With the flexo 700 E-Com you are optimally equipped to meet the demands of e-commerce packaging in film. It is Hugo Beck’s most flexible and efficient machine for these applications. Whether dealing with the direct dispatch of individual goods, packing groups of products or meeting the complex requirements of returned goods packaging, the flexo 700 E-Com packs goods with a minimum use of film, maximising packaging results both with and without shrinking of the film bags. A quick changeover between product batches adjusts the machine o new product sizes or, as an option, the machine can automatically adapt to changes in a product’s length, height or width. Additional options include the ability to add an easy-opening perforation to the bags as well as inserting a double-sided adhesive tape for resealing a bag for returns.

Sealing and wrapping - machinery and equipment
  • E-Commerce packaging
  • dispatch bags
  • bag packaging

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