Thrust bearing / Spherical axial bearings from igus d1 [mm]: Mechanical properties The self-aligning spherical igubal ® thrust bearings are very easy-to-mount units, which help to compensate for errors and prevent misalignments. The thrust bearing housing pad is made of the impact-resistant, stiff, thermoplastic composite material igumid G. The standard thrust bearing washer is made of iglidur® W300. This combination provides particularly good gliding and wear properties in relative movements. Loads The load carrying capacity of the spherical igubal® thrust bearing is very high in normal ambient temperature. In particular cases the load carrying capacity of the axial bearings should be checked in a practical trial with high constant loads and at higher temperatures. Coefficients of surface friction and speeds Taking the radial loads into account, maximum surface speeds up to 0.5 m/s rotating can be attained. Installation The axial bearing pad is mounted flush and secured. The spherical washer glides loosely in the pad and is held by the shouldered shaft mounted on it. Delivery program As standard, the spherical igubal® axial bearings are supplied in sizes of 5 to 20 mm. For other dimensions, please contact us. Special features Simple assembly Compensation of misalignments Compensation of edge loads Very good gliding and wear properties, low installation space When to use it? When you want to save weight When freedom from corrosion is required When a bearing with good friction coefficients is sought When not to use? When very heavy loads act When constant temperatures of more than +80℃ occur When high rotary speeds must be implemented. Thrust bearing / Spherical axial bearings from igus d1 [mm]:

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