iBird® Pro (IoT supporting blind rivet setting tool)

Can be networked with a smartphone or PC via an app - perfect for Industry 4.0
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The iBird® Pro is the latest tool in the GESIPA® Pro series with the new CAS battery.It can be networked with a smartphone, tablet or PC via an app! The app is available for Android and iOs devices. The iBird® Pro can be connected to three devices at the same time. With a setting force of 15,000 N and the well-proven brushless motor, the iBird® Pro is powerful and fast when setting blind rivets up to Ø 6.4 mm in any material. The optional Autoreverse function additionally shortens the pulling process, ensuring the iBird® Pro is immediately ready for operation. The iBird® Pro is extremely simple to connect thanks to the QR code located on your tool. Simply scan the QR code with the GESIPA® app and the iBird® Pro will automatically connect to your device. The optional setting process assistant from GESIPA® helps operators to adjust the setting process and evaluate riveting processes. More details on delivery limits will be answered in a specific enquiry (details are only exemplary)!

  • Metalworking - portable power tools
  • industry 4.0
  • riveting
  • Gesipa


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64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf - Germany