iglidur® PEP, metric d1 [mm]: d2 [mm]: iglidur® PEP, inch d1 [inch]: d2 [inch]: When to use iglidur® PEP plain bearings? When a low-priced plastic plain bearing system is required When freedom is required from shaft material and shaft surface For the protection of expensive and sensitive shafts For extraordinary wear resistance with rare and slow movements. For constantly low coefficients of friction When freedom from corrosion is desired When not to use them? For high surface speeds iglidur® J For high loads iglidur® G iglidur® Q For high temperatures iglidur® V400 iglidur® X iglidur® Z When low-clearance bearings are required iglidur® P iglidur® X Maintenance-free plain bearings usually distinguish themselves by their ability to glide free of lubricants without any further additional layer on the shaft. In these systems it is obvious that shaft materials are as important as the bushings. igus® blazes a new trail with an enclosed and maintenance-free plain bearing concept. iglidur® PEP is an entirely novel lubricant-free plastic plain bearing system with an inner and outer ring. Special feature: The running partner is determined by the inner ring and for the first time, the material and surface finish of the shaft are insignificant. Even thread, rust or scratches do not affect the long-term reliable function. By the specification of the gliding partner and extensive series of tests, the long-term behavior of the bearing system can be precisely forecast. With the PEP polymer plain bearing, the inner ring rotates with the shaft like in ball bearings Relative movements of the shaft to the bearing are dispensed with. This protects the shaft surface from wear and saves costs. Another plus point: Even the most sensitive or unusual materials for the rotating shaft can be used with these new polymer bearings. The PEP polymer bearings are thereby absolutely free from material-dependent corrosion. Wear resistance The wear test results are absolutely convincing with loads up to 5 N/mm². Here the PEP polymer bearings attain values that are virtually comparable with those of the most wear-resistant plastic-steel bearing systems. An exceedingly satisfying result when you consider the costs saved by dispensing with the otherwise essential surface treatment of the shaft. The constantly low friction-coefficient level is also an advantage for the user. As the glide partners are fixed by the defined system, their tribological data too are accurately predictable. The coefficients of friction of the lubricant-free bearing are not determined any more by the shaft materials or surface conditions. If necessary, the coefficients of friction can be further lowered by additional minimum lubrication. Detailed test information with a wide range of lubricants are available and can be had from igus® on request. iglidur® PEP bearings operate independent of the shaft material. iglidur® PEP bearings consists of an inner and outer bearing. X = Load [MPa] Y = Wear [μm/km] A = PEP B = Combination 1 C = Comb. 2 D = Comb. 3 E = Comb. 4 F = Comb. 5 G = Comb. 6 H = Comb. 7 A1 = Wear of the outer bearing B2 = Wear of the inner bearing Fig. 02: Wear tests of various material combinations, p = 0.75 MPa, v = 0.3 m/s X = Load [MPa] Y = Wear [μm/km] A = iglidur® J B = iglidur® PEP Fig. 03: Wear of the iglidur® PEP bearing dependent on the load, v = 0.3 m/s iglidur® PEP, metric d1 [mm]: d2 [mm]: iglidur® PEP, inch d1 [inch]: d2 [inch]: Dimensions according to ISO 3547-1 and special dimensions

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