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TePe Interdental Brushes come in a range of sizes, designs and filament types to fulfill most needs. The updated colour scheme is based on ISO-certificated standards and allows quick identification of the perfect brush size. A mixed pack containing one test brush of every size is available. Daily use can remove 40% more plaque than through brushing alone and establishes a healthy habit for life. Effective plaque control with the help of TePe brushes can prevent tooth decay/cavities, bleeding caused by gum disease and bad breath. Product Details: Second smallest size (0.45mm) – for very tight gaps. Patented Soft Neck allows the neck to bend, for a highly flexible brush. The smart cap serves as a brush protector as well as a handle extension. Plastic coating of the wire for safe cleaning, gentle on the gums. Suitable for braces, implants, crowns and natural teeth. Items delivered: 8 x TePe Orange Original reusable brushes and a protective cap.

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Results for

Dental preparations - Import export

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