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    AJB specializes in automation solutions for the industrial plants/processes and commercial buildings market, fire and security systems for commercial buildings, testing and balancing and a full range of other building services as well as operation and maintenance manuals for all systems. Engineering Company that supply and serve in the following fields: - Building Management system (BMS) - Honeywell CCTV Systems - Honeywell Access Controls systems - Honeywell Intrusion Alarm systemsB - Home Automation systems (KNX-EIB) - ABB Lighting Controls system - Refrigeration controls systems - Humidification systems International world wide company in these fields such as - Honeywell Environmental and combustion Controls (ECC) - Honeywell security group - ABB -KNX Home Automation system - ABB Lighting Control system



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    Since 2005, we have been helping our customers significantly reduce their energy costs for cooling, heating and drying. Our services are specially designed for the maintenance, repair and reconditioning of heat recovery systems, such as rotary heat exchangers (RHE), plate heat exchangers (PHE), heat recovery loops (HRL) and industrial adsorption air dryers and HVAC systems. We focus on the reconditioning and optimisation of existing, outdated systems. We improve your heat recovery performance or retrofit your system to offer you an economical solution which reduces CO2 emissions. The benefits for you: This process saves you money! Thanks to modern measurement technology, we can determine the efficiency of your systems on a regular basis, and optimise them as needed – so your appliances are always as efficient as possible. ROTOTEAM is a reliable supplier of spare parts for your heat recovery, ventilation and drying systems, and can offer a guarantee of up to five years. To ensure the quality of your HVAC system is maintained, you should have annual hygiene cleaning and maintenance carried out on your ventilation system. Our staff are trained to the VDI 6022 standard for air conditioning systems and air quality, perform maintenance to the VDMA 24186 standard, and will be happy to advise you on site. Our experienced employees check your systems for damage and corrosion, and check the condition of the filters.


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Wholesaler - Humidification systems

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