CS PRTE GPBD GPBH EDTB EPBD GPFD)*Huawei NMS: HUAWEI iManager U2000*ZTE ONT/ONU: F600, F601, F612, F620, F400, F401, F412, F420, F660, F460, F668, F625G*ZTE MDU: F821, F822, F820*ZTE OLT: C220, C320, C300, C200, board(SCXL SCXM MWIA GTGO PRWG CICG GUFQ GUSQ HUTQ XUTQ GDFO CTBB CTTB CTLA GTGO ETGO GTGH SMXA OUT50ET GCSA EIG EPFC)*ZTE NMS: ZTE NetNumen N31, ZTE NetNumen U31 2) Huawei, ZTE SDH, DWDM, PTN Transmission, whole sets and all boards*Huawei SDH: OSN500/OSN1500/OSN2500/OSN3500/OSN7500/OSN9500/Metro100/Metro1000/Metro2050/Metro3000/Metro5000*Huawei DWDM:



    Web4Cities is a startup with the mission to promote Internet coverage world wide through companies that share free wifi with their customers, to enhance better relations, focusing on creating better services and fuel their grow. We find the best mobile internet services around the world and make their trip memorable. Our users will always be connected with their friends and familly anywhere in the world. Internet is more than an entertainment tool, it is a way to rebuild lives, create connections around the world and work.


    United Kingdom

    lucifero ltd offers the unique and safe tested sim cards and crypted smartphones for 100% secure communications and zero hacking. Our services include cybersecurity assistance for data protection and ramsomware attacks. We are the market leader in telephone and IOT security. Our company is the perfect solution for companies and government agencies interested in designing telephone privacy and data confidentiality. We are specialized for the military sector and environment in order to guarantee maximum security in confidential and non-interceptable telecommunications. Lucifero Ltd provides the best solutions in terms of guaranteeing the confidentiality and protection of data and telephone calls throughout the globe


    Czech Rep.

    Mediation, sale, installation and service of HW and SW, LAN / WAN / TELCO networks incl. profilaxe and professional consultations. Low-voltage wiring / communication technologies (eg LAN intrusion / fire, CCTV / IPCAM) and administration of telephone exchanges SIEMENS / EADS (MATRA) / Aastra. Training work with computers, creating and processing web pages and presentations, CMS installation, adjustment of output reports and accounting information systems. Intermediation and securing technical, fire and health supervisors, escorts excessive and dangerous to transport and work at height.


    United Kingdom

    Performance Networks technical nucleus stems from the military, our founding engineers developed and supported wireless and IP technologies providing secure, critical communications, in extremely hostile environments. This combined with many years’ working within the UK’s corporate sectors including banking, insurance and security, has developed a networking organisation which offers a breadth of networking and security expertise with a true understanding of its client’s business needs. Once a network has been designed and installed, this is only the beginning for our team. Any network will require monitoring and maintenance to ensure it performs for your business, both now but also in the future as new technologies need further bandwidth and resources and security threats evolve. We offer industry leading monitoring and full 24/7/365 support is available.


    United States

    Asentinel meets the needs of customers by providing communications life-cycle management through comprehensive TEM solutions and services—saving its customers millions of dollars since its inception in 2002. Asentinel holds the only comprehensive United States patents (#7340422 and #7805342) in Telecom Expense Management for its groundbreaking software, Asentinel 7.0. The company continues to grow its customer base of Global 2000, Fortune 1000 and multinational entities that realize the power of TEM to reduce spend, increase efficiency, manage inventory and generate business intelligence. Asentinel is headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., and has offices throughout the US and in Europe. For more information, please visit www.asentinel.com.



    INTERNET & FIBRE OPTIC PROVIDER JÁVEA Swiss, Internet & Fibre Quality Service Jávea owns a large fibre optic network at the Cabo la Nao area of Jávea We also offer Internet in Jávea, Benitachell, Jesús Pobre, Gata. Visit our office in Jávea for more information or whatsup/email us. Why contract fibre optic in Jávea with Swiss? We run the best fibre service in the Cabo la Nao area of Jávea. We also run the most competitive internet and tv/iptv service in Jávea. Our office is open from Monday to Friday. We are the longest running telecom company based in Jávea and have the best customer care service at our office in Jávea. Our local technicians will offer you local support in Jávea. Our fibre optic in the Cabo la Nao area in Jávea provides you the following advantages: Highest speed data transmisión Local office Best bandwidth Local Support technicians No interferences Best tv iptv quality Jávea internet and fibre quality service Improved resilience Extra network safety



    Boco communication industry Co., ltd is a professional manufacturer specialized and fiber optic network devices. Our products range from optic fiber patch cords , duplex multimode patch cable, custom fiber patch cables, single mode fiber cable, Fiber optic pigtails, fiber optic attenuators, optic fiber connectors, fiber media converter, Video Optical Coverter, and much more. We produce optic fiber products from our own factory and distribute fiber optic cable products from our own huge inventory selection. Having harnessed years of expertise to create a company whose ethos is based on getting the job done, so we know what's important to our customers, We believe in our ability to react fast, secure the best prices and deliver on time.Since the established in 2008, we are known as a for the excellent products, quality, competitive prices, fast delivery and good service. We not only handle the OEM fiber optic assemblies to the worlds leading companies in this field, but also cooperate with ma



    We are a virtual call center company providing excellent customer services for your organization. We deliver efficient and high quality customer service with our highly qualified team of customer representatives. We always ensure to keep the customers satisfied and upto date of the services. If you choose us to be your business partner, we ensure you the following benefits. • Get relief from managing your customers on your own and leave everything to us, so that you can focus on the main core of your organization. • You can cut down the cost to a half and even less choosing us, instead of a physical call center. • We give a realistic and satisfactory experience to your customers never letting them know that we are a virtual call center.


    United Kingdom

    Arkessa enables remote devices to operate, be monitored, managed and controlled as though they were connected directly to your desktop, tablet or smart phone. Connections are secure and private. Each device is given a unique identity so that it can be contacted directly and controlled remotely.While multiple GPRS and 3G networks provide connections with a global reach, a suite of data management and web information systems enables customers to access the power of the remote Internet quickly and easily. Robust, industrial-strength infrastructure is coupled with experienced engineering support to provide a great customer experience.


    United States

    Vebnest is dedicated to providing their customers with the most reliable web hosting service possible.Fast, reliable, web hosting at an affordable price with secure servers, and 24/7 technical support. Web Hosting is perfect solution for personal blogs or small office/home business who seek to get their own online identity. We provide the most affordable and reliable hosting solution that delivers better performance with huge websites attaining thousands of visitors daily. Every web hosting plan comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24hrs Support with a 1-3 Hours response time. Our Team will always provide you with the support you deserve. Switch to Vebnest Today with our free migration and the second month free


    United Kingdom

    Kontiki’s video solutions for business enable you to keep up with the rapidly evolving and growing needs of video communication in the enterprise. Whether you need live webcasting, video on demand (VOD) or a centralized destination for your company’s growing video content library, Kontiki delivers, to your entire global workforce utilizing your existing corporate network, quickly and painlessly.


    United Kingdom

    Welcome to Beehive - the independent consultancy creating a buzz in business communications. Young, passionate and technology-savvy, we bring together 30 years of telecoms experience to improve your network, customer service and security while reducing costs. You'll always get through to us, and we're so responsive you won't want to leave!



    Domidona IT is Web Hosting Company located in Croatia. Domidona IT offer Dedicated server, Shared hosting and VPS hosting. Servers are located in Croatia Data Centre. Domidona IT offer domain resell. We have 24/7/365 support by ticket (WHMCS) All of our servers have WHM/cPanel GUI

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