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  • Our company works in the area of technical articles made to customers' drawings and O-rings in all types of elastomer: NBR, EPDM, silicone and Viton. Our production programme also includes... Supplier of: v-j945rings | Seals and packing material | Rubber seals | membranes | technical articles in rubber [+] o-rings | seals | industrial technical gaskets | exchanger gaskets | viton collars | frames | viton glt aed | washers | rubber and metal parts
    ITALY - Paratico
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  • BEKU Dichtungselemente GmbH was founded in 1989 in the Taunus area of Hesse, Germany, and has since specialised in the CNC manufacturing of seals and sealing elements, predominantly in the area of... Supplier of: v-j945rings | Seals | rod and piston seals (lip seals) | scrapers | support and guide rings [+] flat gaskets | rotor seals | o-rings as per din 3771 | shaft seals as per din 3760 | tduo double cup seals | manhole gaskets | individual plastic and rubber turned parts | sealing rings as per din 7603a and c made from aluminium | sealing rings as per din 7603a and c made from copper | sealing rings as per din 7603a and c made from vulcanised fibre
    GERMANY - Taunusstein
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  • We are a complete service provider in sealing technology and have diversified into many fields such as mechanical engineering, stationary and mobile hydraulic systems, drive technology and electrical... Supplier of: v-j945rings | Seals | piston seals | flat gaskets | grooved rings [+] o-rings | back-up rings | x-rings | guide rings | piston rod seals | rectangular rings | rod seals | shaft seals | dairy pipe screw connections | o rings made from fep
    GERMANY - Sindelfingen
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  • Manufacture of rubber joints, technical rubber items made from plans, O-rings, rubber/metal couplings, for the following sectors: industrial, automobile, health, electricity and electrical goods.... Supplier of: v-j945rings | Expansion joints - non-ferrous metal | Seals and packing material | Seals | technical articles in rubber [+] seals | rubber washers | rubber bellows | o-rings | bespoke articles | metal coupling seals
    ITALY - Adrara San Martino
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