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    We are the sales office for SFKplywood, Kazakh manufacturers of birch plywood. SFKplywood is the only manufacturer of birch plywood in Kazakhstan to hold a CE certificate and FSC Controlled Wood certification. Our panels comply with EN 636 standards. We work exclusively with birchwood from state-owned forests in Kazakhstan. We produce plywood in the standard sizes of 1250 x 2500 mm and 2500 x 1250 mm, in thicknesses from 6 to 30 mm. High-performance – the company's production capacity is in excess of 30, 000 m3 plywood per year. Quality products – premium birch veneer, premium formaldehyde resins (EN 16516 / E1) and film from Germany. Highly trained staff – we employ a qualified and efficient workforce at a fair wage. Precision equipment – we work with reliable, precise machinery and follow strict best-practice manufacturing standards. Customer is king – we deliver on time and we deliver on our quality promises. We listen to our customers' wishes and problems. We are on hand to solve problems, keep you informed and provide support.



    LLC "New Resource" produces plywood, as well as peeler core, sawdust briquettes, and other wood products and birch sawn timber. The company offers the following items for direct purchase from the manufacturer: —sanded birch plywood FK 1525 × 1525, produced according to GOST 3916.1-2018; —unsanded birch plywood FK 1525 × 1525, produced according to GOST 3916.1-2018; —plywood reels for electric cables; — birch peeler core, veneer, wood chips, wood sanding dust, furniture strips; —ready-to-use RUF fuel briquettes of high efficiency and low ash content, made of 100% birch wood. "New Resource" produces plywood in thicknesses from 3 to 50 mm. All wood processing products comply with Forest Stewardship Council requirements and hold FSC certificates. The company's activities are governed by environmental concerns: all processes within the company are traced, and only certified timber is accepted for processing. The manufacturer offers additional services: production of plywood items of any shape and complexity using CNC machines, cutting and packing of plywood items, production of plywood with minimum thickness tolerances (+/-0, 2 mm), calibration and sanding of products employing high-precision equipment. LLC "New Resource" cares for each customer, guarantees the high quality of wood products and execution of orders just in time, and undertakes to deliver orders to customers worldwide.



    ! SLICED WOOD VENEER! European Oak – Door AB: Length: 210 – 255cm (Door); 260 – 305cm (Panel) Width: 12cm and wider Thickness: 0.56 mm FCA Price: €1.4/m² European Oak – Furniture AB: Length: 170 - 205 cm Width: 12cm and wider Thickness: 0.56 mm FCA Price: €1/m² All prices are to be understood per square meter and calculated for 50, 000m². Our company manufactures sliced trimmed veneer of the following species of wood: oak, ash (white and colored). Produced veneer has a thickness — 0.56 mm and a length from 0.7 m to 4 m. The quality of our sliced ​​veneer provides highly qualified personnel and effective system of control, which is confirmed certificate of conformity of quality management system ISO 9001: 2009. Certainly excellent performance of our products and the high quality of this raw mate


    United Kingdom

    For years we have travelled the world in search of hardwoods that provide beautiful decorative veneers. Since the mid-seventies we have worked tirelessly to bring the world's woods to connoisseurs alike.A simple love of wood, an art of nature and a passion to work with like-minded designers has helped us build a truly global business. Our projects have included collaborating with fine Furniture designers, the Automotive and Aircraft industries, Marine designers and Architects matching their vision with our expertise selecting graded veneers to complement their products.Modern production facilities around the world ensure we maintain a high quality product essential for all our customers. Understanding the exact veneer requirements and forming long term relationships are how Freed (Veneers) Ltd continues to be one of the most respected veneer companies worldwide. Choose from a vast selection of veneers whatever the project.



    We at R.Ulrich have felt at home in the veneer trade since 1938, and today we offer a whole range of services that leaves nothing to be desired. We are also a founding member of the IVC (International Veneer Company). Our products: Veneers, round timber, timber trading, fine wood, thick-cut veneers, special veneers, wood cutting services, timber construction elements, sawn veneers and sliced veneers.

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    ROLLWOOD Holztechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a world leading supplier of premium-finish wrapping veneers and veneer edges. Our products include: Veneer edges, veneers, fixed-length veneer, thick-cut veneers, special veneers


    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    We are producers of sliced veneer, beech, oak, ash. etc...



    The company STROIMODUL-M, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Construction Materials industry. It also operates in the sawn-wood, and veneer products industries. It is based in Borisov, Belarus.



    The company IMPERORA, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Veneers industry. It also operates in the veneer products, and Rapeseed oils industries. It is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.



    The company FD FURNIER-DESIGN HERZEBROCK-CLARHOLZ GMBH, is a Distributor, which operates in the Veneers industry. It also operates in the veneer products, and protective covering industries. It is based in Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany.



    Arts and joinery workshop “Liberty” produces interior doors, wooden furniture and decorative elements for the interior made of solid wood of valuable species. The company produces original collections of doors for houses and contemporary furniture made of solid oak, alder, pine, as well as veneered products and those made of MDF: —hinged, sliding and folding doors for houses, —cabinets, bookcases and shelves, chests of drawers, —tables, cantilevers and cupboards, —benches and chairs, —mirrors and other interior furniture decorated with wood carvings. “Liberty” also designs and manufactures bespoke furniture and performs wood finishing of rooms. The company employs a team of artists and designers, carvers and cabinetmakers who are able to develop a variety of projects and bring them to life. One can order limewash and chalk paint of the Russian brand Arte di vita, which is used for renovation works in old buildings, for decorative wall painting, for creating an artistic effect of aged surface and “wet” paint. The workshop makes furniture for hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants, household furniture for living rooms, hallways and lobbies, bedrooms. “Liberty” is ready for communication and is happy to cooperate with architects and designers. All products are made on modern equipment, using high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, bringing together individuality and accessibility, quality and simplicity, durability and beauty.



    Techno Wood CO LLC is an exporter of wood products for furniture: latoflex slats, side rails, plywood, birch veneer, shaped slats made of pine and spruce wood. The company offers the following FSC-certified products: —birch veneer in sizes 1600×1600 mm, 1300×2600 mm, and others; —birch slats of up to 1590 mm long in different colors; —birch plywood of 1525×1525 mm in size with urea and phenolic bonding; —cross-linked pine timber up to 5000 mm long; —birch furniture bars of up to 2050 mm in length; —spruce slats for beds. The company was established in 2015 in Yaroslavl (Russia) and has been exporting wholesale batches of timber for the production of furniture and parts to furniture factories in Europe and North America. The company's daily operations are based on extensive experience, reliability and responsibility towards customers. Techno Wood CO LLC selects and purchases the best semi-finished wood products, cooperates with the best lumber producers of Russia. The company's CEO Franco Stillio has over 40 years of experience in the woodworking industry and over 20 years of experience in the Russian market. Techno Wood CO LLC inspects the quality of wood products that ensures their high quality combined with reasonable prices. The company expands its range of products and services and is ready to consider all options for mutually beneficial cooperation Semi-finished furniture articles are traded on a wholesale basis. Shipment to any country of the world is available.



    Upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, TV-chairs), form pressed and occasional furniture (armrests and legs for chairs). Furniture by order. Marine furniture. Manufacturing of rotary cut birch veneer. Veneer length can be up to 1850 mm, width up to 2600 mm and thickness in the range of 1.0 to 2.0 mm. Our birch veneer is suitable for production of bed slats, plywood, layer glued and bent plywood elements, curved plywood or flooring. Production of metal details and installation service for factories.



    The Kirzhach plywood factory is a Russian manufacturer of high-quality birch veneer. Thanks to many years of experience, modern equipment, the use of high-quality materials and innovative technologies, our products meet international standards for veneer and plywood quality. We use only carefully selected birch wood from our region and help our timber suppliers to restore forests in the region. All our customers are production companies that use our veneer for their own goods production. Therefore, compliance with tolerances and quality specifications is one of the most important requirements of our work. We are located in the city of Kirzhach only 75 km from Moscow, which means relatively low transport costs for our international customers. We have our own means of transport and therefore have the advantage of always being able to deliver our goods on time.



    Fan-Trade LLC is a manufacturer of birch plywood and birch veneer - sawn timber for furniture production, interior decoration and construction. The company performs advanced woodworking and produces FK grade birch plywood in sheets of 1525x1525 mm in size and 4 to 24 mm in thickness. Fan-Trade's products comply with the Russian standard GOST 3916.1-18 and are manufactured from birch veneer logs which are harvested from the forest reserves of the Russian Federation and comply with GOST 9462-88. Laminated wood for veneer is produced in grades I, II, III, IV according to the interstate standard GOST 99-2016. The company, located in the Smolensk Oblast (a region of Russia that is 42% forested), has been producing woodworking products since 2020. Constant quality control is carried out at all stages of the plywood production cycle. Fan-Trade's products are environmentally friendly, FK grade plywood is phenol-free and suitable for interior finishing of residential buildings. Coated plywood by Fan-Trade can be used for the production of preformed veneers, flooring, wall panels, construction of outbuildings, production of cabinet furniture, box bottoms and walls, containers, wardrobe backs, children's toys, interior decor and other wood products. The company manufactures semi-finished products for furniture round the clock and continuously enhances production capacity.



    Plexwood is an interior design veneer, composed of end grain wood and with the grain veneer, which give the product a clear linear structure. Plexwood is available in 11 products, used for floors, walls, ceilings, staircases, furniture, logos, and many other conceptual applications. End grain wood, one of the main components of Plexwood, is harder than regular cut wood, making Plexwood products suitable for high traffic applications. Plexwood is used in office spaces, retail, education and health care environments. Plexwood is made from production-based wood harvested from forests with sustainable management qualifications. In our production, we do not use formaldehyde based glue or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Panels are available with a substrate of E1 low emission MDF, plywood, fire rated MDF, zero-added formaldehyde MDF, and many more. Variations in thickness and size and are possible.



    Becker Brakel is one of the most important manufacturers of moulded wood and formfleece worldwide. International designers and manufacturers appreciate and make use of our great technological expertise. Our customers benefit from our years of experience and sound advice when realising their ambitious moulded wood and formfleece ideas. Our production is order-related and designed for individual production for our customers. We supply the office, consumer good and furniture industries as well as train manufacturers and the automotive industry. We offer designers our expertise and experience in development and prototype construction. The entire production process, from veneer production and compression moulding to efficient CNC machining and varnishing, lies in the hands of our experienced professionals. Our customers benefit from our extensive pool of pressing tools and the great capacity of our 90 presses.



    Klei Adhesive Machinery LLC (KAM) - the production company, that have an extended experience in designing and manufacturing of equipment, automation and modernization of any complexity. The company occupies a leading position in the CIS market in the manufacture and development of equipment for production of automotive vans, refrigerated vans, PVC and SIP sandwich panels, equipment for production of laminated veneer lumber and wooden support structures. Also, to release of equipment working on polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesives (PUR) ethyl-vinil-acetat (EVA), polyolefin (PO) and polyamide (PA) laminating adhesives melts flat substrates and roll materials. We developed the machines for the applying of the adhesive systems based on melamine-formaldehyde resins, thixotropic polyurethane adhesives, etc. The company has its own production facilities in Kiev (Ukraine).



    Eskada-M Ukrainian Veneered Boards Manufacturer. We are keeping 75% of the market in Ukraine. Today, we are exporting to Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland. We can offer very wide range of products including veneered and lacquered surfaces on any supported panels. What we are offering: - veneered panels - cut to size service and edge banding - semi finished components - lacquering, staining and oil treatment - table top production. To meet individual customer requirements. We can also delivered your components sealed and packed on request. We are looking for cooperation with you!

  8. UDF2 LTD


    The company "UDF" was founded in 1993 as an enterprise that satisfies almost all the needs of manufacturers: furniture, door and window industries - in wood-cutting tools. The company "UDF" is one of the first companies in Ukraine, which represents this complex innovative products in the Ukrainian market. In 1995, the production of high-quality joinery started. In 2003, the trademark "UDF" was created and the first in Ukraine production of duplicated veneer and natural edges in rolls was opened. Plywood (veneering) with chipboard, chipboard, MDF, plywood, veneer boards veneer sheets also started as a related product. In 2011, taking into account the emerging demand and the modern requirements of the market, the production of furniture MDF profile enveloped in natural duplicated veneer was launched. Since 2012, the company has been producing frame facades made of MDF profiles shrouded in double veneer.



    TARMEKO LPD OÜ is a furniture manufacturing company in Estonia. Tarmeko LPD belongs to a group of factories, established in 1947. We produce form-pressed and layer glued birch veneer furniture and components. Mainly we produce furniture components and bet slats. In addition, one can find relax lounge chairs, table sets and a children furniture brand Tarmeko Kids. We also provide solutions for private label designs. Our main export destinations cover Scandinavia and the Western Europe. Our main mission is to value veneer in different products and offer new and innovative solutions in design. We are FSC certified and purchase all materials from environmentally responsible sources.



    Redfern are Entrepreneurial Sales Professionals and Business Consultants with more than 35 years of sales experience and a proven record of high-value sales operating a customer focused, consultative sales approach. Experienced in selling to; end-users, specifiers, main contractors, specialist sub-contractors and house builders within the Building Products market. Our mission is to bring together the best surface finishes, veneers and other sustainable products, work with factories that have a quality ethos and appoint partners in the various markets that represent the products in a proper way. Understanding the requirements of architects, interior designers, main contractors and sub-contractors in project specification and contract completion. We visit the factories every few weeks ensuring orders are being manufactured as required and timelines are being met. Our partners have the financial, technical and manpower resources to work with all building and on-site regulations, whilst we concentrate on delivery of exceptional products. We specialize in Fire Doors, Flooring and Interior Finishes.



    Hello sir or madamDuzkap is passionate about being the Turkeys leading wood veneer specialist. Our skilled vast technical knowledge and use of the highest quality raw materials distinguishes us from the mass producers and enables us to provide only the very best product for your Project . We are Turkey's biggest veneer covered panel producers. We produce made to order in different sizes and thicknesses. We can produce any kind of wood veneer We serve wood products wholesellers, of furniture producers . Our company, USA, Ukraine, and the production of timber that is imported from Africa. American Walnut, American Oak, Red Oak UKRAINE, UKRAINE, White Oak, Ash, Maple, Beech, Mazel, Sapele, Aniegre, Iroko, etc. Afromosia. Natural Coverings are kept in stock Money Kind of trees Like American Walnut Black Acacia Brown Ash Coihue Eucaliptus European Cherry European Maple (Sycamore) European Oak Europeant Walnut . Manio Maritime Pine Olivillo radiata Pine Red Oak Steamed Beech Tei A


    United Kingdom

    CTI manufactures concrete machinery systems for the high volume production of wet cast decorative, landscape, and veneer stone products. Products feature a wide variety of surface textures, colour blends, and geometry that can both simulate, and imitate natural stone products used in landscape and building applications. Additionally, the landscape, patio, and other simulated stone products can take advantage of the variety of treatments available within wet cast moulds (made from ABS plastic, polyurethane, polypropylene, or latex rubber materials), while producing them in an automated and high efficiency production environment. Interior use products are now being produced with this equipment. While originally developed to ease the labour intensive processes normally associated with the production of wet cast patio slabs, our automation and equipment capabilities have evolved to provide benefits to a myriad of other wet cast products to increase production capacity



    For last two decades Apokalipsa doo has been involved in restauration and selling of machines and equipment for timber and metal industry production. https: //polovnemasine.rs/ Currently our stock is with more than 3000 units, being one of the biggest on central European market. Concerning wooden production, we emphasized more to machines and lines for wooden crates and baskets, pallets, but could also supply other kind of machines for inside door production, presses, multiply edge machines, band saws, all kind of carpenter machines and other, such as packing machines with tape and foil. Concerning wooden crates we could offer different machines' combination to form production line, depending on demanded daily quantity, buyer would like to receive. In general it’s between 2000 and 10000 units per shift. Concerning wooden veneer baskets machines and production, from 1m3 of logs up to 16000 baskets could be produced, which gives competitive advantage for packing concerning basket unit price, comparing with plastic and other material. We are looking forward to receive your inquiry.



    ET-START is founded in 1992. It has been producing furniture from massive wood since 2000. At the moment the production is orientated towards classic and traditional furniture. The factory can produce almost every type of furniture, fitted or free standing to a fine finish supplying both trade and retail at incredibly competitive prices. The materials we use are first quality only - both soft and hard woods like poplar, beech, pine and others. We also do a combination of solid wood and natural veneered MDF. 100% of our production is exported to companies and countries across EU – Holland (Habufa), Italy (Dzanini, Parziale), France (MCT) and more. We have focused in producing home, hotel and restaurant furniture. Famous for their original design and high qualification - the employees of the company – more than 30 skilled workers are ready to satisfy the specific requirements of every client.


    United Kingdom

    Follow us! We supply a range of wood veneer products and services to the international door, panel & furniture markets.



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    Petro Birch: Your Trusted Source for Premium Plywood Solutions Petro Birch is a leading manufacturer of plywood in Kazakhstan, offering a diverse range of high-quality products to meet your construction and manufacturing needs. Our Plywood WMR EXTERIOR is a top-tier construction material renowned for its high strength and attractive surface appearance. Whether for residential or commercial projects, this plywood delivers exceptional performance and durability. For applications requiring superior resistance to abrasion and enhanced durability, our Plywood Film TYPE is the perfect choice. Its stable sheet geometry ensures reliable performance in demanding environments. We also provide Plywood MR INTERIOR, a high-quality construction material with excellent strength and moisture resistance, ideal for interior applications where durability is essential. Our PB SPECIAL HARD plywood is specially designed for use in commercial vehicle flooring, offering increased protection and durability in vans, trailers, containers and railroad cars. Experience the luxury of our Plywood Panel LUX VENEER, which showcases the richness and beauty of natural wood textures while offering excellent wear resistance and resilience to temperature changes. For those seeking aesthetic versatility, our Plywood Color range features a wide palette of colors and shades to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. Partner with us for premium plywood solutions backed by quality, reliability and innovation.



    Located in the Western Ukraine, we boast a wide range of products, designated to satisfy the needs of most demanding customers. We offer rotary cut veneer (beech, birch, alder), latoflex, curved plywood, plywood (beech), sliced veneer (beech, oak, ash, maple, sycamore, cherry tree). Right now we cooperate with wood processing factories in Ukraine and export to Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Poland and Slovakia. We are convinced that quality is the thing everyone should strive for and we aim to bring it to you.



    The company MERIDIAN VENEER PRODUCTS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Wood - semi-finished products industry. It also operates in the semi-finished for furniture industries. It is based in Kharkov, Ukraine.

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