iglidur® sealing lip bearings iglidur® sealing lip bearing


iglidur® sealing lip bearing d1 [mm]: Quick and easy-to-mount polymer bushing made of iglidur® J (JDSM) or iglidur® V400 (VDSM) with clip-on radial shaft seal ring as sealing for the rotating shaft. Seals off against dirt, dust as well as all pressure-less media. Polymer bushing with clip-on radial shaft seal ring Sealing for rotating shaft Temperature application range like iglidur® J Coefficient of friction only 10% higher than in iglidur® J Coefficients of friction identically exceptional like iglidur® J Reduced installation space as well as easy and simple mounting Realizable with numerous sealing types High-temperature option VDSM possible Temperatures till 150° C Material: iglidur® J High temperature option VATM, iglidur® V400 Seal ring made of fluorelastomer Bearing-sealing combinations for other applications on request When to use it? When the penetration of dirt and spray water should be prevented When only a small installation space is available in the axial direction When an existing seal should be integrated in a plain bearing When not to use it? When pressurized media should be sealed When absolute impermeability to the shaft and housing is needed continuously We'll gladly do the developing with you iglidur® sealing lip bearing d1 [mm]:

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