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    We are Manufacturer/ Producer and lumber supplier. Our Company established in Chełmno existing since 2016 has a huge experience in lumber industry. Primarily, we specialize in two kinds of European wood: Larch and Douglas. We have extensive expertise in crafting products using premium European Larch and Douglas Fir. Our range includes decking boards, soffit boards, rail boards, fence panels, gates, and wickets. With years of experience in the lumber industry, our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. We take pride in providing tailor-made lumber solutions that precisely match your requirements. When it comes to constructing roof structures, load-bearing frameworks, gazebos, pavilions, and various garden architectural elements, nothing beats the quality of lumber from Wojt - Drew. Wood is an invaluable resource, and the region of Chełmno and its surrounding areas are blessed with abundant forests and premium quality timber. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we proudly offer our customers the finest products crafted from this exceptional wood. By collaborating with local businesses, we not only deliver excellence but also contribute to the growth and development of our region. Together, we are building a strong foundation and unlocking the true potential of our local community. Our products are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, ensuring the highest level of quality guaranteed.

  2. MK-DREW S.C


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    Since 2007, MK-DREW has been combining craftsmanship and durability. We take pride in our heritage of crafting solid wood inserts/frames that stand the test of time. With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in producing sturdy inserts/frames, furniture components, briquettes, and glued pine boards, all crafted with exceptional attention to detail. At MK-DREW, we understand the importance of a reliable foundation for your bed. That's why our wooden bed inserts/frames are known for their solid support and exceptional quality. Designed for every type of bed, our inserts/frames not only provide durability but also evenly distribute weight, enhancing overall sleep comfort. Our inserts/frames are made from the highest quality solid pine wood, renowned for its premium quality and durability. The slatted construction not only ensures solid support but also provides optimal ventilation, contributing to a peaceful sleep environment. With a wide range of options and slat widths, our inserts are tailored to seamlessly fit into any bed setup. Trusted by leading furniture manufacturers, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and durability for every product we deliver. Experience the difference with MK-DREW, where craftsmanship meets unwavering reliability in every insert/frame we produce. MK-DREW holds FSC and IPPC certifications.



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    Przybylski LTD is a family carpentry business that has existed since 1993. We are a manufacturer of both exotic and domestic wood furniture. We use ecological finishing technologies. At the beginning of our business activity, we dealt mainly with the production of wood products and turned products. Today, our product range also includes top-quality solid wood and board furniture. We produce homme furnishings. Our wooden furniture for : •dining rooms •bedrooms •kitchens •offices and catering establishments We also provide professional carpentry services including the preparation of : •stairs •doors •built-ins - according to the wishes of our customers made-to-measure Our company is distinguished by professionalism and the highest quality of the offered wooden furniture. •Tables •chests of drawers •wooden beds •Stools •Benches •RTV cabinet •Coffee tables Our production are characterised by durability and high functionality. When designing them, we take into account the latest trends in design. Their additional advantage is affordable prices. Like other family businesses, we are always close to the customer and can adapt our offer to your needs. TRENDS OF WOOD : https: //stolarnia-przybylski.pl/probki-drewna Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    José Vale Madeiras is a timber agent operating in the Portuguese market for over 10 years. We work with various wood import and export companies, including sawmills for cutting wood, machining companies and the manufacture of wooden structures and components. We supply wood for carpentry, wood for construction, wood venners, multilayer woods and many more goods. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field and our focus is on construction work and carpentry. Our work is adaptable to many different areas, so don't hesitate to contact us. When you work with us, we will provide you with an excellent and personalized service, as our products are versatile, with a wide range of applications, guaranteeing a high level of quality. Check our catalogue and find out all our goods.



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    The company GUSTAV REESE KEHLLEISTEN GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Wood - semi-finished products industry. It is based in Lemgo, Germany.

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    The company JOSEF KNOOP GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Wood - semi-finished products industry. It is based in Balve, Germany.



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    The company ALBERT SÜDBROCK GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Wood - semi-finished products industry. It is based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany.



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    The company HERMANN WOLZ GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Wood - semi-finished products industry. It is based in Dorfprozelten, Germany.



    KUKRAS, JSC, founded in 2000, has a long history of supplying high quality hardwood and softwood timber. Our company is recognised among our loyal clients as reliable supplier of wooden pallets, pallet collars, semi finished pallets and elements for pallet production throughout Europe. We offer a wide choice of sawn wood: fresh-cut; dried; heat-treated; with anti-mould treatment; chamfered boards. We supply our products to various factories, concerns, mills and pallet manufacturers in most European countries – Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic and others.



    Techno Wood CO LLC is an exporter of wood products for furniture: latoflex slats, side rails, plywood, birch veneer, shaped slats made of pine and spruce wood. The company offers the following FSC-certified products: —birch veneer in sizes 1600×1600 mm, 1300×2600 mm, and others; —birch slats of up to 1590 mm long in different colors; —birch plywood of 1525×1525 mm in size with urea and phenolic bonding; —cross-linked pine timber up to 5000 mm long; —birch furniture bars of up to 2050 mm in length; —spruce slats for beds. The company was established in 2015 in Yaroslavl (Russia) and has been exporting wholesale batches of timber for the production of furniture and parts to furniture factories in Europe and North America. The company's daily operations are based on extensive experience, reliability and responsibility towards customers. Techno Wood CO LLC selects and purchases the best semi-finished wood products, cooperates with the best lumber producers of Russia. The company's CEO Franco Stillio has over 40 years of experience in the woodworking industry and over 20 years of experience in the Russian market. Techno Wood CO LLC inspects the quality of wood products that ensures their high quality combined with reasonable prices. The company expands its range of products and services and is ready to consider all options for mutually beneficial cooperation Semi-finished furniture articles are traded on a wholesale basis. Shipment to any country of the world is available.



    AUD-NER Ltd. processes roundwood into sawn timber, produces planks, pallets and workpieces for pallets, garden and outdoor furniture, firewood, wood shavings and sawdust. The company produces the following items: —edged and unedged lumber ( beams and planks) from dead and naturally wet wood of deciduous and coniferous species; —pallets of FIN and Euro standards and their blanks from deciduous (birch, alder, aspen) and coniferous (spruce, pine) wood species; —wooden garden furniture in sets, swings, benches made of oak wood; —chopped firewood and logs, sawdust. AUD-NER has been operating in the Russian woodworking market and has been exporting lumber since 2000. Properly organized production process enables "AUD-NER" maintain low prices for edged lumber and other products. The production facility is equipped with advanced imported equipment, which is operated by qualified and experienced staff to ensure high quality of lumber and wooden packaging. The company's products are characterized by high dimensional accuracy and quality of cutting. All of the manufactured products comply with the requirements of relevant GOST standards, undergo phytosanitary inspection and are supported by certificates. AUD-NER Ltd. offers wholesale deliveries of the abovementioned products off the shelf directly from the manufacturer or manufacturing sawn timber made to order with the dimensions specified by the customer.



    Terminaltrade Ltd was found in 2016. It deals with the designing of industrial equipment for charring of wood and manufacture of premium quality charcoal on in-house equipment. Engineering education and experience obtained by the company’s employees in previous R&D projects related to the bio-energetics was successfully applied in designing of equipment with high degree of mechanization and automation. Automated control over the engineering process of charcoal manufacturing allows ensuring high quality of products. CERTIFIED RAW MATERIALS – all our raw materials are of non-criminal origin and registered in the state timber accounting system Unified State Automated Information System for Timber Accounting and Transactions therewith. HARMFUL SUBSTANCES- AND DUST-FREE – only birchwood is used for manufacture of charcoal. During combustion of birch, no foreign odors appear. HIGH-GRADE COAL – all products get through pre-packing grade line before. Only large pieces of qualitative coal get into the package, without wastes and dust. HIGH TEMPERATURE BURNING – northern birch has a high density providing with great heat. Except of our BBQLOGY branded package, if you prefer, we can pack our coal into craft bags under your brand. In 2019, the company was successfully audited in accordance with the FSC certification system. In 2021, we received regional award of Kostroma Region Administration – Exporter of the Year in the industrial area of 2020.



    Esveko Wood OÜ has two production lines: 1) firewood production, firewood manufacturing, firewood retail, firewood wholesale, firewood export, birch firewood in bags, birch firewood in boxes, hardwood firewood in boxes, ash firewood in boxes 2) hardwood sawn timber (lumber) production, lumber retail, lumber wholesale and sawn timber export. We produce mainly high quality birch lumber, birch sawn timber, oak sawn timber, ash sawn timber, oak lumber, birch lumber, alder sawn timber, ash lumber and birch firewood. We are firewood manufacturer, firewood retailer, firewood wholesaler. We are hardwood sawn timber (lumber) manufacturer, hardwood sawn timber (lumber) wholesaler and hardwood sawn timber exporter. Firewood import–export, sawn timber import–export, birch timber import–export, oak sawn timber import–export, ash sawn timber import–export, oak lumber import–export, birch lumber import–export, ash lumber import–export, birch firewood import–export, hardwood sawn timber import–export



    JOWE Jungwirth eU was founded by JOsef WEllinger. It started with the automatic production of wooden dowels. In 1991, Monika and her husband Helmut Jungwirth took over the company and extended the product range. In 2001, their son Florian joined the company and finally took over the whole establishment in 2015. Through continuous expansion, we have now become one of the most complete suppliers of wooden consumables such as wooden dowels, wooden knot plugs and crossbar plates within German-speaking countries. We ship our products all over the world. This includes in particular Australia, Japan, USA, Russia, Lebanon, Namibia and nearly all of Europe. Our range features around 25 product groups in the categories of joining, repairing and decorating wooden elements, of which around 95% are available in stock and can be delivered as quickly as possible. Our day-to-day business also includes specially manufactured products in the areas of turning, milling, CNC processing and cutting.



    Since its foundation in 2000, Fieger has developed into one of the most innovative and successful manufacturers of louvre windows in the world. New requirements relating to functionality and design always encourage us to achieve top performance. With our experience, expertise and unparalleled louvre technology, we consistently supply special elements for special buildings. We focus on the following areas: Development of systems with movable and/or rigid louvres made of aluminium or glass, with project-specific profiling. Description, prototype construction and testing of new systems in accordance with your requirements for your areas of application. Development of new drive technologies, control options and sensor technology in conjunction with ventilation louvres.

  4. Á.G.M., SPOL. S R.O.


    Our company is engaged in the production of upholstered furniture, mainly upholstered beds and accessories. For almost 25 years we have been successfully manufacturing for our long-term partners on the Swiss and German markets. However, we have spare capacities available, especially in the carpentry workshop, where in addition to skilled human resources we also have modern CNC machines with machining, drilling and milling systems. In order to make effective use of these capacities, we have decided to actively look for new business partners. We would like to offer you our services in the production of components, wooden carcasses or even complete upholstered products. Our company is ready to develop a specific offer for you according to your needs and specifications.



    A Madeiribas -Industria e de madeiras lda dedica-se sobretudo à exploração florestal e transformação de toros de madeira serrada para o mercado nacional e internacional. Somos uma empresa jovem a dar os primeiros passos mas com muita experiencia acumulada no sector da industria de madeiras e exploração florestal . Desde 1947 com o avô dos fundadores da Madeiribas Lda a iniciar o percurso na exploração florestal e dedicando se ao comercio de casca. Em Maio de 2018 surge a Madeiribas lda um empresa localizada em Fafe , com instalações próprias a ficarem prontas brevemente em Basto S.Clemente-Gandarela de Basto concelho de Celorico de Basto.



    Zeleniy Bor company manufactures and exports untrimmed planks, trimmed planks, edged timber, edged boars, unedged boars, wooden rafters, wooden beams, european standard pallets, unedged board, edged board, Wood products, Wood - semi-finished product, manufacturer of light pallets, manufacturer of medium pallets, manufacturer of heavy pallets, wooden pallets manufacture, Storage equipment and systems, Buildings, prefabricated, Cabins, cottages and chalets, prefabricated, Prefabricated wooden construction, Prefabricated wooden summer cottages, Prefabricated wooden summer cottages, Prefabricated wooden bathhouses, Prefabricated wooden chalets, Prefabricated wooden cabins, ecological wooden houses, prefabricated wooden houses, prefabricated houses, prefabricated wooden construction, wooden furniture, wooden tables, wooden chairs.


    United Kingdom

    Timbersource Ltd is an established business which stocks a range of hardwoods and softwoods in Somerset, England. We carry out selection to suit customer requirements and machine profile to numerous patterns, or bespoke. We also manufacture solid wood, continuous length lams, table-tops, work surfaces, seats etc up to 1.5 metre wide. No minimum order size, and we can arrange delivery to many countries. Our website has useful information, but don't hesitate to email us any particular requirements you have for high quality timbers, for a prompt quotation.

  8. FLORAD SP. Z O.O.


    Florad sp. z o.o. - a polish company with 30 years of experience is looking for business partners to expand production. Our main line of manufacture is semi-finished products for window woodwork made of pine wood, glued in layers and lengthwise tenoned (finger jointing), milled and profiled according to technical documentation. We do also provide tenon cutting and profile cutting services, according to customer's specifications. In addition, we manufacture wooden construction elements and heating material (firewood, briquette), as well as provide lumber drying services. Our employment remains stable at 150 people. We are able to make 800 m3 of semi-products per month. We encourage you to visit our website: https: //florad.net/ and contact us if any more information is needed.



    European producer of poplar wood-based plywood panels. Exports 90% of its plywood panel output to more than 30 countries. Garnica Plywood is the leading European producer of poplar wood-based plywood panels. This type of panel is renowned for its physical and mechanical properties, and primarily its light weight. The panels are used in furniture, caravans, yachts, construction, interior decoration, street furniture, shops, toys, scenery, and other applications.



    Founded on 21 May 1993, Tecnorivest Srl has worked for several years in the field of covered wood sections, made using a variety of different substrates: skirtings, cable trunking for doors, tongue-and-grooving, cornices, corner covers. The covering can be made in plywood, primarily with precious leather or hardwood and for the substrate there is the choice of finger-joint, laminated pine or MDF.



    We at R.Ulrich have felt at home in the veneer trade since 1938, and today we offer a whole range of services that leaves nothing to be desired. We are also a founding member of the IVC (International Veneer Company). Our products: Veneers, round timber, timber trading, fine wood, thick-cut veneers, special veneers, wood cutting services, timber construction elements, sawn veneers and sliced veneers.



    HAJDINJAK D.O.O.: Supplier of wide range of high quality cherry wood semi-products, edged, un-edged, steamed and un-steamed, boules. All logs are of Croatian origin. Our products are FSC certified. Oak and ash are also occasionally available.



    The factory which have reliabe name and many years of experience, we offering you our production. We can wood dried, impregnate, cut wood over 10 types of profiles or cut just construction timber selected from a variety of dimensions. Also we can agree regarding a delivery to anywhere in the world. Contact us and you will not be disappointed.



    We are dynamic forestry products supply company operating worldwide and located in Lithuania. Our wide range network of wood and wood products (timber, planks, pellets, pallets) and logistic companies help us to find best solution for our clients. We are always looking for possibilities to establish long term partnership based on trust and win win principles.



    Our company has been operating since 1994. We sell wooden products, mainly to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. We are engaged in wholesale and we make products to order. Our product range includes: wooden trestles and shelving units, boxes, shelves, countertops, containers for toys and flower stands. We are FSC-certified to sell products, which are made of ecological, unpainted and unvarnished wood.



    Manufacture of racks Treated wood for outdoor use. Import - Export. Natural weaving: heather, bamboo, wicker. Wooden pergolas, fencing and tuteurs for trees.



    The company ELKA-HOLZWERKE GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Wood - semi-finished products industry. It also operates in the pre-fabricated timber constructions industries. It is based in Morbach, Germany.



    The company ZANETI - TABLES, COFFEE TABLES, MASSIVHOLZPLATTEN, SOLID PANEL WOOD, FINGER JOINTED PANEL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Wooden tables industry. It also operates in the Wood - semi-finished products, and Wood - semi-finished products industries. It is based in Rzeszów, Poland.

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