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Hydraulic watertight seals - Import export


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Tailored to meet the specific production needs of clients, the Tuna Cooking Blancher is an advanced machine designed for the optimal cooking of tuna. It features a lid closure system operated by a hydraulic cylinder, ensuring a watertight seal with a water gutter that prevents steam from escaping, except through a designated duct at the rear. This design not only prevents steam buildup in the workspace but also reduces cooking time by efficiently managing steam release. Fat collection is ingeniously handled at the back of the blancher, with front-located water diffusers activated during fish removal to drag the fat layer away, ensuring it doesn't impregnate the fish. Temperature control is achieved via a strategically placed thermocouple, with steam flow managed by electrovalves. Additionally, cooking time is meticulously controlled by a programmer, alerting operators with both visual and auditory signals when the process is complete. The interface includes a touch screen

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Results for

Hydraulic watertight seals - Import export

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